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- by Anubix - 7/17/2005 - 8:27:34 am
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Anubix7/17/2005 8:27:48 am
fatribz7/17/2005 10:10:10 pm
nice mission/event!
N-Jin7/18/2005 1:50:56 am
does the dinosaur have an arrow in his testicles or why does he look that way? i think its cool.
Anubix7/18/2005 4:38:10 am
well, the arrow isnt supposed to be in his nuts, but i guess it could be
Gerold Blankface7/19/2005 8:47:40 pm
Hahahhaa... dinosaur nads...
I like how the dino doesn't seem to even notice the soon-2-b-a-spot-on-the-ground-guy