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- by Al - 8/7/2005 - 3:55:34 am
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Al8/7/2005 3:56:23 am
I passed the driving test today. Now I can drive big rigs and be a beeotch!!
sheep8/7/2005 4:03:21 am
Congrats Al.
tthunderdan8/7/2005 4:11:44 am
...You da MAN hammer down!
kiddo8/7/2005 4:26:42 am
tthunderdan8/7/2005 5:07:36 am
...no lot lizards now!...
Al8/7/2005 6:57:24 am
I heard about the lot lizards and I think that is so fucking sick. If some toothless woman asks me for a ride im calling the police. End of story.
Gerold Blankface8/7/2005 8:39:43 pm
Yeah dude !
Happy Trcukin' !!
Al8/7/2005 10:21:43 pm
Thanks everyone for the congrats. Im glad to end my 15 years in the optical industry.
tim8/8/2005 6:50:18 am
thats my little trucker boy!