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Rules / Guidelines For Collabs
Starting a New Drawing - Login with Username: collab - Password: collab
Choose the Draw! option (top right) - choose your paint program / canvas size and go at it
When finished add your name in the comments (since you'll be logged in as collab and not your normal draw name)
Adding To An Exisiting Collab
Login with Username: collab Password: collab - then (*IMPORTANT PART*) Be sure to add a comment in the comment box of the drawing before adding to it - to let everyone know that you're working on it (and to protect the drawing from being worked on by two people) Click the Re-Touch option on the topbar of the drawing you want to collab on - And then leave another comment afterwards letting everyone know you are done (and that it's open for more collabs)

Your drawing (depending on what browser you use) may not show up immediately after saving - be sure to REFRESH YOUR BROWSER after saving

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[53] Artist: Joses Falco | Title: | Time: 24 min
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Joses Falco @ Monday, August 28th 2006, 8:31 PM

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