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bill 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 15:21:19


mf 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 14:29:01

Gerold Blankface 2006/6/21 (Wed.) 13:10:55
Yes !

flippe 2006/7/22 (Sat.) 21:21:58
why didn't any nails go through those effing green almond eyes?


The angry flagman 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 14:25:38
Something tells me its time to stop drinking.


mf 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 14:17:14

The angry flagman 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 14:35:39
olleh Im think asddrunk as r drink i am


mf 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 14:14:44
drinkin and chattin across oceans


mf 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 14:05:41
pope blue ribbon.

for kix :)


kix 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 14:04:50


bill 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 13:23:24
ok i started earlier than i expected


kix 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 12:19:45
yeah next round


tthunderdan 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 03:58:51
...the morning after...

yanbu 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 05:09:50
except my ashtray is a bowl of pistachio shells

tthunderdan 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 06:36:57
...yeah, all the cigs tore me up more than the Rolling Rock...I was born and raised about 10 miles from Rolling Rock brewery...


Anubix 2005/4/2 (Sat.) 19:53:43

seeka(26)(1) 2005/4/2 (Sat.) 21:15:43
I one drew a "drunken" pic....dark dancing siluettes against lasers...and the same pic in the morning again...with more detail....does that count....?

seeka(26)(1) 2005/4/2 (Sat.) 21:39:28
1939, 1944.....they are in my album I just found out...I will probably nerver get that drunk again in my life and have the urge to switch on my computer at sunday at 6.00 in the morning an draw. :) I only drink Bananajuice now on weekends. :(

lm 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 01:06:47
i don't drink either. but the pics here are pretty good though

tthunderdan 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 01:32:38
...bananna juice???...

mic 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 09:42:36
bananna juice, yeah, must be some kind of a disease or fetish

kix 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 12:07:27
i love it mixed with cherryjuice!


Anubix 2005/4/2 (Sat.) 19:47:56
i'm not sure


andy b 2005/4/2 (Sat.) 19:30:36

lm 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 01:09:18
andy rules


andy b 2005/4/2 (Sat.) 19:22:50


andy b 2005/4/2 (Sat.) 19:17:26


andy b 2005/4/2 (Sat.) 19:08:28


andy b 2005/4/2 (Sat.) 18:57:42

yanbu 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 07:01:37
is that me at work making contact lenses??

andy b 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 07:26:20
as far as i know

yanbu 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 09:03:44


andy b 2005/4/2 (Sat.) 18:41:25


Dave B 2005/4/2 (Sat.) 16:54:14
What are yins drinkin'?

2005/4/2 (Sat.) 17:07:45
rum n cizokes, dave

kix 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 12:08:27
hansa pils again.cheapest beer around... lol

kix 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 12:09:03
look at #6



Dave B 2005/4/2 (Sat.) 16:23:38
Now I KNOW some o' you muthafuckas out there be drinkin' tha SPARKS!

Energy drink with 6% alcohol. Booyaka!

tim 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 06:13:27
You don't know what beer is until you've had Panther Ice Ale. brewed here in MN, 5$ for a 12pack, 7.5% alcohol. stuff tastes like shit, and gives you even shittier beer shits...but baby it provides a wild night.


kix 2005/4/2 (Sat.) 15:15:14
my equipment

23 2005/4/2 (Sat.) 15:27:06
good choice!

bill 2005/4/2 (Sat.) 16:56:58
i love this shit

bill 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 12:24:14
dave b prefers the great lakes dort gold over the hansa.
great lakes makes a hell of a beer. it's a little brewery over here in cleveland ohio which is only a about an hour from where we live.
hansa is actually pretty expensive over here but i think well worth it!


kix 2005/4/2 (Sat.) 15:10:51

23 2005/4/2 (Sat.) 15:26:23



tthunderdan 2005/4/2 (Sat.) 14:31:43
...sober since Jan. 1st 2000...but I long for the 'GOOD OL' DAYS' sometimes...

yanbu 2005/4/2 (Sat.) 14:34:32
i commend thee, tthunderdan

yanbu 2005/4/2 (Sat.) 14:37:57
all phallic builings aside, liquor is fun in moderation, and even in excess - but not when it's a constant activity (and i'm writing this relatively drunk)

tthunderdan 2005/4/2 (Sat.) 14:50:31
...I gave it up...there was no 'moderation' in my drinking...I could go for a week or two without it, then when I got into it...I was committed to finish it, all of it...life is simpler without it...hey, nobody died and lessons were learn't...

yanbu 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 04:42:05
i was the same way with cigarettes - when i quit i was smoking just under 2 packs a day, i couldn't just smoke less. all or nothing! the criteria for alcohol dependency is more than 5 drinks in a day for more than 5 days in a month, as i recently read.

tthunderdan 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 06:43:10
...it would be hard to put the many different types of drinkers into different catagories I think...I tell myself I could drink again, I quit for over 5 years without a drop...but I look back at all the stupid, wasteful shit that occured with the booze and all and get upset with myself...that is the hardest part for me...it hurts to twist my leg around to kick myself in the ass...could have, should have, would have, oh well...

tthunderdan 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 06:44:48
...now, if I could get off the smokes, I'd be even better off...it is HARD...

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