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- by yanbu - 8/18/2005 - 9:09:22 pm
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yanbu8/18/2005 9:10:18 pm
sushi w/no ginger, xtra wasabe pls, thx
fatribz8/19/2005 12:24:22 am
i recogtnized this was yours before i saw the name, i thought it was a pink printer and thats a.o.k.!
yanbu8/19/2005 4:27:09 am
thanks. hey i'll be gone till sunday night with the lsdudes, we're playing an outdoor 2-day festival in lockhaven p.a. named 'lockstock' --- see you all then!
yanbu8/19/2005 4:27:39 am
oh and if any of you are near there we're playing saturday night around 10pm