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Shunt 2016/1/11 (Mon.) 10:11:37
strange :)


tthunderdan 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 19:55:15


tthunderdan 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 19:22:21


HALE 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 18:09:59

mrae 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 18:26:43
Happy Birthday here too!!!


esp 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 18:01:02


yanbu 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 16:41:09
email addresses are needed for the following drawrers before tomorrrrrow - everyone will be needing an email address to log-in and drawr - i need emails from

gerold blankface, captain o, bb, uwe seele, meow, ds, anyone/everyone else i missed - please email me at yanbuster@gmail.com

sometime possibly late this evening there may be a temp board in place before the new site goes up - when this happens the temp board stuff may not be able to be converted in the short period between old 10e and new 10e. hi thanks, happy birthday seeeeeka

faux news 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 16:48:15
...feels like Christmas almost!!!...

fatribz 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 16:53:15
i will cooperatively give up my weapons of ass destruction. this draw is radder than the other news one. i can tell you are kickin ass

mrae 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 20:26:51
sweet draw, and i can hardly wait to see the new stuff!


HALE 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 16:01:10

tthunderdan 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 16:10:06

fatribz 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 16:54:27
how do you do it so perfect? patience? or you got sweetspot talent mastery? wasshapen

mrae 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 20:29:24
you know i love the perfect little details :)


deerfactory [Home Page] 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 15:00:53
herzlichste glückwünsche aus münster nach berlin, babe.

HALE 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 16:46:46
happy birthday seeker!!!

fatribz 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 16:52:05
heyo! have a goodie, be happy. no worries. la la laaaa! LAA!

mrae 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 18:26:19
Happy Birthday!!!!!


tthunderdan 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 14:57:42


tthunderdan 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 13:32:27

Al 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 13:33:03
..also illegal

deerfactory [Home Page] 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 13:57:58

deerfactory [Home Page] 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 13:58:21
thumb up

tthunderdan 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 14:13:48
...like a bear trap, a little rusty and illegal in 37 states...

Al 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 16:22:39
I can't stop laughing


tthunderdan 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 12:37:29


mesoether 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 11:12:19

2007/10/27 (Sat.) 12:57:19
i know someone with this name...

Al 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 13:32:33


Al 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 10:16:42
30 min. time limit library - Mandarin, Florida w/ annoying kids watching me draw. I will be getting Comcast on Monday peoples! Be prepared for insanity. CYaSoon!!

tthunderdan 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 11:35:10
...annoying kids, future 10eastern drawers...

mrae 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 20:30:37
oooh, the colors, pretty pretty colors


ds 2007/10/26 (Fri.) 21:02:11
its late

fatribz 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 14:01:59
...not late enough


idwtwwr 2007/10/26 (Fri.) 19:19:23


meow 2007/10/26 (Fri.) 09:35:09

The Angry Flagman 2007/10/26 (Fri.) 14:03:37
Is that his peninsula?

meow 2007/10/26 (Fri.) 21:21:48
no its the new state flag for Florida.<:

uwe seele 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 02:35:44
climate changes thats what happends

HALE 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 07:27:46
he goes in the water he will experience shrikage


tthunderdan 2007/10/26 (Fri.) 03:13:19
...time to go bust ass...


loopdogg 2007/10/26 (Fri.) 07:19:54
man, the motorbike run was cool!

tthunderdan 2007/10/26 (Fri.) 11:48:43
...could you tell I am still scared (respectful) of the IT425 ?...


tthunderdan 2007/10/26 (Fri.) 02:56:52

Al 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 10:05:00
dude, thats illegal.

tthunderdan 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 10:41:12
...it wasn't me...


HALE 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 23:09:28

fatribz 2007/10/26 (Fri.) 07:05:56
!thank you, ohms

seeker 2007/10/26 (Fri.) 09:18:54

HALE 2007/10/26 (Fri.) 11:20:13
fatbabbages, I was fairly drunk when I did this last night

mf 2007/10/26 (Fri.) 11:20:24
1900+ draws, and i think this is the first the calligraphy pen was used for that intention.

fatribz 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 14:01:25
impressive drunken flows, sir


ds 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 21:41:33

fatribz 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 21:54:14
guten mornin'


meow 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 20:30:15
keep it simple

meow 2007/10/26 (Fri.) 08:40:09
keep it simple


ethnohokey 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 19:59:37


HALE 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 19:16:10

fatribz 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 21:53:11

kix [Home Page] 2007/10/26 (Fri.) 04:36:01
very very nice

mf 2007/10/26 (Fri.) 11:19:03
damn dawg! thanks fer da props, yo!


ethohonkey 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 18:51:53
knitted coaster
on the fray
lifted from


HALE 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 18:31:49



mesohonkey 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 16:30:08
holy fug have i got the bleeks

fatribz 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 21:52:44


tthunderdan 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 16:32:47
...did anybody ever go 'bagging'?...we were to mature or cool (or lazy)to get dressed up to trick or treat, so we wrote a brief note on a bag, set it on the stoop, knocked and ran, if they were in spirit, the victims would put candy in the bag and set it back out, and one of use would try to grab it without being seen, I was usually nominated to decorate the bag...tell me I am not the only one on here that has done this...

tthunderdan 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 16:36:21
...and corning, do kids still throw corn at the houses?, howsabout soaping the windows?, or the old favorite, unraveling a few rolls of toilet paper around the neighborhood?...

fatribz 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 22:22:25
toilet paper is forever. and thank you for sharing, sir, this bag design is nostalgapicturesque. but sorry i was a trick or treater of the modern era.

tthunderdan 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 22:36:21
...thank you for your kind comments...I want to go back, let me go back damnit', and do it again...

The Angry Flagman 2007/10/26 (Fri.) 02:10:36
We have cabbage night up here, that's when we have our fun. Cabbage night is the night before Halloween.

eN-Titty 2007/10/26 (Fri.) 22:20:52
we used to put a bag of manure on the porch and start it on fire...people come out and stomp on it and get hot squashy shit all over the place...but that was a long time ago

tthunderdan 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 01:50:27
...I have heard of that shit trick, but never seen it done, my luck it would burn the house down...


tthunderdan 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 16:07:41


mrae 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 14:38:00

HALE 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 14:44:18
serious business.

seeker 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 15:11:42

fatribz 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 22:17:39
OoOO Baby!

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 09:52:26
Self Portrait ? :)
beautiful! strangely calming and peaceful


mrae 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 10:51:41

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 09:53:19
these are really cool!
I have to ask, do you start with the colors, or the black?

mrae 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 18:28:51
i start with black and white, the part that's color was originally black, i reverse mask and color the black and then color the white black. because i'm a dork like that :)


ampersand 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 09:23:31
tim, let's make fixies.


tim 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 12:58:19

naranjon 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 18:37:30
i would stay away from the 27" wheels...

yanbu 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 18:51:44
i think i might have 27" on my road bike, what's the bad news on the size?

tim 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 21:35:26
my 10"ers be straight pimpin on my track bike


Fiona 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 04:22:16
the wild world

fatribz 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 07:16:19

Fox News 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 08:38:09
Did al Qaeda burn California?

faux news 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 13:20:56
...do you believe in the 'boogey man'?...


mesohonkey 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 22:28:16

mesohonkey 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 22:53:23
i miss al

fatribz 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 07:16:57
la la laa

Al 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 10:07:17
I feel loved. Miss you too.


ds 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 21:20:28

sd 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 21:20:45

fatribz 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 07:17:07

yanbu 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 15:28:24


government starchild 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 20:58:06


2007/10/24 (Wed.) 20:36:25



[Home Page] 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 19:47:39


dave b 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 18:21:36
re: the flood. sorry, i'll stop. does anyone know why i can keep saving and changing my drawrings without getting to the "your name" screen?

loopdogg 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 21:28:48
1. I love your drunk n' draws
2. I have always wanted to know how to do this trick!!!















tthunderdan 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 17:21:47

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 20:26:57


tthunderdan 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 17:15:13

HALE 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 17:57:43
I have a request.

tthunderdan 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 18:14:59

HALE 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 20:14:25
two ribbons like this yellow one here. One Red and one Blue,like when you see an illustration of aerial combat maneuvers

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 20:27:11


HALE 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 17:10:32

fatribz 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 22:23:44
who did this- who did this on the internets?

Baaaaaaaa 2007/10/26 (Fri.) 13:10:50
sheep did it


tthunderdan 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 17:00:08

The Angry Flagman 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 03:52:59
Dude! You Have to make this into a t-shirt or a poster.


Fiona 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 16:38:54
to da is hlowen


tthunderdan 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 16:21:01


fatribz 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 15:46:29
the ace of... oh fuck you, fatribz

ad 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 16:09:42
there's nothing i can say. a total eclipse of the heart

HALE 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 17:59:18

yanbu 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 18:53:53
spacequest hallucination playing card set


idwtwwr 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 14:26:49
cobain cyclops^^


idwtwwr 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 14:22:06

HALE 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 14:31:44
eighty-eight miles-per-hour

deerfactory [Home Page] 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 14:55:06
jung, lass dich herzen... : )


idwtwwr 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 14:06:45

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 14:50:52
"holy shnyaiekee!"


HALE 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 13:50:13
flu virus


Gerold Blankface 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 20:30:09
you ever eat at that sea food pizza joint (not there now).. what the heck was it called? pompodoro's ? soething like that... the pizza fra diavalo kicked ass
pretty much all other pizza there was mediocre at best.. and made you crap your pants.



HALE 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 12:46:50
This one goes out to all my space nerds, all across the world. You know who you are. Hope you all are having a great day!

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 14:49:40
good day yes! thanks mang.. have you seen this gold? [click da homepage]

seeker 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 15:03:09

we had that allready did we?

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 20:31:32
very very cool
it is time to carbonze mr solo
i think it sucks how they changed the back story of boba fett and the force in the new movies..


LondonVisitor 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 09:19:36
bored. got three minutes to spare.


tim 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 01:57:59

ethermonkey 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 06:03:35
yr skritchdiddle excellence has been missed


tim 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 00:18:34

fatribz 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 08:32:50
woo wah wah

mrae 2007/10/25 (Thurs.) 13:06:51
ooh ooh ooh


tim 2007/10/23 (Tue.) 23:57:48


tim 2007/10/23 (Tue.) 23:30:25
I'm going to las vegas in a few hours. just popping in.

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 08:36:31
A buddy of mine is there right now for an AFLAK convention.
have a good time!


opp 2007/10/23 (Tue.) 21:47:09
bye bye :o(

fatribz 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 08:34:13
yeah you know me


somebody 2007/10/23 (Tue.) 20:05:16
Cheer up DTD! Sending you bright & sunny thoughts.
enjoy being

dtd 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 07:42:38
thanks... i'll be alright. i appreciate your concern. xo


somebody 2007/10/23 (Tue.) 19:54:09
hmmm... web or log?


brodus 2007/10/23 (Tue.) 19:29:41

fatribz 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 08:34:51
k jah radio


tthunderdan 2007/10/23 (Tue.) 17:41:13

fatribz 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 08:32:37

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 08:36:49
she's cute.


fatbabbagez 2007/10/23 (Tue.) 17:16:03
dderrrrrrrrrrr 234i3j4t90jfidsbvv the cheater

deerfactory [Home Page] 2007/10/23 (Tue.) 17:16:45
i like

HALE 2007/10/23 (Tue.) 18:06:07
cream team dream

veronica 2007/10/23 (Tue.) 20:43:43
I bought a pomegranate today, I'm going to eat it tomorow.

kix [Home Page] 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 11:45:47
thats some brilliant good ass cheese!


tthunderdan 2007/10/23 (Tue.) 15:37:16

fatbabbagez 2007/10/23 (Tue.) 17:17:02
weird how that match stick matches my color pick. nice coincidence and nice draw

tthunderdan 2007/10/23 (Tue.) 17:41:51


tthunderdan 2007/10/23 (Tue.) 15:22:08


tthunderdan 2007/10/23 (Tue.) 14:22:56
...my belly feels fine, would you like to touch it?...

seeker 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 07:20:39
please? :D

tthunderdan 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 15:21:18
...thump, thump, thump...


meow 2007/10/23 (Tue.) 09:53:41
my belly HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Angry Flagman 2007/10/23 (Tue.) 13:15:26
Well just lift a cheek and let out a squeak and all your troubles will be gone with the wind.


Gerold Blankface 2007/10/23 (Tue.) 07:41:33
Peter: You're scruffy
Paul: No! You're the scruffy one!

kix [Home Page] 2007/10/23 (Tue.) 09:47:41
i love that stylish tiny heart

meow 2007/10/23 (Tue.) 09:54:20

mrae 2007/10/23 (Tue.) 11:15:17

HALE 2007/10/23 (Tue.) 11:25:41
what does mary have to say about all this?

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 20:32:04
mary mary, why you buggin'?!!

tim 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 22:49:40
easily the best!@


meow 2007/10/23 (Tue.) 00:23:07


Vincent [Home Page] 2007/10/22 (Mon.) 17:33:26
Thinking of Friends


2007/10/22 (Mon.) 14:02:05


soul uwe 2007/10/22 (Mon.) 13:16:20


ethermonkey 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 22:32:34
mid-term aborted drawr that still bring the shapesquare satisfact to my eye
yet the unfinsh will cause later pause
in my feebo mind
uh oh, gotta go...


HALE 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 19:35:20
protect ya neck


yanbu 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 17:21:39
a few vital functional features for the new site weren't able to be finished before this weekend, so the official release will be the 28th, one week from today. almost ready

yanbu 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 17:44:49

mrae 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 18:03:15
you tease you :)

yanbu 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 18:23:10
i know it sucks, it's been a lot of work - i have hired programming help who needs an extra week to get things done - it's coming

mrae 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 20:22:24
hope you know i'm just joking.... i look forward to the changes whenever they happen... i'm just happy to be part of such an awesome site!

seeker 2007/10/22 (Mon.) 00:57:04
coool my bithday!


kix [Home Page] 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 15:07:31

deerfactory [Home Page] 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 15:19:49
aaaahhhii like it

atbz.atbz.atbz.Babbages 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 17:21:32

yanbu 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 17:22:20
fall anger

Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/10/22 (Mon.) 13:53:05
I like it


angela 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 13:04:52
funny face

yanbu 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 17:22:39
it sure is, geez


The Angry Flagman 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 08:36:57


Fiona 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 06:20:27
a plan no at is ax

Translation 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 06:37:52
A plane? No! It is an X!


mf 2007/10/20 (Sat.) 23:04:11
now theres a hobby:


atbz.atbz.atbz.Babbages 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 17:21:56


mf 2007/10/20 (Sat.) 21:38:41

HALE 2007/10/20 (Sat.) 23:00:49
something happened


tthunderdan 2007/10/20 (Sat.) 18:35:14

seeker 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 03:04:20
mmhmm...I always tough their music is very gay

tthunderdan 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 04:12:14
...gay?, you mean gay like happy, or gay like running thru a field catching butterflies in your underwears gay?...

kix [Home Page] 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 10:34:53
slash = not gay


seeker 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 11:50:23
slash was prably the only REAL musician in that band.....I mean gay.....there are all Girls

tthunderdan 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 12:10:35
...well, 'dem gays can play some rock & roll then...maybe I just wish I had their hare...some of it anyhow...

slash is hot 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 13:38:48
he was the only hot member of g n r and he likes curvy women...which is even better.

Al 2007/10/22 (Mon.) 16:26:08
GNR is one of the most dissapointing bands of all time. I wish they could have kept it together longer than 3 albums.


tthunderdan 2007/10/20 (Sat.) 17:34:27

seeker 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 03:05:49
wwwwwwaaaaaaaa...so good

nostringsattached 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 11:55:58


tthunderdan 2007/10/20 (Sat.) 15:45:00

yanbu 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 19:02:03
nice draw, minipression


ethermonkey 2007/10/20 (Sat.) 13:43:26

meow 2007/10/22 (Mon.) 23:56:19


tthunderdan 2007/10/20 (Sat.) 12:54:57

Al 2007/10/20 (Sat.) 15:29:41
I usually yell... " Yo Dingbat!! Yeah You!! "


tthunderdan 2007/10/20 (Sat.) 11:51:43

tthunderdan 2007/10/20 (Sat.) 11:52:04
...let's eat!....


mrae 2007/10/20 (Sat.) 00:15:56

Al 2007/10/20 (Sat.) 09:11:23
How did you do this?

mrae 2007/10/20 (Sat.) 15:29:28
slide-glitch layered fade

Al 2007/10/20 (Sat.) 15:30:52
This I know, but your imagination is driving me wild.

atbz.atbz.atbz.Babbagess 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 17:19:24
even nuttier


meow 2007/10/19 (Fri.) 20:23:19
:} :}


meow 2007/10/19 (Fri.) 20:16:10


meow 2007/10/19 (Fri.) 19:45:55
have a nice day! <:


lizzy 2007/10/19 (Fri.) 13:41:16


meow 2007/10/19 (Fri.) 12:32:00


ethermonkey 2007/10/19 (Fri.) 09:13:27
old trick



espcomix 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 23:35:46

deerfactory [Home Page] 2007/10/19 (Fri.) 04:32:24
very nice

HALE 2007/10/19 (Fri.) 08:45:35
is this a magpie?

espcomix 2007/10/20 (Sat.) 00:47:33
The Thieving Magpie


ethermonk 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 23:26:23
and a hotplate...please excuse


ethermonk 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 20:49:43
needed a background for endpapers...sorry

fatbabbagez 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 17:22:49
so awesomee

yanbu 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 19:02:41
yesh indeed


meow 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 20:39:59


mrae 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 19:41:11

HALE 2007/10/19 (Fri.) 14:51:32
daddy like

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/19 (Fri.) 19:30:58
lightbrite brilliance!

mrae 2007/10/20 (Sat.) 15:28:56
thanks :)


The Angry Flagman 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 16:29:04
I beg your pardon, I never promised you a... D9 Caterpillar.

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/19 (Fri.) 19:32:21
dude, sweet

Earth Pusher 2007/10/19 (Fri.) 19:48:54
Only a D9?

atbz.atbz.atbz.Babbages 2007/10/21 (Sun.) 17:21:09


tthunderdan 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 16:05:17


seeker 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 12:16:07
I head to put that sign up in the womans toilett at work :)

seeker 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 12:20:36
Muß i denn muss i denn zuhum städtele hinaus städtele hinaus und du mein schatz ...egal eh wurscht...fährst auch weg

tthunderdan 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 12:50:50
...boogers on the wall? in the ladies terlet? na ahhh...that is disgusting!...

loopdogg 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 19:09:10
that booger has a cute litle boogie face

seeker 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 23:28:33
ick dachte schon da treff ick een pa landsmänna

seeker 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 23:29:25
ups dit jehört zu di Berlina antwort

deerfactory [Home Page] 2007/10/19 (Fri.) 04:36:28
wie, watt...bischt us bärlin?

seeker 2007/10/19 (Fri.) 13:00:00


uwe seele 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 11:47:10
I have this huge pig costume from last halloween..
don`t be scared nobody is hurt..

kaumie 2007/10/24 (Wed.) 07:32:38
super, the best!!


uwe seele 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 11:29:41
what the hell was going on there..

deerfactory [Home Page] 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 11:41:26

seeker 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 12:18:40
dufte knorke? watt berlinat ihrn hier alle so rum...?

deerfactory [Home Page] 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 12:36:32
dit uss nur sone phase glob ick

seeker 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 23:28:00
na denn is jut


lm 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 11:20:44
weird fishes

kix [Home Page] 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 11:21:07
uuuuh yeah.

deerfactory [Home Page] 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 11:40:55
weird indeed and also nice

loopdogg 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 17:48:26
i am enjoying this as well as the new radiohead


uwe seele 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 10:05:07

deerfactory [Home Page] 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 10:26:51
spannung pur


uwe seele 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 09:57:14

deerfactory [Home Page] 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 10:02:28
oh oh...und nu?


uwe seele 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 09:50:47


uwe seele 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 09:00:43

HALE 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 09:04:49
I am waiting for the next one...there can be many possibilities


uwe seele 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 07:47:31


uwe seele 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 06:47:08

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/19 (Fri.) 19:33:20
Who likes Trident?

kix [Home Page] 2007/10/20 (Sat.) 04:37:23
lift your hands up in the air lift your hands up... in the air!


uwe seele 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 06:40:24
put you hands up in the air put you hands up in the air

herrherrmann [Home Page] 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 07:14:23

herrherrmann [Home Page] 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 07:51:46

herrherrmann [Home Page] 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 08:32:38

yanbu 2007/10/19 (Fri.) 04:38:21
hey! ho!


cows2flames 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 05:25:42
happy colorless teeth


ethermonk 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 20:54:06
to all the germans over the sea

deerfactory [Home Page] 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 01:01:23
hehe...thanks a lot...well, we are increasingly.
invasion like, hm?


HALE 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 20:46:18


HALE 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 20:37:02
paper airplane in flight


herrherrmann [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 17:43:39
big biz with a natural tie

kaumie 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 05:34:03
jeeehii, der feine herrherrmann

herrherrmann 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 12:43:13
ja der spanische herr kaumi! wie schautz?


ethersleepy 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 17:34:24

The Angry Flagman 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 17:43:48
Wow! We were both drawing cats at the sme time.


The Angry Flagman 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 17:35:11
The evil that cats do when your not home, The evil the evil the evil that cats do....

herrherrmann [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 17:35:46
nice indoor vandalism! big ups for the cat!

The Angry Flagman 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 17:36:30
A little Iron Maiden set to a cat theme.

meow 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 20:28:05
LOVE it!!!

vic 2007/10/27 (Sat.) 02:28:02
i have a cat that likes to piss in the toaster.


herrherrmann [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 17:09:02
never raise an assgrab!

deerfactory [Home Page] 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 01:54:35
very nice my deer pokerfriend : )

uwe seele 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 03:39:44
after a assgrab you have to play very tight..or you go directly ball-in.

herrherrmann [Home Page] 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 03:42:34
hahahaaa ...sounds logic

yanbu 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 04:03:00
! yes


deerfactory [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 14:23:42

kix [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 14:36:51
kennste wen der sich bei myspace herr herrmann nennt? sacht der käm aus münster ;P

deerfactory [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 14:45:04
sicher...das iss der abraham korn...ein studienkollege von mir...ebenso dashanz

kix [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 15:30:29
hö. die kleine welt

abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 16:45:07
beam me back in the egg, scotty!

abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 17:34:43
beam me back in the egg, scotty!


uwe seele 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 10:16:08

uwe seele 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 10:22:06
I want my money back

deerfactory [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 10:24:24
i can see the anger in your eyes

seeker 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 13:54:40
liiiikkkkeeee that tweetybirdythingy

herrherrmann [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 17:36:39

yanbu 2007/10/18 (Thurs.) 04:01:39
creepy lovely nice


abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 09:58:36
sorry...had a bad day

deerfactory [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 09:59:51
you don´t have do feel sorry for this masterpiece

seeker 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 10:10:11
man I feel like that every day

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/19 (Fri.) 19:34:15
this rocks


uwe seele 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 09:42:03
I try to do my best..I think I made it..

deerfactory [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 09:46:12
great uwe! maybe we are twins...


deerfactory [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 09:21:27

ethermonkey 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 09:28:16
i just love a good 'ole eyebeam

abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 09:30:57
du bist echt heftors

uwe seele 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 09:33:43
aber echt ey

deerfactory [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 09:36:41
na da thank ich euch ma much

mrae 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 09:40:31

kix [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 14:36:17
thumbs doubleup


uwe seele 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 09:17:33


uwe seele 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 08:47:34
maybe someone want to take a life policy?

abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 09:37:54
do you sell as well cocaine?

uwe seele 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 10:00:27
you can come to my house then I show you what I do with smart boys like you

seeker 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 10:11:26
hahahahah super


abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 07:53:29
it became angry and political because of it's small ears

deerfactory 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 08:05:16
hehe...you did it.

mrae 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 09:39:58


uwe seele 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 06:04:56
to the max

kix [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 07:36:18
:D:D i like this one

Abe Corny [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 07:38:53
"top gun" with vans

HALE 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 08:37:58
highway to the danger zone


kix [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 04:45:33

deerfactory 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 05:52:27

HALE 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 08:38:33

mrae 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 09:40:58
i really like this!!

Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 11:26:58


abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 02:33:10
the ambassadors car

deerfactory 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 02:42:30
good morning, i see you are already on you way.

abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 07:37:08
damn..i was late! merkel will kill my ass...

abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 09:28:03
the ambassadors car


em 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 21:36:03


Gerold Blankface 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 21:31:46
Mr. Hyde

mrae 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 09:43:08
your art is so amazing! i really wish i could come to your corn maze

Gerodl Blankface 2007/10/19 (Fri.) 14:54:36
Aww.. thanks!
I wish you lived closer!

ethermonkey 2007/10/19 (Fri.) 20:49:45
corn maze?


HALE 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 19:38:04

veronica 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 20:24:50
with a split pack of PBR I'm totally seeing pink elefantes right now.

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 20:32:05

deerfactory 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 01:22:39
<3 it


meow 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 18:51:41


HALE 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 18:37:50
long trip


meow 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 18:33:40
It looks sweet, but it ate my little sister!If you see him that means your next.So look out if you dont want to end up in its belly!!!!!!!!!!

abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 12:40:04
i was next

abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 12:40:24
feels good in here


tthunderdan 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 17:23:49

meow 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 18:23:59
i LOVE what you do!

tthunderdan 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 00:42:27
...I do it for you, thanks...

deerfactory 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 01:24:04
very expressive...your life must be beautiful : )

mrae 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 09:42:16
this makes me happy!!

tthunderdan 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 16:02:06
...I was elated about being told the galleries were being restored, so I drew that...I really never done this, catch butterflies, honest...


abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 17:15:04

yanbu 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 17:15:58
this is great

deerfactory 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 17:23:01
you are the greatest mister! and have a nice dream...☺

abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 07:44:01
:-)gracias gratzias gratzia natzias natzihas natzihass nazihass nazihase...i think i will work on a nazihase now


tthunderdan 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 16:58:30

yanbu 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 17:14:03
this weekend should be the unveiling, the galleries are a big part and totally integrated now - will be a major improvement

tthunderdan 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 17:24:46
... :) ...


HALE 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 16:43:56
I think we should land right there.

abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 17:16:12
i hope you're right :-/

yanbu 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 17:19:57
nice hale. it sucks that i'll never experience space travel, at least i can't see it being possible in my lifetime. if i had 200,000 dollars i might be able to go on virgin galactic in 2009 . . http://www.virgingalactic.com/htmlsite/book.php


deerfactory 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 14:04:48
11100 is the number of my first 10eastern pic. and yours?

deerfactory 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 14:11:10

mf 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 14:13:37
418 eoewow


naranjon 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 14:24:25


mrae 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 14:46:12
oh lordy, all right here it is: 2734

seeker 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 15:22:32

deerfactory 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 15:34:30
hehe,wow ... it looks like I am the newcomer here.

tthunderdan 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 16:29:39
...hey, where you finding all this old stuff, huh, where?...I can't find...

yanbu 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 16:53:41
i'm sorry dan, it's almost ready!

tthunderdan 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 16:54:26
...TEN FOUR!...

yanbu 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 17:01:33
this might have been your first tthunderdan - http://www.10eastern.com/oekaki/2681.png

i think there was one before this can't be sure

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 17:11:52
My first was 3080

yanbu 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 17:15:23
gerold i need your email address, pretty please email me at yanbuster@gmail.com

fatribz 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 17:26:00
trin==deeeeerfactoyry?!? maaaaaaaaaan!

deerfactory 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 17:26:53
jo, its me.....trin

fatribz 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 19:15:21
my god...

yanbu 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 20:12:55
chasm of sars . . also, i have a tattoo of the three dots on that fellows right armband in this drawing in the same formation

loopdogg 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 22:09:36

kix [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 04:00:42
my first one ever, done in the robot-board:) *sigh*



mucmub 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 13:06:54
Ear and hands are gone

HALE 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 13:09:29
I think I saw this once in a rollerskating rink when i was six


HALE 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 13:02:35
remind me never to play poker in your town

deerfactory 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 13:03:40

mf 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 14:15:33
so thats what happened to his head


seeker 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 15:19:52


deerfactory 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 13:01:49

Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 14:04:38
This is the best

abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 02:34:33
ui ui ui!

mrae 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 09:44:16
Love this!


seeker 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 11:40:56
tell you everything by say nothing


deerfactory 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 11:24:41


uwe seele 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 10:47:03

fatribz 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 17:23:42


mrae 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 09:50:55

HALE 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 16:45:32
this one is awesome for staring

fatribz 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 17:24:22


deerfactory 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 06:07:28

ethercomment 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 08:00:17


espcomix 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 23:21:20

fatribz 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 17:24:36


espcomix 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 22:55:10


somebody 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 21:46:52


somebody 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 21:37:32


somebody 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 21:28:39
Feeling like a shade of red...


seeker 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 21:13:53
start new

abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 06:06:35
nice line!


seeker 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 21:11:57

abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 06:06:21


seeker 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 21:10:07

abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 06:06:10


seeker 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 21:06:24
am besten dorthin

abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 06:05:56


seeker 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 21:04:42

abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 06:05:44


seeker 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 21:00:52

abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 06:05:26


meow 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 20:31:39
2012 coming SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Al 2007/10/17 (Wed.) 16:42:03
I can't wait. Hopefully I can do some of the things I wanted before then.


DECEM ORIENTALIS 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 20:16:23


mf 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 18:07:10
"you aint shit till you learn how to rock!"


fatribz 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 18:09:20
OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HALE 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 19:33:13
I want to know what music is playing on this level

mf 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 22:11:06
"you aint shit" by GWAR, naturaly. :)


yanbu 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 18:04:32
one last call for email addresses before the site switches to the new version : i have email's for the following:

fatribz, bupobm, lm, seeka, loopdogg, eno, lil fuk, esp, hale, ad, angry flagman, trin, unicornonthecob, ethermonkey, poopmustache, sheep, tim, tthunderdan, cows2flames, rene gonzalez, alex temple, ahunt, borny, vanlodz, mrae, naranjon, al, mf, ultra

i need the following : gerold blankface, deerfactory, en-Titty, bb, tdwtwwr, dave b, veronica, themy icejewels

and i know i am forgetting some, my apologies - if you are on the need an email list or not on either please email me at yanbuster@gmail.com with your drawrer name and email you will be using to log in. hopefully by the end of this week it will be changed over, lots and lots of new functionality

fatribz 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 18:09:33

eN-Titty 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 19:48:19
sent it..sorry, been working ALOT lately

deerfactory 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 04:39:18
trin = deerfactory ;)

yanbu 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 04:46:43
that's funny i separated your names into two separate email lists ooooops hi


espcomix 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 17:09:10


espcomix 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 17:05:55

Vincent [Home Page] 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 17:48:56
I love it

fatribz 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 18:09:49


2007/10/15 (Mon.) 16:47:08

fatribz 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 17:02:57

etherknitter 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 18:12:05
glitching to livedrum thunk with jagged lines and machines


uwe seele 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 16:44:13
a new age begins..


anonym 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 16:39:37
sporty spice


uwe seele 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 16:30:57
Uwe Seeles latest dream about childhood.

uwe seele 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 16:35:49
inspired by the words of "fatribzblog"

fatribz 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 17:02:46
a dream about childhood! thank you for telling me this, i feel extra useful today


abrahama korn 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 16:22:38
pysikal arrow -
(remember the warning)

abrahama Corny 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 16:32:52
...inspired by the "Angry Flagman"


mf 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 14:28:33
i should be working...but...

mf 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 15:09:16
ahh memories:


seeker 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 20:58:08
oh nice pic


etherknitter 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 11:55:44
glitching to foul skrunk

ekeoutmyisis 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 12:38:03
is this a new slang for a drug the kids are doing lately?


etherknitter 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 09:52:34
glitching to noise

HALE 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 11:15:39

fatribz 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 17:03:08
looookin gooood

mf 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 18:09:12
my nintendo used ta do this. very nice


dashanz 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 09:37:52

deerfactory 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 10:19:30

kaumie 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 03:25:13


newbieandalwayswillbe 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 08:56:12
PHAIL, I'm at school.


VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 08:40:06
the creepiest 9 year old ever. I met him yesterday at work.


etherknitter 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 08:27:36


Kaumie 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 01:03:49
Warten auf die Frau HirsHich mit Pils und Lampe (an)
Waiting for Miss Mule with Lager and Lamp (on)

virtual oil on virtual canvas// virtual(2007)
virtual Tade Gallery// virtual London

Kaumie 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 01:05:59
Ich meine natuerlich Hirsch...

Kaumie 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 01:06:40
Ich meine natuerlich Hirsch...

deerfactory 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 01:56:51
da musste aber ne weile warten... spanien iss teuer um diese jahreszeit.
you have to wait a long time...spain is expensive in this season.

deerfactory 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 01:58:16
ach..und ich bin doch kein maultier...ich bin ein hirsch ;)
...and I m no mule...I m a deer ;)

Vincent [Home Page] 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 09:18:39

dashanz 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 09:33:22
schönet ding du


Kaumie 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 00:16:44

deerfactory 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 00:50:20
na keek ma...ditt iss aber schwattlastich, wa

Kaumie 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 01:05:12
HahA! da isse ja. wie troschke immer sacht, "schwatz, mehr schwatz, junge! Naaa guut"


mf 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 22:01:31
fer yanbu. this be halcali!

mf 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 22:01:44

seeker 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 12:03:39


2007/10/14 (Sun.) 21:20:56

yanbu 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 21:39:56
greets, anonymous greets


government starchild 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 20:23:17
light up my life
plug me in
watch me grow
stay at home
dont go out
eat some beans
drink some beer
smoke them trees
fly some planes
learn to glide
surf the couch
in the dark
wash the car

fatribz 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 21:13:50
how about a high five, sir?


tubers 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 19:13:18
hi i'm new

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 21:09:50

HALE 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 21:22:47
cheeba cheeba y'all

meow 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 11:44:38
hi, this is cute


Captain O 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 18:52:09


tthunderdan 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 17:03:05

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 21:09:36

cows2flames 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 11:45:26
mike gravel if you're not GOP.

ad 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 12:00:45
ahahaha yes! i was wondering if i was going to be the first to do a ron paul draw. thanks td!

tthunderdan 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 14:58:35
...he may be a long shot and a bit radical (compared to what we have been force fed for awhile) but he is the only one saying things I agree with...it is interesting to watch the neocon shills, er mainstream media try to discredit him...it is early...

Gay 2007/10/19 (Fri.) 19:51:12
That's Ron Paul


tthunderdan 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 16:42:30


mf 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 16:05:13

tthunderdan 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 16:24:56

yanbu 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 20:37:06
i make agreeing

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 21:10:06

mrae 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 21:29:03
oh yeah!

mrae 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 21:29:17
oh yeah! splendid!

mf 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 22:02:23
oh, hey! thanks all!>!>!

cows2flames 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 11:47:37
nut busting goodness.

mucmub 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 13:08:22
like this one


seeker 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 14:50:36
mmhmmm no connection?


The Angry Flagman 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 13:33:15
I want to eat the bag of potato chips on my desk but I cant. Sodium gives me migraines.


ekeoutmyisis 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 12:36:14
the good life. this is it.

HALE 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 17:15:33
the salad days

fatribz 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 21:13:25
two thumbs way up!


fatribzblog [Home Page] 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 11:50:13
and war

fatribzblog [Home Page] 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 11:54:15
the richest man is he with the least desires

fatribzblog [Home Page] 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 11:54:45
Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your
words; they become actions. Watch your actions, they become
habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your
character; it becomes your legacy.

fatribzblog [Home Page] 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 11:56:08
When you look at that sick and hungry kid on TV, just
remember this: you are no different than that child, even though
you are an adult. - Doi

fatribzblog [Home Page] 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 11:56:09
When you look at that sick and hungry kid on TV, just
remember this: you are no different than that child, even though
you are an adult. - Doi

fatribzblog [Home Page] 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 11:56:18
When you look at that sick and hungry kid on TV, just
remember this: you are no different than that child, even though
you are an adult. - Doi

yanbu 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 20:09:40
that's how a mess get started - Katey Red


fatribz 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 10:09:59
the singer of clutch sounds like drinking- and smoking.

fatribzblog [Home Page] 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 11:56:59
Money is like manure, it should be spread around.
- Brooke Astor – New York Philanthropist (died at age 105)

yanbu 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 20:06:02
is that part of a time machine under a streetlamp in the center? love the pizzaguy

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 21:12:57
is it actually a sentient being hunched over (hes gotta cane). he's kinda like the guy at the end of time from chrono trigger

cows2flames 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 23:35:38
Chrono Trigger was life in 8th grade.


meow 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 23:44:50

fatribzblog [Home Page] 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 10:13:41
hey i cant help but notice you've been pulling overtime here, what say you and me get a couple bean dip platters over at Derpell's Bankette?


meow 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 23:29:22

etherhalo 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 08:47:19

fatribzblog [Home Page] 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 11:59:57
The time is always right to do the right thing.
--Martin Luther King Jr.


Captain O 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 18:42:01
it is time for stormy weather

cows2flames 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 23:17:52
Pixies fo' life.

fatribzblog [Home Page] 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 10:15:42
ihope youra right, for initiation purposes in my elks club

fatribzblog [Home Page] 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 11:57:40
Good timber does not grow with Ease. The stronger the
wind, the stronger the Trees.

Captain O 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 18:16:34
I have to wonder what an initiation into your elks club would entail


tthunderdan 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 17:12:18

somebody 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 20:48:10

fatribz 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 10:11:02
freqarrhyy. eeks out the kids


etherhalo 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 16:56:07
d o g o r a

deerfactory 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 17:30:53
i like

etherhalo 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 21:03:24
i thank


etherhalo 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 14:53:10

fatribz 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 16:15:24
u DonT Qwweeet


ethertoho 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 12:32:11


tthunderdan 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 07:10:42

tthunderdan 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 07:11:50
...chug 2 cups to rejoin the game, rules and regulations subject to change...


tthunderdan 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 07:02:12


tthunderdan 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 07:01:53


seeker 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 02:30:58
way to enlightment:


fatribz 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 06:32:57
ioooo i thought this was about the band byaah!

seeker 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 13:49:27
is there a band by that name?

seeker 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 13:51:23

... wow nice...big balls music tihi


loopdogg 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 22:56:37
it may be months before the soreness goes away

VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 23:21:00
a poor boy at work was in pain due to wisdom teeth removal. this reminds me of that.
also, I can't draw due to a jave problem:(
I was going to draw a skank too a dirty skanky skank.. stupid java.

VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 23:22:17
and wonderful Newcastle caused me to spell it "jave" rather than "java", please forgive me.

fatribz 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 06:33:51

meow 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 23:32:22
This is very funny. Some how it reminds me of the never ending story.


ethervadis 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 20:22:45

fatribz 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 06:33:11


HALE 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 20:14:44
this is how ruben should've looked to match the others. he is still mexican, though.

loopdogg 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 22:05:05
i am loving these due

seeker 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 00:46:13
love them

fatribz 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 06:32:01
tell ruben i love him


tthunderdan 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 18:57:20
...prenny on three, prenny on three, whales tails on two...nay, who, two, ney who, one...

seeker 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 00:40:37

tthunderdan 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 03:45:34
...ah c'mon, someone viewing these must've played whales tales in the old days, younz' never played whales tales?, really....

fatribz 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 06:34:57
whale tail like a womans underwear riding up and her pants are a bit down and ya?

tthunderdan 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 06:38:04
...it was a drinking game back in the day, developed when advanced boozers got tired of playing 'buzz', surely someone remembers 'buzz' then...

Gay 2007/10/19 (Fri.) 19:53:05
Whales Tail & TThunderdan


Vincent [Home Page] 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 17:39:41
Wonderous Friday

Fred 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 17:39:45
What the hell does that say?

fatrib 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 18:12:26
i detect "spoke it came like whisper on the breeze oh mahb"

Vincent [Home Page] 2007/10/15 (Mon.) 09:16:46
Spoke(the sound fx)
It came like a whisper on the wind (Description)
Ohmaha (His Last thought)
Sorry the lettering with a mouse is tricky to me.


The Angry Flagman 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 17:08:29
Yeah Dale, I got your fuckin load of mulch right here.......


tthunderdan 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 16:39:22

reponse 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 10:09:10
Hope it's gasoline!

tthunderdan 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 16:13:22
...laying under the tap...


TGIF 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 16:04:22


etherometry 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 15:49:11


mf 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 14:16:44
cheers to fun nights of video games, modelo and lime dorito's

yanbu 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 16:05:46
must happen again, that was a mean streak of gauntlet

The Angry Flagman 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 16:41:31
Metal Gear Solid 3 is pissing me off!

at 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 20:30:05
FEAR on extreme difficulty is killing me

The Angry Flagman 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 05:16:10
Here's a question, When should you be considered to be too old to be playing video games? I personally think when your on your last breath you might be too old.

mf 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 06:57:57
i actually think that sometimes. when im old in a nursing home pissing on myself, will there be an atari or nintendo in the rec room? will we stay up past 7 to play halo 2? and will the radio still be playing slayer or nofx whist we do it??

The Angry Flagman 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 07:03:59
I like the fact that nursing homes are putting Wii's in their rec rooms. As I sail closer to 40 I wont feel so retarded going to my local Electronics Boutiqe and buying a new platform system.


(government starchild) 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 13:35:31

mf 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 14:05:41
yes! dammit! you all read my thoughts now!! Today i woke up and the sun was shiny balls in sky. food was lacking from cool doored box in room with water and fire. settled i did on dunkin donuts. i drove for a bit southward on a highway dubbed 57. from there i stopped at some traffic lights and turned into a hardened flat top to rest my car. it stood adjacent to a high school in which i was to try and problem solve some lonworks communication errors. apparently the HVAC couldn't control the light relay automation interface. i finished having filled on cafeteria roast beef and soder pop with the system still unable to talk to and fro. henceforth i drove back to now a northern bound trek on 57. once arriving the inner limits of Chicago, i dropped at home and expelled last nights dinner and the coffee from dunkin donuts into a bowl of water with an out. finally i ended my journey with a car wash. now i sit at work writing to you of personal adventures on a public server of doodles. to you i say good bye.

slick 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 14:13:10
I remember when I met my wife. We would collect spores, molds and fungus in the basement of City Hall every third friday of every month ending in "Y" with my lazer tag team. Sometimes we would just walk or sit on walls and beat each other about the head-neck-chest-breast area with wiffleball bats wrapped in duct tape. Later we would shave each others backs. I'm going to be joining a water aerobics theater troupe. I'm gonna make kitty-litter pies. I'm gonna draw alot on 10 eastern. I'm gonna drink cheese, yes drink cheese. I'm gonna do alot of stuff, and you're gonna hear about it all

seeker 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 15:19:21
@government starchild....so "no" means "yes" in that case as you said it twice :) 10e IS you p.B. :P

who is 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 15:58:55

yanbu 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 16:00:00
the site as personal blog issue is a good thing to debate. . i'm all for drawings taken from personal experiences and told as a story, especially when there is obvious effort put into the drawing and the story is at least worth posting about

it's the end result of the drawing itself that matters the most to me. that the people doing them and getting to know more about them personally (through comments) are the reasons this board is here. but it's a *drawing* board, the bonus is you can post a comment after saving the drawing which can tell a story or describe something about the drawing, a title of it, or nothing at all, which tells more about the person who drew it etc and is also open for other people to comment

i check the site every day looking for new drawings. we all have different ideas of what's great or not, but it's obvious when someone does something with focus thought and / or effort, and also just as obvious when it's a crappy uninspired scribble

yanbu 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 16:02:02
ha! to seeka - i thought the same thing about the no meaning yes from the way the drawing is worded

government starchild 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 19:33:09

VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 23:30:44
if it is a "personal blog" than it is inspired.. correct? so what is the issue here? Nothing?
ironic. but I suppose no one knew which side you were on anyway... so I guess we don't know if it is truely ironic.. right?

yanbu 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 08:55:54
oekaki is about drawing / creating artwork, blogs are typically about writing. i think the point the person who posted this is trying to make is to treat 10eastern as a place for drawrings, more focus on the artwork. the reason it's here and why i check it every day is to see new drawings, hoping to see something good / interesting etc AND to see what stuff people have to say or story to tell etc. it's a drawrings board first and foremost which seems odd to be defending


fiona 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 05:10:05
a moon and sun

Brilliant 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 15:59:30

purplemartin 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 21:10:23
she has better motor skills at 6 yrs old than you can hope for at your age. sorry.

mf 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 07:38:32
way to go "brilliant"

yanbu 2007/10/14 (Sun.) 19:09:32
who is government starchild?


purplemartin 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 04:58:12
jack white is very nice to look at. and he can upholster things, which is nice. sigh. i liked guys with brown eyes so much i married one.

purplemartin 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 04:58:19


HALE 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 22:03:34

seeker 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 07:34:15
they are fun who are they?

Al 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 09:12:29
I know this person.

HALE 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 13:30:52
These are the guys I work with

mf 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 14:24:35
it'd tell john he needs a break. some stress relief needs to happen there.

seeker 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 00:45:30
these are really good


HALE 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 21:59:51


HALE 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 21:51:17


HALE 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 21:24:55

ruben 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 16:00:31
is Mexican I can tell

HALE 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 19:35:52
we're all mexican.



Your name is missing. 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 21:13:40


Your name is missing. 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 21:02:57
Hit the back button on your browser to return.


mf 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 16:52:03

purplemartin 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 18:50:14

mf 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 18:56:43
lightening bolts on my wanger! I <3 that show

purplemartin 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 19:00:52
"betcha do-ya' freaky old prostitute!" -classic!

The Angry Flagman 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 11:41:35
Roll that Katamari!!!!!!

mf 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 14:09:28
thanks to yanbu, i now have a new addiction.

fatrib 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 18:11:10
ah! i knew ive seen this somewheewe

purplemartin 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 04:50:18
Sorry "Betcha do, you freaky old bastard you" -it's funny either way. The Captain (0) found the lyrics online so he could correct me.


purplemartin 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 16:51:48
flagman, pie's on the way

tonianne 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 05:07:26
and mine?

The Angry Flagman 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 11:42:30
Yes! I gots me pie! Yummy!


tthunderdan 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 16:47:57


ad 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 15:51:31

HALE 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 18:33:44
when you look up and see the white bird carrying the brown cow, don't worry, just go under it. Keep going, I don't know exactly how far, maybe a couple of miles, until you get to the pyramids, you'll see them on the horizon.

ekeoutmyisis 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 20:30:47
um....that's a GOAT not a cow thank you very much. and they are enjoying their egyptian vacation. the tonybird and jogoat KNOW how to get there.

HALE 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 20:43:57
that's very sweet.

fatrib 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 10:38:14
good tidings


purplemartin 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 15:29:17
Yeah, they're not bad to look at...but they hurt and you can't run with them. I hate it when you know the other person isn't listening because of them or when everyone knows your shirt is unbuttoned or has pulled downwards and nobody says anything...meh.

tthunderdan 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 15:33:03
...i'm sorry, what'd you say?...

VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 15:34:57
I don't want to sound odd but I have to get this off my chest (haha. no pun intended, really)
yesterday at work this young girl tried on a costume made for girls/women with boobs, she didn't have boobs. This was an issue, but not my problem until I commented that I liked the costume.
At this moment the girl's mother informed me that if her daughter couldn't fill out the top I definitly couldn't.
and I am sorry flat chested girl's mother, but I am a 'C' cup. thank you very much. I am quite average+ for my body type and that is all.

but yes, boobs are kind of annoying during running.

purplemartin 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 18:47:12
I wish I were a "C"-That is where I started.
I have been a 36ddd for years. I look like freakin' busty dusty & I am sick of wearing baggy clothes because of them.

purplemartin 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 18:48:03
I could have put that WHOLE costume on just my boobs. (Like those pet costumes...they are like pets.)

seeker 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 07:42:07
SwankySwaaySwaaaSwankySwankySwanky. In germany one doesnt talk about boobs one has them. ;)

Al 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 09:14:26

VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 23:15:35
hahaha, ohhh geez. some of those costumes would fit on one "a" cup girls' boobs but my goodness I feel for you. hahaha


tthunderdan 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 15:04:30

cows2flames 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 20:45:33
the way she's pulling the shirt up reminds me of golem from LOTR.


tthunderdan 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 14:31:56


seeker 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 14:15:36

tthunderdan 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 14:34:04
...sexy food...imagine that...


seeker 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 14:07:07
fot thunderdan

tthunderdan 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 15:06:00
...ah shucks, you shoudn't have...

cows2flames 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 20:42:59
Modest Mouse - The Fruit That Ate Itself.

HALE 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 20:44:46
I love pears.


purplemartin 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 04:48:38
Bowie's in Spa-hey-hey-hace...whatcha doing out there man..?


VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 20:18:03
. I am frustrated. I think I am frustrated with "the man"... I don't know if I have ever said that before and I suppose "the man" is just anyone that a person wants it to be, a person that controls my success or wellbeing but doesn't deserve to be in that position. hmmm.
I don't know.

HALE 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 11:10:51
the man just wants to keep you down

tthunderdan 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 12:27:29
...in all actuality, only one person 'controls' your success or well being and that'd be you, at some point you shall realize this grasshopper...

tthunderdan 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 12:34:53
...I had a position a few years ago where my relationship with my foreman was so damaging and counterproductive and it became a situation where neither would back down or quit or give up putting to the other...eventually he got moved to another location (a promotion supposedly) and after he was gone, I really had no purpose there, I was such a fool to give him so much credence, and to waste so much energy...my work now (at a different place) is hassle-free...

tthunderdan 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 12:36:57
...now let's draw some tittys!!!!...

seeker 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 13:53:58
hehehehehehehe yeah go go go go!

VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 15:29:52
yeah, and for some reason I think part of my job is to be the one that gets yelled at by the higher-ups. I think that is what "management" means.
I just keep saying "ok", and "oh, for sure. right away".
It sucks, but I think people might know that I am the good one. It will probably all pay off in the end. (and the end is in november because my shop is seasonal.)

tthunderdan 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 16:50:58
...then again, you could always take a shotgun to work and blow them away...that'll teach 'em...

seeker 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 07:45:12
don't be a victim!....noone sees if you act good nobody....the only way is to fight and set them boundarys and if the dont get it go...they dont deserve you! You are betteroff on another place!

seeker 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 07:47:19
You can't make stupid people see! I tried....you have to pitty them and smile...but never obey!

VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 23:18:48
well, after this I am much more motivated to go back to school and start my own money making business... only enough money to survive though. I don't want to end up "the man".

seeker 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 00:49:14


Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 19:54:46


purplemartin 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 17:26:04
after working so much, my house is a mess. these are my favorite stockings on top of the pile of clothes I still need to mend or take in. I am not good at the pants, but the shirts went nicely.
I would like a black pencil skirt to go with my white thigh highs. Very 1950!

purplemartin 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 18:49:11
I was planning this weekend, but something always comes up.


tthunderdan 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 16:52:41

fatribz 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 08:00:35
'i wouldnt get too close to that man..'


meow 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 16:15:25
wow!!! now i can go pee!


tthunderdan 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 15:48:12

deerfactory 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 16:43:02
luv da trees

fatribz 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 07:36:42

seeker 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 08:03:17
great pic!

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 14:05:34
at first glance, this looks like a photo

tthunderdan 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 14:33:19
...yahoo search images, barns, you should find something very similar...

Al 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 09:15:36
F'N A Dude!


meow 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 15:32:54

seeker 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 08:03:41
heheehehe love it!


Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 15:11:01

meow 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 15:20:29
so cute!!!

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 06:49:53
This looks like some weird japanese video game
all your base are belong to us

fatribz 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 07:37:24

purplemartin 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 14:36:32
it's Flicky on vacation


deerfactory 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 10:04:12
stack attack

HALE 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 13:06:51
what it do


fiona! 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 05:08:26


fiona! 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 05:02:32
the mapis ho

purplemartin 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 14:08:33
translation: Fiona has a crush on David Bowie and wants to marry him. I explained that she has to get past Iman first. This is a picture of Fiona and the alien-looking man is David Bowie.

Captain O 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 16:40:55
clarification: mapis ho= muppet show, and although Fiona does have a crush on David Bowie, this wasn't meant to be him


meow 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 21:02:09


mucmub 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 20:52:49
I enjoy bumcum

loopdogg 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 07:25:41
good hair comes at a price!

cow2flames [Home Page] 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 07:39:01

cow2flames [Home Page] 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 07:39:02


meow 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 20:47:05
BANG BANG BANG wishful thinking


sheep 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 16:52:38

fatribz 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 20:02:32


mucmub 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 16:01:58
Give it a chance

mucmub 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 16:42:42
Give it a chance

meow 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 15:22:06
i like it -man-<:


deerfactory 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 14:28:36
interlining cycling shorts preserve the steadiness

seeker 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 16:04:13

seeker 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 16:04:59
this one has a certain phsychological intesity....its mre than just style

Captain O 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 18:39:16
very cool

fatribz 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 20:02:42

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 11:49:42
this is brilliant!

deerfactory 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 14:30:29

mrae 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 16:37:01
wow! this is wonderful on many levels

0ß98 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 11:34:54
nice. marlboro?


purplemartin 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 14:17:56
mr. flagman- We(fiona and I) would like to bake you a pie...in thanks for getting rid of the tank. Now the neighbors can see the skeleton scarecrows in our yard. I was thinking of turning the tank into a giant Easter Island man...it was rusting tho'...what kind of pie do you like? (Please say apple or pumpkin)

The Angry Flagman 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 00:14:38
Hey cool! Apple would be most excellent.

awesome! 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 03:08:21
chef fiona and I will get on it!

tonianne 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 17:43:35
purple martin, can you please bake us a pumpkin pie? the flagman can deliver........if he remembers where we live.......

purplemartin 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 17:53:24
fo'sho' we can! I am baking tomorrow night!

purplemartin 2007/10/12 (Fri.) 02:57:27
I ran out of stuff. I will get more after my weekend wrestles me...


Gerold Blankface 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 13:44:32
larson's Farm Market / Haunted Corn Maze
Brookfield, CT
We had a decent opening weekend:
266 people on Friday night
604 on Saturday night
and 567 on Sunday night
I had fun runnign all the pneumatic props sat and sun.

Captain O 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 18:41:00
nice draw, your haunted corn maze sounds like good Halloween fun-if CT was a little closer I'd check it out

fatribz 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 20:03:43
yeeeeeeeeaa, but its been too warm lately for this.. 88degrees around me(SE MI)! wtF?!


government starchild 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 11:23:59

veronica 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 19:38:37
totallllllllly awesome


Artist Rendering 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 09:17:42


deerfactory 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 06:16:13

ether 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 08:40:43

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 13:45:02


mrtick 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 01:01:00
whislst waiting fer imani outside the weed clinix, awell a block down for seecurity reasons some douchemullet hipster walks down and like everyone else in los angeles decides to stare especially lacc people looove to stare. merwerewrewr

mrtick 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 01:03:38


cows2flames [Home Page] 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 00:15:45
paper outlaws gun.


cows2flames [Home Page] 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 00:00:13
Hadouken! is good. You agree. (first song on my myspace)


chad 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 21:41:02
my first.

meow 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 22:35:25
reminds me of a Hatty Potter villian... I forget his name.

meow 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 22:36:14
Harry* ---and it was Wormtail.

deerfactory 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 01:24:44

Al 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 16:00:54
Great job.

fatribz 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 20:04:03
*clappin' da handz*


meow 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 20:56:14

fatribz 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 20:07:38
ow owww!

meow [Home Page] 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 20:32:26
thats it?

cow2flames [Home Page] 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 07:38:43
I am a dork

meow 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 07:40:43

fatrib 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 08:01:02
*clappin' da toez*

cows2flames 2007/10/13 (Sat.) 23:17:39
that's pretty gay of whoever that was. The idea that you'd post under my name kinda bugs me (and meow).


meow 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 20:37:10


mucmub 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 20:35:15
My ball hurts, "bumcum"



mucmub 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 19:52:59
Rain Rain go away

fatribz 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 20:06:50


purplemartin 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 19:23:42
Siouxsie, for Seeker...

seeker 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 00:28:35
kiss kiss hug hug kiss kiss hug little liss

purplemartin 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 14:09:50
darn seeker, I haven't gotten that much affection since before I got married! Ba-dah bum!


tthunderdan 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 17:31:54


tthunderdan 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 17:26:35


tthunderdan 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 17:24:36

seeker 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 00:29:23

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 13:46:24
MOM !!!
Don't embarass me !!


tthunderdan 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 17:18:11


tthunderdan 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 17:13:01

deerfactory 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 01:28:49
nice! is it a duncecap on the earths head?

tthunderdan 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 13:26:08
...I don't know...


deerfactory 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 15:36:38

kix 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 12:03:11

fatribz 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 20:07:29


mf 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 13:58:21
hello gr

deerfactory 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 15:15:38
i like

veronica 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 20:57:48
hello mf


cows2flames 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 12:23:53
Happy Happy Pyromania

purplemartin 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 13:27:42
you're on fire!


cows2flames [Home Page] 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 00:11:56
there's a picture of a member of yip yip on the foundphotos 130 gallery, at the very bottom. Very odd.

deerfactory 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 04:28:05

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 09:53:49

jvb 2007/10/11 (Thurs.) 00:01:21
those guys smell funny


cows2flames [Home Page] 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 23:16:26
There's something about dressing in black and bleaching the edges of my trendy myspace-cut that doesn't quiet strike me as attractive.


ethermonkey 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 22:33:29
theese is ruff times

fatribz 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 09:54:06
hang it in there


ethermonkey 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 22:10:19
three acets of tonight annoying reality...sorry about the lazy drawrs this past month, people

ethermonkey 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 22:10:37
acepts = facets

ethermonkey 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 22:11:33
aceps = assets = facets = fuk me i JUST wasked the dog an hour ago and now this!


Fiona 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 17:24:00


Fiona 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 17:13:51


Newbieandalwayswillbe 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 16:18:57
Of my own design, Libronkey.. My chinese zodiac sign is a monkey and my zodiac sign is libra... Smoosh them together and you get libronkey.

Newbieandalwayswillbe 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 16:38:55
Oh, and uh, yanbu, can you update my artist gallery? Just with these two drawings...

cows2flames 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 22:44:37
I've been saving my own, newbie, and just throwing them up every once in a while. It's probably your better bet. Not to question yanbu's abilities, just the kind of time he may or may not have on his hands, ya know?

slick 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 14:47:55
Have a password?
Do your own gallery maintenance.



d 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 15:47:34

kix [Home Page] 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 12:05:48
nice couple :)


d 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 15:36:42


tthunderdan 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 14:55:18

guesswho? 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 14:58:19
I see you're still doing what you do best! Nice to see your drawings again.

tthunderdan 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 15:01:33
...I am guessing this is that 'newbie' person? thank you and thanks for stopping by, I miss seeing your ever improving stuff...

Newbieandalwayswillbe 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 15:02:36
Aha, it's not that hard to guess, I guess. I missed drawing here too.


guesswho? 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 14:48:19
Scene kids are funny.

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 15:29:05
nice scene here

cows2flames 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 22:46:06
scene kids are the bane of my concert-going existence! Ever the complainers, ever the conformers.


seeker 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 14:22:56

purplemartin 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 16:39:53


seeker 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 14:12:00

purplemartin 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 16:40:48
incoming kiss?

HALE 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 18:00:53
exposed neck target for kisses

seeker 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 10:53:17
whatever you like it to be. :)


seeker 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 14:05:02

purplemartin 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 16:40:28
word association time: siouxsie

seeker 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 07:38:05
you got it! she will be here in munich end of the month

purplemartin 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 13:27:13
I love siouxsie, I have been lucky to see her. Enjoy! I am an alternagothichippienerdcore listener.

seeker 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 13:48:08
hahahahahahahah great let me think...I am classicaletheralindigothikbatcaveweardostufffunkkychicklistener

purplemartin 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 17:44:44
heh. we got it like that!


seeker 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 13:46:52

purplemartin 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 16:42:02
"hon! wake up! I heard a noise."
"mmuhh...you're snoring again...zz"


n 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 13:30:08


Fiona 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 10:19:44

purplemartin 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 11:06:43
mrae, I think Fiona just did a tribute to your drawrs! I was making falafel and am just seeing it now.

mrae 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 11:37:01
oh wow :) Cool! thanks


dave "mf'n" b 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 09:29:12
i'll picture titty humpin'/
which looks like a venn diagram


purplemartin 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 09:20:48
sunrise, sunset....


tthunderdan 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 08:39:31

seeker 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 09:18:54
arg--- raw eggyolk....

purplemartin 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 09:21:15
that egg looked cooked.


tthunderdan 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 05:23:45

purplemartin 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 05:41:54
what came first?

tthunderdan 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 07:23:35
...the pencil or the egghead?...

purplemartin 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 11:07:31
methinks the pencil cometh first.

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 15:31:41

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 06:33:52

deerfactory 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 06:58:34
indeed, awesome!


seeker 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 04:58:21

at 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 10:40:50
i fuckin love fire?

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 11:07:59
i feel like fire?

seeker 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 12:10:28

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 12:12:50
i´ve found large fishes?

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 15:32:33
i feel like fu*cking?

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 09:53:38
or did i miss the obvious, oh well.
the goat cheese ive seen, i can't deny it


mrae 2007/10/6 (Sat.) 21:30:42


seeker 2007/10/6 (Sat.) 17:21:34
we have all those wonderfil mushrooms in our garden standing in a line... we wil dare to eat them tomorrow so if you don't see me on the board anymore they were not ment for the pan. :)

seeker 2007/10/6 (Sat.) 17:30:41

kix 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 12:02:44
i liked that movie


tthunderdan 2007/10/6 (Sat.) 16:40:44


seeker 2007/10/6 (Sat.) 11:40:50

The Angry Flagman 2007/10/6 (Sat.) 17:14:25
Coolness absolute!

HALE 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 06:31:03


seeker 2007/10/6 (Sat.) 09:39:48


seeker 2007/10/6 (Sat.) 09:18:08

at 2007/10/6 (Sat.) 13:19:00
these are great

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 15:34:32
love it

mrae 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 19:12:43
i really like this

mf 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 19:18:30
pinhead at the acupuncturist?


seeker 2007/10/6 (Sat.) 09:14:12
leave my mind and my body


seeker 2007/10/6 (Sat.) 09:04:55
you obvioulsy don't deserved them


trees 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 22:27:54
it is true. take a guess.

yanbu 2007/10/6 (Sat.) 08:56:16

seeker 2007/10/6 (Sat.) 11:24:08


purplemartin 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 20:02:39
I walked a lot with Captain O in 1992-and to this day when we go on a date, we usually just walk and talk and sometimes find a wall to sit on or a waterfall to hike.

purplemartin 2007/10/6 (Sat.) 03:07:30
(the snowmen in the background we made in a huge storm in 1992. One snowman was stabbing the other. While we were out trying to find fruit punch (for blood) some frat boys killed the snowmen.

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/6 (Sat.) 23:00:21
they weren't in the middle of the UG aparment buildings, were they?

purplemartin 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 05:39:54
No, I once spotted two very drunk people having "relations" in the snowbank next to UG though.
I wonder how they explained the frostbite on thier arses to their respective doctors?


purplemartin 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 19:40:10
Back to Ithaca for another wedding! This one we have waited 6 years for! It's a second marriage for both, and I have gotten to know Ruth's kids and watch their child together grow and it's a nice thing.


mf [Home Page] 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 19:29:34
oops, i doodled

purplemartin 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 19:30:51
Well, I think that explains all of Jackson Pollock's work.

mf [Home Page] 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 19:33:50


mf [Home Page] 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 19:22:52

purplemartin 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 19:28:05
6 hours after the pumpkin flan cometh the explosion!

mf [Home Page] 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 19:34:13
not my flan. 1 hour, tops.


mf [Home Page] 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 18:48:05
kinda like this, but w/supurb detailing. :)

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/6 (Sat.) 23:01:09
shit, THIS is awesome.. I would have liked to see the one you describe!


mf [Home Page] 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 18:40:25
i was drawrin the baddest assed jack-o-lantern, and my finger let go of left click over sumtin up above, and it completely reloaded oekaki


mf [Home Page] 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 18:17:29

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 15:31:14

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 15:31:15

mf [Home Page] 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 18:42:24
kinda neet how you gets it to say [home page] w/o a link. i try


purplemartin 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 18:07:35
heh heh heh

mf [Home Page] 2007/10/6 (Sat.) 08:11:22
i wanna be stuffin martha's muffin!

purplemartin 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 05:40:33
ew! Martha S? Yikes.

mf [Home Page] 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 07:28:14
is a mojo nixon song

purplemartin 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 11:09:38
Oh...I know Mojo, maybe we have that one. The only one we tend to hear is girlfriend in a coma and elvis.

mf [Home Page] 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 18:38:34
that song is so friggin brilliant. "evlislution"!!!

mf [Home Page] 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 18:40:00
ps: it's about Martha Quinn.

martha was cute 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 04:25:55
and mojo isn't picky


purplemartin 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 17:27:27
Hey-I am in the kitchen baking pumpkins and apples into cookies and muffins...the house smells like cinnamon, cloves, apples, pumpkins and I ain't eating any of this. Let me know if there are any homes to take some of this. I have chocolate chip pumpkin muffins and cookies and a pumpkin bread.

Captain O 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 17:39:16
good muffins, very delicious

mf [Home Page] 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 18:54:40
couple years ago i made a pumkin flan. outstanding it was. ......think i might make another one dis year

purplemartin 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 19:30:16
I gutted two fair sized pumpkins and froze em up and then Fiona went apple picking and I was fearing a fruit fly invasion, so I hacked em up and baked em right quick. Now the house smells like cinnamon, which is my favorite smell (well besides the smell of wood stoves and the smell of impending snow (yes I can smell snow.)

mf [Home Page] 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 19:32:10
my favorite snow smell is that late-at-night-soft-snow. where there is no wind, and the flakes are an inch squared. it's cold, but dosent feel it. that smell that comes with that is nostalgic.

purplemartin 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 19:45:08
when I think of the smell of snow, I think of walking with whatever man I was falling madly in love with and being overwhelmed with the smells and sight of white whirling snow and the heat generated from being consumed with a mix of curiosity and passion.

seeker 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 23:43:54

purplemartin 2007/10/6 (Sat.) 03:05:53
I know, they smell good but I won't eat sugar or anything less than whole grains-and these are whole wheat, but not whole grain. Smells nice, though, even 8 hours later.


lm 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 17:21:04

at 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 23:33:27
good indeed


mf [Home Page] 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 17:08:33

Rene Gonzalez 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 23:14:41


ETHERSKRITCHY 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 16:48:58


lm 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 16:27:41

seeker 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 23:44:25
that is superb!!!!!

yanbu 2007/10/6 (Sat.) 11:12:48

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 15:36:05
damn bwAHoye!

kix [Home Page] 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 12:05:17
dayum this hot!!!


mrtick 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 16:04:58

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 15:37:13


purplemartin 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 12:30:57
Halloween Mike!! Sure to scare kids and adults!

The Angry Flagman 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 16:52:23
Oh geeeez would you look at that.

giffy 2007/10/8 (Mon.) 16:54:01
i am so proud


Halloween. 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 11:58:41
Fuck Yeah.

seeker 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 12:30:22


seeker 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 11:44:09

HALE 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 11:45:42
Thanks, seeker!

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 13:47:31
wow...happy birthday mister...i wish you a beautiful day

lm 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 15:16:07
appy burfday. you're from germany, hale?

mrae 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 16:52:04
Happy Birthday Hale!!!!! (make sure you have a designated driver :)

mf [Home Page] 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 18:55:54
habbbbbbbbbby bbbbbbbbbbdaY!!!

HALE 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 20:03:20
Thank You all. I'm from Texas. I don't have a designated driver tonight, but I have a designated drinker.

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 15:36:52
damn i missed it, happy belated brosef!


mf [Home Page] 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 19:55:59


mf [Home Page] 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 19:50:05


mf [Home Page] 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 19:43:06
hello now

Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 00:51:28
this draw is an exceedingly beautiful crafted piece of work i must point out.

loopdogg 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 10:42:51
dude! so nice

mf [Home Page] 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 18:48:52
thanks now!

kix [Home Page] 2007/10/9 (Tue.) 12:07:23
yeah good 1


mf [Home Page] 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 19:28:18
one dem days. it needed to be said


purplemartin 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 18:48:03
Hey Captain! A love letter to the old man!
Stop playing the little kid's baseball game and come up to bed w/ me!

purplemartin 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 04:09:28
btw; I was teasing matt for playing a little kids baseball game.


VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 16:02:15
people are so lazy it is ridiculous. somehow I am the bad guy.

purplemartin 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 18:07:32
I didn't know you were an HR person! Argh! My nemesis in jobs of old. Now I am wid the Dept O Labor in Warren/Wash ny, so I work wid ya's.

Al 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 14:03:58
You tell em girl.


Fiona 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 15:45:13
a acon sdaho

Captain O 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 15:46:36
Fiona spells phonetically...translation:acorn statue


seeker 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 14:45:03
...people are back


seeker 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 14:41:56
....and dinosaurs with up to 8 legs!

ad 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 20:09:19
hahaha nice


seeker 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 14:38:12
There was this meterlong card drawn on the street from a kid. With the drain as wheel. Loved it!

seeker 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 14:42:22
cars...not card


lm 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 14:00:50
influenced by influenza

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 14:02:50
i am cooking a soup for my ill sister at the moment...maybe you want some.

lm 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 14:07:03
what kind of soup is this?

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 14:10:50
a soup with a lot of hot chilli for sweating and collard for the stomach.

lm 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 14:14:13
oh, i rather prefer light soups. i'm not a soup eater anyway

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 14:15:56
i´m no soup eater too. its only for the ill people around me

lm 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 14:23:37
i think i'll take some vitamines

HALE 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 14:24:20
soups, stews and chowders, I love them all.

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 14:28:02
but don´t take pills rather fruit. or the best medizin is to drink a warm beer with honey.

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 14:36:29
my sister ordered the second dose. i think she loves soup like you hale.

yanbu 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 15:23:04
this looks very influenzian


dashanz 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 13:00:11

dashanz 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 16:23:29


seeker 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 12:09:44

purplemartin 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 12:26:01
without love-it ain't nothin but a house where nobody lives-tom waits

seeker 2007/10/6 (Sat.) 11:25:56
yeah! exactly!!

seeker 2007/10/6 (Sat.) 11:26:38
you have a way with words puplemartin :)


HALE 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 09:13:21

loopdogg 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 13:17:17
awesome man, it is the city without my contacts in

mf [Home Page] 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 17:56:53
i cant help squinting, trying to focus in the scene! brilliant


good cake 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 04:48:01
what is this

fatribz 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 08:49:46
it is the age of welcome list

Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 00:53:37
black coat, black shoes, black cadillac

Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 18:28:25
black hat too


musteatbrains 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 04:31:36

yanbu 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 19:40:43
well, shit


1 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 01:19:10

fatribz 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 08:50:21
musttreatrain damage


mrae 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 23:37:05
theres been some really great stuff on the board lately!!!! Missed y'all

fatribz 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 08:48:42
mezmerizer 3d! and yes this board has been pulling together and blasting forth into the age of Behemoth



Captain O 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 19:36:24
business as usual

fatribz 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 08:50:40


purplemartin 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 19:24:55
Matt as Braveheart...."FREEEDOOOOM!!!"
(he is holding a Guinness Draft and a hunk of white sharp cheddar!!!)

sheep shagger! 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 19:25:13

mf [Home Page] 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 19:58:54

fatribz 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 08:50:49


purplemartin 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 19:09:27
Ah! D&D! The game that allowed teenage boys with a creative bent to design fetishistic clothing for women who look like Lynda Carter (aka Wonder Woman) on hyperbolic steroids. I had many male friends with at least one of these women in their group. I was always a paladin (male) half elf.
eh. Guess it works both ways...

Captain O 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 16:11:43
she's so tough she holds the sword by the blade instead of the handle

purplemartin 2007/10/5 (Fri.) 17:17:22
that's old school!


trin [Home Page] 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 16:35:32

abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 18:49:41
like it!

seeker 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 22:54:42

fatribz 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 08:47:03
oh my goodness

yanbu 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 19:39:45
nail on tha head


Emma 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 15:04:17
ok this some from D&D.
its what i was playing yesterday night til 10pm [uk]

Emma 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 15:05:31
oh the ginger is a male, fighter or something

The Angry Flagman 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 16:36:55
I played D&D once.... Got killed by some killer mold or was it a yeast infection? My character is still to this day dead in a cave. Oh well, guess Ill go play Guitar Hero.

VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 20:40:03

Emma 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 02:36:43
im a halfling who decide nicking a jade statue of a dead dragon would be good, so now i have dragon wings and if i dont find this certin thing im gonna turn in to a dragon!


trin [Home Page] 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 13:40:20

fatribz 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 14:01:49
dats da shoydt right here

ekeoutmyisis 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 17:30:38
you are after my own heart. i love goat cheese and one day i will own 500 goats. kudos to you dear friend!

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 05:35:20
thank you very much. i will visit you on your goat farm but sorry, i don´t like the taste of their cheese. but their eyes and their figure are extraordinary.

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 08:53:19
'dutch' goat cheese is good and not so bittery and weird rubbery, in my experience.

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 09:55:07
not in my opinion. it smells like a sexually mature goat full of testosterone. ick!

HALE 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 12:37:03
that's heavy

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 12:44:59
that+s disgusting


yanbu 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 20:19:14
zzle dzzle

loopdogg 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 20:21:33
galaxy glue!

somebody 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 21:00:06

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 05:27:17
nice...what do you think about some new galleries for purplemartin, dashanz and abraham korn?

HALE 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 06:02:15
ode to joy

yanbu 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 16:16:29
hi trin - the missing galleries are way overdue i know, there are only a few weeks left now before things are working correctly again! been working hard with a programmer to get this done as quick as possible, the whole site will be changing

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 16:36:49
ah, ok...cool

purplemartin 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 19:34:54
thanks yanbu...I know you have our back!
thanks trin for the shout out.

mrae 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 23:39:27

dashanz 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 03:52:10
yes please we want an gallery


abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 18:42:23

purplemartin 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 18:53:34
very surreal and nicely done mr. sketchy


idwtwwr 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 17:10:08

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 22:21:06
NICE !!!

ekeoutmyisis 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 17:32:14
hmmm....i like it ayyyylot


purplemartin 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 16:07:43


dashanz 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 15:51:55

abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 16:20:23
its a political one.isn't it?


tthunderdan 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 15:49:35

...vind 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 06:09:57


dashanz 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 14:56:34
I think I can fly

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 15:12:21
you have giant wings. so, why not?

abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 15:36:40
business class?

ekeoutmyisis 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 17:33:06
so many rad drawings today!


dashanz 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 14:43:19
nice to see you again..

abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 15:39:57
haste gras,atze?

dashanz 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 15:52:51

dashanz 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 15:56:20

abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 18:43:04


purplemartin 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 14:20:17
washington county is definitely going to be harder than warren...


dashanz 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 14:16:01

dashanz 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 14:16:24

abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 15:40:46
very friendly this thing! is it open minded as well?

ekeoutmyisis 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 17:33:51
the word penis popcicle comes to mind...


HALE 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 13:10:53
bored at work

seeker 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 13:12:38
lets chat!

seeker 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 13:13:05
I am still not sleepy enough to go to bed :D

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 13:51:50
most excellent-ness

fatribz 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 16:02:35

abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 18:26:56

mrae 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 23:39:48


abrahma korn 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 08:14:48
the warning

abrahma korn 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 10:14:23
the warning

trin 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 10:42:16

abrahma korn 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 13:37:57
vor the warning

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 13:52:03
me like

dashanz [Home Page] 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 14:02:32


staring into the sun 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 01:13:18

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 01:25:25
don´t do that


joe nobody 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 01:06:14


meow 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 20:34:24


meow 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 20:26:16
i LOVE this time of year!!!

purplemartin 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 03:49:03
this is Halloween! Fiona loves Nightmare (the rest of us love all Tim Burton!)

fatribz 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 16:02:17
i LOVE this time of year aswell and great draw for it.


scissoring 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 18:18:58

fatribz 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 19:11:58
scissor this out: http://www.seamcarving.com/

Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 19:55:51
i like the guy to the right.Ribz I also like that resizing bit

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 13:52:20
wow.. cool style


lm 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 17:34:01

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 13:52:53
nice poop-mustacheian-like slickness here..
your stuff looks very 3d and heavy

lm 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 15:08:56
thanks man! i think i'm going to do this in 3D, as soon as i gain 3D powers.

yes, very poopmustachian. 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 16:59:26

mrae 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 23:41:30

tell me your name, "stranger" 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 03:35:46

yanbu 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 04:03:45
i will donate to the 3d super power fund. also i don't see the mustacian in this!?!?

there are better examples... 2007/10/4 (Thurs.) 07:39:44


meow 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 17:26:28
I MAEN IT!!!!!!!!!!

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 13:54:32
remionds me of sarah... anyone hear from her anymore?


lm 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 17:19:15

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 17:20:26

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 17:23:56
oo i feel better

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 13:54:04
nice ... this is very very cool


scissoring 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 17:10:35

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 17:11:23
i like

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 17:23:35
oh dear lord my back is braking

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 13:55:37
nice lighting!

mrae 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 23:40:39


dashanz [Home Page] 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 16:17:34
my sandals represents nothing..don`t look.

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 16:56:26
i am not able to look at your sandals. i can only see your giant gemächt alda.

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 13:55:20
I have no idea of what a gemächt alda is, but I think I can guess it is the large buttoned area under the belt?!!
it haunts me as well.


dashanz [Home Page] 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 14:55:29

dashanz [Home Page] 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 14:57:30

ab- frog donell korn [Home Page] 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 14:59:15
i just realize....power

ab- frog donell korn [Home Page] 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 15:48:07
i just realize....power

ab- frog donell korn [Home Page] 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 16:03:50
i just realize....power


sabraham o'korn [Home Page] 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 14:51:54
kayne west

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 15:00:20


dashanz 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 14:41:34
don`t mess with texas!

HALE 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 18:34:34


w 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 14:38:58

fatribz 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 17:29:27
comb your hair!

mrae 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 23:41:02


fatribz [Home Page] 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 14:03:57
i was sitting in my huge leather armchair when i thought shut the fuck up

fatribz 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 14:09:50
[en vouge annie lennox walkin on broken glarss]

.atbz.atbz.atbz 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 14:21:14
here it goes elpone more! rouge vovuge. atbz and self restraint fribs. eqqqqqqqradwwwwwwwwwww

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 14:48:17
you are a humdinger

fatribz 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 17:28:07
whoa i didnt realize that was such a compliment until i actually looked it up. thank you sweetly/dearly and i say your 10efforts are humdingered maximus. i cant wait for the collabs.. i imagine one with errrrrbady getting down a little something, maybe on the 500^2 board. yarrg

lm 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 17:35:43
steely melody

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 13:55:51
wow! nice modeled effect!

mrae 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 23:43:58


seeker 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 13:00:38

seeker 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 13:01:57
what is going on here...mmmhmm

fatribz 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 14:18:34
since tasers are not usually lethal, a cop can use it whenever he wants to fuck you up and they don't have to answer to anyone regarding the taser. even if you are already handcuffed, or not under arrest and just flapping around and shouting, or maybe you are a child or pregnant woman in the back of a cop car, it is all good.

i cant wait for that raygun nerve ending exciter painful deathray to make things even better.


dashanz 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 12:57:49
sallet klar

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 12:58:59
jau, du hasset alda

dashanz 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 13:01:34
sallet klar


trin [Home Page] 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 12:50:14

HALE 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 13:24:37
wonderful, just wonderful

fatribz 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 14:08:34

sabraham o'korn [Home Page] 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 14:46:29
great--mc donnell

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 14:50:04
ach, schon wieder zuhause mr. korn?

ab mc korny [Home Page] 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 14:56:29
ja katie.we like it so

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 15:01:51
i see, i see

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 13:56:12
tre magnific!

mrae 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 23:42:34


Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 12:44:33

abrahmaaha korn 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 12:45:51
is this a symbol for marriage?

abrahmaaha korn 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 12:46:09
is this a symbol for marriage?

fatribz 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 14:06:50


dashanz 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 12:42:28
ride`n` dirty

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 12:52:14
neuer sport von dir?

seeker 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 13:01:19


abrahma korn 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 12:37:18
flexable sex inteligence

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 12:53:33

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 13:49:49
trinkt nich soviel und lasst das pokern sein ;)


ad 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 04:24:35

atbz.atbz.atbz.Babbagess 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 14:22:42
thanks for the support


le tristess 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 01:55:12
Want to see one droping these days!
Should be a perfect blue sky...

seeker 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 10:47:58
don't be distructiv!....but i plan to poisen my colleges with mushrooms....so thats pretty simular


meow 2007/9/30 (Sun.) 22:09:45

le tristess 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 01:55:39

abrahmaaha korn 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 12:44:13
eat more sauerkraut


whatclassssss 2007/9/30 (Sun.) 18:23:58



trin [Home Page] 2007/9/30 (Sun.) 16:39:59

somebody 2007/9/30 (Sun.) 17:04:20
Oh WoW! Hello, this if fantastic.

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/30 (Sun.) 18:57:46
oh wow. face blast

seeker 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 10:48:39
that is MASTERFUL! congartualions

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 11:39:10

veronica 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 14:50:47
oh yes yes yes richie tenenbaum please. I need to watch this movie again.

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 21:48:22
Holy WHOAH !!
Nice wilson you go there!

abrahma korn [Home Page] 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 18:29:23
damn......he's HOT

kix 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 03:03:50


lm 2007/9/30 (Sun.) 16:27:24


lm 2007/9/30 (Sun.) 16:19:02

trin [Home Page] 2007/9/30 (Sun.) 16:44:25

seeker 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 10:49:25


seeker 2007/9/30 (Sun.) 13:57:54
evil ice package from spain

loopdogg 2007/9/30 (Sun.) 15:32:25


seeker 2007/9/30 (Sun.) 13:49:18

seeker 2007/9/30 (Sun.) 13:59:47
arg...I should be working...instead I hang around here...serious addiction.... bad habbit

tthunderdan 2007/9/30 (Sun.) 14:12:49
...slowly step away from the computer ma'am, nobody has to get hurt...

purplemartin 2007/9/30 (Sun.) 18:35:35
it's better than a weekend filled with 20 hours unpaid overtime...

seeker 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 10:51:13
wow thats evil purpeömartin...my commiseration.
Are you working in the "creative" field or in an hostpital?!


seeker 2007/9/30 (Sun.) 13:25:31


naranjon 2007/9/30 (Sun.) 07:27:40
it's time you took an older lover, baby

fatribz 2007/9/30 (Sun.) 11:38:25
And when she was plump, she was very, very golden,
And when she was bad, she was balding.


lm 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 18:53:04
night raw

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 18:54:28
...the sharpest variation in the yeti line

HALE 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 21:50:28
ribz you're like mad libs

fatribz 2007/9/30 (Sun.) 11:38:38
There was a yogurt-like woman
who spat in a shoe.
She had so many boobs
She didn't know what to do.


meow 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 17:32:48

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 18:54:42
oh yes i feel it


purplemartin 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 17:23:00
hey seeker
don't be discouraged. I met the captain in a Trailways bus depot. it took 8 years for us to mature and get through awkwardness and fear of vulnerability...and grow. The right person grows with you-not just on you. Captain didn't speak for the first 3 months we knew each other. We were equally matched in goofiness. Honestly, I don't think any other human has ever understood me as well, or had patience to love me as much. It took years to get here, and the dynamics change because we change, so we are constantly new people for each other. Fortunately, we like the new people.

seeker 2007/9/30 (Sun.) 03:18:46
:) Thank's for these words. Yep thats it...taking the whole package and not just the raisins of the cake. And patience....oh what a sweet word better the love. :)



2007/9/29 (Sat.) 16:46:55

w 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 16:50:44
huhu wow...didnt draw this.

trin 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 16:57:15
well, it was me
and now i see
i lost an "e"

w 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 16:58:19
nice verse too..

Captain O 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 17:40:04
The top part looks like the old Rongovian Embassy emblem

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 18:54:59


w 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 16:04:49

w 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 16:13:44
lately food kills me

w 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 16:38:30

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 18:56:10
working with bacon


w 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 15:50:34

abrahmaaha korn 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 12:50:14


w 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 15:45:54


fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 14:39:47
get off the computer fatribz! you're fatribz! get off the foxes ass. become a police officer, fool the ogre

w 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 16:52:47
good to see you

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 18:55:34
hi. i like seeing your draws a lot


seeker 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 02:04:03
What is going on with men nowadays why are most of them so whimpy and shy when the should not be.
We have a local forum in the internet in which you have a profil with foto and stuff...most men klick but never say...hello-you look nice let's talk a bit. Why...when I ask them they say they were afraid ...they fear rejection. What a waste. No pain no gain or what! It feels as if most need a motherly encouragement to even say something an d that not just in online-forums. I am so bored to death with that. It makes me tired. :)

purplemartin 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 04:37:58
Don't be so hard on those guys! You know, I like sensitive guys better than the macho idiot protype.
There should be balance and confidence-but that comes after having success. If they have never succeeded in a relationship, they won't want to be vulnerable. If they WANT a relationship, they are going to have to be at some point. It doesn't work well, otherwise. I understand your plight though. The balance should be sensitive+ confident+vulnerable+intelligence+design+(quirk of your choice)+staying power=man of your dreams

fiona 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 04:38:38
dollar + brain = 8

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 09:05:38
get off the mofugin' forums. get yor ass to a library and meet yourself a scientist.

'first, i would just like to get to know you'



'My CPU is a nueron net processor, a learning computah'

I think these ancient words of wisdom are still true today. I hope this helped.

seeker 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 11:55:56
This was not ment to be a hate tirade against shy guys...I love them dearly....but the balance is it!!!! don't you guy's think that it is hard for a woman to...she gets also rejected but...hey....thats life...and above that a woman must always ask herself does he like what I am or does he like because I have nice titts. Sorry...I just sometime very angry about all that cause nature made this cruel thing that they gave us brain and ratio and stuff but then puts sumthing animalic stupid between to make us suffer. :)

seeker 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 12:00:21
I will get over it but today I just have to be a bit angry. Toooo much peace and love here in that forum. Let's talk "tacheles". hahahahaha ;)

seeker 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 12:50:26
fatribz??? no i did not get this!

fatribz hit by a pile of tits. [Home Page] 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 13:41:48
online forums are not where to go to get a hot date! go out to the places you imagine the guy of your dreams would hang out, like a 10E exhibit in the mountains, for example

seeker 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 13:59:35
I actually said that...THIS...is not a phenomenon of forum but in GENERAL! believe me I have enough outdoor contact.....but mountains...are a gooood idea!

seeker 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 14:03:22
Now I will go out and have a pint! Cheers! :)

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 14:40:31

seeker 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 14:50:43
coool a Computer Science Friend explained you joke to me.....wow....good way to get the geeks

Al 2007/9/30 (Sun.) 12:56:44
Shy guys get no nookie.

seeker 2007/9/30 (Sun.) 13:18:21
Shy guys are better lovers :P

The Angry Flagman 2007/9/30 (Sun.) 13:48:36
I used to be bold once upon a time, It resulted in a restraining order and a near sexual harassment charge. Now its shy guy all the time.

seeker 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 11:36:07
Marilyn Monroe:

He's not so good in a crowd but when you get him alone,
you'd be surprised.
He isn't much at a dance but then when he takes you home,
you'd be surprised.
He doesn't look like much of a lover,
don't judge a book by its cover,
'cause he's got the face of an angel but
there's a devil in his eye!
He's such a delicate thing but when he's starting to squeeze,
you'd be surprised.
He doesn't look very strong but when you sit on his knee,
you'd be surprised.
At a party or at a ball,
I've got to admit he's nothing at all,
but in a Morris chair, you'd be surprised.
He doesn't say very much but when he's starting to speak,
you'd be surprised.
He's not so good at the start but at the end of the week,
you'd be surprised.
On a streetcar or in a train,
you'd think he was born without any brains.
But in a taxi cab, and when he starts to grab,
I say in a taxi cab, you'd be surprised.
This one's a real danger!


w 2007/9/28 (Fri.) 22:00:23

deer 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 03:51:02

fatribz 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 08:54:26


w 2007/9/28 (Fri.) 21:36:21

deer 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 03:50:49


tthunderdan 2007/9/28 (Fri.) 18:32:42

purplemartin 2007/9/28 (Fri.) 18:33:50
My gosh, she looks like she needs a bra or a backrub! Ouch!

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 09:08:06
looks like she could use a delicious omelette filled with badass peppers, tomatoes and meat'n'taters

Al 2007/9/30 (Sun.) 12:57:50
Fabulous drawing.

HALE 2007/10/1 (Mon.) 13:19:49

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 13:57:04
damn dude!
quite nice

Gerold Blankface 2007/10/2 (Tue.) 13:57:04
damn dude!
quite nice

Muffin 2007/10/7 (Sun.) 06:36:07
Looks like Sheryl Crow


purplemartin 2007/9/28 (Fri.) 18:33:22
I am pretty stressed right now with the extremely sudden job change...I am glad, but I have to finish the old before I can enjoy the new. I am working for the weekend....another 15 hours unpaid OT.
Well, at least it should be the last for a year!

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 09:09:31
what the

purplemartin 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 16:16:36
I have been encamped at work all day...trying to fit 2 weeks work into 2 days. I am numb from work.
I have to do this tomorrow. Thank God for church! It is going to be my only break.


The Angry Flagman 2007/9/28 (Fri.) 16:07:08
Anyone know how to do fractals?

purplemartin 2007/9/28 (Fri.) 18:22:36
I like this better than a fractal! Very 70's!


jvb 2007/9/28 (Fri.) 00:24:20

yanbu 2007/9/28 (Fri.) 02:52:26

loopdogg 2007/9/28 (Fri.) 07:15:58

fatribz 2007/9/28 (Fri.) 15:47:20
awshi! yo


jvb 2007/9/28 (Fri.) 00:21:08


jvb 2007/9/28 (Fri.) 00:19:00


jvb 2007/9/28 (Fri.) 00:15:27


jvb 2007/9/28 (Fri.) 00:12:06


jvb 2007/9/28 (Fri.) 00:09:29


fatribz 2007/9/27 (Thurs.) 20:11:47
"giftwrap yourself slowly"


w 2007/9/27 (Thurs.) 18:44:23

yanbu 2007/9/27 (Thurs.) 18:53:32
hi w, nice

fatribz 2007/9/27 (Thurs.) 20:11:55


w 2007/9/27 (Thurs.) 18:26:52

seeker 2007/9/27 (Thurs.) 22:38:38


purplemartin 2007/9/27 (Thurs.) 16:14:46
princess Fiona-not in a real green dress, that's cruel!


purplemartin 2007/9/27 (Thurs.) 15:04:03
"We're going to lose power-can I stay in YOUR room? I am so scared."
Methinks not!

seeker 2007/9/27 (Thurs.) 15:16:24
so nice


seeker 2007/9/27 (Thurs.) 14:49:27
I should rather stop thinking an not burden myself so much ......an eat a oblate :)


seeker 2007/9/27 (Thurs.) 14:46:48
I should not think about things like what is right or wrong...I get's nowhere...in the end I alway come to the conclusion that there is none....and then I get depressed..


purplemartin 2007/9/27 (Thurs.) 14:24:12
Hail Storm...the noise inside the car was horrendous!


ampersand 2007/9/27 (Thurs.) 08:05:17
test strip for potential paint-job on the fixie project. of the two schemes, i think i'd do the bottom. any thoughts in your brains?

ampersand 2007/9/27 (Thurs.) 10:15:12
test strip for potential paint-job on the fixie project. of the two schemes, i think i'd do the bottom. any thoughts in your brains?

ampersand 2007/9/27 (Thurs.) 12:22:14
test strip for potential paint-job on the fixie project. of the two schemes, i think i'd do the bottom. any thoughts in your brains?

ampersand 2007/9/27 (Thurs.) 12:22:21
test strip for potential paint-job on the fixie project. of the two schemes, i think i'd do the bottom. any thoughts in your brains?

ampersand 2007/9/27 (Thurs.) 12:22:26
test strip for potential paint-job on the fixie project. of the two schemes, i think i'd do the bottom. any thoughts in your brains?

ampersand 2007/9/27 (Thurs.) 12:22:35
test strip for potential paint-job on the fixie project. of the two schemes, i think i'd do the bottom. any thoughts in your brains?

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/27 (Thurs.) 14:47:45
what is fixie? you may wish to use this test as a whole though? maybe with stripes of gold/silver alternating all over the fixel in close comfort

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/29 (Sat.) 18:53:24
f*u*ck the what


purplemartin 2007/9/26 (Wed.) 17:56:14
the lotus..my favorite! My daughter is doing yoga in gym. She is going to hurt herself though, she was whipping her legs over her head.

seeker 2007/9/26 (Wed.) 22:38:15


espcomix 2007/9/26 (Wed.) 15:29:17


seeker 2007/9/26 (Wed.) 15:07:27
But hey ..maybe I can do the scrpio someday. :)

yanbu 2007/9/26 (Wed.) 17:16:06
that's my sign

seeker 2007/9/26 (Wed.) 22:38:32
mine too!

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/27 (Thurs.) 06:45:25
I'm a Scorpio and a Libra which makes me "on the cusp" or a "moon child"


seeker 2007/9/26 (Wed.) 15:00:56
those yoga exercizes are pretty strange sometime...

yanbu 2007/9/26 (Wed.) 17:12:54
makes you wonder about those really flexible people

Al 2007/9/26 (Wed.) 17:55:31

purplemartin 2007/9/27 (Thurs.) 04:08:59
the opening shot of the movie Short Bus has a guy giving himself a very scary bj doing this...yikes.

seeker 2007/9/27 (Thurs.) 08:19:32


espcomix 2007/9/26 (Wed.) 14:45:05



seeker 2007/9/26 (Wed.) 13:15:59


idwtwwr 2007/9/26 (Wed.) 10:50:32

HALE 2007/9/26 (Wed.) 13:19:25
I see tons of cool shit in here


espcomix 2007/9/25 (Tue.) 22:21:23


purplemartin 2007/9/25 (Tue.) 18:58:50
waking up at 6am


seeker 2007/9/25 (Tue.) 14:23:45
good night

Al 2007/9/25 (Tue.) 16:18:45
I have to be up at 2:45am Eastern time. Trucking is for the birds.


seeker 2007/9/25 (Tue.) 14:11:05
I am so tired of everything

mrae 2007/9/25 (Tue.) 17:40:26
sigh...me too


VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/9/25 (Tue.) 05:19:41
Yes, an ex-employee (male) came into work in a dress yesterday. He is a bit off his rocker. I do believe.
I am sure I should be concerned.

HALE 2007/9/25 (Tue.) 06:03:31
depends on where you work

Al 2007/9/25 (Tue.) 13:22:54
Men have rights too.

VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/9/25 (Tue.) 14:49:02
well,,, he was fired on friday, showed up in the dress on monday. he isn't one of those joker types. in fact, he rarely ever said a word the few days we DID work with him.

Al 2007/9/25 (Tue.) 16:16:59
Ok, I sent him there to spy on you. He is from Grenwa... my native planet. Please don't make fun of him.. his fashion sense is kinda wacky.

VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/9/25 (Tue.) 17:27:42
well, sorry we had to fire him. you need to teach your people better work ethic.

mrae 2007/9/25 (Tue.) 18:26:04
depends on if he's an executive transvestite or a wierdo transvestite....

Al 2007/9/26 (Wed.) 17:56:23
Executive ones are very costly though... I already looked into it.


Emma 2007/9/25 (Tue.) 04:01:07
me thinks my cup is abit tooo big for me to drink from!


Shitly McFuckfuck 2007/9/26 (Wed.) 13:20:12
I did not draw this, but I like it.


purplemartin 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 15:23:46
I like tiramisu...I just can't have it.

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/25 (Tue.) 07:51:07
who elected Rita president of Melvin's stomach?


seeker 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 14:34:33

seeker 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 14:41:57
Kaiserschmarn....It's a bavarian dessert or main meal. Basicali a thick pancake torn on the pan into pieces...If you want you cant add rum oder buttermilk to the dough its then decorated with raisins and powdersugar and almonds and thats it. Additionally you serve Sherrycompote or applesauce. Yum.

seeker 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 14:43:10
actually this should be in the sin's confessional board :)

Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 16:13:53

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/25 (Tue.) 07:51:56
Sweet (literally) pic !!
nice job on this one!
but now you must share with everyone...

seeker 2007/9/25 (Tue.) 10:10:34
:) thanks...but NEVER!


Fiona 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 14:25:52

Captain O 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 18:56:41
I'm impressed, Fi! Cook up those Krabby Patties!


purplemartin 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 14:07:03
What's YOUR favorite dessert? Captain O likes Chocolate chip cookies!

Al 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 15:07:19
You should draw landscapes.

purplemartin 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 15:13:24
fewer calories...

Al 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 16:18:03
Yeah, I just gained 10lbs thank you.


seeker 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 12:10:52
...and additional to that my mom asked me if I wanna ride the rollercoster...on the oktoberfest....I said no (as I am not maaaaad and wanna keep my breakfest)
but I wonder what goes on in my mothers mind as she will retire soon. :)


seeker 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 12:00:33
The fest make people a bit mad I believe. When I went to the supermarket the till girl had painted her nails with miniatur bavarian dresses (dirndl),
I said thats looks pretty funny and I wish she paints a Brez'n (Brezel) on the nails next. She said...she will think about it an laughed.


seeker 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 07:39:49

loopdogg 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 11:25:03

loopdogg 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 11:25:49
you should bid seeker! also how goes the fest!


dashanz 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 07:31:57
my body hurts

espcomix 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 13:18:11
cool set.


dashanz 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 04:30:40


dashanz 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 04:15:43
I need love

ekeoutmyisis 2007/9/27 (Thurs.) 20:31:55
i would hug a prickley cat if it looked like that


idwtwwr 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 23:20:47

ethermonkey 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 08:47:38
My Austrian blood salutes you

fatribz...and my axe! [Home Page] 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 20:15:57
my Polish blood salutes you.


idwtwwr 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 22:52:23

seeker 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 23:11:46

espcomix 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 00:01:29
like it O lot!

veronica 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 19:34:10

mrae 2007/9/25 (Tue.) 12:35:19
Oooh Oooh Oooh!!!

kix 2007/9/27 (Thurs.) 11:54:08
BAM! unbelievable cool


purplemartin 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 16:34:33
Pi R2! Actually I have much more pie...I have a lot of pie innards to make cookies and pies that I can't eat! Any Wilton-ites want some pie!??

Al 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 16:39:11
Can you send me some 3.14159265 in the mail?

math is power! 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 17:53:43
I will use the force

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 21:57:54
me likes pumpkin pie.
good eats
i even like it when it is a few days old and starts to dry-out


purplemartin 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 16:29:33
I disassembled two pie pumpkins today and will make pumpkin pie with stevia (a demo for the holidays) and another with brown sugar and maple for the fam.

eN-Titty [Home Page] 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 19:38:23
don't bother with trying the stevia...it sucks when put in baking....I've got 2 boxes of it here that I don't use

purplemartin 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 04:50:19
I like stevia now that I don't eat any sugar, but when I still ate cane sugar, even in small amounts it tasted like sweet and low. I can make a honey & brown sugar sweetened pie for you's. I am freezing some for Thanksgiving, but I have a full gallon of it from two medium pie pumpkins.


dashanz 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 12:56:07

deer 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 14:16:09
ha, knaller!

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 21:54:50
Piano Rodant
[Latin: Rodantius Pianus]

dashanz 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 03:53:22
yeah thats what I want to say

HALE 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 06:31:04


meow 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 11:21:54
this made my eyes HURT!

Al 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 15:54:10
Hey, you totally copied me. I want 50% of the profits.

meow 2007/9/26 (Wed.) 15:03:47
hey AL everyone and their grandmother has done somethig like that


meow 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 11:11:54


meow 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 11:05:45

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 22:06:17
don't buy sandwiches from the homeless


Fiona 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 10:25:42


Fiona 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 09:24:13


dashanz 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 09:01:59


tthunderdan 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 07:46:29

purplemartin 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 09:11:41
no, it's great! punk rock feminists would love it!

erold Blankface 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 21:50:30
nice one dude :)


sleepermunkey 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 02:18:43

fatribz... [Home Page] 2007/9/25 (Tue.) 16:48:25
...MCs get stacked up! (staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)


sleepermunkey 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 02:11:44

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 22:11:13
this is what the tv looks like thru my shower door

sleemun 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 22:44:53
you have a tv in the can?

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 14:32:17
if the bathroom door is open, you can see the tv in the bedroom


seeker 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 01:47:49
Wow tady is a good day....its okroberfest, I will go with some friends and have some fun....my old neighbour greatet my over his fence...I like that....have a brilliant day tooo you all


seeker 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 00:47:39
wow I am so hot even my laundry steams...hahhahha

seeker 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 00:50:03
when I did put up the freshly washed clothing for drying it started to make this soft curly steamy clowds as of morningcoffe or a freshly baked croissant. sexy *g*

ethermonkey 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 02:02:34
my german-blooded ladyfriend is in yemen until NEXT YEAR
and my winedrunk makes this picture seem borderline cruel!

erold Blankface 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 21:51:56
excellent pic !


idwtwwr 2007/9/22 (Sat.) 23:49:18


idwtwwr 2007/9/22 (Sat.) 19:40:34

fatribz...and my axe! [Home Page] 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 20:17:36
"oh fuck yeah!"


idwtwwr 2007/9/22 (Sat.) 19:04:28

Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/9/22 (Sat.) 21:58:59
Judge and jury we have come to a verdict of guilty!This is the shit

HALE 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 10:40:14


vintage al 2007/9/22 (Sat.) 18:13:55
al in the 1940's!

loopdogg 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 19:13:13

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 21:52:28


ekeoutmyisis 2007/9/22 (Sat.) 17:26:53
i got you babe

Captain O 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 13:42:37
mustache makes me think of the boiler man


dashanz 2007/9/22 (Sat.) 13:52:07

Al 2007/9/22 (Sat.) 16:43:43
Das Shnuzenfest


dashanz 2007/9/22 (Sat.) 13:43:45


VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/9/22 (Sat.) 11:22:28


dashanz 2007/9/22 (Sat.) 11:25:17
smart and sexy thats what I am

dashanz 2007/9/22 (Sat.) 11:27:00
smart and sexy thats what I am

dashanz 2007/9/22 (Sat.) 11:32:38
smart and sexy thats what I am

tom berenger! 2007/9/22 (Sat.) 12:02:19
willem dafoe?

dashanz 2007/9/22 (Sat.) 12:27:38
why not


dashanz 2007/9/22 (Sat.) 10:59:02
A no-go of our time - poo at the chin


dashanz 2007/9/22 (Sat.) 10:41:02

HALE 2007/9/22 (Sat.) 10:48:11

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 21:53:05
Oohh.. cool !
cool colors

2007/9/24 (Mon.) 17:51:01


purplemartin 2007/9/22 (Sat.) 05:49:55
The look I am working towards...I love vintage (read ooold) clothing. I got a new 1940's vintage rhinestone cap and it makes me smile. Remember when ladies always wore hats and gloves? I am going to!

fatribz 2007/9/22 (Sat.) 09:21:15
i wanna go coat tail top hat and plaids with cane, get some porkchop sandwhich facial hairs and call myself Juggler Jonez. i love old fun and so cheers to your getup

Al 2007/9/22 (Sat.) 12:39:51
I wanna go too.


ekeoutmyisis 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 22:33:22
..does it?

HALE 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 22:55:23
gimme mah ten bitch

ad [Home Page] 2007/9/22 (Sat.) 00:57:25
freebird! it's raining men!

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/22 (Sat.) 05:24:52
show me your titties, dear, moskeet skeet ohs and all..yah.. party on gartch. work it, wayward gretzky.


dashanz [Home Page] 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 15:34:13
watch out my boody.

dashanz [Home Page] 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 16:06:28
watch out my boody.


dashanz [Home Page] 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 15:24:40
once upon a time..

fatribz 2007/9/22 (Sat.) 05:26:25
turbo tux. great!


kaspish [Home Page] 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 15:12:31
in the eyes!!!


kaspish [Home Page] 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 15:03:25

2007/9/22 (Sat.) 08:52:22

eN-Titty [Home Page] 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 19:41:15
what happened to...Penisis are not allowed on this board?

Ya know we have minors drawing in here!

dashanz 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 04:37:38
oh man thats a squirrel..cool down


dashanz [Home Page] 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 14:57:30
follow the yellow

2007/9/22 (Sat.) 08:52:34

eN-Titty [Home Page] 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 19:42:43
the peni belongs on another board

dashanz 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 04:33:48
sorry for that sexual harassment..


dashanz [Home Page] 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 14:46:51
where the fuck is that penis board?

Al 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 17:58:42
Its in my pants.

2007/9/22 (Sat.) 08:52:43

2007/9/22 (Sat.) 08:53:19
man that looks nasty

2007/9/22 (Sat.) 08:53:19
man that looks nasty

2007/9/22 (Sat.) 08:53:20
man that looks nasty


dashanz [Home Page] 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 14:41:13
sorry I cant find the penis board.

follow your dick 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 14:45:49

dashanz [Home Page] 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 14:48:35
hell yeaah follow my dick

2007/9/22 (Sat.) 08:52:52


dashanz [Home Page] 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 14:31:12
porn graphics do like??


dashanz [Home Page] 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 14:18:39
hope she comes in


kaspisch [Home Page] 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 14:09:54
oder nicht????


HALE 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 14:06:17
You. Me. Bar. Beers. Buzz.

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/22 (Sat.) 05:21:21
you know what you doing? awww yah

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/23 (Sun.) 22:14:12
well done!


kaspisch [Home Page] 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 13:59:14


The Angry Flagman [Home Page] 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 12:51:20
Do these things still exist?

purplemartin 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 14:24:23
AFM-I have a picture of Captain on one of these from when we first met in 1992...

Al 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 17:57:24
Yes, there is one at the Meijer Super Store in Taylor, Michigan.

ekeoutmyisis 2007/9/22 (Sat.) 17:28:22
try wal-mart


Al 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 11:44:16
Leave Britney Alone! (For those who haven't seen it yet)

espcomix 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 11:48:12
that dude got famous

seeker 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 12:17:31
great...I like this artificial overdone acting and he looks good in a freaky kind of way...to bad that he has nothing interesting to say so it gets boring after a while. This picture captures his pehavior vera well. :)

loopdogg 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 14:37:56

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/22 (Sat.) 22:12:04
excellent rendition.. i recognized this flake instantly


espcomix 2007/9/20 (Thurs.) 21:33:11
Jose Clemente Orozco Man of Fire

somebody 2007/9/20 (Thurs.) 22:51:28

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 08:34:45
you see the PBS program?

espcomix 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 11:47:01
the pbs documentary was inspiring.


2007/9/20 (Thurs.) 20:03:57


Someone.you.know 2007/9/20 (Thurs.) 06:55:19
Someone tell me everything i need to know about scripting. or give me a link to get me started.


fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 08:37:30
chit, megro that's all you had to say!
follow the UranusRelocatorLance in my brochure.

Someone.you.know 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 18:14:49



mrae 2007/9/19 (Wed.) 21:12:57

HALE 2007/9/19 (Wed.) 22:40:51
I recognize the curves

purplemartin 2007/9/20 (Thurs.) 03:57:05
tres belle

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/20 (Thurs.) 10:12:23
wow! this is beautiful!
I wanna print it 19x19 and hang it on my wall!

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 08:41:02
mrae's got me thinking of gettin' wild tonight!

mrae 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 15:52:16
thanks :)


whiney female 2007/9/19 (Wed.) 19:23:11
I'm in touch with my emotions, but it makes my mascara run...

loopdogg 2007/9/19 (Wed.) 20:34:29
leave britney ALONE.

HALE 2007/9/19 (Wed.) 22:40:29
I told the gang at work if Britney turns up pregnant at any time, I'm taking them all out drinking, on me.

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 08:33:15
how does one join this gang, Hale?

HALE 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 13:33:29
ribbonz you're in


Captain O 2007/9/19 (Wed.) 16:45:34
Fiona and I are making designs for the project we're starting. Only about 41 days left 'til Halloween, so at the rate we work we just might make it.

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/19 (Wed.) 20:16:53
I run a haunted corn maze (with multiple structures, including a farm house) in Connecticut. We open in 2 weeks and run the whol emonth of october.. I'm always a stress-ball until November.
PurpleMartin, have you ever visited 'Headless Horseman' right down the road from New Paltz Unitversity?

Captain O 2007/9/20 (Thurs.) 13:39:23
I like things like that. It's cool that you take the time to put it together-sounds much more elaborate than most. purplemartin said she knows about the Headless Horseman but never made it down.


purplemartin 2007/9/19 (Wed.) 14:35:01

Captain O 2007/9/19 (Wed.) 16:46:05
Thanks Flagman.


TheAngryFlagman 2007/9/19 (Wed.) 14:10:21
Of all the things to look out for while riding a motorcycle, a fish never crossed my mind.

purplemartin 2007/9/19 (Wed.) 14:30:49
Hey! That's the same fish that crosses MY mind!


meow 2007/9/19 (Wed.) 11:37:04


mrae 2007/9/19 (Wed.) 05:20:59

Captain O 2007/9/19 (Wed.) 16:46:56
wow, beautiful insomnia

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/19 (Wed.) 20:17:28
indeed! this is like a frozen fire !

mrae 2007/9/20 (Thurs.) 08:59:53
thanks, i've been waking up at 3:30 am for a week now and can't get back to sleep....

Captain O 2007/9/20 (Thurs.) 13:40:22
Great description GB. I was trying to think how to describe it, and that sums it up nicely.


meow 2007/9/19 (Wed.) 01:19:56
i dont really have one

meow 2007/9/19 (Wed.) 01:20:27
i dont really have one


meow 2007/9/19 (Wed.) 00:50:01
thats no beast!


at 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 19:08:50


tthunderdan 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 18:17:45

mrae 2007/9/19 (Wed.) 10:52:22
i can hear Wagner in the background :)

Captain O 2007/9/19 (Wed.) 16:48:13
Thunder...Thunder...ThunderDan! Hooooo!

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/19 (Wed.) 20:18:17
DUDE! fantastic draw!
excellent perspective and execution!


meow 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 16:42:26


meow 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 16:36:21


Gerold Blankface 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 08:04:54
Tibetan Monk out for a joy-ride.

HALE 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 09:15:10
How can you know happiness if you've never known suffering?

mrae 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 13:31:28
i especially love the umbrella in his beverage :)

Al 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 16:45:11
Dude, your on fire.

..remember when I used to be? Those were the days.

HALE 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 18:09:13
Al, you could still fire up a pink-skied, palmtree-silhouetted Miami night if you goddamn wanted to

ad [Home Page] 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 21:01:25
or some hairy ladies maybe? hmm? al!???? PLEASE


cows2flames [Home Page] 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 00:28:57
What did you mean, seeker?

seeker 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 03:39:38
exactly that! :P

Captain O 2007/9/19 (Wed.) 16:50:59
and when seeker feels old, us older folk feel ancient, and I'm left to wonder how the true senior citizens feel


loopdogg 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 21:57:38

HALE 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 22:01:32
cool and hot

cows2flames [Home Page] 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 23:41:23
Yeah, I wouldn't swallow either.

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 06:15:35
arrrg! p.s.when the collab function is in place, we gotta make a winter soldier scene.

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 07:21:22
frickin' cool !


purplemartin 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 19:23:03
driving for a living-but not alone.

cows2flames [Home Page] 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 01:29:12
it looks like you're driving into a brick wall.

I just grasped that it's an angel, I totally (no offense intended) thought it was a four-armed monster. (the wings = arms, the hair = hood)

purplemartin 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 03:52:37
yes, well driving my car IS a lot like driving a brick wall! I drive for my job all the time and I do often feel like there are wings behind me (& they're not mine!)


Gerold Blankface 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 13:57:27
yeah,... whatever

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 21:02:53


deer 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 09:44:11

cows2flames [Home Page] 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 11:51:18

seeker 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 11:59:21
I klicked on your homepage..I shouldn't have I feeeel oooold now

deer 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 12:09:11
jepp, its me....homepage?

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 12:31:03
nice wood !

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 12:31:07
nice wood !

Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 13:40:31
I would like to visit this place.

seeker 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 15:21:39

mrae 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 16:29:19
really lovely!

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 18:00:25
oh boy nice

cows2flames [Home Page] 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 00:18:03
Holy fuck, that IQ Test gets hard. I got 112. What is everyone else getting?

seeker 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 04:40:27
112...finally a test in which I profit of my visual memory...cause with everything virtual I totally loose

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 06:12:49
i got 122, but i guess the test is pretty crap..

deer 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 06:51:54

seeker 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 12:52:00
pleaaaazzzze don't say its crap I feel stupid again! :)

seeker 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 13:05:27
Actually I get tired of that thinking...of having this or that number...I was tested 10 years ago and they found that I am actually "pretty stupid".
Is that so? No I don't think so as they tasted math an geometry and all that stuff which is the ratio-site of life.....but life is mor than that obviously and beeing able to analyse it or strukture it makes it not better it's a sport a mindgame so life is not banal anymore....so I am happy with my artsy, esoteric emotional "Stupidness".

purplemartin 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 14:23:33
Hi guys! I want you all to know that if you are scoring 112 on a IQ test...that's a GOOD thing.
You are on the high end. A 75 is borderline-but what it means is 75% of the people tested, tested at this level...so that is average. Scoring over 100 on an IQ scale usually means you are above average and if you are over 200, you get to be in MENSA with Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum! YEAH!

seeker 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 15:49:39
Toll beim Mensa-Test hab ich abgekackt! muhahahahhaa...ich gehöre nicht zu den 2% Oberschlauen... *g*

Al 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 16:46:07
Im a dumb fuck.

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 17:19:15
well i mean it is crap as in... that there are multiple patterns that are just as correct to notice and so a 'wrong' answer may not really be wrong and so what the fugg? there are a bunch of ways to look at stuff and each has its say and la la loo so the score doesn't mean too much.. that dude in the comment that was talkin trash about it knows his stuff coz he deals with these kinda tests so i would take his word on it. and deer(factoryy)

mic 2007/9/19 (Wed.) 04:32:19
ost block post rock?

deer [Home Page] 2007/9/19 (Wed.) 07:44:47
wow, right mic...I saw this cartoon and fell in love with this house.

Captain O 2007/9/19 (Wed.) 16:55:16
IQ is usually a good measure of your ability to do traditional left-brain style learning. It's not generally known for accommodating other "types of intelligence". At least that's what they taught me in my education classes back in the day. IQ tests may have changed their style in recent years.


Emma 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 05:32:39
love apples!

Emma 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 05:50:59
love apples!

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 08:45:43
they are lovely


Gerold Blankface 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 23:10:27
..."reflections in the waves spark my memories"...

ad [Home Page] 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 23:47:48
hahahahahah top of the class

Al 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 05:20:31
Dennis DeYoung vs Tommy Shaw

seeker 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 06:51:45
great great waterillusion

seeker 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 07:04:16
great great waterillusion

loopdogg 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 07:25:31
oh man!!!

Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 13:42:12
You keep doing that thing you do!It works


purplemartin 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 19:28:30
Clubbed Seal. He seems to be enjoying it.

eN-Titty [Home Page] 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 21:53:41

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/20 (Thurs.) 23:51:11
Hahahahaaa.. nice one!


Emma 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 15:35:57
a weird seal thingy....it looks like a it had a fin on its back....mess up bad as i wanted to draw a cow in a hot air ballon for no reason at all and it seem to end up like this! (clueless as a fish right now?)

The Angry Flagman [Home Page] 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 16:12:22
Where the hell you been hiding?

eN-Titty [Home Page] 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 21:53:22
<<<<< Hey, Look Everybody....Emma's back!

Emma 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 05:17:41
ive been hiding in my boyfriends bed sheet and pretending to be the holy ghost! lol

Al 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 05:22:21
Hi Emma. Where is Lardman?

Emma 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 05:51:43
my sister killed him with an axe through the head then smeared him on bread!

Al 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 15:02:00
Does your parents approve of your bedroom behavior?


at 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 15:19:34
no time for 10 e art at art school :(

short but nevertheless badass draw 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 18:41:48
by Alex Temple


meow 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 12:18:25
they ARE great !!!!!!!!!


purplemartin 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 10:00:58
remembering you, how you used to be...you were bigger and brighter, and whiter than the snow.

Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 18:24:55
nice effect

purplemartin 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 14:25:35
thanks! Matt and I used to sit on the breakwater on Seneca Lake and talk with our feet in the water. I wondered if when we die, we will relive the things that we did together?


purplemartin 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 09:39:47
I've been looking so long at my pictures of you, that I almost believe that they're real...

purplemartin 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 14:26:21
me & matt in New Paltz, where we met. Matt always cuts part of people's heads off in pictures.


The Angry Flagman 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 06:17:52
Let that be a lesson to ya!

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 08:01:04

seeker 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 08:51:55
Well you have now an accord-i-on I have still the
accord-e-on! :)

purplemartin 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 09:33:35
I am going to start a two person novelty band and call it They Might Be Giants!

The Angry Flagman 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 12:36:16
If only Honda started making musical instruments.....

Emma 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 15:25:16
why did ya steal their accordion?

if it was that blind women's from the city who plays badly then i dont mind...

The Angry Flagman [Home Page] 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 16:10:44
Check out the URL link, It will explain the accordion thing.

purplemartin 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 19:19:58
Well, shoot. DON'T tell Matt...Free and RPG in the same sentence! There won't be anymore "Business" in this house (see my last link for that one.)

eN-Titty [Home Page] 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 21:55:11
Suzuki makes musical instruments

cows2flames [Home Page] 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 00:26:05
holy shit, you guys picked up on KOL!? I posted it thinking maybe one of you might look at it. Somewhat addictive right?

TheAngryFlagman [Home Page] 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 11:51:07
I see in their forums that they are planning a meeting in N.Y. on Columbus Day weekend. Its going to be held just up the road from where I live.


mrae 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 21:48:43

seeker 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 00:44:59

seeker 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 00:45:37
please put them together in the artistgallery

sloth 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 02:40:55
woooow jus move your head back and forth and watch this!

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 08:00:44
zoomer effectorr

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 20:16:54
Awesomeness personified!

mrae 2007/9/19 (Wed.) 05:21:30
thanks :)


VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 18:45:30
these are worms, eating my very own dead body. and I am happy about it.

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 19:59:52
cut the midrange, drop the bass, nothing but troubles... lets hear it

seeker 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 00:47:01
I though about it recently.....I I though...wow it's an ugly idea but in a very very calming...going back

seeker 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 00:48:24
and it also helps me to not be afraid of anybody or anything...as nobody ist stronger than nature...and in the and thats justice life lacks

Al 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 09:15:04
Life really does suck, I agree. But wouldn't death suck too?

Al 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 15:02:34
Answer my question please! lol


VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 18:43:50
I do not believe in unfair death.


VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 18:43:11
for some reason, this kind of death is more unfair than cancer.

seeker 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 00:50:17
??? really?

seeker 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 00:51:11
I pucture illness as a car that hit's you out of nothing...

VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 06:31:04
well, my sentance was sarcastic so I am glad we all actually agree:)

hriatuo 2007/9/28 (Fri.) 15:20:43
it looks like a penis


purplemartin 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 17:40:34
i dunno. i am tired.


purplemartin 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 15:57:05
This is so funny...I have to get this show because I love the songs..

seeker 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 10:27:22
I love this one....I am going for the weedy shy guys they really have it going on!


tthunderdan 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 12:26:25

purplemartin 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 17:41:45
The Sumo Limbo! Dan do you ride your motorcycle in that?

tthunderdan 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 19:25:15
...no ma'am...

tthunderdan 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 04:30:08
...proper apparel on a cycle is very important, I oughta' know, I wiped out one in the yard last week (damp evening grass) with just shorts and light shoes on and I am still limping and brushing off little scabbys...at least nobody seen me...


tthunderdan 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 07:26:06

HALE 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 07:28:50
you ooze sex

purplemartin 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 09:25:54
I'm dying...my God I am dying....and my eyes...they burn!

mrae 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 12:09:58
you sexy beast you :)

Al 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 16:27:55

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 20:22:15
HhHAHahahhaahaha -snort-cough- Hahahhahahahahhahaa


purplemartin 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 05:38:44
belly dancer

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 15:29:56

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 20:23:21
very cool draw


mrae 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 00:09:07

seeker 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 00:28:23

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 05:25:10

mrae 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 19:19:21
thanks :)

Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 18:22:21


somebody 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 22:28:31

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 05:27:01


espcomix 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 22:22:45
feed me!!!

seeker 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 00:28:50
:) :) :)

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 05:24:17
woo haa!

meow 2007/9/19 (Wed.) 00:52:53
i love the hell out of this!!!!!!


cows2flames 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 21:45:32
and get you some.


cpr 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 18:17:13


cpr 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 17:17:51
Just 4 You!


Fiona 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 15:20:27


purplemartin 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 15:09:58
for fiona

tthunderdan 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 19:19:35
...the blue over the eyes is the best...

purplemartin 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 04:47:13
ty td. She looks like a 1940's tattoo design.

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 13:59:36
looks like a Dita Von D self portrait tatoo


Fiona 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 15:06:48


Fiona 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 14:47:58


seeker 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 08:35:08
that is soooo great!

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 08:36:28
OK, so I had this weird dream last night...
In a future, post-apocalyptic world, we wore our dead friends as hoodies..

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 09:02:42
heha- coolness!

HALE 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 09:27:45
how very Aztec of you

loopdogg 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 09:41:56
you have the best dreams!

tthunderdan 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 13:13:32
...the best dreams and a recognizable, obviously well honed drawing style, neat...

mrae 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 21:12:24
amazing draw!! i've missed your work!

Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 18:23:15
Masterful execution magnificent drawing

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/16 (Sun.) 20:21:02
heh heh thanks all!


cows2flames 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 01:41:55
and so is 90% of the music out there.

cows2flames 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 01:44:32
remember lunchables? were those around in you guy's past? The cracker stackers, with a bite-size candy bar and a capri-sun? I bought one at a gas station, and capri-sun got cheap and started putting flavored water in the goddamned things. Tropical fruit flavored water. Suck my ass, I'm getting a red stripe.

cows2flames 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 01:45:24
AND the butterfinger is like stale. How does chocolate nugget go stale!?


\< 2007/9/13 (Thurs.) 15:15:56
dropped call

cows2flames 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 01:32:09
copped drawl

deer 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 02:12:10


Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/9/13 (Thurs.) 11:09:41
Politics of communication

Al 2007/9/13 (Thurs.) 14:33:42
Fuck ya.

cows2flames 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 01:31:02
KFC, before the KF part.


ANONYMOUS 2007/9/13 (Thurs.) 09:44:04


cows2flames 2007/9/13 (Thurs.) 00:43:21
I'm an officer of the law!

cows2flames [Home Page] 2007/9/13 (Thurs.) 00:49:10
Anyone ever play KOL? (homepage) it's an online text-based mock-rpg. Pretty clever, lots of witty and not-so-witty silliness. Give it five seconds of your time.

Captain O 2007/9/13 (Thurs.) 13:39:49
That looks like a fun little diversion. I plan to try it out later.

The Angry Flagman 2007/9/13 (Thurs.) 17:08:17
That is a cool goofy game. I started a character called SpinkTor the Accordian Theif.

Captain O 2007/9/13 (Thurs.) 17:20:08
yeah, I chose an accordion thief too...

cows2flames [Home Page] 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 01:29:24
hahaha, that's what i was!

The Angry Flagman 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 08:30:07
Dammit I got taken out by a perpendicular bat!


cows2flames 2007/9/13 (Thurs.) 00:34:31

HALE 2007/9/13 (Thurs.) 05:51:11


Scribble Competition 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 15:27:22
here's my donation to the rest of them


seeker 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 15:13:58

seeker 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 15:14:56

seeker 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 15:15:04


seeker 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 15:05:28

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 08:38:27
this series would look really cool blown-up to 1meter x 1meter each.. put some thick black frames on them.


seeker 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 15:03:34


seeker 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 15:01:14


seeker 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 14:59:04


seeker 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 14:46:44
ad ...interesting stuff

ad [Home Page] 2007/9/13 (Thurs.) 00:19:06
the paper?

seeker 2007/9/13 (Thurs.) 09:22:32


HALE 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 13:43:37
staute of libs

seeker 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 13:57:46

seeker Bonjour madame

seeker 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 13:59:39
Comment allez-vous ?

seeker Rien n'est beau que le vrai

la Grenouille 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 14:10:29
ça va

HALE 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 14:13:18
ça va bien my friend, por eso baila

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 19:43:27
I promised you the world, but you only want America...

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 08:38:47
nice job here

deer [Home Page] 2007/9/18 (Tue.) 16:16:33


VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 08:15:07

HALE 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 09:01:35
memories like the corner of my mind

ad [Home Page] 2007/9/13 (Thurs.) 00:19:32
looks good to me!


fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 07:06:55
accepting a bribe or flattery means giving your strength away...i'm tellin' y'all it's sabotage

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 07:11:04

loopdogg 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 07:59:21
so awesome! is that the doom dude down there?

HALE 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 09:00:43
right, noice

ad [Home Page] 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 12:37:42
hahahahaha oh my god sexiest draw in the room.

fribz and anyone else can dl that school paper i wrote about 10e:

i got into the meat of the site and drawers during my HOUR-LONG presentation where i laid out the quilt (a hundred drawings printed on card stock and laid out in a grid in a specific arrangement) and talked about specific drawer sensibilites/drawrings (and some of your bands musics was playing in the background during picture-looking-at-time). it was surprising how many people had no idea what i was talking about (online drawing communities) at first.

veronica 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 14:47:46
fatribules, I need your email p.l.z-es

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 17:36:45
hmm id say email loserq@yahoo.com then i email from another one, that way i don't go email public.. hello!

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 17:38:26
and loopdog that is the dude from Wolfenstein3D (:

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 17:55:09
that was neat, but now i wish i got to see the presentation.. curious!

Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 21:20:38
Pimp Shit

\< 2007/9/13 (Thurs.) 00:31:05
link dont work for me :/

ad [Home Page] 2007/9/13 (Thurs.) 00:50:25
you might just have to give the page a minute to load before the download button pops up. if it still doesn't work just email me and i'll send it to you

\< 2007/9/13 (Thurs.) 14:54:58
interesting read! im also curious what some of the reactions were.


casper 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 04:37:48
1. order your ghost to leave. mean it.


X 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 16:56:15
Marks the spot :-)


fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/17 (Mon.) 21:05:52


ad [Home Page] 2007/9/11 (Tue.) 23:29:49

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 07:07:44
ad! how did that 10e paper go? can you email me eet?

Gerold Blankface 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 08:39:15

ad [Home Page] 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 11:33:12
YES! someone thought it was funny! hahaha i thought of this idea right after i saw the original pic and i was like 'yes i am a genius!' and no one even commented hahahaha


meow 2007/9/11 (Tue.) 20:30:31
i really do and its not a good one ,can someone tell me how to make it go away? Please!!


purplemartin 2007/9/11 (Tue.) 13:39:37
i am starting belly dance tonight...life long dream!
when i have hair next spring i hope i look like this...God willing...

VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/9/11 (Tue.) 14:31:30
belly dancing is sooo fun, I hope you enjoy it:)

seeker 2007/9/11 (Tue.) 14:44:54
And its very sexy

purplemartin 2007/9/11 (Tue.) 18:47:18
it's also going to provide heaps of humility as I am the only geriatric person at age 34 in the class...the next oldest is 17. She said "fer sher"
I don't think she knows what Zappa is, so she wasn't being ironic. It was awesome and Captain will let me know about the Cansei de der Sexy part.


Homo 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 21:41:17

Yay 2007/9/11 (Tue.) 02:36:42
Oh wow hey, this is a first. Marvelous.

seeker 2007/9/11 (Tue.) 07:50:11

What 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 16:57:10
Homo said!

Al 2007/9/14 (Fri.) 09:56:04
Thanks for the penis board link. I didn't know that was still up. Funny.


VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 21:22:47
I had a dream that I had to go to the store to buy a new mouse for my computer so I could make things on 10eastern. I was riding with my mother and she was tailgating a truck full of birds. The birds flew out of the truck and into our car and the rest of the dream I was begging my mom to let me keep the birds.

Captain O 2007/9/11 (Tue.) 19:04:18
I used to know this guy who would always tell slightly outlandish stories of dubious veracity about trips he had taken, usually involving disastrous circumstances. One of the stories involved a parrot flying in through the open window of his car.


fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 20:41:06
senior design project. we gotta build a robot (or two) to climb 20 feet up a rope, get around a pulley and then traverse the rope and find a dartboard and drop three darts on the board, all autonomous. we is two mechanical engineers, two electrical engineers and three computer scientists. we have decided to adopt the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid.. not Knights in Satan's Service) strategy. This will take place outdoors on December 6th regardless of weather conditions. Wish us luck! (:

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 20:42:27
that reads like ish and grammar for narf. awesome

HALE 2007/9/11 (Tue.) 08:55:49
take photographs

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/11 (Tue.) 12:00:55
there will be videos, i will share

Captain O 2007/9/11 (Tue.) 19:01:32
Kick ASS

Ok 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 16:58:01
Kiss Off Loser!

\< 2007/9/13 (Thurs.) 00:30:37
im sure you know what youre doing, colorscriptman :)

NARF! NARF! NARF! 2007/9/13 (Thurs.) 13:58:02


meow 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 20:15:07
and so what. ;>!


purplemartin 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 19:52:15
house martins.


slick 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 19:28:01
a guy with elephantitis of the nuts

Yay 2007/9/11 (Tue.) 02:34:10
That's just wonderful.

seeker 2007/9/11 (Tue.) 07:50:32


idwtwwr 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 17:09:51


idwtwwr 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 16:47:22

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/11 (Tue.) 12:01:24
we dont hang out enough anymore

yanbu 2007/9/11 (Tue.) 20:09:22
go getchatainer


purplemartin 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 16:28:46
peter gabriel face paint.

Al 2007/9/13 (Thurs.) 14:33:27
I Don't Remember!


purplemartin 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 16:18:59
red rain falling down.


purplemartin 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 16:14:46
Nicole-"hey Seeker, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!"

seeker 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 22:54:35


idwtwwr 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 16:02:35

seeker 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 22:52:20

Ok 2007/9/12 (Wed.) 16:58:47
Fuck You 2

seeker 2007/9/13 (Thurs.) 09:25:11
physically not possible


seeker 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 15:25:12


seeker 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 15:22:08


idwtwwr 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 14:45:52

seeker 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 15:07:08


seeker 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 13:54:50

idwtwwr 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 16:03:07
gogogo :)


seeker 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 13:15:52
I really had to smile when I spottet those two kids driving through the city like this.

yanbu 2007/9/11 (Tue.) 20:08:35
really nice

trin [Home Page] 2007/10/3 (Wed.) 14:24:42
so nice!


seeker 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 12:44:27
not as sad as it looks :)

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 20:28:22
looks great!



purplemartin 2007/9/9 (Sun.) 19:21:28
Alan Ginsberg, before he looked goofy...he was...dreamy and dreamy and into boys.

purplemartin 2007/9/9 (Sun.) 19:37:46

Al 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 10:21:43
Thanks. I didn't know about this guy. The music is great, but I do not approve of a man his age being into boys.

purplemartin 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 14:44:34
I don't agree with the NAMBLA thing either, because although I support a person's right to free speech-NAMBLA's members are NOT just a forum for discussion about man-boy love. Many members are serial molesters. Molesting as a sex tourist in other countries or in your backyard-is still molestation. It isn't love. It's a control mechanism and adults who claim kids want it think must think everyone else's logic is as f'ed as theirs.


tthunderdan 2007/9/9 (Sun.) 17:29:23


pseudodeep 2007/9/9 (Sun.) 17:14:10

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/9 (Sun.) 20:10:53
i just finished the jungle episode of planet earth.. and eh.. this is awesome


purplemartin 2007/9/9 (Sun.) 16:26:40
charles bukowski...who like a drunken swearing vulgar beat better than a happy catholic beat.

purplemartin 2007/9/9 (Sun.) 19:26:51
a little unvulgar bukowski as an appetizer...also in german for those who read it.

seeker 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 15:12:30
Does every "real" artist have to be a "grantler" (bavarian for complaining, disatisfied-with-the world old men?)

seeker 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 15:13:35
I mean they are just the same as the people they detest. But in another way.

seeker 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 15:14:20
Nice draw by the way.

purplemartin 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 19:52:38


tthunderdan 2007/9/9 (Sun.) 13:48:18

seeker 2007/9/9 (Sun.) 15:11:43


tthunderdan 2007/9/9 (Sun.) 13:43:44

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/9 (Sun.) 13:46:36

purplemartin 2007/9/9 (Sun.) 15:50:32
see captain? he trims HIS nose hairs!!!

ad [Home Page] 2007/9/9 (Sun.) 17:29:22
i am the worst carpenter ever. no matter how much i try to do essentially the same kind of projects, they're never good/straight/even.

anyways, aweswrome drawr.

seeker 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 15:17:59
Marry me I am a fantastic-selfmade-stuff person. :D

tthunderdan 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 17:21:13
...nobody noticed the 'elephant prints'? ...

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/11 (Tue.) 16:43:25


purplemartin 2007/9/9 (Sun.) 11:37:05
jack kerouac...on the road.

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/9 (Sun.) 13:47:24
i was just reading a blog about this the other day, did sumsorta anniversary just pass?

purplemartin 2007/9/9 (Sun.) 15:51:43
60th anniversary of "on the road" being published...it came out years after being written because the straights couldn't handle his message, dig?

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/9 (Sun.) 16:50:33
thanks for the tip

purplemartin 2007/9/9 (Sun.) 19:33:37
jack explaining why it's the beat generation-but leaves out the beatification...which is also part of it. It's a good read.


tthunderdan 2007/9/9 (Sun.) 10:57:22
...check your good eye, your bad eye might be twitchin'...


meow 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 23:30:20


cows2flames 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 23:28:36
I was awake and flaccid.

tommy 2007/9/9 (Sun.) 20:55:26
You're full of POOP!


meow 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 23:26:10
so hows about dem apples.

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/9 (Sun.) 13:45:48


Sleepy 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 23:10:53
I was tired & horny!


cows2flames 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 23:00:23

ethermonkey 2007/9/9 (Sun.) 07:39:41
i like this!


meow 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 22:45:42
Craig Nicholls with very Very bad pinkeye.


meow 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 22:30:27


at 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 21:57:59


idwtwwr 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 19:57:09

meow 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 22:19:28
the end of LongCat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW

Al 2007/9/9 (Sun.) 09:09:52

HALE 2007/9/9 (Sun.) 21:28:46
drawr of the month!


Captain O 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 18:38:36
portrait of lincoln contemplating the mediteranean which at 22 meters fails to resemble gala in the least


Captain O 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 18:22:30

purplemartin 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 18:44:55
tom waits

idwtwwr 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 19:17:37
sandy very cool


at 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 17:22:13
first draw at college

burgerboy 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 18:02:54
looks like it!

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 18:20:41
the dude abides.cooool

Walter 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 18:24:47
Donnie, you're out of your element!

Maude 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 18:45:22

at 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 22:16:44
i came so close to gettn "The Dude abides" tattooed on my chest before i left, no cash though

HALE 2007/9/9 (Sun.) 08:47:25
i will send you the cash

Dude 2007/9/9 (Sun.) 17:01:00
Hang on, I think there's an ATM over here

Jeffrey Lebowski 2007/9/9 (Sun.) 21:30:05
Uh, I'm just gonna go find a cash machine


meow 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 16:41:27
the joker


meow 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 16:31:17


WTF 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 10:13:21
What kind of pizza has blue in it?

ad [Home Page] 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 12:06:40

cows2flames 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 16:20:21
No, MY pizza.

burgerboy 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 17:57:24
what the hell is on that pizza

eN-Titty 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 21:45:51
its that fuzzy stuff that grows on the food you leave in the refridgerator for a month


purplemartin 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 09:41:17
...meditated, and randomly scribbled. this was the result.

at 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 15:16:05
thats bomb


tthunderdan 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 08:27:46

trin 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 15:19:19

burgerboy 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 18:04:23
someone has focus

tthunderdan 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 18:08:47
...I been building a room onto my house...'bout the only thing I can say is "do it while your young"...it ain't like it used to be...


purplemartin 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 21:57:24
my friend marcia left her job today. I am going to miss her. we went to clancy's in Ballston Spa to do a send off. It's way past my bedtime.


cows2flames 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 21:42:12
in response to seeker.

seeker 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 00:15:02

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 07:49:48
i think she was pointing to spin laden, foo! ..back up!

burgerboy 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 18:05:44


cows2flames 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 21:17:14
Made in Mexico, MC Chris, Cold War Kids

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 07:49:18
Hang me up to dry candy... Yes we CANdy.


. 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 19:55:06

cows2flames 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 21:17:50
this kinda reminds me of an enemy on FF7


idwtwwr 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 18:23:32

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 21:00:55
give me a dubplayte

cows2flames 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 21:27:19
I see a generic Simpson character, the face of a Lemming, a howling animal, and then four snearing animals at the top.


idwtwwr 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 16:20:48

seeker 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 16:58:01

yanbu 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 19:52:50

cows2flames 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 21:28:26
where's castlevania in this?

mrae 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 08:03:42
Oh wowwwwwzer!

yanbu 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 09:04:37
this level of castlevania came to mind for some reason: http://www.emunova.net/img/tests/971.png

yanbu 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 09:05:38
but really just a random association, this drawing is supergreat

burgerboy 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 18:08:06
castlevania melted maybe

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 18:19:09
mmm melty castles (its been awhile for castles to crumble again)


seeker 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 16:17:24


seeker 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 15:59:54


seeker 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 15:57:19


seeker 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 15:48:22
Hausmusik yeah I am going to play again....yes yes yes

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 21:02:08
do you really play this thing? can you send me music of yours? we can make a double up ughh band. lm and i made 42 songs already.

seeker 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 00:17:31
Yes I actually played the accordeon for 10 years and then gave up cause it bored me to deth to just play bach m#stuff...but now as I discoverd the musikal tradition of bavaria an have a klarinettist-housemate I wanna start again.

mrae 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 08:03:20
yay, if you need a tuba player from the states let me know (yes, i really do play the tuba)

seeker 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 10:27:32
great stiff mrae its a shame that a whole ocean separates us i have seen your profile recently you seem like an happy and interesting person :D

trin 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 15:18:59

mrae 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 15:52:57
:) one of these days i'll be crossing that ocean for a visit....

purplemartin 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 18:46:12
everybody loves a polka!


seeker 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 15:34:36
I wanted to give my brain back its seams not to work to my satifaction

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 21:01:18
do you drink booze seeker

seeker 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 00:18:57
nope...but maybe I should start with it :)

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 07:48:13
nah, it'll only make it worse.


fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 14:19:05
hey check it out! that freaky babe is calling out our friend DJ Spin Laden onto the roller rink. he will put on that funky hit and then hit it off. this could be his favorite evening ever

yanbu 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 15:13:00
!!!!!!!!!!!! jackpot!

seeker 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 15:19:43
does the laserbeam come from heaven?

yanbu 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 19:51:18
is the laserbeam connected wirelessly to the 1/4" outputs on that turntable?

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 21:00:38
that laserbeam is pretty cool ey? i dunno how it works, i just saw this scene. i feel like dreaming right now, that'd be fun. maybe a 10e dream skate party, i havent met enough of you folks. perhaps we can focus really hard when we goto sleep and it'll work. im srue we could just ask spin laden how his equipment works, he seems like a jolly enough bastard to take the time and talk about his trade. surely

seeker 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 00:21:04
*g* spin laden....I like this name...if it wouldnt be that deadly serious

mrae 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 08:04:34
awesome drawr!


Fiona 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 05:06:03

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 21:03:14
this looks like an awesome game to play


Fiona 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 04:50:59


Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 18:25:57


Captain O 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 17:40:27
oh, man, I drew a hyena instead of a coyote...never mind.

Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 21:05:49
Is he Yawning?I like this draw

Captain O 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 14:11:17
I had to go back to the source image to double-check, but yes indeed this hyena is yawning


purplemartin 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 16:03:43
we believe in swordfish!

Captain O 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 16:04:49
every day i hear the people moan, why should we buy postage stamps when we can make our own!

The Angry Flagman 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 00:16:55
I look up to the sky and I think to myself Why, Why cant we all just eat lunch?


seeker 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 15:11:04

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 15:55:57

The Angry Flagman 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 00:17:57
I believe in Preporation H.

\< 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 01:32:26
i believe in agnosticism..sometimes

Al 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 07:51:37
I believe in Captain Kangaroo.

mrae 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 08:05:14
i believe in everything and nothing it gives a lot more wiggle room

seeker 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 10:29:33
"wiggleism"...that might something to believe in...I like the sound of it

mrae 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 15:53:30
because i believe in wiggling my toes in


silentreader 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 11:39:25

idwtwwr 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 12:38:23

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 15:56:10

kix 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 03:28:44

trin 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 15:14:16
like it

silentreader 2007/9/10 (Mon.) 08:35:38
oh thx btw, just got me a new video card. my old was broken. cheers


naranjon 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 11:22:04
flourescent green ribbon campaign

HALE 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 11:22:33
fuckin' A

yanbu 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 15:45:31
i lazer blast it to naranjon base tmoorrow


VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 09:12:46


VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 09:02:27
or this freaking guy.

HALE 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 11:21:58
Is this the guy who used your photograph and claimed it as his own a while back?

Al 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 12:08:35
This guy blows.

VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 08:36:22
no, this guy is worse. and yes he blows.

burgerboy 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 18:11:48
what Al said


VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 08:59:42
or this person.

Al 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 12:08:13
Total bitch.


VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 08:57:23
I do not like this person.

Al 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 12:07:55
I totally hate this person

.GB 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 19:57:17
agreed... I ean, seriously,.. What a jerk.

yanbu 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 20:28:05
this person must have done bad things


VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 08:54:37
I might be evil, afterall.


2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 02:21:48

purplemartin 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 04:24:40

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 15:56:31
i am sure he knows what to believe in

eethermmunkkeyy 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 18:45:32
chewy weeezard

trin 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 15:14:59
jep, it was me


mrae 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 01:24:45
couldn't quite get that metallic feel ribz :(

seeker 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 01:58:06
mrae I admire you for those perfekt pattern!
do you put them in a personal album on 10eastern sometime?

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 15:55:14
noice! maybe fading brightness will trick us all?

mrae 2007/9/8 (Sat.) 08:07:48
thanks, seeker: when the galleries come back i'm planning a slide show (which is why most of 'em are in similar color themes). ribz: i tried a background fade and the yellows and grays picked up the hues too much, its a challenge that i will someday figure out :)


Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/9/5 (Wed.) 16:09:43
Dancing ninja leper and his beloved flower weilding pup.

tim 2007/9/5 (Wed.) 20:18:56
you've won!

mrae 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 01:24:58
this is awesome!

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 15:54:00


idwtwwr 2007/9/5 (Wed.) 12:27:12


idwtwwr 2007/9/5 (Wed.) 11:37:48


seeker 2007/9/5 (Wed.) 00:58:44
It's here it's here! Thanks yanbu!!!!!!

yanbu 2007/9/5 (Wed.) 17:00:27
yes! you're welcome!


kcgh 2007/9/4 (Tue.) 17:43:21


mrae 2007/9/4 (Tue.) 17:19:06

HALE 2007/9/4 (Tue.) 20:21:40

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/5 (Wed.) 07:10:06
mm a nice badge! can you do one in gold and silvar?

mrae 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 01:25:11
thanks :)


purplemartin 2007/9/4 (Tue.) 15:48:14
and I thought kite strings were a pain in the butt!
Al-you fish-I need help! Now I know to break the night crawlers into small pieces and impale them so the fish doesn't steal those buggers...I need help with casting with tangly freakin' line!

The Angry Flagman 2007/9/4 (Tue.) 16:38:52
Use new line. Old line gets "tangly".

Al 2007/9/4 (Tue.) 17:34:03
Yes, new line would help. Use 6 or 8lb test. Im sure your not fishing for sturgeon. Then make sure your drag is set correctly. Try tugging on the line while your bail is set. If its too loose then tighten it, if its too tight then loosen it. If its too correct then dont touch it. Now check your rod, make sure the line is through each guide correctly and the line is not twisted around the pole. This usually helps with casting. Next you want to use a suitable bait. I like hot dogs when fishing for carp, but if your fishing for bass then use worms. I hope this all helps you. Please call me if you need more assistance. Thanks for your patients. Good day.

eN-Titty 2007/9/5 (Wed.) 10:26:18
if your line is tangling it could either be old...over 3 years.....or wound on the reel in the wrong direction. Yep there is a right and a wrong way to put fishing ine on a reel

purplemartin 2007/9/5 (Wed.) 17:31:35
it was a pole from a kit (preassembled) it's been a long time. longer than I thought. Fiona still likes it, so I will let her. we tend to meet others who do know how to fish.


trin 2007/9/4 (Tue.) 14:31:40


fiona 2007/9/4 (Tue.) 14:30:25

purplemartin 2007/9/4 (Tue.) 15:42:36
I like


LJB 2007/9/4 (Tue.) 14:19:53

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/5 (Wed.) 07:09:03


purplemartin 2007/9/4 (Tue.) 14:19:49
Fishing...with...Fi. I brought Fi out on her first fishing trip. I haven't done this in a bit and was ad libbing it. She loved it.

fiona 2007/9/4 (Tue.) 14:32:09
i like

Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/9/6 (Thurs.) 21:07:30
Fiona how are the first few days of 1st grade treating you?


idwtwwr 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 17:57:57

Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 19:17:37
Life in motion

veronica 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 19:20:59
just like a dream

trin 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 23:45:23

mrae 2007/9/4 (Tue.) 17:19:28


LJB [Home Page] 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 17:28:12


LJB [Home Page] 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 17:20:36
Push it down, it pops up somewhere else.


idwtwwr 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 15:37:57

yanbu 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 17:18:55
on fire!


idwtwwr 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 15:27:42

purplemartin 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 18:45:46
we curvy gals got it goin' on!

The Angry Flagman 2007/9/4 (Tue.) 15:09:41
Curvy gal has a string a hangin.

purplemartin 2007/9/4 (Tue.) 15:43:18
She's letting her freak flag fly!


Al 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 15:10:41
Hi everyone. I hope your all having a wonderful day.

yanbu 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 17:36:42
hi al, my day has fucking ruled thanks

HALE 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 20:21:31
you did some mighty fine drawring here, sir

Al 2007/9/4 (Tue.) 08:45:13
... but it only took me 4 minutes. Thanks Hale.


trin 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 15:09:57

LJB 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 17:09:00
Holy shit. This is great. If this was animated, and had fucked-up music as a soundtrack, this could have been on Liquid Television. Awesome.


at 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 08:11:57

Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 19:18:45
Dippin Dots?


matt 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 02:39:15

Al 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 10:33:01
This draw kind. Me think of olives swim in lake.


matt 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 02:17:47


q 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 02:04:23

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 12:25:38
both yar


q 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 01:49:43

yanbu 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 09:54:18
q? who? nice


poopmustache [Home Page] 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 01:49:17

poopmustache [Home Page] 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 01:50:58

kix 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 02:28:27
du alte sau

at 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 07:40:50
o snap, its been a while

yanbu 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 08:27:34
hey! nice draw and congrats on all the excellent new stuff you've been working on, you've been super busy it looks

HALE 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 09:50:32

Al 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 10:32:10
This better than all drawing. You style good.

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 12:25:18
hello again

poopmustache [Home Page] 2007/9/7 (Fri.) 01:40:13
hey guys.


q 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 01:38:30



veronica 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 00:56:19
paloma negra


q 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 00:54:05


cows2flames 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 00:39:34
Mario 64 Soundtrack, The Rentals, Rare Earth.

Who am I?

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 12:32:28
oh yes i have the no idea. but i love poppin n64 soundtracks into winamp thanks for the reminder. it is time to get blasted

some1 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 23:30:47
i would like to know...


matt 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 23:17:59


mf [Home Page] 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 23:01:01

deerfactory 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 05:45:26
i like


matt 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 23:02:09


mf [Home Page] 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 22:54:01



mf [Home Page] 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 22:45:01

yanbu 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 09:54:49
bloody sights


yanbu 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 22:43:04

mf [Home Page] 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 22:45:31
hey yan!......BU!

deerfactory 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 05:44:27
wow, this is nice

Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 19:20:12
Dr. Seuss esque


Chanel 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 21:42:50


Shocked 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 21:07:34
Yanbu: All the crazy, out-there shit I see on this site, and you think I'M ridiculing it all with my silly drawings and captions? I just thought I was getting into the spirit of things. I've seen people fill the square in with one color, or just write "fuck" or "Hi!". I would think those examples would be more insulting to this whole exercise than my absurd little doodles. I'm not much with a mouse, so I try to jazz things up with the attached text. I didn't mean to piss you off. I have great respect for 10Eastern and the board, and you and I are actually friendly acquaintences. I'll back off.

Shocked 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 21:09:21
So...yeah. You're mistaken. Nothing but respect here. You're actually a big influence.

yanbu 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 22:22:33
many many apologies . . . i completely mistook weirdness for some elaborate ill intended stab, for some reason it overtook my mind trying to make sense of it. now i feel like an ass. we should go eat a mess of fried food over beers my treat next time you are in town, yanbuster@gmail.com

Al 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 10:30:10
Is that a tattoo?

Unshocked! 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 12:11:40
All is well!


idwtwwr 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 18:45:29

deerfactory 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 05:47:31

yanbu 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 09:53:52
lavishly bribbling too

Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 19:20:54
This is great


espcomix 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 13:14:16


espcomix 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 13:03:59

at 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 07:42:54
mhmmmm i enjoy this one the most


espcomix 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 12:55:45


seeker 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 13:03:04
hahahahaha lovelydovely


idwtwwr 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 05:42:40

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 09:13:07

Al 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 09:56:03
Looks like a rusty mound of nuts and bolts. Nice one.


Joey Penis Dream (Lead Vox) 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 01:11:38

JOEY AGAIN! 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 01:14:23

seeker 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 05:34:15

yanbu 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 08:58:15

you draw people in suits, usually something about hell or jesus etc, dots on the top forehead . . i could call attention to more examples on your websites with more of your artwork, but what's the point? is it worth wasting your/my time ridiculing this site?

yanbu 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 13:22:13
unless i'm totally mistaken about you being sarcastic or sardonic about me/this site (which it seems) shit i could be wrong


espcomix 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 21:43:29

Captain O 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 03:33:35
as always, nice series of draws

breakfast 2007/9/15 (Sat.) 07:40:00
ah! yes sunnyside up please!


espcomix 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 21:38:49


espcomix 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 21:34:27


espcomix 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 21:12:42

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 09:13:16


some1 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 20:37:02

some1 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 20:38:33
yanbo he wants you too!


silentreader 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 18:12:28

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 09:12:55


idwtwwr 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 17:31:32

HALE 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 23:50:55

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 09:14:59

yanbu 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 09:51:35
words cannot describe


idwtwwr 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 16:58:13

idwtwwr 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 17:09:23
yanbu i forgot my gallerie pw. pls mail me idwtwwr@web.de

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 17:12:57
awwwweyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaah doggggggehhhhy!

kix 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 17:31:23

yanbu 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 20:19:27
aye, sent captain


idwtwwr 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 16:47:38


sheep 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 16:38:19

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 17:13:21
garth garth the garth


idwtwwr 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 16:32:17


idwtwwr 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 16:11:23


kix 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 14:12:50

Yea 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 11:09:18
Bat Man = Bowel Movement


fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 13:37:52

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 13:39:02
questionable integrity

fiffnatch 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 15:27:59
guidance form above

HALE 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 23:51:59
you sumbitch this is lever-pullin'

veronica 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 18:39:47
how do I contact you? you beleted yourself!

deerfactory 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 05:46:25


some1 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 22:04:46
this is hell for elmo,little ritchy,you,your MOM,rachel mInton,punkrockers AND myspace.comERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so live on while you still can

yanbu 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 06:22:46


idwtwwr 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 16:31:05

kix 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 17:02:12

some1 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 22:06:19
and hell for you too?

mrae 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 09:58:55

kix 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 13:31:22
hell yeah


sheep 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 16:08:05
endihd sagemes

cows2flames 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 00:20:29
holy fuck.


2007/8/31 (Fri.) 16:05:43

cows2flames 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 00:20:46
sleeping logs


HALE 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 14:27:52
David Lee Roth

idwtwwr 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 14:36:51

deerfactory 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 15:22:19

purplemartin 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 15:34:51
"not if you was the LAST immigrant grocer on Earth!"

sheep 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 16:08:39
very nice

Diamond Dave 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 16:14:25
Gimme a Glazed donut and a bottle of anything...TO GO!!

kix 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 17:02:37
holy moly. this one shocks

Al 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 17:51:23

seeker 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 23:10:51
fantastic...strong, expressive!

mrae 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 09:59:18

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 12:20:20

loopdogg 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 08:46:12
so nice mang!!!


ethermonkey 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 12:04:55
the ladies wouldn't let me finish...

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 12:21:13
dude!!( tell me about it! i want that save for later feature noowww!! i just spent a couple hours painting a javelin lady and it got torn under and window vanish by some freak buttons >:(

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 12:22:28
i will try again later and deticate it to the battle we all must fight, it was a dramatic piece of shit it was. you'll see! ethermonkey! @#%!


purplemartin 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 04:34:42
"mama" dylan and his new best friend.

loopdogg 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 06:48:47
i love it

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 07:26:03
(: lubba terriers

some1 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 22:08:19
69? Think about it.......Or not


tim 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 01:05:17
could be the problem

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 07:29:43
ease up! it is not as important as you may think (that's my guess). step back in attitude, you may enjoy the perspective from there as well! freedom to enjoy and with room to perform or think with integrity!

i just want to tell you both good luck, we're all counting on you.


espcomix 2007/8/30 (Thurs.) 22:32:14


bob 2007/8/30 (Thurs.) 21:24:07
bob is flying


sheep 2007/8/30 (Thurs.) 16:28:31

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/30 (Thurs.) 16:52:39
storkin' it!

yanbu 2007/8/30 (Thurs.) 19:09:36
many nice


purplemartin 2007/8/30 (Thurs.) 14:48:56
how can you expect to be, taken...seriously. petshopboys

The Angry Flagman 2007/8/30 (Thurs.) 15:29:38
If you act like a lunatic the boss will leave you alone.

tthunderdan 2007/8/30 (Thurs.) 17:06:06
...unless the boss is more nuts than you, if so you are in for a battle, 'till the end (in my case it was anyways)...

purplemartin 2007/8/30 (Thurs.) 19:03:03
well I may be the lunatic boss soon enough. the thought scares me to death. my current boss wants to move up and out.

tthunderdan 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 13:21:06
...will you be doin' any hirin'?...

eN-Titty 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 20:12:13
qualification for work: must be regular commuter on the short blue bus and lick windows

purplemartin 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 03:21:40
Just the thought of that makes me want to throw-up.
Ugh! I think they ARE hiring someone to clean the windows.


The Angry Flagman 2007/8/30 (Thurs.) 12:50:12
Farm fence.

giffy 2007/8/30 (Thurs.) 16:15:42
hey thats my fence

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/30 (Thurs.) 16:53:05
yaah 'olmes

willy 2007/9/5 (Wed.) 12:30:44
must b in kentucky, the bluegrass state

The Angry Flagman 2007/9/5 (Wed.) 12:34:10
Upstate New York. Saratoga region.


mrae 2007/8/30 (Thurs.) 11:54:07

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/30 (Thurs.) 16:52:28
owww chipper

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 07:24:33
(the grass keeps growing i love it and this)

mrae 2007/9/1 (Sat.) 10:00:13
thanx ribz... the yellow bit is an optical illusion, i didn't use any yellow


Captain O 2007/8/29 (Wed.) 18:30:12
. . . .

The Angry Flagman 2007/8/30 (Thurs.) 09:39:57
Its....... PAN FACE!!!!!!!!!!

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/30 (Thurs.) 16:53:51
i like the SERIOUS-BUSINESS here


The Angry Flagman 2007/8/29 (Wed.) 12:35:44
Anyone ever order music from cdfreedom.com? Are they a safe site to do business with? They are the only ones who have this album Ive been looking for.

Al 2007/8/29 (Wed.) 17:11:40
Sorry, I only steal music.

Al 2007/8/30 (Thurs.) 08:41:55
What album are you looking for? If you don't want to tell out loud then email me. I have been looking for The Best Of Barbara Striesand japanese picture disc 2nd reissue w/ bonus interview.

The Angry Flagman 2007/8/30 (Thurs.) 09:38:10
A band called Bang Camero. They are a 20 member band out of Boston. They have a killer big hair band sound. They're on my space and they did a song for Guitar Hero 2.

Al 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 13:12:40
I love guitar hero II.

The Angry Flagman 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 13:56:02
You play Rockin the 80's yet?

Al 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 17:52:18
No, not yet. Its kinda pricey and im kinda broke. That sounds like a country song.


kix 2007/8/29 (Wed.) 07:07:04

idwtwwr 2007/8/29 (Wed.) 08:58:50

HALE 2007/8/29 (Wed.) 11:29:43

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/30 (Thurs.) 16:54:02


Captain O 2007/8/28 (Tue.) 18:21:19

purplemartin 2007/8/28 (Tue.) 18:50:14
icky thump?

purplemartin 2007/8/29 (Wed.) 17:49:18
a young Mr. Burns?


seeker 2007/8/28 (Tue.) 14:49:09


Unicornonthecob [Home Page] 2007/8/28 (Tue.) 11:22:59

Captain O 2007/8/30 (Thurs.) 03:40:44
interesting website there

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/30 (Thurs.) 16:54:43
look at that lil ball of melting fizz-knock knock


meow 2007/8/28 (Tue.) 01:00:16
the heart of the earth?

some1 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 22:10:44
the earth has no heart!!!!! ass munch!!!!!!!


meow 2007/8/28 (Tue.) 00:51:23


at 2007/8/27 (Mon.) 22:40:33
picture day

HALE 2007/8/28 (Tue.) 05:46:57
where's your little black comb?

yanbu 2007/8/30 (Thurs.) 19:10:30
winter school year


espcomix 2007/8/27 (Mon.) 20:37:28


The Angry Falgman 2007/8/27 (Mon.) 16:56:37
3:45AM...... Shit.

giffy 2007/8/28 (Tue.) 12:31:14

The Angry Falgman 2007/8/28 (Tue.) 17:05:16
Yur right, the cop never caught me HA! If I had a Harley..............

purplemartin 2007/8/28 (Tue.) 18:51:43
you would have woke up the world riding a Harley that early in the am! They's LOUD machines!
sorry about the ticket.

The Angry Flagman 2007/8/29 (Wed.) 12:00:14
I got lucky, He didnt give me a ticket. He knew one of the guys I work with so he let me off. I was doing 68 in a 45 and was slowing down from 90 when i passed him at 68....... Lucky.

The Angry Flagman 2007/8/29 (Wed.) 12:02:56
Holy crap! I just noticed the spelling of my name was f#@ked up. A slight touch of lysdexia.

Captain O 2007/8/30 (Thurs.) 13:54:21
My favorite getting out of a ticket story...a guy was driving way over the speed limit on some back road somewhere outside of Schenectady. The sheriff pulled him over and said, "I've been waiting for an a**hole like you all day!" He responded, "I got here as fast as I could, officer." He laughed so hard he didn't give him a ticket.

The Angry Flagman 2007/8/30 (Thurs.) 15:30:58


mic 2007/8/27 (Mon.) 14:55:13
back here again, i need help.
i'm looking for a book someone advised me after i drew a beach with palms here. i don't know the number of the image, i didn't put this one in my gallery.
is it possible to browse back in some different way, because maybe it was more that 10000 drawerings back, i don't want go back by 50 draws a page... or some search tool???

HALE 2007/8/27 (Mon.) 16:07:33
The Sex Lives of Cannibals: Adrift in the Equatorial Pacific(?)

yanbu 2007/8/27 (Mon.) 16:15:35
try this:


the end number is the amount of drawrings back (10,000 drawrings back from the current drawing) - so just change the end number to however many you want to go back (there are 50 drawings per page)

mic 2007/8/28 (Tue.) 02:21:28
thanks! but i think HALE made a good shot. thanks again!


idwtwwr 2007/8/27 (Mon.) 10:34:32

yanbu 2007/8/27 (Mon.) 13:41:21
yes! this is great


Pete Worrall 2007/8/27 (Mon.) 08:33:16
Line-lifter 2007


at 2007/8/26 (Sun.) 21:53:53


The Angry Flagman 2007/8/26 (Sun.) 15:23:09
Couch fabric.

purplemartin 2007/8/26 (Sun.) 16:37:36
I like it. I am going to Glens Falls tonight.
Aimie's D&M -after 9 hours of driving.

The Angry Flagman 2007/8/26 (Sun.) 16:45:49
I touched cows today.

eN-Titty 2007/8/26 (Sun.) 19:15:52
yeah, and I heard ya gave a sheep a back rub

purplemartin 2007/8/27 (Mon.) 04:44:56
how touching! I smelled cows but I was in Western NY...windows up! Here comes a dairy farm.


cows2flames 2007/8/26 (Sun.) 12:28:24
time to go

some1 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 21:34:15
hi i like this


. 2007/8/26 (Sun.) 10:14:50

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/26 (Sun.) 16:16:54
anything for the cause


bb 2007/8/26 (Sun.) 05:33:35
"Did somebody say crickets?"

futu_e 2007/8/26 (Sun.) 09:37:15
o rly???

cows2flames 2007/8/26 (Sun.) 12:00:47
i did

seeker 2007/8/26 (Sun.) 12:47:30
bbback! :D


cows2flames 2007/8/26 (Sun.) 00:16:46
this drawr was too stupid to bother with all the mindless details i was going to add to it.


cows2flames 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 23:35:08


bupobm [Home Page] 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 20:03:33


mrae 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 15:41:55


fatribz 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 13:57:44
mixer oarwio


GUILTY 'n' fatribz 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 13:34:43
green kite now begignsda

idwtwwr 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 18:35:19

festival no3, silverchair canceld the gig..

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/26 (Sun.) 16:17:57
isreal's son is a rad song


fatribz 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 12:35:19
great pretendahh ehoo!!! old tyme and rolling snares for bass harmonics and banjo robot

loopdogg 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 21:25:22
i'm lovin' the toof

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/26 (Sun.) 16:24:44
that d is creamy. i will give myself props on this one.


purplemartin 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 12:15:54
Thanks Al.

Al 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 12:56:53
I meant a throat doctor. I know your not gonna jump off a cliff.

purplemartin 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 18:16:04
I have seen and changed doctors since the strep began. This is antibiotic #2 I am on. It is a stubborn nasty in there. The only jumping I do is off of waterfalls and 15 feet is my limit.

eN-Titty 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 19:03:02
I went through the same thing here...till saw a Dr. while out at the Monastery....these Drs. here had been treating me for strep when what was causing it was diabetes. As soon as I got put on the correct meds the sore throat went away.

purplemartin 2007/8/26 (Sun.) 05:01:49
Did the strep tests come out positive with that? I am wondering, because they keep testing me as positive for strep. I am starting to think Matt or Fiona might be a carrier. Yeesh.

eN-Titty 2007/8/26 (Sun.) 19:20:18
yep, + for strep. what happened was the diabetes makes the mucus membrane inflamed and makes a wonderful place for strep bacteria to invade and live. Strep lives on lots of things not just in other people. With inflamed mucus membrane you are succeptable to a strep infrection from anyone or anything.

eN-Titty droppin' science 2007/8/28 (Tue.) 05:48:13

purplemartin 2007/8/29 (Wed.) 17:50:20
It's not strep anymore.


tthunderdan 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 10:30:08
...end of an era...

eN-Titty 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 18:57:19
how could you....where's your loyalty....who's gonna love it now?

tthunderdan 2007/8/26 (Sun.) 08:52:24
...nothing last forever...


meow 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 10:17:49
jail cat is free

some1 2007/8/31 (Fri.) 22:13:12
hey ass munch i love CATS



tthunderdan 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 19:51:52


purplemartin 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 18:07:57
Seems like a good idea at the time.

. 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 02:52:56
Jump into the ocean or comit suicide?

purplemartin 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 04:17:13
it was the latter. in the past when I have been depressed I always tried to shoot myself past the outcome of this sort of a decision. The aftermath of a bad decision always help me to not make grand ones like this. Yesterday I needed a visual aide.

purplemartin 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 04:18:16
BTW -I am fine this morning. I was way overtired and sick of still being sick. I have had strep throat for a month now.

Al 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 05:08:37
I think its time you saw a doctor.


18700 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 16:58:56


deerfactory 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 15:12:56

Al 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 15:49:40
good for me

ethermonkey 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 16:11:29

mrae 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 16:20:37
wow, i really like this, you're on fire today!

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/26 (Sun.) 16:21:43


deerfactory 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 14:23:26

Al 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 15:49:31
good for you

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/26 (Sun.) 16:21:31


deerfactory 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 14:17:50

Al 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 15:49:14
mighty good

futu_e 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 16:58:37
that it is


deerfactory 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 14:10:26

Al 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 15:49:00
real good


deerfactory 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 13:46:12

Al 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 15:48:48

mrae 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 16:20:18
oh yes, lets! :)

. 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 02:54:58
Yeah i am with you!


Al 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 13:42:04
My brain hurts.


deerfactory 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 13:29:21

. 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 02:57:39
kitty...kitty..kitty...kitty... :)


did mrae do this? 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 14:53:16

Al 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 15:50:30
This is Nastradomobrainfuck

loopdogg 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 16:04:24

mrae 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 16:21:34
guilty.... i thought it had disappeared when i hit save

. 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 02:58:43
amazing.....pure yewels

fatribz 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 11:27:49

Gerold Blankface 2007/8/26 (Sun.) 21:06:59
this is downright incredible!


deerfactory 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 13:12:17

HALE 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 21:13:25
this is my favorite of the lot


deerfactory 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 12:52:57

futu_e 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 16:57:06


bb 2007/8/26 (Sun.) 03:15:08
(didn't drawr this) when i scroll the page up and down these building things throb and contract.


futu_e 2007/8/23 (Thurs.) 21:50:19
v 0o

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 11:35:20
i had a 10e dream last night, that you, futu_e were the reincarnation of some old ass 10e drawer. and the 10e website was all flashy and crazy with promotional videos of people dressup weird breakdancing and stuff, saying how much they love the 10E book that you could order. it was a bunch of the favorites and yeah. it was an impressive albeit tacky-ass piece of work, that site,mmmhmm.

futu_e 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 16:58:05
....that wasn't a dream

. 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 03:00:14
I want my boooooooooooook! Sometimes...pleeaaaaazzeee yanbuuuuuuuu!

fatribz 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 11:29:21
a nonfictional dream, but a dream all the same. and stew for dinner

yanbu 2007/8/26 (Sun.) 09:39:54
the new site is going to be tacky-asS? wha? is this a vision?

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/26 (Sun.) 16:20:51
i had a dream


espcomix 2007/8/23 (Thurs.) 21:04:56
Do The Evolution...

dtd 2007/8/23 (Thurs.) 22:19:57
excellent draw w/bonus #!&?


HALE 2007/8/23 (Thurs.) 14:20:10
Man and Rabbit racing

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/23 (Thurs.) 19:57:11

. 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 03:01:14
arent those old greeks so stylish?


mrae 2007/8/23 (Thurs.) 14:00:58

HALE 2007/8/23 (Thurs.) 14:34:09
so now you are the bionic pixel woman after the accident. How's the non smoking going?

mrae 2007/8/23 (Thurs.) 16:23:31
:) still not smoking, the rib pain is excruciating and coughing is NOT an option :)

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/23 (Thurs.) 19:57:04
may the grace of my ribcage be with you. (errr..)

yanbu 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 04:43:40
many healing delivery, nice draw

mrae 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 16:22:18
thanks :)


futu_e 2007/8/23 (Thurs.) 10:21:35

eN-Titty 2007/8/23 (Thurs.) 15:39:39
Here, doggy doggy doggy



dtd 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 21:48:01

Captain O 2007/8/23 (Thurs.) 03:27:40

purplemartin 2007/8/23 (Thurs.) 03:59:00
a t-bone steak or my heart.


espcomix 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 20:25:26


tim 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 19:52:46


The Angry Flagman 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 16:26:36
I was at our local redneck county fair yesterday when I happened to see this. I thought this was a brilliant way of keeping control of your small child in a large crowd. I saw people yelling at this woman for having her kid on a leash. She bigger kids with her and was busy trying to watch them all at once. By keeping the smallest tethered to her arm she could mind the other kids. People think this is cruel treatment but the child isnt hurt by this. I think its better to keep control of small childern rather than let them run loose like wild monkeys..... What do you think?... Debate time.

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 18:12:43
i would be pissed if i were that kid and i go apeshits2

ad [Home Page] 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 19:42:50
it's that or hold their hand. at least this way it doesn't hurt the kid's tiny shoulder and their hands are free to eat cotton candy and the like.

purplemartin 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 19:58:37
honestly, I thought it was a bad thing until I had an active kid. however, I didn't use that. I had a baby sling until she was too big and then used a back rack. A harness offers the child a chance to exercise without being unsafe.

The Angry Flagman 2007/8/23 (Thurs.) 04:22:45
She had 3 or 4 other kids and she was working her ass off trying to keep them gathered together. There were thousands of people there walking around and the leash kept the baby from scooting away in the crowd. This kid moved like a squirrel ( as do most small children ). I think parenting is becoming very lax these days. The leash is no substitute for keeping an eye on the kid but its a good step in knowing where he/she is at all times.

Al 2007/8/23 (Thurs.) 08:13:08
Kids are animals. I used to keep mine in a cage.

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/23 (Thurs.) 10:53:35
didn't parents get by without leashes for many thousands of years?

Al 2007/8/23 (Thurs.) 11:29:00
Yes, one look from my dad meant DONT FUCK AROUND!

The Angry Flagman 2007/8/23 (Thurs.) 11:40:40
They did but that was before the government stepped in and called any type of discipline child abuse. You let your child run free its called child neglect, you restrain your child its called abuse. I remember when the teachers could slap the living shit out of you in class and your parents would be like " Good, you probably deserved it". How many times have you been out somewhere and seen or heard children running around in a business, Thinking to yourself Why dont these parents controll their kids. You then see a parent with their kid on a leash and your thoughts turn to "What the phluck, Buy a dog you witch"..... It boils down to keeping the little ones safe, Its a crazy world out there.

purplemartin 2007/8/23 (Thurs.) 11:42:08
Al, don't you know? Parents don't do unto their kids as Sarge did to Beetle Bailey anymore. Many people don't want to parent, and I don't know if it's laziness or maybe they've given up. I am never 100% but I am committed to my kid. She's here because of me and yes I do owe it to her to teach her as best I can.

The Angry Flagman 2007/8/23 (Thurs.) 11:48:11
My father would speak only once. Ive logged enough air time flying across the room from stepping out of line, I qualify for frequent flyer miles. My mother was not some one to piss of either, just ask EN-titty ;-]

HALE 2007/8/23 (Thurs.) 14:24:24
My dad used the belt, my mom the hairbrush or wooden spoons, which would invariably break over my ass.

eN-Titty 2007/8/23 (Thurs.) 15:42:58
In the 50's and 60's, everybody kept their kid on a leash when going someplace where there would be alot of people. Kids didn't get lost, kid kapped or in trouble AND had both hands free to have fun...it was a good idea.

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/23 (Thurs.) 20:02:11
really?? '50s and leashes? i stand corrected. as a toddler (older than i can recollect) i somehow busted down the (faulty) fence gate and scrambled a good one hundred yards away in my subdivision, where i was found playing in sprinklers. no real reason to telling that but i like to share it.

Al 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 05:30:29
Purplemartin, don't you know? That I was kidding. Sometimes you scare me.

purplemartin 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 18:04:11
Al, didn't you know that I was also kidding. You are far scarier AND you like Icky Flix.

Al 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 05:07:02
Purplemartin? You were kidding? I still cant find a joke there.

Al 2007/8/25 (Sat.) 05:34:15
Oh, now I get it. Sorry


yeah 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 15:13:45

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 18:12:54
ughhh na na naaaa

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 18:13:00

loopdogg 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 20:13:11
butchie YOST


Guimk 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 15:06:03
Hey You!Didn't you forget your fake hook?


Kroder 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 14:52:07

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 18:12:00

yanbu 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 04:46:28
like your draws



HALE 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 14:11:48


Kroder 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 10:35:11
Do you mind if I´d put my towel here?
By the way I´m Kroder

Al 2007/8/23 (Thurs.) 08:14:33
Did we need to know what your penis looked like?

yanbu 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 04:44:44
greets kroder


Rene Schwettmann 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 10:19:49

deerfactory 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 11:05:58
man man...nich schlecht


nitaawe 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 10:06:01


Kroder 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 10:01:10

deerfactory 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 11:10:51
pornoziös...hätt ich nicht so viele gäste würd ich gerne mitzeichnen an dieser entstehenden geschichte


nitaawe 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 09:56:25
i am at eeeethermonkkkey's house


Kroder 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 06:35:29
This is me!

d 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 06:48:02
you look pretty

loopdogg 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 06:56:19
great draw!

HALE 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 07:00:10

cornellflip 2007/8/26 (Sun.) 10:58:15
i want to comb your hairs


Captain O 2007/8/21 (Tue.) 19:03:59
Huey Freeman...I may have overdone it a little on the hair

purplemartin 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 03:34:20
I love Huey! Cesar is funnier though!

Yo Yo Yo 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 09:32:48
Sup! Sup!


kix 2007/8/21 (Tue.) 18:02:51

purplemartin 2007/8/21 (Tue.) 18:11:19


Fiona 2007/8/21 (Tue.) 15:17:57


Fiona 2007/8/21 (Tue.) 15:11:16


stockart 2007/8/21 (Tue.) 12:05:39

futu_e 2007/8/21 (Tue.) 13:49:51
i like this one


trans~late, hello 2007/8/21 (Tue.) 12:04:02


hello 2007/8/21 (Tue.) 11:58:59

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 18:10:10


ampersand 2007/8/21 (Tue.) 11:42:28
this is all the free time i have, anymore... miss you all!

HALE 2007/8/21 (Tue.) 12:07:54


lm 2007/8/21 (Tue.) 11:39:22
remains on the display


Fiona 2007/8/21 (Tue.) 04:02:50
brush your teeth

purplemartin 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 03:34:54
Yeah, Fiona! Why don't you do that? Like now?


futu_e 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 22:59:57


dtd 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 22:01:43
gotta go!


espcomix 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 20:09:32

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 20:43:17
i just wanna watch muppet babies, dagnabit

espcomix 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 20:55:58


Captain O 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 19:02:50

espcomix 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 20:21:44
You must never forget the warning recorded for posterity by Martin Niemoeller, the Lutheran minister who lived in Hitler's Germany during the 1930s and 1940s. His words echo down to us over succeeding decades:
"In Germany they came first for the Communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 20:42:36
this draw is most definitely and mother fucking insane

tim 2007/8/21 (Tue.) 01:21:09
Mos Def style. Also dig the latest Pharoe Monch album art.


idwtwwr 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 18:26:50

yanbu 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 19:54:39
catch em

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 20:41:23
looks fun


fiona 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 17:28:55
fun camping

Captain O 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 18:03:39
It's The Fun! Nice drawing Fi


tthunderdan 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 16:37:20


mrae 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 14:52:22
finally starting to feel better :)

yanbu 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 15:54:03
was thinking about / wondering how you were doing today, and imagined an mrae tribute draw due to absence, nice to see your dots/squares. hurray for starting to feel better

tthunderdan 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 16:11:06
...you go girl!!!...

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/21 (Tue.) 07:38:20


government starchild 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 14:47:05
you know how we do

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 20:40:48


fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 12:05:40

\< 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 12:13:51
a to the wesome!

espcomix 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 12:58:17

HALE 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 14:47:31
fuck. me.

mrae 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 14:53:19

yanbu 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 15:54:41
wow, ow, yow, yo!

fuck. u. 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 17:23:08

HALE 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 17:54:26

HALE 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 18:26:14
p.s. to whoever said that to me: why don't you go read read "endgame" by derrick jensen

idwtwwr 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 18:27:40
love it

loopdogg 2007/8/21 (Tue.) 12:03:32
holy cow man! have you posted the color copier anywhere? i would love to get my hands on this script!!!

p.s. to f.u. - be nice to my bro hale!

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/22 (Wed.) 20:28:03
the copier is in the forums. but the tolerance deal is not right and blah blah blah hence the fucked up lines of magic colors (even though they match the fatribz ugly style) you can get rid of that part of the code and the draw wont have them and it'll draw in the same amount of time :O

Al 2007/8/23 (Thurs.) 08:16:44
F.U. to h8rs.

\< 2007/8/23 (Thurs.) 12:53:40
this is what i do for a living, take kids to metal festivals: http://www.b3ta.cr3ation.co.uk/data/jpg/metalkids.jpg
notice i shopped the leashes out :D

\< 2007/8/23 (Thurs.) 12:54:38
@18679 ..damn long comment strings lately. got me all confused :D

veronica 2007/8/24 (Fri.) 16:41:32
more more more more!


futu_e 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 11:33:33

yanbu 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 15:55:05
who be the futu_e?


fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 08:54:29

ethermonkey 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 11:11:05
i miss to draw but fribz give good food for downtime.

yanbu 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 16:12:07
steak shadow!

loopdogg 2007/8/21 (Tue.) 12:04:54


The Angry Flagman 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 05:21:11
Vacation Day 3: Note to self, SHUT THAT DAMM ALARM OFF!

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 05:52:06
oh god yes. and dont tell me that is a sony qube thingie like ive got around..f*#() that thing

The Angry Flagman 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 06:21:19
Its a RCA. It looks a lot like the Sony cube thing. I should have bought the Sony, maybe the damm thing wouldn't fall apart the first time I put a cd in it. Its still just as annoying though.


futu_e 2007/8/19 (Sun.) 23:35:00

\< 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 02:45:13
nice draw!

yanbu 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 04:45:34
dis ess nice

purplemartin 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 05:05:20
awesome in 3-d

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 05:52:29
jeah! lifetime fun award


purplemartin 2007/8/19 (Sun.) 18:48:08
captain o's first attempt at swing dancing and my first injury from it. mirror wall wasn't broken btw-just my face.

Al 2007/8/19 (Sun.) 19:37:04

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 05:52:57


Captain O 2007/8/19 (Sun.) 17:47:22
frog takes flight

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/21 (Tue.) 07:38:57
over and out


The Angry Flagman 2007/8/19 (Sun.) 15:01:01
Kick start it baby!

purplemartin 2007/8/19 (Sun.) 18:21:49
OK! Will it be the steel toe boots, then?

The Angry Flagman 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 05:04:14
Hell it could even be steel toe high heels.

purplemartin 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 05:07:57

purplemartin 2007/8/21 (Tue.) 04:41:21
I should mention that ALL high heels feel like steel toes after 9 hours of wearing them. I am going to put mine on now...when's MY vacation?


fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/19 (Sun.) 10:08:30
saved another

The Angry Flagman 2007/8/19 (Sun.) 17:24:01
If your in a bookstore and you have to fart, Where is the best section to release it?

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/19 (Sun.) 17:39:28

btw.. i see 10eastern.com is on the front page of reddit! that seems pretty crazy to mee

The Angry Flagman 2007/8/19 (Sun.) 18:04:48
I like to blast off in the Government and Politics section.

yanbu 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 04:46:16
ain't we lucky we got em'

yanbu 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 04:46:42
good times that is

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 05:53:55
good call. i do wonder how far an ass ripper of a fart could travel. well no, i'll stop wondering now.


? 2007/8/19 (Sun.) 09:47:44


Captain O 2007/8/19 (Sun.) 05:50:15
when you smile the whole world smiles with you

The Angry Flagman 2007/8/19 (Sun.) 14:49:43
No, When you smile everyone will think you just shit yourself.


purplemartin 2007/8/18 (Sat.) 19:31:23
To Al-I am glad you made it to Florida okay. You look...brighter. Here is a postcard from a NY beach (you know, a LAKE.) This is a common sight. It is usually followed by a working class comedy tour and a whole lotta Budwater.

Al 2007/8/19 (Sun.) 05:29:00
Who wants a postcard from me? Gimme your address. Send it to my email.. not here


purplemartin 2007/8/18 (Sat.) 14:30:19
why aren't people outraged.
why are people numb?
why aren't we doing something more to stop it?

naranjon 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 09:00:57
read "endgame" by derrick jensen


espcomix 2007/8/18 (Sat.) 11:28:49

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/19 (Sun.) 10:08:45


... 2007/8/18 (Sat.) 09:02:00

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/18 (Sat.) 09:26:24

d 2007/8/18 (Sat.) 15:53:56
i like


nain rouge 2007/8/18 (Sat.) 08:49:08

... 2007/8/18 (Sat.) 09:02:28


plusnonplus 2007/8/18 (Sat.) 07:20:03
not ashamed.

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/18 (Sat.) 09:26:15

purplemartin 2007/8/18 (Sat.) 16:55:24
when I drew this I was thinking of Red Hot Chili Pepper's Mother's Milk album cover...so not too deep. I wish they didn't suck now.

Al 2007/8/19 (Sun.) 05:21:26
I heard the Chili Peppers on a soft rock station.

purplemartin 2007/8/19 (Sun.) 09:38:46
sadly, it's where they belong now.


? 2007/8/18 (Sat.) 05:31:47


? 2007/8/18 (Sat.) 05:08:43


? 2007/8/18 (Sat.) 04:42:57

purplemartin 2007/8/18 (Sat.) 05:00:57
mamaries, like the corners of my chest! Misty water colored mamaries-like the way they were!*
(I did not draw this btw)
*no apologies to barbra streisand.

spidiot70 2007/8/21 (Tue.) 10:42:56


spidiot70 2007/8/17 (Fri.) 22:40:14
bloody tv


Captain O 2007/8/17 (Fri.) 17:50:24
I don't know about that

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/17 (Fri.) 20:15:02
u do i do

purplemartin 2007/8/18 (Sat.) 05:01:37
this looks EXACTLY like matt. Good self portrait.


spidiot70 2007/8/17 (Fri.) 16:55:38
zoom zoom zoom

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/17 (Fri.) 20:14:42

loopdogg 2007/8/18 (Sat.) 18:14:53
i love


fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/17 (Fri.) 15:31:07
this is code drunk.

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/17 (Fri.) 20:14:50

yanbu 2007/8/18 (Sat.) 17:33:37
certain likeness, like this

HALE 2007/8/19 (Sun.) 11:25:58
I am interested

verónica 2007/8/19 (Sun.) 12:50:25
I love it


spidiot70 2007/8/16 (Thurs.) 23:11:31
yee haw

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/17 (Fri.) 15:40:01
i used a can open on opposite sides of the top of my tin beer can. one for drinks. the other for the shotgun type pressure release, so there aint no bubbles and it flows like whoa! like the old Hi-C cans where ya did the can thing with puncture holes at birthday parties as a child. (well ur rents did it for ya)

The Angry Flagman 2007/8/17 (Fri.) 15:50:24
I like chicken cooked in a convection oven.

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/17 (Fri.) 20:14:32

purplemartin 2007/8/18 (Sat.) 05:02:12



purplemartin 2007/8/16 (Thurs.) 19:18:20
i watched a documentary about japanese male escort bars today...pretty wild.

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/17 (Fri.) 15:38:44
i've been drinking since noon. its been awhile since i felt the adventure of daylong booze. i think i will thank tthunderdan as my mentor. yes i will.

purplemartin 2007/8/17 (Fri.) 18:05:12
I am living low carb now. So I have to cut out the middle man and drink votka*
*see "American Movie" for definition of "Votka"


Captain O 2007/8/16 (Thurs.) 14:27:42


espcomix 2007/8/16 (Thurs.) 14:23:49

anonymous 2007/8/27 (Mon.) 20:45:48


VanLodz [Home Page] 2007/8/16 (Thurs.) 12:01:42
I hate antibiotics.

HALE 2007/8/16 (Thurs.) 12:57:32
I am on them, too.

purplemartin 2007/8/16 (Thurs.) 13:06:38
me three. i need a nuclear freakin pill for this strep apparently.


2007/8/16 (Thurs.) 10:07:19

purplemartin 2007/8/16 (Thurs.) 13:06:08
i have looked for over an hour...I am still crying...I swear I know at least 10 of these bands.

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/16 (Thurs.) 15:38:33

that dude on the left with total recall space facepaint complete with headset microphone.
thanks for this funtime

purplemartin 2007/8/16 (Thurs.) 17:53:17

this is the one that got me.

Fiona 2007/8/21 (Tue.) 15:20:18


tthunderdan 2007/8/16 (Thurs.) 06:19:15


tthunderdan 2007/8/16 (Thurs.) 05:49:48


purplemartin 2007/8/16 (Thurs.) 04:01:45
romeo the new pup


cows2flames [Home Page] 2007/8/15 (Wed.) 22:14:14
to deaf.


espcomix 2007/8/15 (Wed.) 21:49:26

seeker 2007/8/15 (Wed.) 22:31:50
hhhahahha yeah!

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/16 (Thurs.) 04:09:38
damn it, i was supposed to be up and say 'UPDATE: *insert something about my previous statement being untrue in some sort of hopefully funny way*' but this draw IS actually better than my pile of rotten egg pixels!! i'm thinkin about getting a draw pad stylus thing real soon.

espcomix 2007/8/16 (Thurs.) 13:05:45
you the man ribz

espcomix 2007/8/16 (Thurs.) 13:09:34
I was going to say you sank my battleship


fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/15 (Wed.) 20:26:07
my characters will defeat esp's this very night!

yanbu 2007/8/15 (Wed.) 20:58:26
While you've been out runnin' I've been waitin' half the night

fatribz [Home Page] 2007/8/16 (Thurs.) 04:11:38
yanbu, thanks for the cave story tip! i love it.


tthunderdan 2007/8/15 (Wed.) 19:38:50
...tequila sunrise...

HALE 2007/8/16 (Thurs.) 06:33:50
oh shit, I hadn't noticed you pissed yourself


tthunderdan 2007/8/15 (Wed.) 19:19:14

cows2flames [Home Page] 2007/8/15 (Wed.) 22:14:57
i don't understand what I'm looking at here...

The Angry Flagman 2007/8/16 (Thurs.) 02:19:42
Keg muscles.


Captain O 2007/8/15 (Wed.) 19:08:41

seeker 2007/8/15 (Wed.) 22:34:37
wow drunk n draw?

purplemartin 2007/8/16 (Thurs.) 03:31:10
no, matt doesn't drink. He is just insane.