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- by yanbu - 8/4/2005 - 5:01:09 am
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yanbu8/4/2005 5:07:31 am
i'm so fucking MAD! i was out in my backyard installing a latch on my gate with my dog, and the dog runs over to me freaking out pawing at it's nose, before i had a moment to think i felt a giant sting in my back, and i started running to the back door to get inside and i got stung again in the arm! we get inside and two bees came in with us, one flys by laura (lipps) I say 'oh shit!' and she screams and hits the ground . . i eventually killed them both. i haven't been stung since i was a kid. the drawing (cloned) is of one of the bees lying on a piece of paper in front of me
tim8/4/2005 5:28:02 am
Solarcaine that shit.
The angry flagman8/4/2005 5:57:38 am
I found a ground nest yesterday while black toping, I sprayed them fuckers with diesel.... They were less tham amused. I could have just left them alone but no, Im an asshole and im immune to bee stings. Hornets suck.
mez8/4/2005 9:14:49 am
i fuckin hate bees! i can hear those bastards are living in my air conditioners late at night. i figure if i leave it on, i can burn them to death.

sorry u got stung man.
yanbu8/4/2005 9:15:33 am
thx mez
Al8/4/2005 5:33:46 pm
Did you take the stinger out???
Gerold Blankface8/5/2005 2:13:59 am
WOW ! excellent pic!
sorry for the pain tho.