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- by gerold blankface - 11/4/2005 - 2:25:30 am
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Gerold Blankface11/4/2005 2:28:57 am
When I was like 10 years old, I went down inside an abandoned building's basement and started playing with some big equipment I didn't recognize. A large, shirtless black man stopped me from doing so and went on to explain that I would have electrocuted myself had I gone any further. What I was messing with was a power panel. When he escorted me outside, a nearby cop saw us together and came over and began giving him a hard time. He eventually cuffed him and arrested him. Turned-out he was a wanted man... But he was still nice enough to save my life. I owe that dude. I'm sorry saving me meant he went back to jail.
fatribz11/4/2005 2:50:16 am
he was prolly escorting you to his dick tho.. you dotn really know, ya know? i mean look at that face!
Rhemy Icejewels11/4/2005 9:30:52 am
Great drawing and great story! How strange . . .
bum cum11/10/2005 9:23:20 pm
i agree he was prolly trying to rape your butty