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- by newbie - 9/13/2005 - 4:40:21 am
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newbie~*9/13/2005 4:43:12 am
Slipknot.. very bloody >:-D
Anubix9/13/2005 6:08:59 am
woh woh woh, who listens to slipknot and gorillaz, i mean really
alextemple9/13/2005 6:16:41 am
hey hey i listen to the number twelve looks like you and natasha bedingfield so dont hate
Anubix9/13/2005 6:47:55 am
im not hating, im just poking fun, and natasha is the shizzit, havent heard of the other group though
tim9/13/2005 12:38:09 pm
they play nu-metal power progressions, in the key of hate.
alextemple9/13/2005 3:30:59 pm
if ure its that check out curl up and die, their a good time
Anubix9/14/2005 12:08:38 am
the key of hate, lol, thats great
newbie~*9/14/2005 8:47:39 am
I have a weird taste in music. I like metal, heavy metal, alternative rock, rock, classic rock, and only a smidgen of pop rock.. mmm.. pop rocks
tim9/14/2005 6:57:00 pm
if you like it, why is it weird?
mic9/14/2005 10:00:53 pm
gorilas are fine, but slipknot, help me, is THE worst band ever, i think. tough boys image, their music makes me laugh and then puke. i guess it??s meant to be funny (but its not) or otherwise i don??t get at all.

i think they should have been here:
unfortunately this is only black metal category
tim9/14/2005 10:13:12 pm
yea, I had the disadvantage of seeing slipknot live (back when I liked System of a Down)...and I must say, they were anything but stellar. and thats just my opinion, please take no offense. And my god those pictures are amazing.