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- by newbie - 9/29/2005 - 12:53:52 am
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newbie~*9/29/2005 12:59:05 am
Dude it was so fucking scary there was a fire near my school and we had to be evacuated.. so here i am.. and i think my friends house got burnt..
seeker9/29/2005 1:36:49 am
the roof the roof the roof is on fire
The angry flagman9/29/2005 1:52:50 am
Was it a one house thing or did a whole block of houses go up?
newbie~*9/29/2005 2:08:27 am
bunch of houses it spread like 10 miles and its still going.. there is like ashes falling outside rite now..
newbie~*9/29/2005 2:12:02 am
and about that other thing i drew when i got back.. i was just saying im back and couldnt think of anythin to draw.. but this is a bit better rite? I mean it took me a while to draw.. or at least a while for me i dont have the attention span to go for any longer than a half hour.. remember i have ADHD so yeah..
The angry flagman9/29/2005 2:13:09 am
Your parents plannin an evac? If youre seeing ash, you dont want to be breathing that stuff in. Hope you can get out of dodge.
The angry flagman9/29/2005 2:16:46 am
Ill send Flipper man [9075] to air lift you out.
newbie~*9/29/2005 2:47:03 am
lol.. naw im not outside.. im inside but i dont think i have to go to school tomorrow.. (which is a good thing in its own way.. but mostly bad..) so yeah.. but its still freaky.
Anubix9/29/2005 4:24:25 am
is this that cali fire?
newbie~*9/29/2005 6:04:42 am
newbie~*9/29/2005 6:04:42 am
newbie~*9/30/2005 3:44:13 am
dude i didnt refresh how did that happen? oh well whatevah..
elK10/2/2005 3:27:03 am
maybe, witchcraft?