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- by newbie - 10/4/2005 - 3:35:15 am
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newbie~*10/4/2005 3:36:56 am
yeah yeah yeah.. make the jokes all you want if you recognize this.. as crappy as it is and if you like the who props to you. Tommy is the album where i got the idea to do this. its one of the pics..
tthunderdan10/4/2005 3:47:08 am
...why do you always say your stuff is crappy when you submit?...if you don't think it is good enuf to post, then don't put it up...
tthunderdan10/4/2005 3:47:56 am
...you know the old saying?...
newbie~*10/4/2005 3:47:56 am
i just dont think that after doing all the work of doing the shit i should at least let people insult it.
tthunderdan10/4/2005 3:49:02 am
...ok, that makes alot more sense now...

newbie~*10/4/2005 3:50:18 am
hmm i just wanted to post this cuz i am bored.. http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a1/newbieandalwayswillbe/betty.jpg
naranjon10/4/2005 5:07:25 pm
very sweet
newbie~*10/5/2005 4:29:52 am
wow a compliment! havent seen one of those in a while..