Untitled - by kiddo
- by kiddo - 7/17/2005 - 4:57:31 pm
v1- by kiddo - 7/17/2005 4:57:31 pm
kiddo7/17/2005 5:01:38 pm
kix7/17/2005 7:27:11 pm
whoa niiiiceiiieee!
N-Jin7/18/2005 12:29:36 am
hooooh, i can definately hear her voice. nice...and even the hooters are well done. ;o)
The angry flagman7/18/2005 1:10:55 am
Is that a microphone or a battery operated vagination device?
kiddo7/18/2005 2:04:10 am
whatever you see in it i guess !)
kiddo7/18/2005 2:10:39 pm
ok ill take a 10 eastern break. ill prolly be here every once in a while to look at all yours drawrings, but im done drawing here myself for now.

so long, and thanks for all the fish!
Gerold Blankface7/19/2005 8:49:51 pm
Hahaha... (thnx for all the fish)

wait,... you can't go ?!!!
NOOOOooooooh !
Khaaaaaaaannn !!!

ps: looks like a porn star getting it on with a horse.
stevven7/24/2005 9:53:30 am
kiddo, I just figured out you are ..--- ...-- -.- .. -.. -.. ---

... that was a nice little puzzle.