Untitled - by kiddo
- by kiddo - 8/4/2005 - 3:58:55 pm
v1- by kiddo - 8/4/2005 3:58:55 pm
kiddo8/4/2005 4:01:11 pm
Extra sensory ways, waves
Devious and torn apart
Crackling twist right from the start
Weightless bliss is tickling
Al8/4/2005 5:30:37 pm
kiddo.. you are tearing up this board dude!! Great job!!
alextemple8/4/2005 8:33:49 pm
Gerold Blankface8/5/2005 2:19:24 am
damn damn and double friggin DAMN !!
sheep8/5/2005 3:53:28 am
Kiddo, I need your help setting my gallery up. If you could look in the drawing forum, I have a question posted there that nobody's answered that you might be able to help me with. Thanks, sheep
kix8/5/2005 4:12:37 am
hey sheep!
kiddos visiting an old friend so decided to help you.
if you logged in click on the "admin options" and choose "new nested album".that will do it!
and.. youre welcome
yanbu8/5/2005 4:39:13 am
oh shit, i didn't see that post, it got bumped back by the other topic. sorry sheep!
sheep8/6/2005 12:05:09 am
Thanks kix