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ms.sourpuss 2007/7/16 (Mon.) 19:23:23
spider s&m


HALE 2007/7/16 (Mon.) 11:41:56
private eyes


trin 2006/12/28 (Thurs.) 16:09:13


Gdogartist 2006/8/8 (Tue.) 23:58:07
a bloody night... that is what i call it...


Gdogartist 2006/7/26 (Wed.) 20:52:51
Only someting in your nightmares...

2006/7/27 (Thurs.) 09:33:28
this is so referentially and aesthetically ungrounded its actually a little scary...



esp 2006/7/14 (Fri.) 01:29:21
bad ass ninja...

2006/7/14 (Fri.) 10:04:16
"i am dust man, im weak againist most dusters and water"


esp 2006/7/14 (Fri.) 01:20:04

2006/7/14 (Fri.) 10:03:35
"your've got mail! <insert cheesey smile here>"


Chalkmaze [Home Page] 2006/6/30 (Fri.) 01:39:21


lm 2006/6/24 (Sat.) 17:31:13
some crap out of control

i think 2006/7/1 (Sat.) 22:18:05
i love you


newbie~* 2006/6/22 (Thurs.) 02:45:55
Bloodfest at midnight.

2006/7/12 (Wed.) 15:45:54
is that murdoc dumping another women?


Gdogartist 2006/6/20 (Tue.) 01:52:33


naranjon 2006/6/17 (Sat.) 21:52:23

donnie darko 2006/6/18 (Sun.) 13:57:52
i know this fella

Chalkmaze [Home Page] 2006/6/30 (Fri.) 01:40:13
It's glowing... cool

fatribz 2006/7/4 (Tue.) 14:37:07


Angelina 2006/4/26 (Wed.) 17:14:52
anime-fied picture of my boyfriend Thomas. drawn for him because I love him so. :3

2006/4/26 (Wed.) 18:01:39
but thats a girL . .?

Angelina 2006/5/18 (Thurs.) 13:10:53
Ah.. stereotypes, don't ya just love it! >.>

my boyfriend is not a girl, he is a boy, of course! he just has long pretty hair! and he is prettier than any a yo' boys! >D; 'cause I said so!

meh, anyway, thanks for the comment.


kix [Home Page] 2006/4/23 (Sun.) 15:40:46

seeker 2006/4/23 (Sun.) 22:57:59

loopdogg 2006/4/24 (Mon.) 08:40:22


Anubix 2006/4/22 (Sat.) 19:58:03


Angelina 2006/4/16 (Sun.) 21:18:19
o.o; scene from a little roleplay thing.

okay, here's what's going on in the picture if you can't tell:

basically my character, in the picture, sees inside this mirror in the hallway, and sees the reflection of her and this guy standing there, the guy holding her wrist and using her hand to write a line from a song that I was listening to at the time that describes the roleplay so well.
anyway. my character is scared as hell of that guy in the mirror, so she rushes to her bedroom in a feeble attempt to escape the terrorfying image in the mirror.

O_o; makes scense? yes? no? maybe?

anyway, yes, drawing is messy. lemmie alone. I was bored. and wanted to draw this. :D

ohmigod 2006/4/22 (Sat.) 11:55:13
i hate this 12yo manga shit drawers
love <3

Angelina 2006/4/22 (Sat.) 22:10:34
well. I will kindly thank you for bothering to comment honestly.

I will say nothing of your comment, because that is clearly only your opinion. so I will not bother to take it to concideration.

hn.. and manga is actually a rather fun way of drawing in my opinion, perhaps I will go for a more appealing cartooning style in the next picture.

but yes, any other comments are good too, negative or not, since virtually everyone here prefers a more cartoonish chariature feel to their drawings, which is good, but yes. erm. thank you.

god. I need to stop posting fucking long comments...


esp 2006/4/14 (Fri.) 23:12:41


trin 2006/4/13 (Thurs.) 18:19:23


Gdogartist 2006/4/13 (Thurs.) 13:46:55
not a movie i would see in the dark.

mic 2006/4/13 (Thurs.) 15:53:22
oh man, i watched this on video with some friends, with the lights out... hoping it would be really scary, except two of my friends kept making jokes about the movie, totally ruined it. no fear.

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