Untitled - by yanbu
- by yanbu - 8/2/2005 - 7:59:58 am
v1- by yanbu - 8/2/2005 7:59:58 am
yanbu8/2/2005 8:00:29 am
this should have been in the inspired by music board, i was listening to frizzle fry
yanbu8/2/2005 8:14:27 am
and drinking corona's, so also maybe a d+d
yanbu8/2/2005 8:14:49 am
AND i am wearing socks
alextemple8/2/2005 5:11:42 pm
the triple threat
elK8/2/2005 5:20:43 pm
I like this! ^_^

what does you wearing socks have to do with this? hmm... ^_^
naranjon8/2/2005 7:47:40 pm
Al8/2/2005 9:53:17 pm
Rich, incredible drawing dude!!!
Gerold Blankface8/3/2005 11:25:00 pm
ya mon!
this is cool as hell.
kix8/4/2005 4:00:21 pm
the pic is rich :)