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- by Al - 7/31/2005 - 3:46:34 am
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Al7/31/2005 3:46:50 am
Jack says "Mr. Grady, you were the caretaker here"
naranjon7/31/2005 3:50:01 am
sheep7/31/2005 4:13:38 am
Nice one Al.
why_why_why7/31/2005 5:41:38 am
...redrum, redrum, redrum...great stuff lately all youns'...
ad7/31/2005 7:13:39 am
Al you are my muse. Do you paint or draw or anything like that?
Pink MONKEY7/31/2005 8:04:39 am
that's awesome....I was gonna watch that today. As many times as I seen that movie, I've never understood the part where there's a guy dressed up in a bear suit giving another guy oral....hmmm?
mrae7/31/2005 8:32:38 am
WOW Al, this is amazing!
Al7/31/2005 9:04:15 am
The thing I love so much about this movie is how every damn thing is geometrically centered perfectly for people with OCD like me to enjoy!! Wooohooo!!!
Al7/31/2005 9:38:24 am
Ad, I dont consider myself a real artist. I spent alot of time on this draw program here and got sorta good at it. I couldnt paint a stick figure correctly if I tried. Thanks for the compliment though. :)
Rhemy Icejewels7/31/2005 11:02:58 am
This is great!
Gerold Blankface7/31/2005 6:14:45 pm
pure genius... this is awesome !
VonFink8/1/2005 2:06:00 am
words of wisdom, lloyd...words of wisdom
kiddo8/1/2005 3:28:11 pm