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- by yanbu - 9/15/2005 - 9:51:09 pm
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yanbu9/15/2005 9:53:18 pm
i see mouths and eyes / teeth in a lot of things like this stamper thing at work
yanbu9/15/2005 9:54:19 pm
does anyone else draw sometimes on lunch break at work? i just ate a big ol sub
prince9/15/2005 9:56:35 pm
yo yanny, you get my text?
yanbu9/15/2005 9:57:25 pm
is that a yes? !? yes!
lm9/16/2005 3:04:20 am
i do not work. but i like that stamper
mf9/16/2005 8:08:55 am
sometimes i think about drawring while working. then i get home and realize i have no internet. then i go over to J's house for a spell, and realize i cant draw here either cause there be no java on computer. and the computer not being mine, i wouldnt feel right installing software on it. and i just wouldnt feel right coming over here and sit on the computer drawing (know what i mean, bombula?)
yanbu9/17/2005 7:23:53 pm
i'll steal a laptop from a wealthy church somewhere and mail it to you. the lord needs more video projectors