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- by Al - 7/15/2005 - 10:03:08 am
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Al7/15/2005 10:05:00 am
This picture represents everything wrong in our society. Get it?
tthunderdan7/15/2005 10:08:59 am
...yeah, people (me included) are wasting way to much time on the computer while the the world is coming to an end...
Al7/15/2005 10:12:02 am
Hey Dan. I did 90 degree turns today. I nailed them perfectly. Yesterday I accidently tried to take off in 8th gear. Lets just say I stalled it.
tthunderdan7/15/2005 10:39:51 am
...8th will stall it for sure...I blew up the blower (it blew a safety plug I think, I hope) running a bulk tank now...at least it will get in the shop and hopefully they can fix the A/C rite this time...miserable without A/C...those big motors make lots of heat when they are pulling a long hill about 75 mph with 50000 some pounds of product...
Al7/15/2005 5:11:46 pm
Our trucks at the school have no a/c. Also, a flea jumped on my arm in the truck. It probably came from that ugly matress in the back.
The angry flagman7/15/2005 5:36:46 pm
You know whats fun? Sitting at the asphalt plant for 2 hpours with no A/C in 90 degree humidity waiting to get loaded, then raking out 8 tons of 400 degree black top by hand for 8 hours. I love my job.
The angry flagman7/15/2005 5:39:33 pm
Rakin binder sucks even more.
tthunderdan7/15/2005 7:36:42 pm
...screw that, I'd pass out...
The angry flagman7/15/2005 10:05:24 pm
Black top phucken sucks, But its still better than flaggin in the sun for 12 hours.
Al7/16/2005 2:52:39 am
What about the gravel trains??? Ever thought of that??