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- by newbie - 7/6/2005 - 10:26:26 pm
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newbieandalwayswillbe7/6/2005 10:28:15 pm
i was listening to green day and so i drew the cover. what more can i say? o and that symbol at the bottom right side is my signature and its the initials of my real name. hehe but im not telling my real name. ^_^ hope u guys like it!
Al7/6/2005 10:36:59 pm
Nice drawing, good album.
newbieandalwayswillbe7/6/2005 10:37:37 pm
thank you!
Mbeanis N. Alzin7/6/2005 11:09:15 pm
Very nice, Pansy Weeniestein
newbieandalwayswillbe7/7/2005 3:12:46 am
?????????? wut the heck? thanks for the compliment but what did u mean after that??
bill7/8/2005 8:48:32 am
it was a bit of sacasm my dear. if leave your initials then then what else are you suppose to do but guess what they could stand for!
newbieandalwayswillbe7/11/2005 4:28:27 am
its D.W.
kix7/11/2005 8:23:18 pm
hm... diane walton? drew werrymore? diana p.o. wales?