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- by poopmustache - 11/2/2005 - 9:11:25 am
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poopmustache11/2/2005 9:12:51 am
...Where do I get my free tootsie pop?
moheevi11/2/2005 9:21:35 am
Badass, was this just an urban legend or was this true??? I can't remember getting a free tootsie pop but I do remember trying to get a free tootsie pop. All I have to say is word (to your mother...let's kick it). Nice work as usual pm.

"what the hell is a moheevi?"
tim11/2/2005 9:30:39 am
yea, I remember saving these fuckers up, never knew if it actually worked or not.
tim11/2/2005 9:31:07 am
wikipedia to rescue... sorry kids, its just an urban legend.
moheevi11/2/2005 10:09:26 am
damn...what am i gonna do w/ 200 tootsie pop wrappers...
\<11/2/2005 12:29:29 pm
in germany (at least where i grew up) we had this weird urban legend that if you saved like a couple thousand gum wrappers and sent them in, some poor disabled person was gonna get a new wheelchair... whats the deal with myths surrounding wrappers?
\<11/2/2005 12:31:25 pm
do inventors of urban myths have too much time on their hands or are they just mean misanthropical bastards?
KcMsterpce11/2/2005 4:25:24 pm
When I was really really young, I would save five of them at a time, and I seriously was able to trade them in for a free lollipop! Maybe the workers there were just being nice or something.
fatribz11/2/2005 5:35:26 pm
great drawing
autumn is a time for nostalgia (for me)
thank you
Anubix11/2/2005 6:23:19 pm
i agree, its something about the leaves that brings the past forward, and i also was able to trade them for free lollipops
loopdogg11/2/2005 7:57:05 pm
"INDIANSHOOTINGSTAR!!!!" This was truly like finding gold when I was a kid.
tim11/2/2005 8:30:28 pm
for the record, brown tootsie pops are by far the worst.

loopdogg11/3/2005 1:26:14 am
I never cared for the "grape", it tastes like some sort of combustible fuel. But nothing is more horrid than a buttered popcorn flavored dum-dum. But I digress...
moheevi11/3/2005 2:26:43 am
Did grape was the shit! I agree w/ everything else. Also, anything with artificial banana in it is disgusting.
CharmingCharles11/3/2005 3:02:24 am
I also saved these things when i was young. I thought if i saved enough i could get something cool. I never knew what i'd get but it was a calling of mine when i was a young lad.
poopmustache11/3/2005 11:39:49 am
Brown are my favorite.
tim11/4/2005 12:47:53 am
welcome to brown town.
danny11/5/2005 5:30:15 am
im still a young lad and trad them in at the corner stor all the time maby it s true