Untitled - by gerold blankface
- by gerold blankface - 7/19/2005 - 8:12:10 pm
v1- by gerold blankface - 7/19/2005 8:12:10 pm
Gerold Blankface7/19/2005 8:12:45 pm
The Cat's name is 'cookies'
alextemple7/19/2005 8:44:54 pm
ha, i cant stop lookin at this
N-Jin7/19/2005 9:07:21 pm
yeah the cat is great. btw when scumbies are babies they are pink and later turn green? i think he has the same form of the head.
Gerold Blankface7/19/2005 9:09:58 pm
Hahhaha.. SCUMBY !
oh man...
his pecker has a lot of growing to do then...
Gerold Blankface7/20/2005 3:45:11 am
get it? he's tossing his cat... AKA he's tossing his cookies...
get it?
maybe next time I'll draw a speedomter so you can tell me when I'm going too fast for ya (hahaaha)
N-Jin7/20/2005 4:13:11 am
sorry, gerold...i don't get it...
Anubix7/20/2005 4:55:14 am
an alien speedomter?
yanbu7/20/2005 6:28:42 am
maybe it's just an american phrase?? you are from germany? "toss your cookies" is slang for vomiting, so tossing the cat (named cookies) etc etc
Anubix7/20/2005 6:50:51 am
i understand the tossing of cookies, but what gets me is what the hell is the pink thing, and is that a serpant coming out of the bucket which it could never fit in and why?
kix7/20/2005 4:13:40 pm
maybe artists secret :)
N-Jin7/20/2005 7:21:23 pm
a cat is also named cookies? ah, then i understand. okay, thx for this!
Anubix7/20/2005 10:20:23 pm
ive looked at this 15 times, and i just now noticed the yellow stain under the pink thing and the purple stain under the bucket, this is an awesome draw
N-Jin7/21/2005 9:16:08 pm
oh, damn...obviously i am the biggest idiot in this galaxy. i thought i got it but at the end i was more wrong than before. "vomit"...okay, my dictionary doesnt have an entry of this so it would have been more easy for me to understand if i had known that translation. NOW i got it definately! *blameandturntodust*
kix7/21/2005 11:46:46 pm
richie kotzen does know the translation :)