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- by ad - 11/2/2005 - 7:14:34 am
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ad11/2/2005 7:15:06 am
naranjon11/2/2005 7:23:02 am
+50,000 exp. points
tim11/2/2005 8:26:33 am
don't forget to mention those insane mana levels.
ad11/2/2005 9:01:25 am
don't forget my +2 cunt destroyer
tim11/2/2005 9:32:15 am
i'd hold on to that shit and sell it on ebay for some moola
fatribz11/2/2005 5:36:06 pm
sardoa11/2/2005 11:28:16 pm
god those odds dont look good for shirty
naranjon11/4/2005 5:14:40 am
the odds are always good with such an abundant and eager group of yearning ball-handlers...i.e. the ball will net.
bumcum11/6/2005 1:33:41 am
nude zombies?