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Current OekakiPoteto Version Installed: 3.0

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What is OekakiPoteto?
What are the features?
Who created OekakiPoteto?
Where can I get my FREE OekakiPoteto?
How do I start drawing?
I lost the picture / my comment didn't post.
What is considered an "Adult Picture"?
Who is the Owner of this OekakiPoteto?
Who are the Super Admins of this OekakiPoteto?
Who are the Administrators of this OekakiPoteto?

-What is OekakiPoteto?

OekakiPoteto (Japanese romanji conjugate of "Protect") is a PHP extension of the Oekaki BBS and PaintBBS; it dosen't rely on picture.cgi (which can easily be hacked), and is more protected in the fact that it uses a private registration system for users to post pictures.

- What are the features?
* New in 3.0

+ General

~ Does not rely on picture.cgi - picture.cgi, the main file used to adminster and post comments on the oekaki, is not used as the base. The only thing picture.cgi does in OekakiPoteto is redirection. This means minimal to no hacking as compared to using picture.cgi!
~ PHP tag protection - since OekakiPoteto relies on PHP, malicious users could also implement their own PHP code through their posts. This protection makes it impossible for them to do that - another security measure.
~ Private registration - users need to be registered in order to draw. However, guests can login to leave comments.
~ IP tracking - helpful for maintaing ban lists
~ Password encryption
~ Information stored on mySQL - since picture.cgi is not used, all user information, comments, and picture data is stored on three tables; a dump file is provided for easy installation.
~ Support for OekakiBBS v1.31 and PaintBBS v2.01.
~ Extended user support - users can find out their latest drawings, store their personal information such as their website, AIM, ICQ, email.
~ Extended posting support - users can add titles to their drawings, and edit their entries.
~ Adult Picture Posting Protection - users can have the option to view or not view adult orientated content.

~ * Customizable layout through editing the template or Cascading Style Sheets
~ * Revamped, cleaner looking interface
~ * Less painful login; all non-login users are automatically guests
~ * Who's Currently Online
~ * Enhanced protection
~ * Time which shows how long an artist took to draw
~ * Compatible with other languages (charset specification)
~ * Owners can set the maximum size of the canvas
~ * Guests now do not have to re-type information when making a comment through the use of cookies

+ Administration

~ Three levels of administration: Owner, Super Administrator, and Administrator. Owner can add Super Administrators, Super Administrators can add Administrators, and Administrators have all the administration abilities.
~ Add / Reject registrants - an e-mail is sent to the registrant notifying them of their registration status
~ Delete Pictures - remove unwanted or accidental posts.
~ Delete Comments - remove unwanted or accidental comments.
~ Recover Lost Pictures - if for some reason, a user successfully stored a picture, but couldn't post it for some reason (ie commenting error), then an admin can restore the lost picture.
~ Ban List - ban users who abuse the BBS.

~ * Users can now edit their comments
~ * Owners now have the choice to automatically accept people who register
~ * a new draw flag allows people who just want a profile and post comments
~ * know an artist's level of artistic skill upon registration by URL specification

- Who created OekakiPoteto?

I, RanmaGuy, also known as Theo Chakkapark, age 18 (surprised someone young can actually create something so great?), created OekakiPoteto, after my friend's Oekaki were defaced by lamers. Anyways, I can't draw at all, but I really enjoyed scripting this for my friends. It took a whole day to figure out how to work around picture.cgi, and total, it took three days and nights (From August 2, 2001 to August 4, 2001; I barely got any sleep on this project) to pump out version 1.00 of OekakiPoteto. All OekakiPoteto code is copyright (©) me, Theo Chakkapark for eternity unless where otherwise noted. You cannot modify the code without permission or change the author's (me) name on the site or remove the author's (me) name from the site, or I shall send a horde of fangirls towards your ass (wait, maybe that's a good thing..)! OekakiBBS is © Poo and PaintBBS is © Aotama. Do not e-mail me regarding the OekakiBBS and PaintBBS programs! I did not create them, but if you have questions regarding the OekakiPoteto, you can e-mail me. You can find the original OekakiPoteto here. Props out to my bud Travis for writing the ban script XD. Props also go out to Marcello, Yaen, and Nobuyuki for general support. Oh yeah, if you wanna say hi to me, or go out with me (if you're a female) or something, stop by the #83s channel in if you use IRC.

Months later....

I'm really sorry about the above; you can tell how much of an idiot and a jerk I was from the above text. Anyways, version 3.0 took around 4 days (Jan 4 - Jan 8 2002) to program, the customization being the most lenghiest to do. At first, I really thought I couldn't do it, but I guess I proved myself wrong. I really must extend my gradititude out to Navi and Marcello for all the help and support they have given during this new version. I really do feel stupid while reading what I've written above months ago. Really.

- Where can I get my own OekakiPoteto?

You can get the latest version of OekakiPoteto at my site for FREE: Just make sure your site supports PHP 4.0, is a UNIX server (I've tried installing the thing on an NT server with ActivePerl, it just don't work, folks. Sorry.), and has mySQL on it.

- How do I start drawing?

If you are registered and have a draw flag, you can begin drawing on the OekakiPoteto by clicking on 'Use OekakiBBS' or 'Use PaintBBS'. If you do not have a draw flag, contact an administrator for details on how to accquire one.

- My picture didn't post / I wasn't able to comment, and lost my picture.

Talk to an administrator and ask him/her to recover the lost picture. You can do guess work on where your picture is at by looking at the location for the .png files, and just typing the number of the png. When you find your pic, tell the administrator the number of the png and it can be restored to you.

- What is considered an Adult Picture?

An adult picture is anything that is only suitable for 18+ viewing. This includes nudity or anything of a sexual or explicit nature. If you are drawing such a picture, please tag it with an adult flag when posting your comment. If you cannot view adult pictures and would like to see them, you must enter "My Oekaki" and edit your profile, and make sure the "Adult Picture" checkbox is marked.

- Who is the Owner of this particular OekakiPoteto?

The current Owner is Administrator . E-mail Administrator if you would like to be added as a Super Administrator.

- Who are the Super Admins?

+ The following are Super Admins:

~ Administrator
~ collab
~ test

You can e-mail them if you want to be added as an Administrator.

- Who are the Administrators?

+ The following are Administrators:

~ Administrator
~ collab
~ test

You can e-mail them if you need a picture recovered, or to make some form of complaint or have some form of question.

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