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- by kiddo - 10/15/2005 - 4:43:20 pm
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\<10/15/2005 4:45:17 pm
i double checked my birth certificate and shit, there's no margin for error. im seriously and positively turnin 30 tomorrow :O
sheep10/15/2005 7:00:14 pm
We share the same birthday only I have many more years added to the number 30. Happy birthday!
\<10/15/2005 7:10:05 pm
haha no way!! oct 17th??

no way!!! just two days ago i learned that the dude that runs our favorite onestop here shares the same birthday, too. and of course eminem and arthur miller. must be a good day.
sheep10/15/2005 9:42:42 pm
I was going by the date of your comment. Mine is today, the 16th.
\<10/15/2005 10:19:09 pm
oh well i knew the date function heres a lil fucked up...

well, happy birthday to you then :)
moheevi10/15/2005 10:26:57 pm
I know another 10easterner whose b-day is today as well, I'll let him post it though. (not me)
moheevi10/15/2005 10:27:16 pm
forgot to say happy b-day to you both !
mrae10/15/2005 10:34:15 pm
Happy Birthday!!!!!
alextemple10/16/2005 5:42:27 am
wierd, my bday was today as well
\<10/16/2005 9:49:23 pm
thanks yall :)
its not as bad as i thought itd be :P
Anubix10/16/2005 11:19:08 pm
im 23 as on Oct. 16 :(
Anubix10/16/2005 11:19:51 pm
is that 4 10e'ers with birthdays on the 16/17 of oct?
\<10/17/2005 4:12:05 am
ha i guess so :) plus maybe the one moheevi mentioned :)