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dashanz 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 16:26:19

dashanz 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 16:26:48
2 minute draw

dashanz 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 16:27:21
yeah I got it

dashanz 2007/9/21 (Fri.) 16:28:04
yeah I got it


The angry flagman 2005/2/11 (Fri.) 15:02:31
Who remembers that old black & white tv in that unheated spare bedroom. It was the only place where the parents would let you play Atari. Lets not forget that old butter knife we had to use as a screw driver to hook the system up to the tv.

mf 2005/2/14 (Mon.) 16:39:45
i still use a butter knife to hook up my 2600. doenst feel right with an actual screwdriver

mf 2005/2/14 (Mon.) 16:41:38

Gerold Blankface 2005/2/16 (Wed.) 11:35:06
I recall having to prop up the joysticks in the back of the atari with other game cartridges to get them to work... and the rubber fell off of them too...


cronuts [Home Page] 2005/2/10 (Thurs.) 09:56:13
mgs:snake eater
not so good, I know.


kix 2005/2/4 (Fri.) 13:32:13
green addiction

Gerold Blankface 2005/2/5 (Sat.) 04:00:47
nice job !


Gerold Blankface 2005/2/4 (Fri.) 11:32:18

tim 2005/2/5 (Sat.) 07:14:38
I remember getting so excited about those little shareware 3.5's that you could buy for like 3 bucks.

kiddo 2005/2/6 (Sun.) 13:32:38
did doom really fit on one disk?!? no way! way? --- or is this a picture of the boot disk? im confused!

Waccoon [Home Page] 2005/2/6 (Sun.) 13:48:41
If I remember correctly, Doom came on four disks, and DoomII came on seven.


throckmorton barrymore the 35 heir 2005/1/31 (Mon.) 19:11:26
just a pee pod strolling down the shady grove of a lane, when he see a simple star, floating down to kiss him on the cheek, then he realizes that hes dreaming, and wakes up to find him self with a pistol in his hand, and locked in a cell. what a strange ending for the small shoe.

2005/2/1 (Tue.) 00:50:02
i've played this game before . . .

andy h 2005/2/2 (Wed.) 03:31:50
Fantasy Zone?


Xeccta 2005/1/26 (Wed.) 11:28:56
I find Link's hat such a pain to draw. ><

Raz 2005/1/27 (Thurs.) 03:17:31
Tee hee. Link looks super-surly. Maybe he ran out of nuts again.

kix 2005/1/27 (Thurs.) 07:44:20
it was the first game that allowed to choose what to do next, wasnt it?
i love the sense of nonlinear gameplay since that one !!!

m 2005/2/15 (Tue.) 12:43:57
super smash brothers malie!!


Sarah 2005/1/25 (Tue.) 12:26:12
The level that had dancing palm trees. (I think)

andy h 2005/1/25 (Tue.) 16:10:36
Super Mario 3 was one of my all-time faves...

bill 2005/1/25 (Tue.) 16:33:48
yeah, but what was up with that gay ass racoon suit he used to wear? he even flutter around like a fairy and shit. man those creators were on some goooood acid!

kix 2005/1/26 (Wed.) 05:49:33

Waccoon [Home Page] 2005/2/6 (Sun.) 13:51:56
It was a tanuki suit, not a raccoon. I think the english translators just messed that up. A tanuki is a Japanese animal that, according to folk legend, drinks lots of sake and can turn to stone.

The developers weren't stoned, they're just Japanese. :)

Fubster 2005/2/15 (Tue.) 11:56:43
I was under the impression that the designers were extremly stoned.


Up North 2005/1/25 (Tue.) 02:37:11

JVB-83 [Home Page] 2005/1/25 (Tue.) 08:00:43
oh man, what was that called?

Ka-boom! 2005/1/25 (Tue.) 10:33:53

yanbu 2005/1/27 (Thurs.) 00:53:16
i have a picture of myself with a broken arm in an arm cast, sitting in front of a television screen with some obscene high score on kaboom - i used to subscribe to the activision newsletter, and they had a high score hall of fame thingy on there. the high score for kaboom was so weak, i beat it easily by 10 times or so and got in the newsletter! they promised to send me a kaboom patch and an activision jacket, and they never did. i am still upset.

Up North 2005/1/27 (Thurs.) 02:11:06
I remember seeing ads for those high score patches. Even as a little kid I was pretty sceptical about whether you'd actually recieve one. 20 years later I now know the truth!


bill 2005/1/20 (Thurs.) 12:20:11
is that atlantis?

Raz 2005/1/20 (Thurs.) 22:36:10


bill 2005/1/20 (Thurs.) 05:25:42
this was another one of those bundled games.
I think it was called tank tank

le tristes 2005/1/20 (Thurs.) 10:22:30
YEAH!!! i played this every day when i was a little child, can remember the strange sounds the tanks made.

we had this huge console called "telespiel"

billy d 2005/1/25 (Tue.) 12:45:19
i'm pretty sure it was called combat

bill 2005/1/25 (Tue.) 15:57:10


bill 2005/1/19 (Wed.) 16:16:36
this was with out a doubt my most played game in my collection. I just couldn't get enough of it!

yanbu 2005/1/19 (Wed.) 17:37:32
that must have taken a while to draw that multicolored energy strip! nice yars revenge

bill 2005/1/19 (Wed.) 23:27:40
thanx man! yeah it did

tim 2005/1/21 (Fri.) 20:56:12
I don't think I will ever understand this game


bill 2005/1/18 (Tue.) 17:49:34
does anyone remember this game
hint: it's from intelevision.

Raz 2005/1/18 (Tue.) 20:48:31
Tron. Or Snake. Or something like that. Actually, if it was on Intellivision, 'Line Battle'

bill 2005/1/19 (Wed.) 15:46:20

mursu 2005/1/19 (Wed.) 23:41:11
or it even might be the original version of moposota...

bill 2005/1/20 (Thurs.) 05:20:03
i'm not sure.
I got my son one of those new game units.
it has like 25 games on it and that is one of them.

Zippo the Clown [Home Page] 2005/1/29 (Sat.) 09:48:04
It's Tron - Light Cycles


Sarah 2005/1/18 (Tue.) 12:08:24
I think they were more curly...........

bill 2005/1/18 (Tue.) 17:37:45
q bert rocks to this day.
they have it on yahoo games but it's kinda hard to play using the keyboard or the mouse

Turkey 2005/1/21 (Fri.) 12:07:02
That was my fave on that brand new 5200 series and that giant console TV


Dave B 2005/1/17 (Mon.) 06:31:56
Back 2 tha old skool

yanbu 2005/1/17 (Mon.) 10:43:28
i've spent a third of my life playing river raid


Raz [Home Page] 2005/1/13 (Thurs.) 20:41:51
Bit of an obscure one. But the image has been burned in my brain for many years

tim 2005/1/15 (Sat.) 13:45:04
marble madness?

yanbu 2005/1/15 (Sat.) 14:26:05
it's wicked right? WICKED

Zippo the Clown [Home Page] 2005/1/29 (Sat.) 09:49:11
Wizball? Or them monster ball things?

2005/2/8 (Tue.) 22:42:43


Raz 2005/1/11 (Tue.) 21:31:06
Oh no! *POP*

yanbu 2005/1/12 (Wed.) 05:11:29
lemmings??? i love lemmings!

Anubix 2005/1/12 (Wed.) 15:08:58
these games always had the best music

yanbu 2005/1/12 (Wed.) 16:55:11
i made a cd of all the lemmings songs a while ago, i used to play this game on my amiga 500 for hours

Zippo the Clown [Home Page] 2005/1/29 (Sat.) 09:50:07
Man Lemmings. Just played all the original 100--odd levels on the PS2 - stuck on the second last one though.


Turkey 2005/1/9 (Sun.) 07:01:13
All the wrong colors but oh so fun!!

bill 2005/1/9 (Sun.) 08:46:03


mf 2005/1/6 (Thurs.) 11:16:50
oops, i should scroll down next time. dang u jvb

seeka(26)(1) 2005/1/7 (Fri.) 19:09:58
Oh....I absoltly missed the hole games stuff the only game I now was one with a worm trying to grow but not to eat itsself....and one with spiders in a labyrinth which killed you if you went to close. Frome there on I seriously never played a computer game again

seeka(26)(1) 2005/1/7 (Fri.) 19:11:45
I know thats a serious lack in the cultural education of a 1st world citizen.

seeka(26)(1) 2005/1/7 (Fri.) 19:12:29
As well as never have seen "star wares"

seeka(26)(1) 2005/1/7 (Fri.) 19:12:55
How could I survive so long??????......

23kiddo 2005/1/8 (Sat.) 02:11:35
star wareZ? as in interplanetary cracked software pirates? cool i havent seen that one either ;)

i never watched star wars either...i tried...but always fell asleep. episode 1 i watched tho and its f*ing stoopid. just my 2 cents, dont hate on me. ;)


23kiddo 2005/1/6 (Thurs.) 08:03:13

yanbu 2005/1/6 (Thurs.) 08:08:32
shit! you nailed the c-64 font! nice job

23kiddo 2005/1/6 (Thurs.) 15:23:27
thanks! somehow i didn't feel like doin the rest of the screen also :P

Musashi 2005/1/6 (Thurs.) 20:05:46
That brings you back!

...and dates you too

23kiddo 2005/1/6 (Thurs.) 23:08:41
ha :) dates me? as in shows how f*ing old i am? :P how rude!

Musashi 2005/1/6 (Thurs.) 23:28:49
Judging by these drawings, a lot of us are about the same age

23kiddo 2005/1/7 (Fri.) 11:41:09
i know ;)

gerold blankface 2005/1/8 (Sat.) 16:05:35
hahaha.. iremember this... I had a trs80... ugh


Musashi 2005/1/6 (Thurs.) 01:19:52
One of my favorite first games

kix 2005/1/6 (Thurs.) 13:43:18
i loved it!
but the end was fucking disappointing

fucker 2005/1/8 (Sat.) 00:20:02
you a fucking ugly biatch!

whatclass 2005/1/8 (Sat.) 22:21:30


Musashi 2005/1/6 (Thurs.) 00:42:34
A 2-minute rendition of the first game I got addicted to...

Musashi 2005/1/6 (Thurs.) 20:07:27
Choplifter rules


bill 2005/1/5 (Wed.) 16:58:29
i really liked this game
used to spend hours playing it!!

bill 2005/1/18 (Tue.) 17:51:15
maze craze!
I think its was a sample game on a mixed cartridge
wit a couple of other games on it.


sheep 2005/1/3 (Mon.) 12:43:25
Excellent racing game

ad 2005/1/5 (Wed.) 14:04:19
oh shit, this is re-volt, right? i love that game

sheep 2005/1/6 (Thurs.) 01:43:54
Yes it is.


yanbu 2005/1/3 (Mon.) 10:58:45
i used to play this every sunday morning for weeks and weeks with a friend of mine - 'circus atari sunday' was a constant event. the best thing is the sound the game makes when you clear the top row - blblblblblblblllblblblblblblblblblblbbpwow!!!

red row completion [Home Page] 2005/1/7 (Fri.) 18:37:58


Dave B 2005/1/3 (Mon.) 08:39:07
Frank's Pizzeria, Brookfield, OH circa 1983. This game was my SHIT.

23kiddo 2005/1/3 (Mon.) 08:44:53
haha :) that musta been one of the first arcade games i ever played :) around the same time...what was it called...moon patrol or sumpn :)

Dave B 2005/1/3 (Mon.) 14:34:26
Moon Patrol!

whatclass 2005/1/8 (Sat.) 22:22:47
its at my corner laundry!

Gerold Blankface 2005/1/13 (Thurs.) 14:22:39
OMG that's awesome !
I miss that game (downloading mame version as we speak now)


bill 2005/1/2 (Sun.) 09:11:11
my favorite game

yanbu 2005/1/2 (Sun.) 11:00:37
tebstrin! nebsus! i mean tetris


yanbu 2005/1/2 (Sun.) 03:59:44
this game came out mid november - the ending was weak, but worth the wait

Anubix 2005/1/2 (Sun.) 13:17:50
Halflife 2's graphics fuck my mind.

yanbu 2005/1/3 (Mon.) 07:00:49
i found myself just hanging out in beautiful places playing with the gravity gun for long stretches of time - it is the most visually advanced thing i've ever seen. i was in one room launching a paint can at a wall over and over and it splatters paint every time it hits! the sounds are exact too - so cool

trent 2005/2/15 (Tue.) 15:40:17
i was more crazy about duke nukem 3d than i was this game lol, but ya battlefield 2 is gonna be way better multiplayer!!!!!!


JVB (82) (8) [Home Page] 2005/1/1 (Sat.) 06:43:05

chooch 2005/1/1 (Sat.) 09:27:46
super metroid! tight.


chooch 2004/12/31 (Fri.) 16:52:19
all hail the king

chris bradshaw 2005/1/5 (Wed.) 11:46:20
fucking a! nintendo 4 life

Zippo the Clown [Home Page] 2005/1/29 (Sat.) 09:51:47
Yeah, yeah Mario is OG and stuff...


JVB (82) (8) [Home Page] 2004/12/31 (Fri.) 13:30:36

yanbu 2004/12/31 (Fri.) 14:09:31
excitebike! i played that just a few weeks ago


old school 2004/12/31 (Fri.) 12:22:27


kix 2004/12/31 (Fri.) 12:09:07


kix 2004/12/31 (Fri.) 11:52:43
max payne

gerold blankface 2005/1/8 (Sat.) 16:04:30
max payne was awesome..
nice rendition!




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