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- by ad - 10/4/2005 - 10:50:10 pm
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ad10/4/2005 10:50:40 pm
an alligator playing magic
fatribz10/4/2005 11:00:07 pm
naranjon10/5/2005 12:31:15 am
death to the infidels
aw10/5/2005 12:44:38 am
i will have to argue and agree with you my man
crazybubble10/5/2005 12:33:57 pm
It's playing with itself?
Well, when I play Magic, I usually have at least one friend with me against whom I can play...
The angry flagman10/8/2005 4:20:57 pm
He might be playing Kermit the frog who got up to go drop a lumpy in the pool.