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- by kiddo - 11/13/2005 - 12:03:12 am
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\<11/13/2005 12:03:23 am
moheevi11/13/2005 1:10:37 pm
Are you and Naranjon related? I'm always amazed by your guys stuff.
\<11/13/2005 9:06:55 pm
uhm not that i know of. and even though my perspective is obviously not subject to objectivity i think comparing me with naranjon is like saying meg white is playing drums on the same skill level as mike portnoy.
moheevi11/13/2005 9:42:42 pm
Not realling comparing the subject matter (though this looks kind of like some of his abstract work) but comparing how much I like your work.
\<11/13/2005 9:57:01 pm
ok i guess i was being rude up there, thanks i guess.. altho i still think it's easy to see naranjon knows what he's doing, and i'm just sorta stumblin in the dark with the occasional lucky hit here and there.
moheevi11/14/2005 5:14:40 am
I like abstract art a lot so I dig this kind of stuff. :D
\<11/14/2005 5:42:59 am
if you like abstract, go listen to some 'murcof'. that's what i'm listening to right now. and im sad the ibm board is gone.