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You do not have draw access. Ask an administrator on details for recieving access.

Basic operation (function with it better [ to keep only this in mind probably ])
In PaintBBS, a right click, a ctrl+ click, and an alt+ click carry out the same operation.
Operation completes operation by one click or right click fundamentally. (The time of Beziers or copy use is removed)

<Tool bar>
Almost all the buttons of a tool bar can be clicked two or more times, and can change a function.
It is a right click and is a circumference of reverse. In addition, the present state is registered into the color of a palette, the color of a mask, and a 1-character preservation tool.
Layer display a non-displaying change etc. is a right click altogether.
Conversely, the state where it saved by the click at the preservation tool the color of a palette and temporarily can be taken out.

<Canvas portion>
The syringe of the color is carried out by right click.
It will reset, if a right click is pushed in the middle of processings, such as Beziers and a copy.

Special operation (the necessity of using will be a convenient function, if it gets used, although there is nothing)
<Tool bar>
Since it is loose changeless when the bar which changes a value is taken out out of a bar at the time of a drug
It can change finely using it.
A palette returns a color to a default state by Shift+ click.

<Shortcut of a keyboard>
+ Expansion - Reduction.
It redoes by Ctrl+Alt+Z or Ctrl+Y returned by Ctrl+Z or Ctrl+U.
They are a copy and reset of Beziers at Esc. (The same is said of the right click)
When canvas is dragged pushing a space key, it is free movement of scrolling.
The width of a line is changed by the Ctrl+Alt+ drug.

<The special usage of a copy tool>
At present, movements between layers are only a copy and layer combination. The move method in a copy,
Work of the usual copy after choosing a layer to make it move after choosing the rectangle on a layer to move first
It continues. Movement between layers is attained by doing so.

Easy explanation of the button of a tool bar, and a special function
Nib (usually a pen, a watercolor painting pen, a text)
The pen and text of the main free line systems

Nib 2 (a tone, a shading off, others)
The pen of a free line system which takes out a special effect

Figure (a circle and rectangle)
Figures, such as a rectangle and a circle

Special (a copy, layer combination, reversal, etc.)
A copy is the tool made to drag and move and copy after selection at once.

Mask mode specification (usually a mask, a reverse mask)
Depiction of the color registered with the mask is made improper. A reverse mask is the contrary.
He has no mask usual. Moreover, change of a mask color is possible by right click.

an eraser (erasing -- a pen -- erasing -- crossroads -- all -- ?ing)
Since a lower layer disappears when a penetration layer top is smeared away in white
When you erase the line of a higher rank layer, please erase with this tool. all -- ?ing -- it is the tool which makes all form into a penetration pixel
When using all ??s, the canvas after selection is OKed by click for this tool.

Specification of the depiction method. (Handwriting, a straight line, Bezier curve)
They are not a nib and depiction functional specification.
Moreover, only the tool of a free line system is applied.

Color palette county
It is color acquisition by click. It is registration of a color by right click. It is Shift+ click and is default value.

RGB bar and alpha bar
Change of a fine color, and change of the degree of penetration. In red and G, green and B point out blue and A points [ R ] out the degree of penetration.
Change of density is possible for a tone by changing value with Alpha bar.

?? change tool
In a watercolor painting pen, when ?? is changed at the time of selection, default value is substituted for alpha value.

Line one time preservation tool
It is data acquisition by click. It is registration of data by right click. (Mask value is not registered)

Layer tool
PaintBBS has the structure which piled up two transparent canvas.
That is, it is the tool with which it is also enabled to say that the main line is written above and a color is drawn downward.
Usually, since it is the thing of the kind called layer, the KITCHIRI penetration also of the line which was drawn with the pencil is carried out.
It is layer exchange by click. A display of the layer chosen by the right click, a non-displaying change.

It is related with contribution. :
If a picture is completed, it will contribute with a contribution button.
When the contribution of a picture is successful, it jumps to specified URL.
When it fails, it does not fly anywhere only by reporting that it failed.
Please try contribution again after keeping between a little, when only heavy.
In this case, it is it, although it may be double and it may be contributed.
since it is the processing by the side of Web server or CGI -- please .

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