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- by sarah - 8/8/2005 - 3:52:35 am
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Sarah8/8/2005 3:52:56 am
I knew it all along.
Al8/8/2005 5:23:50 am
What?? Im confused.
Al8/8/2005 8:02:55 am
No you cant. Its rule number 1. Oh, and War Of The Worlds was a flawless movie!
kix8/8/2005 5:27:58 pm
except of the dialogues...especially in the first quarter
Sarah8/8/2005 6:41:24 pm
Al are you trying to pick a fight with me again?
Al8/8/2005 11:26:06 pm
No, i'm Ghandi like.
shysta8/11/2005 9:42:02 pm
u spelled gandhi wrong u tit
kix8/13/2005 9:17:24 am