Untitled - by poopmustache
- by poopmustache - 11/1/2005 - 4:33:20 am
v1- by poopmustache - 11/1/2005 4:33:20 am
poopmustache11/1/2005 4:34:04 am
fc11/1/2005 4:54:36 am
dude! update your gallery I want to see all this stuff together...
poopmustache11/1/2005 5:11:55 am
I'm not sure how to do that, but I would like to.
fc11/1/2005 5:19:23 am
did you get a login name and password from yanbu? all you got to do is save all your images to your desktop and then once youre logged in go to your page and there should be a little drop down menu, under "admin options" select "add photos", and add em.
fc11/1/2005 5:22:55 am
here I did the dirty work, youve got 48 images to put up, theyre in a zip at the location above
ultra11/1/2005 5:32:15 am
that is so dope
poopmustache11/1/2005 5:40:44 am
Yanbu, Can I have a log-in name and password please?
poopmustache11/1/2005 6:51:05 am
thanks fc! I just updated my section...well you did all the work finding and saving them. Thanks again!
yanbu11/1/2005 7:38:33 am
thanks FC for collecting those and poop for doing the gallery admin. your drawings are super inspiring. it's a lot of work updating every single gallery as they get drawn, i usually do them all every three or so months. now hopefully more often
tim11/1/2005 10:59:47 am
what I feel makes this picture so amazing is not just the awesome artistic talent. But the fact that this is obviously a big strong and rugged individual who is using the smallest possible razor and holding it with such delicacy...
tthunderdan11/1/2005 12:58:25 pm
tthunderdan11/1/2005 1:02:54 pm
...this is one of 2 pics I ever seen on here that made me cringe when first seeing it...Ouch!!!...
seeker11/1/2005 7:28:05 pm
my eyes bleeed now...thanks
loopdogg11/1/2005 7:59:07 pm
poop and fc, (i liked your old name better fc!), have been the Oekaki masters lately!!!
ultra11/2/2005 7:51:05 am
whats the other pic thunderdan?
tthunderdan11/2/2005 6:56:00 pm
...the one with a carrot and a knife...a girl drew it I think...I can't find it...
\<11/3/2005 1:16:13 am
thats because its on the secret penis board. and the girl was seeker.