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- by sheep - 7/14/2005 - 4:23:35 am
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sheep7/14/2005 4:25:12 am
Oops, just pulled an Elvis.
Anubix7/14/2005 7:57:05 am
whats on top of the tv?
sheep7/14/2005 5:35:03 pm
It might look like it's on the TV but it's behind it. It's one of those big antique wood cameras on a tripod. You've probably seen them used in the old movies where they have that black cloth they throw over their head and then light the flash powder to take a picture. My father used it to take pictures with way back when.
Anubix7/15/2005 6:27:24 am
thats what i thought, i'm a photographer and thats called a view camera, they are still the best because they have the biggest negative