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- by gerold blankface - 11/21/2005 - 8:33:42 am
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Gerold Blankface11/21/2005 8:34:04 am
something like that..
yanbu11/21/2005 8:36:40 am
yanbu11/21/2005 8:37:09 am
that's fucking great
tim11/21/2005 8:38:40 am
damn fine shading sir, damn fine.
yanbu11/21/2005 9:04:17 am
whats really strange is that i have been working on fixing an actual coin-op video game tonight, right before i drew the one below here. no foolin
Gerold Blankface11/21/2005 9:10:10 am
<creepy music>
I'm watching yanbu
</creepy music>
yanbu11/21/2005 9:15:59 am

some pics from like one second ago and then the other day (including said f'd up video game cabinet i bought for $6)
Gerold Blankface11/21/2005 9:41:57 am
hey, which game was it?
Gerold Blankface11/21/2005 9:45:32 am
I really like The Owler, but Audience is my absolute favorite
loopdogg11/21/2005 9:48:37 am
cool!!! - i built a street fighter 2 and a U.N. Squadron jamma cabinet. My next project is a MAME cabinet. Is that the old atari football (x's and o's) that you have? does it boot? $6! heaven...

Oh, and awesome drawing too!
yanbu11/21/2005 4:36:47 pm
yeah its the atari football, x's and o's - this is my first game project. i'd love to get this running solid and then sell to get something i'd actually like to play
naranjon11/21/2005 6:00:14 pm
Gerold Blakface11/21/2005 8:03:56 pm
!!! Nice!
I almost put the bart simpson arcade art on the sides of this thing when I drew it...
loopdogg11/21/2005 8:34:16 pm
Gereold Blankface11/23/2005 10:13:53 am
I've got a garage full-o-tools, so I'm planning on building a mame cabinet from scratch...
tim11/23/2005 11:27:03 pm
i've got a MAME modified xbox, its pretty slick.