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- by N-Jin - 7/25/2005 - 9:22:47 pm
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N-Jin7/25/2005 9:24:13 pm
mysterious girl
Pink MONKEY7/25/2005 9:40:08 pm
She's thinking about the question below...
the ice cream man who got arrested7/25/2005 9:56:20 pm
shes wondering when she'll have enough money to fix her fucked up eye
Al7/25/2005 10:27:20 pm
I once worked with a girl that had that same problem, but her nose was much bigger and she wore really thick lenses and her eyes were magnified. Also, she had really bad breath and hairy legs.
Anubix7/25/2005 10:40:19 pm
oh, you must mean 'the hairy cone/pylon girl'
N-Jin7/25/2005 10:52:09 pm
okay, okay, okay, you're right! her right eye is not very well done. it could have been better. i know it now.
Anubix7/25/2005 11:40:33 pm
still a good draw, shes foxxy, reminds me of a girl I know
O_Morto7/26/2005 6:13:16 pm
i like her