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- by Al - 8/4/2005 - 5:48:51 pm
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Al8/4/2005 5:49:12 pm
My test is today at 11am. Wish me luck.
tim8/4/2005 7:24:04 pm
yummy, look at thsoe big strong arms.
justin w8/4/2005 7:30:13 pm
haha thats funny ..... finally im on a computer.... its about time!!!
Al8/4/2005 9:37:10 pm
OOps, I just failed my driving test. 125 dollars for re-test.
tthunderdan8/5/2005 1:24:34 am
...why'd you fail?...
mrae8/5/2005 5:41:34 am
bummer.....you'll kick ass next time (and pass the test too :)
Al8/6/2005 4:10:15 am
I was driving down the road and somehow a car snuck into my blind spot when I was merging right. The tester said "NO! Go Back!!". I was like OH SHIT!!! I gotta pay 125 dollars!!! AAAHHHHH!!!!
tthunderdan8/6/2005 5:28:59 am
...maybe you put your blinker on to early, give some 4 wheelers enuf warning and they will do whatever they can to get in front of the big truk, and then they slow down...
Al8/6/2005 8:13:23 am
Thanks. I know it was a fluke. I have bad luck.