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joe nobody 2006/5/27 (Sat.) 14:01:18
yes, thats eaxactly it, just because you cant get online that means that the entire fucking internet is down, & also everything in offices is square.


[Home Page] 2005/12/26 (Mon.) 09:09:20
a dry spaghetti can't break into 2 pieces.

2006/1/2 (Mon.) 20:32:27


GOOMBa 2005/12/12 (Mon.) 02:24:53
FAct: it's harder to draw with a mouse

seeka 2005/12/12 (Mon.) 22:45:20
yep! but you know I use the curve (bezier) tool then and it gets a little bit more constructive.
Good challenge to think different for reaching a goal.

seeka 2005/12/12 (Mon.) 22:47:18
OK this was my ''Know-it-all'' part of personallity who spoke

yanbu 2005/12/13 (Tue.) 20:51:27
hahaha! damn you know it all's


kat 2005/12/8 (Thurs.) 22:57:36
It's a little known fact...that every Christmas my cats have a death-wish.

The angry flagman 2005/12/10 (Sat.) 22:17:18
Most cats have a death wish 365 days a year.

Rene Gonzalez 2005/12/11 (Sun.) 00:07:14
Can Any Of Your Cats Talk?

kat 2005/12/11 (Sun.) 18:33:46
Maybe it's paranoia, but I think they do talk...behind my back.


kix 2005/11/18 (Fri.) 04:34:24

kix 2005/11/18 (Fri.) 04:35:04
oops.wrong board.srry stond

moheevi 2005/11/18 (Fri.) 19:45:39
this a what is it? looks like a deck from the enterprise or some space ship.


SPARKS BOO 2005/11/7 (Mon.) 23:59:18
A pumpkin thrown out of a car going at least 35mph will easily decapitate a mailbox

Anubix 2005/11/15 (Tue.) 13:25:47
thats a very well know fact

GOOMBa 2005/12/20 (Tue.) 13:06:45
Any idea what it would do to a speed camera? Just curious.


The angry flagman 2005/10/9 (Sun.) 06:20:03
You cant order kidney beans at any restaurant.

The angry flagman 2005/10/9 (Sun.) 06:22:53
I should be able to walk into any restaurant and say ( Hey Garzone, Gimme some fuckin kidney beans)But I cant do it because Garzone dont have any.

moheevi 2005/10/10 (Mon.) 07:22:58
kidney beans are the devil! thomas edison is the devil!

Jamester 2005/10/11 (Tue.) 05:45:17
Obviously You Haven't Been To A Mexican Restaurant.

The angry flagman 2005/10/11 (Tue.) 05:48:49
What do they use Kidney beans in ? Can you order a side of kidney beans?

Anubix 2005/10/12 (Wed.) 05:37:57
garcon = french for boy

moheevi 2005/10/12 (Wed.) 09:38:54
u like little boys?

Jamester 2005/10/13 (Thurs.) 05:38:42
Getting The Cat Out Of The Bag There Anubix.

mf 2005/10/23 (Sun.) 05:36:12
i can tell you this. go to a skyline chili in Cincinatti. they will give you an order of kidney beans


crazybubble 2005/10/4 (Tue.) 17:01:49
When you tie a jam bread on the back of a cat and push it down a table, does it turn round and round and round... ?

Jamester 2005/10/6 (Thurs.) 06:53:24
It Probably Lands On Its Side.

Anubix 2005/10/6 (Thurs.) 22:32:26
thats an awesome cat bubble

crazybubble 2005/10/11 (Tue.) 15:32:35
Does that mean, that it looks good? In this case: Thank You so much! I'm not very good at drawing. (and english too..)


alextemple 2005/10/3 (Mon.) 05:59:44
One brow wrinkle is the result of 200,000 frowns

Jamester 2005/10/3 (Mon.) 06:21:29
Homer Drew A Frowny Face On His Butt While Imitating Mr.Burns.


moheevi 2005/9/26 (Mon.) 10:05:24
drink and draw but a little known fact as well. there are no pink bunnies, beastiality is illegal, stars are millions of miles away, fecal matter is not tasty, and 2+2 always equals 5.

Rene Gonzalez 2005/9/27 (Tue.) 10:38:27
I Love Radiohead's ''Com Lag'' Version Of 2+2=5

moheevi 2005/9/28 (Wed.) 09:48:58
i need 2 listen 2 that...love the original. hoping radiohead tours the states again so i can actually see one of my favorite bands.

loopdogg 2005/9/28 (Wed.) 23:54:01
I saw them in St. Louie! ;^)

They are my fav...

willee 2006/5/24 (Wed.) 11:39:48
how did you get the red checkmarks to hover above the page like that?


seeka 2005/9/23 (Fri.) 02:38:48
Le Tristess wears Zebra-Underwear

crazybubble 2005/10/4 (Tue.) 17:04:06
Hmm, I know the word tristesse, but in my case it never wore zebra underwear.
It just was ugly and stupid...


sheep 2005/9/8 (Thurs.) 03:24:52
No matter where a piece of rug is on a tile floor, the cat will puke up a hairball on the rug instead of the tile.

mrae 2005/9/8 (Thurs.) 21:13:28
that's a fact jack! :)

crazybubble 2005/10/4 (Tue.) 17:05:10
It's the same effect, when you have a car accident on a road with just one tree in twenty miles...


Sarah 2005/8/30 (Tue.) 00:28:58
Dog paws smell like tortilla chips.

Rhemy Icejewels 2005/8/30 (Tue.) 10:53:19
That's funny! I think you may be right. My dog, Lola, whenever she has gone too long without a bath, I say that she smells like Cheetos. And she does. It's uncanny!

jamester 2005/8/31 (Wed.) 07:50:12
Cheetos Freetos Doritos Burritos Gardettos Its All Good.


The angry flagman 2005/8/19 (Fri.) 22:00:20
The serpintine belt will always fall off on the wetest, coldest days or in the middle of the night in a snow storm when you have no cell phone or tools and you need to take a dump and your still 25 miles from home.......

loopdogg 2005/8/29 (Mon.) 02:44:29
so very true...


sheep 2005/8/19 (Fri.) 04:00:19
On a one way mirror the tips of a pencil will not touch....on a two way they will.

alextemple [Home Page] 2005/8/19 (Fri.) 09:05:22
wow, that is an interesting fact

k1dd0 2005/8/19 (Fri.) 23:00:00
hm word question...are 2way mirrors the ones they use in copshows n supermarkets n ish? then this pencil thing is a neat trick to find out if theyre watchin you, huh. well last time i was interrogated for stealing alien technology from a secret underground base near berlin they took all my pencils away first tho. bummer.

sheep 2005/8/20 (Sat.) 01:56:43
Yes, two way mirrors you can see through from the other side and spy on people. You can use your finger to test the mirror if you hold it down at a 45 degree angle and touch the mirror. The reason it does this is because the reflective coating on a one way is on the backside of the glass and the space between the pencil/finger is the glass thickness. On a two way the reflective coating is on the front of the glass so there is no space between the pencil/finger. Try it on a mirror at home then do the same with a flat piece of chrome plating. You will see the difference.

The angry flagman 2005/8/21 (Sun.) 22:24:46
Wow, thats a good test for those motel room mirrors. You can also turn the light out in the room your in and you should see light from behind the glass.

sheep 2005/8/22 (Mon.) 01:02:31
Not if it's just a camera back there or they're sittin' in the dark.

crazybubble 2005/10/4 (Tue.) 17:07:13
In Germany in one city, there is a public toilet with two way mirror around, so that you can't look inside, but from inside you can see the people going around shopping. That's disgusting! I couldn't relax on this toilet.


necro tenshi 2005/8/17 (Wed.) 14:33:19
NECROMARU'S HEAD IS REMOVABLE! :D! *sews his head back on again* hehe.

Necromaru: "hi! <3" "what's your name?" *to everyone* *__* *creepy overly happy smile*

^-^ ain't he cute!? *hugs him* n_n <3 <3

Necromaru: ^-^ <3 "YAY!"


mrspinkmonkey 2005/8/17 (Wed.) 07:35:45
You CANNOT guage the size of a mans penis by the size of his hands...right Pink Monkey?

The angry flagman 2005/8/19 (Fri.) 22:22:05
You behave!!!!!

crazybubble 2005/10/4 (Tue.) 17:08:28
Unfortunately you're right with this Mrspinkmonkey...


sheep 2005/8/17 (Wed.) 04:57:27
The moon landing was more dangerous than they led the public to believe.

mic 2005/8/17 (Wed.) 20:43:49

The angry flagman 2005/8/21 (Sun.) 22:17:41
Hey Sheep, Do you listen to Coast to Coast AM ?

k1dd0 2005/8/21 (Sun.) 23:37:22
hehe i do sometimes couple days ago they had this show that finally told the truth about how king arthur had really been a giant. as in a real tall. real tall. oh yeah i think they said they built the pyramids too.

sheep 2005/8/24 (Wed.) 03:48:16
Can't say I do flagman.

jamester 2005/8/31 (Wed.) 07:51:50
Is that also true for te mars rover?

sheep 2005/9/2 (Fri.) 04:25:35
Unmaned spacecraft can go just about anywhere. It's when you add humans to spacecraft when things get hairy. It's not too bad when you travel near earth (shuttle) but when you go out near the moon or beyond the radiation is intense. I was told by a very smart dude that the radiation near the moon or beyond is too much for any space suit to handle. If a space suit could handle the radiation, then why didn't they use the suits to fight the fire at Chernobyl? That made me doubt that a man landed on the moon.


Pink MONKEY 2005/8/16 (Tue.) 06:58:15
Newborns up to 6 mos old, if placed in water CAN swim...UNDER ADULT SUPERVISION OF COURSE

crazybubble 2005/10/4 (Tue.) 17:10:22
But what happens after the sixth month? Do they forget how to swim?

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