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OekakiPoteto - OekakiPoteto
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You do not have draw access. Ask an administrator on details for recieving access.


Notes when painting with Oekaki BBS Painter

  • Adjust brush size with the up and down triangles.
  • To select color from picture, click on "COLOR PICK UP" and click on desired color. You can also use the right mouse button or [Ctrl + Left Click] to select.
  • To draw half tone colors, select from the brush setting.
  • To change the palette to your current color, right click (or [Ctrl + Left Click]) on the palette.
  • If you accidentally hit CLEAR, just hit the UNDO button.
  • After clicking on MASK, select the color you like by clicking on. When MASK is active, the chosen color will not be over-painted when you draw.
  • Do not slide picture or save picture when masking.
  • Mask function might have problem with Internet Explorer

Notes When Drawing New Pictures:

  1. If you are using Machintosh, please use Internet Explorer 5 or higher. Older versions have problems displaying and saving pictures.
  2. If you are using Windows and have trouble with colors, try setting colors from True Color to High Color. Or try Netscape instead of Explorer.
    There are no known problems relating to adding comments.

Notes On Using the BBS:
  1. You will get to submit comment after clicking on the save button.
  2. You will then be able to submit comments about your own drawing.
  3. Anyone can submit comments about your drawing on the BBS.

OekakiPoteto v3.x by RanmaGuy / Oekaki BBS by Poo / PaintBBS by Aotama