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- by Ray Dillon - 12/1/2005 - 10:46:43 am
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Ray Dillon12/1/2005 10:48:08 am
Purple, Orange, and Yellow make Gray look like Green. ;o)
moheevi12/1/2005 10:38:09 pm
a sad truck driver?
Ray Dillon12/2/2005 2:21:08 am
Hey, when you're drivin' in the middle of the night through the Mohavi Desert, you're bound to poop yourself sooner or later. And ya ain't gonna be smilin'!

Cackle. ;o)
moheevi12/2/2005 3:45:03 am
Mohavi Mohevi .... Moheevi? Moheevi is a made up word but mohevi isn't...evidently there are indigenous people that like popcorn and have silly outfits, check it out (See google.com). Nevertheless, poop is not cool unless it's moustache.
newbie~*12/3/2005 8:14:15 am
mojave i believe is how its spelled... i drive past it lot
Ray Dillon12/3/2005 11:02:55 am
Mojave, you're right. Yeah, I've driven it a few times. Seeing the emergency phones miles apart is scary. I wouldn't want to drive through there with and unstable vehicle.