Untitled - by naranjon
- by naranjon - 10/4/2005 - 7:47:28 pm
v1- by naranjon - 10/4/2005 7:47:28 pm
loopdogg10/4/2005 10:58:52 pm
i love this
fc10/5/2005 2:19:35 am
this is my doing, I was too ashamed/scared to admit to it initially, I will now accept all due forms of corporal punishment forthright. this gives me a headache, someone pleasethrow it into the furnace
sardoa10/5/2005 6:42:30 am
these two are twins
fc10/5/2005 7:00:02 am
yeah I guess. I just got bought some 365 brand coconut natural fruit frozen fruit bars. and I dont even like coconuts.

p.s. zach is really, really cool. and slater is totally hot. together they make an unbeatably powerful archetypal adversarial alliance.
loopdogg10/5/2005 6:58:36 pm
(Audience Track): OOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooh!
sardoa10/5/2005 9:42:44 pm
screech will only get in the way