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- by kiddo - 9/15/2005 - 7:33:36 am
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k1Dd09/15/2005 7:34:02 am
mf9/16/2005 8:05:54 am
ggg'g';;llll-l-i'''tt tt***tc^ccc///hhh-=-==hhh
kiddo9/16/2005 3:28:27 pm
yeah :)

do you have any idea when youre gon be back here, slidemaster?
mf9/17/2005 9:28:34 pm
it's up in the air right now. i cant stay at the place im at. my roomates dog has peed twice on my bed. so, im not gonna get internet hooked up till i move out. drats!
kiddo9/17/2005 9:30:27 pm
doesnt sound like you have the best time of your life exactly... i been there. good luck and better days are ahead!
mf9/18/2005 4:10:44 am
and today, it just got a hella more compicated. stop the ride, i wanna get off
kiddo9/19/2005 2:57:53 am

hang in there, and be sure to not stick your head or limbs out!