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- by Ray Dillon - 11/13/2005 - 10:55:27 pm
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Ray Dillon11/13/2005 10:56:43 pm

I love me some 10Eastern. ;o) This is actually helping me think more like a painter being limited and forced to build up instead of using layers and whatnot.
\<11/13/2005 11:05:34 pm
cok g?[zel
Gerold Blakface11/14/2005 12:20:12 am
Yeah, I hear ya... I especially like thi spainter (instead of the more advanced one featured in the MORE ANYTHING section of this site)..
Really makes you embrace the low-tech tools and use your brain to achieve what you are trying to show.

ps: excellent pic !! your use of color is fantastic.
Ray Dillon11/14/2005 10:52:21 am
Thank you very much. Glad you like it! I'll have to give some of those other systems a try. I messed around with one, but ended up on something else.
danny12/14/2005 8:15:55 am
you should draw a dwarf