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- by fatribz - 11/30/2005 - 1:42:31 am
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fattrribs11/30/2005 1:43:20 am
Yesterday, by Paul McCartney, was originaly written on an instrument closely resembling this.
mic12/1/2005 12:58:23 am
yeah, he was taking tons of acid at that time
mic12/1/2005 1:00:03 am
i forgot to add this is really an intersting picture, i cant figure it but it looks cool
\<12/1/2005 2:31:46 am
'yesterday' was written on an air filter? thats fuckin amazing!! those damn geniuses. ;)
fattrribs12/1/2005 4:31:46 am
Yeah... and 'I wanna hold your hand' was written during a PCP induced high
\<12/1/2005 3:00:33 pm
yeah n they changed the hook later because "i wanna scratch my eyeballs out" doesnt exactly flow.