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- by elK - 9/26/2005 - 2:14:06 am
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elK9/26/2005 2:14:22 am
naranjon9/26/2005 2:18:52 am

welcome back, now if someone could only find out where andy b been hiding
loopdogg9/26/2005 2:21:24 am
yanbu9/26/2005 2:49:10 am
holy hell this is great
sheep9/26/2005 4:36:57 am
The talent in these drawring rooms keeps getting better and better. You all should be proud of your work.
naranjon9/26/2005 5:24:36 am
I love this place. if only it were a paying job. yous all bombermen ultra+++
shakes9/26/2005 8:22:17 am
yanbu give me a buck twenty five for my draws
yanbu9/26/2005 9:19:24 am
i'll fax you three dollars and seventy-six cents, and a can of pbr
Anubix9/26/2005 9:25:09 am
tahnks, but i only need the pbr
seeker9/26/2005 11:39:16 am
elk your style is awesome
tim9/26/2005 8:13:09 pm
this is quite awesome and would look amazing as a print.
naranjon9/26/2005 9:04:01 pm
I want to know what everyone heres does for work...yanbu, work board!
mrae9/27/2005 2:06:34 am
WoW! This is amazing!!
mrtick9/27/2005 4:13:56 am
elk cant work!! elk is a little boy
mic9/27/2005 3:43:28 pm
*************** my respect
naranjon9/27/2005 7:23:47 pm
a/s/l advanced age sounding sex literature location
elK10/2/2005 3:30:56 am
aww, thanks to all who posted here with such lovely comments! i wuv you all, except elK!