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kaspishtaspish 2007/10/16 (Tue.) 11:05:10
in my bad broken dreamzzz


seeker 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 15:10:16

seeker 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 15:17:40
the leaders of they lower level talked to my trying to convince me of their thinking,,,a man said you can trust the woman...she made such and such education of the spirit... I looked at her and though....they are bullshitting me....this woman is a clerk not a smart spiritual person....I was so skeptik and allways keep my own mind...not showing them that I think they are nuts.....I left the community


seeker 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 15:05:09

seeker 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 15:14:46
when I wanted to get out upwards a narrow staircase I met a girl which cried in front of the door...I asked here why...she said "because you should not show bad feelings in there..is a rule" "I though...thats pretty stupid...


seeker 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 15:00:43

seeker 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 15:12:44
I spent some time there to look what going on. I observed them they observed me


seeker 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 14:57:13

seeker 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 15:12:01
dreamed of a kind of religious comunity...they were in a white house with an entrance like sciantology has in Munich


seeker 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 14:51:13

seeker 2007/9/24 (Mon.) 15:10:40
had a very strange grafik drean
m last night


seeker 2007/9/2 (Sun.) 14:53:33
i head a dream of a red cat which was laying in my arms giving those sounds of comfort. she closed her eyes...my former lanlord came by and wanted to guddle her too

deerfactory 2007/9/3 (Mon.) 05:57:44


purplemartin 2007/7/22 (Sun.) 19:22:40
from below. part two

purplemartin 2007/7/23 (Mon.) 03:59:32
& resurfacing

idwtwwr 2007/7/24 (Tue.) 09:25:16
cool draw


purplemartin 2007/7/22 (Sun.) 19:14:36
my two longest recurring dreams...jumping of high bridges


loopdogg 2006/8/24 (Thurs.) 22:41:45
I turn around just in time to see Uriah Heep's Abominog, (from the album cover of the same name), coming at me with the bloody hammer.



(it has haunted me since i was a kid)


loopdogg 2006/8/24 (Thurs.) 21:44:39
Of course, right before I pay for it I knock the beer off the counter and it explodes everywhere. I tell the liquor store owner i'll pay for it but he just points behind me and says, "You have bigger problems than spilt beer"...


loopdogg 2006/8/1 (Tue.) 08:46:23
The only beer they had in this Mexican booze shop was Bud Light. I asked the owner if he had anything from Mexico, possibly some Pacifico. He told me Pacifico was shit and brought a bottle out from behind the counter that he said was the, "true king of beers". It had a baby bottle nipple and a wasp logo on the front. Best of all it was $2 for a 6'er.


loopdogg 2006/7/31 (Mon.) 09:31:30
In the liquor store some emo chick that was on the bus with us started throwing halved limes all over the place. I screamed "FUCK" when one landed in my hair. This got the attention of the store owner, who thought I was with this crazy twit and he shot me a murder look.

mrae 2006/7/31 (Mon.) 22:36:01
amazing sequence!


loopdogg 2006/7/26 (Wed.) 13:40:12
Angelo and I for some reason find the bloody hammer to be hysterical. We try to take a picture of it, but the flash won't work on the camera. We start dicking with the flash, get it working, but when we turn back to the hammer it is gone. We see some dudes heading towards us so we decide to head into the liquor store.


loopdogg 2006/7/26 (Wed.) 13:02:47
The bus stops at a liquor store. As Angelo and I step off, we notice a hammer laying in the street with an enormous amount of blood around it.


loopdogg 2006/7/25 (Tue.) 11:52:27
The girl's father came and sat next to me. He was wearing a tuxedo and was covered in healing bite marks. He explained to me he was going to meet the girl's mother in Mexico to marry her. He said it was tradition not to punish a child until after you have married her mother.

loopdogg 2006/7/25 (Tue.) 12:53:38
i'll have to finish this later - fak...


loopdogg 2006/7/25 (Tue.) 11:16:41
A cute little girl in the seat in front of me popped up and smiled at me. When I smiled back she grabbed my arm and bit the living shit out of it. I pulled back and she kept trying to bite me again. I screamed, "Knock it off or I'm going to spank you!". She jumped back in her seat quickly as the whole bus turned around to see the gringo asshole yelling at the cute little girl sitting quietly in her seat. After everyone turned back around, she popped back up, grinned at me and squirted my blood out of her mouth.


loopdogg 2006/7/25 (Tue.) 10:28:00
the dream started - i was on a bus to mexico with my friend angelo


Angelina 2006/6/14 (Wed.) 09:12:04
I had this dream lastnight that I was staring in this twisted version of The Omen.

It had three children of the anti-christ, I played as the big sister, and this little girl played some version of Damien. She was a cute little thing, but anyway, after we wrapped it up for the day and everyone else was off the set except for the little girl, my big brother in the dream, and our Father, who was actually Satan IRL too and we where LITERALLY his children like in the movie.

Anyway, before I bore you all with my long dream writing, I'll just quote the major part of my dream, I asked my big brother, "Big brother, who'd father choose as the next heir of the throne?"

My big brother just was like, "Dunno, he never said yet."

^-^ that dream was fun. In the dream Satan had to dress differently than he normally looked, but he originally looked like a very pale white skinned 29 or so yr. old guy, but he actually was like 1000+ yrs. old, anyways, he had long jet black hair with red tips and wore this bright red business suit and had a single lip ring off to the left of his bottom lip, a small little silver stud above his right eye, and two silver studs above his left. Looked like a realistic version of my character Alexander Von Demitri in other words. And me, in the dream, when I would get mad, I was quite friggin' scary, so I guess in the dream I thought Satan would choose me as next in line to rule Hell.

O__o; sorry for the long comment.


Angelina 2006/6/9 (Fri.) 13:58:19
well. I had this dream the other night about the whole 6/6/06 thing, and yeah. I saw Satan in human form and he just seemed to smile at me and say, "you're coming home..." and he extended his hand to help me into his car. but the dream ended there just before I took his hand. ><

and this little picture here, I HAD to get it out of my head, not meant as anything religious or anything, just went to go see The Omen tuesday... and the graveyard scene where Damien's dad and that photogropher guy went to go searching for that body inspired this. well. the upside down crosses did anyway.

enjoy. O.o

v 2006/6/10 (Sat.) 21:12:24
this is nice

loopdogg 2006/6/12 (Mon.) 07:49:39
hell ya, i dig the colors

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