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- by yanbu - 7/17/2005 - 2:58:02 am
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yanbu7/17/2005 3:01:51 am
hey! go check out the draw interface (you might have to hit Refresh on yer browser when you click to draw)

--- my friend scott figured out a few things about the draw applet that we've been using, for some reason it was being squished into 400x400 square on the interface! setting the interface coordinates higher (still the same picture size) fixed the zoom (!!!) and now there's a 8-10 color little palette thing

same thing but two new options, i guess not SO exciting but still
mez7/17/2005 3:53:58 am
oh snap!
naranjon7/17/2005 4:22:58 am
shit thats sweet, I wish I woulda refreshed before doing that last drawing (above), I had to work on it in pieces and keep sliding it down to zoom in on the next part (sort of auto-exquisite corpsishly)...now I can really get obsessively detailed...
naranjon7/17/2005 4:26:11 am
p.s. what's the secret to making exact copies of shapes like that?
pompous percival7/17/2005 9:29:33 am
yanbu it isnt about additions its about ERGONOMICS

the new one kicks ass

copying = putting the color you want to copy into a normal mask, draw one line anywhere, slide, and undo