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- by Al - 8/6/2005 - 8:34:41 pm
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Al8/6/2005 8:35:16 pm
Joshua says, "A strange game, the only way to win is not to play."
"How about a nice game of chess?"
Pink MONKEY8/6/2005 10:55:34 pm
Pink MONKEY8/6/2005 10:58:46 pm
I know I don't contribute much, but what about a board where you draw scenes from movies... huh? It's a good idea...
N-Jin8/6/2005 11:38:54 pm
is it from wargames with matthew broderick?
Al8/6/2005 11:50:25 pm
Ally Sheedy was a hottie.
Gerold Blankface8/7/2005 8:37:58 pm
excellent flick and excellent Pic !
Rhemy Icejewels8/8/2005 6:58:36 am
Nice drawing. And I'm with you as far as Ally Sheedy is concerned , , ,