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-S@mS0n-10/6/2005 4:06:47 am
"...Keeper ofthe Seven keys..."
fatribz10/6/2005 9:50:36 am
"...pardon me for asking.. but how did you come by the ability to talk?" -kings quest II (graham to the pumpkin)
The angry flagman10/6/2005 2:03:26 pm
Dude! Helloween rocked!
kix10/6/2005 3:35:19 pm
hey helloween was one of my favourites.
they are from a town not far away from where i live
\<10/6/2005 3:42:38 pm
this was the first metal album i liked.
tim10/6/2005 6:59:42 pm
anyone who quotes King's Quest is amazing in my book.
fatribz10/7/2005 10:54:32 am
i love you too, ohms
crazybubble10/11/2005 3:39:50 pm
i like this picture! it looks soooooooooo good!