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sheep 2007/4/15 (Sun.) 16:27:05
Once inside, you're amazed that the crowd is bigger that the one outside. The halls are lined with smiling faces extending their hands to shake yours. You're both overjoyed with all the attention that they are giving you. Several state troopers are escorting you as you make your way to the conference hall. As the large wood doors of the conference hall swing open, everyone that was seated inside turns to look. They all jump to their feet and applaud when they realize that their hero has arrived. You and your mother are lead down to a couple seats in the front. As you make your way there, you notice that most of the prisoners are also in attendance looking as happy as you are. They hoot and holler along with the rest of the crowd then start another chant of "hero, hero, hero". As you're seated, the crowd from the hallways make their way into the hall that now has barely any standing room left. Within a minute, two figures approach the podium at the center of the stage. You recognise them right away as governor Corzine and mayor Palmer of Trenton. The crowd is still clapping as governor Corzine stands behind the podium. He stands silent for a minute with a big smile on his face then, motions for silence from the crowd. He then begins his speech as mayor Palmer looks on. "Today we are gathered here to honor one of our residents for acting in such a way that he can only be described as a hero". The crowd rises and breaks out in applause once again. Governor Corzine continues saying "He showed great bravery and passion while saving many of the people gathered here in this great state house today. Without any more delay, I'd like all of you to join me in welcoming this hero as he joins us onstage". Governor Corzine then motions for you to join him on the stage. The crowds applause is even louder than before as you climb the steps of the stage. Both the governor and the mayor shake your hand as you now join them next to the podium. The governor then contiues "Ladies and gentleman, this is our hero! I want to extend our gratitude to this young man for showing what it's like to stare danger in the face and doing what he needed to do to save not only the people held prisoner in the hospital but, also stopping a lot of the crime this city faced from the people that were also involved. Because of him, a sick and demented doctor has been stopped from experimenting, imprisoning and destroying human life. I assure you that no criminal charges will be brought against this hero or any of the prisoners that were held against their will. I also want it to be known that this state will help them in any way possible to reward them for the bravery that they have all shown". The governor then asks you if you'd like to say anything to the people gathered before you. You think it over for a second then politely decline since you really don't know what to say. With that, the governor motions to the side of the stage and a state trooper walks out with a plaque and hands it to governor Corzine. He then says to the crowd "I would now like to present this plaque on behalf of all the citizens of New Jersey to our hero. Without him, we would still be in danger of the insanity of the evil doings that were going on inside that hospital. I now present this plaque to you, our hero". The governor shakes your hand once again as he hands you the plaque. You look at its inscription and on it it says "Presented to a true hero. One that has gone that extra step in making this state a better place to live". You thank governor Corzine and mayor Palmer for the plaque as the crowds applause roars inside the hall. The governor then thanks everyone for coming out today and steps away from the podium. He then leans over to your ear and says to you over the roar of the crowd that he is serious about what he said about helping you in any way he could. He shakes your hand once again before both him and mayor Palmer exit the stage. Two state troopers now escort you back down the steps to the waiting crowd. You head over to where the prisoners are sitting and they all start patting you on the back and shaking your hand. You ask them how they've been and you can't believe what they say. One of them says to you "we all got job offers around the city thanks to the governor and the mayor. A couple of us are even starring in some new commercials for that insurance company Geico. They say we look perfect for the part". After talking for a few more minutes, you return to where your mom was sitting. She gives you a giant hug and asks to see the plaque. She tells you again how proud she is of you. The troopers then escort you both back out of the state house to the waiting limo. Camera crews from all the major networks surround you as you exit the state house. Flashes fill your eyes from all the people taking pictures. The news reporters want you to make a statement so you tell them to give it a day of two then you will make a statement to them all. You hop in the limo and head back home. On the way you think about what you'd like to get from all of this. The governor did say he would help you in any way you could. You ask the limo driver to drive by the mental hospital just to see what it looks like after the fire. You're surprised to see that it's still standing and appears undamaged. You also notice the old garage across the street where the evil doctor almost made his escape. Your mom then says "let's go away from here and go home now. And don't even think about going in those places again". You tell the limo driver to continue on home thinking if you stay around here too long that your mom might get mad. You finally get back home and tell your mom you're going to go lay down for a little while. She says she'll call you when dinner's ready. In your room, you continue to think about all that you have seen and done while on your little voyage. There are several things that stick out in your mind but the one that keeps coming back is what the governor said about helping you with whatever you need. Is there anything you'd like to ask the governor to help you with? Is there anything you'd like to have that you've seen in your travels from the green door to the back of the garage where the doctor was caught? Give me some suggestions of what you'd like to do or have. I know I can think of several things I'd like. Start listing them.

ribs 2007/4/23 (Mon.) 20:43:01
i call for ether

ethermonkey 2007/4/26 (Thurs.) 10:11:23

sheep 2007/4/30 (Mon.) 13:52:50
I'll give it another week for anyone to write what they would like to do or want. After that, I'll just wrap up the story with what I would want/do.

ethermonkey 2007/5/6 (Sun.) 11:48:38
let's see...a proper burial for the fallen clones and jar-babies, complete with names; the various notes and paperwork would be cool to have; my trusty slingshot; the woodstock shirts, for the ladies; that old matchbook; the empty ether bottle;some 'ol fashioned lab-ware, if any survived the fire; a van and maybe one of those old, sweet cars, for the ladies.
too much?

sheep 2007/5/6 (Sun.) 14:03:03
Not too much at all. What car would you like to have? Would you like more than one? I know I'd put a few of those woodstock shirts on ebay. Anyone else like to add to the list before the last couple drawings are added?

ethermonkey 2007/5/9 (Wed.) 15:44:59
i'm worried about the fate of the clones -- 'praps the city could give them the cars and the garage and they could start out by fixing up and selling the vehicles at hand, and then some donation type deal could be worked out, like a mother wattles thing. recloneditioned autos r us, or some such.

sheep 2007/5/10 (Thurs.) 15:37:43
Yes Ethermonkey! I love that idea. I'll have to add a drawing showing the garage being owned by the clones. Nice

ted [Home Page] 2007/5/17 (Thurs.) 10:26:34
yo pretty sick lol...i wanna see other good comments...that make sense and arnt about jar babies

ethermonkey 2007/5/19 (Sat.) 08:54:20
ted, you would rather the preserved "specimins" remain that way? although created in a laboratory, i would say that addressing them as actual humans and treating them to the respect that i imagine you would afford your own friends and family is not a "sick" thing to want to do. i'm just talking about a public ceremony for bith thier brothers and the people who are watching this drama unfold on their televisions. sheesh.
and ideas, me ted?

georgia 2007/5/24 (Thurs.) 07:47:51
i want to kiss u

ethermonkey 2007/5/25 (Fri.) 10:23:12
i'm all a pucker...het sheep, finish this joint!

ethermonkey 2007/8/21 (Tue.) 05:47:48
my copy of this book is missing the last page!


sheep 2007/4/8 (Sun.) 07:32:02
You wake up the next day to the birds singing and the sun shinning through your window. You can't believe everything that happened to you just hours before has almost come to an end. You think back to the green door that started it all. The underground tunnels that mazed beneath the city that were filled with fear and danger. A smirk comes across your face as you recollect the ingenuity you used to overcome the various obstacle's to reach not only your survival but, the saving of many lives and the capture of the evil doctor. You wonder what will happen to all that were saved, saddened for all that didn't and hopeful the doctor will get his due. You get dressed and head downstairs and are greeted with the smell of bacon in the air. Your mother gives you biggest smile as she reaches out to hug you once again. You feel slightly embarrassed as she gives you a big kiss on the cheek and tells you to sit down for breakfast. You look to see if the newspaper is on the table but don't see it. You ask your mother where the paper is and she tells you she hasn't gone out to get it yet. "I'm going out to get it" you say as you walk to the front door. You're curious to see what's written about the mental hospital and if there's any mentioning of you. Just as you exit the door, the phone starts to ring. You turn to face it but your mother yells out that she'll get it. Outside, you unfold the paper and splashed across the headlines in bold type are the words "local hero to be honored at capital today in mental hospital horror". This takes you by complete surprise. Are you the hero? You walk back inside and before you say anything, your mother says someone on the phone wants to talk to you. Picking up the receiver, you say hello. One the other end you hear detective Burns greating you with a joyful tone. "There's no need to come down to the station today" he says. "Everything has been worked out and it looks like you're going to be a big hero in this city". He goes on to tell you that you will meet with mayor Palmer and governor Corzine today at city hall around noon today. He goes on to say that a limo will come by to pick you and your mother up and to dress sharp since you will be in the spotlight today for being a hero to the city and state. You feel overjoyed hearing this and call out to you mother that you're both going to the state house today to meet the mayor and the governor. You thank the detective for calling and hang up the phone. As you sit and eat your breakfast, your eyes read every word of the articles about the hospital. It seems that the prisoners have all said that if wasn't for you that they would still be held captive and the doctor would still be experimenting with them. There's also an artical relating how crime throughout the city has dropped since the capture of the doctor and his assistants. After you're done reading, you take a shower and put on you best duds and wait for the limo to pull up outside. You feel the butterflys in you stomach as noon approaches, then you hear a knock at the door. You mother answers the door and standing there is the limo driver that was sent to take you to the state house. You both pile in and off you go to the state house. As you near the state house, you see a large crowd has gatherd along with news vans. The limo pulls up in front and the crowd cheers and hollers as you both exit. The start to chant "hero!, hero!" as your led inside. What will it be like to meet the mayor and governor? Stay tunned to find out.

2007/9/29 (Sat.) 02:12:53
great pixeldraw....


sheep 2007/3/18 (Sun.) 15:57:56
As you sit in the cell, you start to worry. You wonder if this was all worth it. Every time someone walks by, you glance over to the door to see if they're here to release you. It seems like forever since they locked you inside but then someone stops at the door. You look up and there's detective Burns and your mother standing on the other side. Tears are falling down her face as she holds her hands out, yearning to hold you once again. As the detective unlocks the door, he tells you that you are free to go. You jump to your feet and rush over to your mother and hug her like never before. Her whole body shakes as she cries even harder then before. You tell your mother that everything will be Ok and that you'll never do anything like this again. You then hear the detective say that you'll need to come back tomorrow to answer more questions. You start to ask about the prisoners and the doctor. The detective replies that the prisoners are being well cared for and the doctor isn't going anywhere. He tells you to go home and relax and not to worry since the way he sees it you should be hailed as a hero. The detective then walks you down the hall to a waiting police officer who will drive you both home. Before you leave, the detective places a hand on your mother's shoulder and says to her "Your son saved a lot of people's lives risking his own. I'll see to it that he's rewarded for his bravery." As you both exit the police station, a crowd of people start to cheer waving signs that say you're a hero. Members of the press lurch forward, sticking mics in your faces. Your mother waves them off telling them to please back up. "We have nothing to say at this time. Please give us some peace. We will make a statement tomorrow after my son returns to the station." With that, you both enter the patrol car and drive away. You turn and look at your mother and ask if you're going to be in trouble for all of this once you get home. She gently taps her hand onto yours and smiles. "Everything will be alright my son. You being safe and back home is all that matters for now". She says. The patrol car pulls up in front of the house and the officer lets the both of you out. He reminds you that you will be contacted tomorrow and not to leave the area. He reaches out to shake your hand and say's "good luck", then drives off. As you enter the house you can't help but feel safe. It's been such a long and strange journey you've been on. Your mother again gives you a big hug, then holds you back to get a good look at you. "You look hungry" she says. It's been a while since you had anything good to eat so you reply "yes, very". You sit down on the couch as your mother walks to the kitchen to make you something to eat. You feel tired for the first time in days as your eyes start to close. Before long you're fast asleep. What will tomorrow be like when you return to the police station? Are you really going to be hailed a hero? Is this story coming to an end? Yes, the end is near.

mf [Home Page] 2007/3/30 (Fri.) 08:01:02


sheep 2007/2/25 (Sun.) 13:05:12
Once at the police station, they separate the three of you, then place you inside one of the interrogation rooms to be questioned. Soon, an officer enters the room and takes a seat across from you at the table. First, he asks your name and where you live. Knowing you did nothing wrong, you answer his questions without hesitation. The officer in the room doesn't recognise your name but one of the officers standing outside of the room behind the mirror thinks he does and leaves to get a file back at his office. The officer then asks you for the reason why you were trying to capture or harm the doctor that was stuck in the fence behind the old garage where they apprehend you. You tell him that this might take awhile for him to understand. He tells you he has all the time I need. You start by telling him about the green door in the alley that lead to a basement. You continue telling him your journey through the sewers and finding a wounded man who warned you of an evil doctor and his men. It's then that you can see the doubt start to come over the officers face. He interupts you and asks if you are making this up because it sounds kind of strange. You assure him that it's a true story and you can prove it if he just gives you a chance. He gives a quick glance over his shoulder at the mirror then tells you to continue. Knowing that he's not going to believe the rest of your story, you tell him to check your story against those that were saved from the burning hospital. They will collaborate everthing and if you don't want to believe them than go ask the firemen that were in the basement fighting the fire. They will tell you about the lab that the evil doctor ran in the basement of the hospital. The firemen will also tell you that we were trying to stop the doctor. It's then that you remember the note that they took from your pocket when they brought you to the station. You tell the officer the meaning of the note and that can be collaborated also. Just then, a knock comes at the door and the officer excuses himself for a minute. While the officer's out of the room, you think to yourself that this will all be cleared up soon and that you'll be able to go home. The door opens and the officer steps back inside followed by another man dressed in a suit. He introduces himself as detective Burns and asks you to follow him down the hall. He leads you to an office where two firemen are standing, still in there gear. Detective Burn's asks the firemen if you are the one they confronted in the tunnel and knocked them out with some type of liquid in a test tube. They both answer yes that you are one of the men who knocked them out. It's then that the detective informs you that even if your story checks out, you're still going to be in trouble for endangering the life of these two firemen. You start to explain yourself to the firemen but the detective stops you and leads you to a cell. As you're being locked inside the cell, the officer that went to get that file approaches the detective and hands him the file. Inside is the police report that your mother filled out when you went missing so many days ago. The detective reads it over briefly and turns towards you. He tells you to relax and that he's going to go make a phone call. Meanwhile, your story spreads through the station and more and more officers are hearing the same thing from the others that were held captive by the doctor and the firemen at the scene. How long will it be until you're set free? Who is the detective calling? Those answers and more are soon to come.

RAY [Home Page] 2007/9/26 (Wed.) 06:43:44
are you ok


sheep 2007/2/12 (Mon.) 12:49:21
Once you step outside, you run to the back of the garage and meet the prisoner at the fence where the doctor is hanging by his foot. He starts to plead with you to let him go and that he can pay you lots of money if you do so. This makes the prisoner angry so he starts to kick the doctor through the fence while yelling at him to shut up. "Stop, he's not going anywhere" You say to the prisoner. It's then that you hear a car rolling up behind you in the alleyway. You turn to see a Trenton police car with two patrolmen inside. They stop the car and get out with their guns drawn and tell you to freeze. At last, you say to yourself. This whole ordeal is over! But is it? "Help me! These two men are trying to kill me" The doctor screams out. The policemen call for backup and tell the both of you to get down on the ground with your hands above your head. " The guy hanging from the fence is the one you should be arresting. We are trying to stop him. He's the evil doctor from the hospital " you try to explain. "You'll have plenty of time to explain yourself when we take you all to the station" the one officer says. With that, they place handcuffs on you as another patrol car pulls up. One of the first officers on the scene instructs the others to go around the front of the building and find a way to get inside the fence. Within a minute, they are inside cuffing the prisoner and helping the doctor free himself. Soon, several more patrol cars pull up and assist the other officers. With the three of you now in custody, they load you in their cars and proceed to the station. How will you be able to convince the police that you are a hero? You're going to need some evidence to prove that you are. What are you going to say to prove it? Now it's up to you to spell it all out. Start singing. ( Try and hold back from giving all the proof in one reply so everyone can get their shot at it)

ethermonkey 2007/2/12 (Mon.) 20:11:07
well, first of all we should mention the firemen and the hoard of bearded men of similar height and similar stories out front...

ethermonkey 2007/2/13 (Tue.) 18:18:09
...and it seems the fires were put out, so a map to the specimen room and it's adjoining horrors might help, labs, prison cells, human cells in agar, etc etc etc...

ethermonkey 2007/2/13 (Tue.) 21:29:38
...and i'll bet "I" smell like antifreeze. 'praps the good doctors' hands do, too...

mf [Home Page] 2007/2/15 (Thurs.) 07:18:50
what ever became of that letter we found o so long ago in the breast pocket of the dead guy in the janitors closet? I didnt go back and look at that panel, but if memory serves, it has some incriminating evidence. also, im sure that crazy lady that wouldnt leave has some interesting stories to tell.

sheep 2007/2/15 (Thurs.) 12:53:21
These ideas are very good and will be implemented in a part of the ending of this adventure that is to be completed soon.

ethermonkey 2007/2/16 (Fri.) 08:33:48
should i keep going? my tongue is help in awaitence (sic) of a yanbu or other players rambles...maybe shoot us a police lock-up drwr to limber our tongues!

ted [Home Page] 2007/5/17 (Thurs.) 10:27:39
yeah dats how i do!


sheep 2007/2/10 (Sat.) 15:53:55
The prisoner is taken by complete suprise as the doctor rushes by him before getting a chance to swing the axe handle. The doctor jumps up onto the hood of the daytona, scrambles up the windshield and on the the roof. You just start to regain your sight when you see the doctor run across the roof, step up on the wing, then take a leap up over the fence. Fortunately, he doesn't quite make it over the barbed wire to make a clean getaway. His one foot gets twisted in the wire and he dangles helplessly above the ground. The prisoner runs up the car and grabs hold of his leg in case he breaks free. The doctor starts to kick with his other foot trying to break the prisoners grip, but soon gives up. By this time, you can see fairly well and approach the prisoner and the doctor. "You need to get to the other side of the fence and help me hold the doctor" the prisoner says. There are no holes, the gate is locked and going over the same way the doctor tried might not be a good idea. Do you have a suggestion?

mf 2007/2/10 (Sat.) 19:38:17
i dont see a bit of cloth laying about anywhere..maybe we can use our trusty shirt again and lay it over the barbed wire, then climb over it.

sheep 2007/2/11 (Sun.) 06:50:22
Your shirt might be too thin to protect you from the barbs. There's a easier way to get to the other side.

yanbu 2007/2/11 (Sun.) 10:15:21
stack some barrels and or tires?

mf 2007/2/11 (Sun.) 12:21:50
does the fence butt up to the edge of the building does it wrap around? if it butts up against it, maybe going thru the window in the garage might be the trick

sheep 2007/2/11 (Sun.) 12:24:04
It doesn't wrap around but why the window? Why not use the ....?

ethermonkey 2007/2/11 (Sun.) 12:31:51

mf 2007/2/11 (Sun.) 12:35:11
asumptions. i shouldnt do that. always gettin me in trouble. i was fiquring it was locked, and from personal experience last week, it's not an easy task to break a lock with a hammer or something of the sort. i ended up needin to buy a bolt cutter, even then...ok, so yeah, lets try that gate then. and if locked, i say the window.

sheep 2007/2/11 (Sun.) 12:36:58
gate locked...window is closer to the answer. It is four letters though.

ethermonkey 2007/2/11 (Sun.) 13:18:22
is "garage door opener back inside the building" a four letter word?

sheep 2007/2/11 (Sun.) 13:43:31
Yes, the door in the garage that the car was parked at. You go back inside the garage and unlock the overhead door. There is no automatic opener so you lift it up and walk outside. You can now go around the building and help the prisoner with the doctor. Let's go do that.

mf 2007/2/11 (Sun.) 13:59:39
ah dangit. the door was on the opposite side. i got turned around and thought the door was leading into the fenced in area. righty-o.

ethermonkey 2007/2/11 (Sun.) 15:01:28
and please, dear readers, accept my apology for mentioning the gate. Myself, i forgot to reread the top paragraph where it was clearly stated that said gate was LOCKED.


sheep 2007/2/8 (Thurs.) 16:47:34
Meanwhile back in the tunnel........The two firemen awaken from their sleep to the sound of the radio chatter. "Sarge! Come in Sarge!" The fireman calls out over the radio. "What's going on down there? We lost contact with the two of you" he replies back. "We got knocked out with some type of liquid they poured into our helmets. We think that they continued past the door in the tunnel we're in" They explained back. "The fire has been put down. Can you make it back to the basement?" The sargent asked. "Yes, we're fine. Just a little light headed. We need to find those other people that were down here before we head back out." They radio back. The sargent begins to berate them about not being mindful of their own safty when the radio begins to cut out. It's then that they get the idea to shut off the radio and continue down the tunnel and explain themselves later. They go through the broken door and travel to the end of the tunnel where they find the wounded prisoner. The one fireman croutches down near the prisoner to check and see if he's alright. He starts to mumble about stopping the doctor and is clearly incoherent. They try and ask where the other people went but it's no use. They notice that his shoulder appears to be either dislocated or broken and figure they'll need a streacher to get him out. Shining the light upwards, they see the open hole but have no means to climb out. The one fireman lifts his helmet off and yells up into the hole and waits for a reply but gets nothing back. They've done as much as they could at this point, so they turn the radio back on and try and make contact with the surface. The angered response they get from the sargent is expected but they explain to him that they need a streacher brought down into the tunnel since they've found a wounded survivor. They also try and relate the direction that the tunnel is going so the police can search for the location of the exit hole. The sargent demands that they don't move from their position and that help has already been sent. The sargent then relays the information the firemen gave him about the tunnels exit to the police chief on the scene. The chief rounds up several officers and gives them instructions to begin a search of the surrounding area for anything or anyone who looks out of place in an area south of the hospital. He also tells them to keep a lookout for any holes in the ground that would be big enough for a person to fit through. The officers split up and begin a search of the area but, are they going in the right direction? We'll have to wait and see.


sheep 2007/2/7 (Wed.) 16:30:53
The first thing you check is the box near the door but all it contains is a car engine. Then, you make your way to the box in the back and suddenly see the doctor pop up from behind the two barrels. Before you can react, he thrust an open container of antifreeze twards you that he was holding in his hands. The antifreeze comes flying out of the container splashing you in your eyes and face. You're blinded as he charges out from behind the barrels, knocking you to the floor of the truck. You yell out to the prisoner "He's coming your way! Stop him!" The prisoner turns around and sees the doctor jump out of the truck and head strait for him. Will he be able to stop him? Or does the doctor have another trick up his sleeve? Stayed tuned to find out!


sheep 2007/2/5 (Mon.) 15:50:37
There's not much in there. Move on to the daytona now?

yanbu 2007/2/5 (Mon.) 19:15:29
yes, but can one of us check the boxes and barrels just in case while the other goes over there?

ethermonkey 2007/2/6 (Tue.) 16:35:13
yes to box check, 'n 'praps we should look into the cab, too.
any ether or boomboom left, btw?

sheep 2007/2/7 (Wed.) 14:23:26
You check to see if you have anymore either or exploding bombs before you decide to investigate further but, you used the last ones up on the firemen. You tell the prisoner to go over to the daytona and check that out while you look inside the back of the truck. As he heads over to the daytona, you climb up into the back of the truck. Let's see what's in the boxes and behind those two drums.


sheep 2007/2/4 (Sun.) 12:35:36
There's not many places he could've gone. The gate at the far end looks locked and the fence is lined with barbed wire. He could be in the old blue camaro, poorly drawn old vette, dodge daytona, mustang fastback, that green thing at the back of the lot or the box truck. What do you want to look in first?

ethermonkey 2007/2/4 (Sun.) 18:28:46
if I were an evil scientist, i would be curious what i could rig out of the back of an old spring co. truck. and if i were a guy who wandered into an abandoned warehouse through a mysterious green door and had an incedble advententure, i'd look at the wall behind me and see if there were a ladder going farther up.
look up, back of truck, behind the red ride. in that order.

ethermonkey 2007/2/4 (Sun.) 18:29:28
and, o yeah, scan the fenceline for signs of holes.

yanbu 2007/2/5 (Mon.) 04:58:48
id check the truck too, i have a feelin its the red car

ethermonkey 2007/2/5 (Mon.) 07:23:20
and 'praps we should use caution with those suspiciously ajar trailer doors, move em with a lever to avoid flying springs that be sprung or boobied! oy, drink coffee!

ethermonkey 2007/2/5 (Mon.) 08:05:55
yet, maybe it's that grindhouse classic "Behind the Green Car."
had my coffee now, i'll stop typing and wait my turn.

sheep 2007/2/5 (Mon.) 13:41:23
Sounds like you have a good plan. First, you turn around and see no means to escape. Then, you slowly make your way over to the box truck, scanning the fench for holes as you go. You reach the back of the truck and didn't see any holes, so you motion to the prisoner to sneek around the front of the truck and stand by the other back door. With the hook of the crowbar, you pull one of the back doors open and step back in case something comes flying at you. Hmmm, nothing came flying out. It's now time to take a peek inside. Let's see what's in there.


sheep 2007/2/3 (Sat.) 12:19:14
You retrieve the ladder from the hole that leads down into the cave and place it inside the elevator shaft. You tell the prisoner to get ready to follow you as soon as you climb out into the garage. Just as you make it to the top of the ladder and are about to climb out, the doctor starts to walk to the cars door and sees you. Without hesitation, he starts running twords the back left hand corner of the garage. You reach out with the crowbar and hook his left foot causing him to fall to the ground. You yell down to the prisoner that he's spotted you and is trying to get away. As you finish climbing out of the elevator, he gets back on his feet and scrambles to a door that you could'nt see before. You are now just several feet behind him as he pushes the door open to make his last ditch effort to get away. He throws the door closed just as you are in the doorway and it strikes you square in the face. For a brief moment you see stars as you reach up to your face with your hands. You feel something wet on your fingers and soon relize that your nose is bleeding. It startles you when the prisoner touches your back and asks you if you're alright. "The bastard hit me with the door", you yell out. The prisoner quickly pushes you to the side, opens the door and takes a few steps outside. He looks around and sees no sign of the doctor but, he couldn't have gone too far. You meet him outside and begin your search. (new drawing to follow to aid you in your search)


sheep 2007/1/27 (Sat.) 13:52:56
You shine your flashlight down into the hole and motion for the prisoner to come up the ladder. Once upstairs you ask him how the other prisoner is doing. He tells you that he's still not able to move and that they must continue without him. Now you give him the crowbar and tell him to go check out the cabinet to see if the doctors hiding inside. He creeps up to it and looks inside, then turns around and gives you the all clear. Walking over to the base of the stairs, you both know that the doctor must have gone up the steps. With the axe handle in your hand, you both start to climb up the steps following behind the prisoner. It's then that you hear a noise coming from the open doorway at the top. The both of you are on edge now as you reach the last step. The prisoner slowly peeks out of the doorway and sees the doctor over in the far corner. He whispers to you that he sees him and that he's about 30 feet away. From what he could see, there's an overhead garage door in back of him but it's closed. The both of you might be able to rush him before he gets a chance to open the door and run away. Is that what you want to do? Of would you like to try something else?

The angry flagman 2007/1/27 (Sat.) 16:29:13
The doctor has time for only one action. Open the door and run out or jump in the car and hope it starts enough to smash through the door. That old car is heavy enough to smash through the door. I would get the prisoner to help pick up that rear end on the floor there and drop it in front of the car. It will be wider than the garage door and due to the cars low ground clearance it wont climb over the axle. If the doctor goes for the door instead of the car the two of you can take him out quickly. If he's traped in the car you can smash your way in with that old drive shaft.

sheep 2007/1/28 (Sun.) 07:45:59
It might not be a good idea to lift that heavy rear and carry it over to the door. That would take a lot of time and effort. Plus, the both of you would have your hands full (and have to leave your weapons behind) and the doctor could knock the both of you up side your head with a heavy object. There is a way to sneek up on him without him seeing you but that would take a lot of thought. Can you figure out how to do that or should you just try and rush him before he has time to get that car started and and get away?

yanbu 2007/1/28 (Sun.) 08:27:37
are those cabinets on the left flush to the wall? maybe we could creep quietly behind them around to the back of the car, and creep around the car armed with crowbar and friend with pipe

sheep 2007/1/28 (Sun.) 14:51:45
Sorry, the cabinet is against the wall and butted up to the elevators outside wall also. Keep thinking.

mf 2007/1/29 (Mon.) 14:12:35
do we still have the sling shot? maybe if there are a bunch of nuts and bolts laying about right in front of us, we could use em as ammo. Maybe just as the first shot is being fired, the friend with us can rush so as soon as he is hit by the bolt, he gets wacked with the crow-bar. then we run up and both beat him silly-willy

sheep 2007/1/29 (Mon.) 15:51:27
Damn! You forgot the slingshot in the tunnel. You must have put it down when you were breaking through the door and didn't pick it up again. You could send the prisoner back but, you don't have to go that far to get what you need.....hint hint.

yanbu 2007/1/29 (Mon.) 16:52:31
does the elevator from the previous panel connect to the one in this room? if so we could possibly climb up that quietly, weapons in hand to sneak attack the doctor

sheep 2007/1/30 (Tue.) 06:05:29
Yes it does connect. But how do you climb it?

mf 2007/1/30 (Tue.) 09:04:19
curious whats on the table to the left downstairs. maybe something light but durable that we can move into the elevator to use as a boost.

sheep 2007/1/30 (Tue.) 10:23:20
That's a fender behind the table. That would be too unstable to use to climb up. You're almost there though.

mf 2007/1/30 (Tue.) 15:52:59
i meant on the oposite side where we can only see one leg of the table

yanbu 2007/1/30 (Tue.) 20:12:57
can we move the table over there?

sheep 2007/1/31 (Wed.) 05:52:17
The left table (with one leg showing) has nothing on it. The fender might look like it's on it but is behind it. The Table itself would be close to the hight you would need but not close enough. HINT-There are three other drawings that have the answer that you seek.

yanbu 2007/1/31 (Wed.) 15:16:33
ah shit, the ladder? the wood ladder from the tunnel?

sheep 2007/1/31 (Wed.) 15:25:41
YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! The ladder!!!!! Let's do it.


sheep 2007/1/23 (Tue.) 16:47:00
You pop your head out and take a look around.It looks like some type of basement with assorted car parts on the floor and shelves. There's a stairway at the far end that leads upstairs and an old cargo elevator to your right. There's no sign of the doctor but you can see light filtering through the doorway that leads upstairs. What are you going to do now?

PS. I really wanted to add more car parts but time was running short so pretend that the whole basement is full of parts. This will come in play at the end of the story.

yanbu 2007/1/23 (Tue.) 18:45:07
the stairs! our friend first

ethermonkey 2007/1/24 (Wed.) 00:05:29
clone to der stairs, 'praps armed with that curvy pipe, und we checkum the green cabinet right quick. yup.

fatriblet 2007/1/24 (Wed.) 19:25:41
leave no friend behind

yanbu 2007/1/25 (Thurs.) 19:33:47
no friend behind policy in effect


sheep 2007/1/14 (Sun.) 09:39:33
The prisoner puts the head of the axe through the opening and pushes on the handle with all his might. The object blocking the opening starts to move but then something unexpected happens. With a loud crack, the handle of the axe breaks in two causing the prisoner to loose his ballance and tumble off the ladder nearly missing the two of you below. Landing on his shoulder, he winches in pain as he rolls around on the ground. You ask him if he's alright but he's in too much pain to answer. Looks like if you do find a way out he'll have to be left behind. You're down to just the two of you to figure out a way to get out of here and catch the doctor. Is there another way to move the object? Has the doctor givin himself enough time to get away? How are you going to solve the problem of unblocking the exit?

yanbu 2007/1/14 (Sun.) 18:26:02
can we use the rest of the handle yet another time? it moved some before, maybe there's enough handle left

sheep 2007/1/15 (Mon.) 08:09:34
The handle broke at its thickest point so using the part that isn't broken will most likely break again. There is a better way.

ethermonkey 2007/1/15 (Mon.) 13:18:13
inventory report!

sheep 2007/1/15 (Mon.) 14:59:38

ethermonkey 2007/1/15 (Mon.) 17:14:12
so, what then...we place a firebomb on the edge of the holetop and hope a.) it doesn't take the ladder out and b.) doesn't take the room/building above out...sheeeeoot, i dunno.

mf 2007/1/15 (Mon.) 17:55:05
crowbar. fergot we had that

sheep 2007/1/16 (Tue.) 13:55:16
Ah, you remembered that you had a crowbar and that would be the perfect tool for the job. Back up the ladder you climb and insert the crowbar into the small opening. Being careful not to also fall off the ladder, you push on the crowbar, moving the blockage until your hand hits the wall of the cave and can't go any further. You reposition the crowbar several times and move the blockage more each time. Finally, you move the object enough for the both of you to fit through. You were a little worried about the scraping noise that the object made while you were moving it but it didn't seem to gather anyones attention. It's probably safe to take a peek out of the hole to see if you can figure out where you are. Do you want to do that now or try something else?

ethermonkey 2007/1/17 (Wed.) 00:51:55
poke! poke! poke!

ethermonkey 2007/1/20 (Sat.) 09:24:56
prince albert in a can, refrigerator running...better catch it!!!! waaaaaaa, hurry people, if they be runnin', we best be runnin', too!!! heyheyhey!

yanbu 2007/1/22 (Mon.) 19:25:34
i say we poke our heads up and take a look at where we are, i agree with ethermonkey

sheep 2007/1/23 (Tue.) 13:09:23
OK, let's take a look.


sheep 2007/1/12 (Fri.) 16:17:54
You take off your shirt and wrap it around the axe head to use as a decoy in case the doctor is waiting at the top of the ladder to ambush you. You hand the decoy to one of the prisoners and instruct him to climb the ladder and slowly stick it out of the top of the hole. As he starts to climb up, you steady the ladder and turn off the flashlight. In the darkness you feel the ladder shake more and more as he climbs to the top. Suddenly he stops and at the same time you hear a muffled thud, then another. The ladder starts to shake again as the prisoner climbs back down. When he reaches the bottom, he tells you that something is blocking the hole at the top of the ladder and he can't stick the decoy out. At this point, the only thing you can do is climb the ladder yourself and use the flashlight to see what's blocking the way. You turn the light back on and cup your hand over the lens, slightly separating two of your fingers to let out only a thin beam of light. As you near the top of the ladder, you can see there's a dark object blocking the exit. Slowly, you open your fingers to allow more light out so you can see the object better. Now removing you hand from the lens, it appears to be something made of metal judging by the rust spots along the bottom. You also notice fresh scratches in the paint that indicate that it was pushed over the hole. There's a small opening on the one side that the metal object doesn't cover but it's too dark to see what's beyond. What are you going to do now?

ethermonkey 2007/1/12 (Fri.) 23:46:34
can we use our "fake head" as a lever? -- the old 'angle push,' as the ladies call it.

kixomarzt 2007/1/13 (Sat.) 20:55:22
is it "fresh" air we're breathing?
well i suggest to get a break after all this mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kixomarzt 2007/1/13 (Sat.) 21:01:31
to be honest this is the best tshirt i can imagine drawn with oekaki.... respect from here

sheep 2007/1/14 (Sun.) 08:02:26
You wonder if there's fresh air above the blocked hole, so you put your nose up to the opening to take a wiff. The air feels warm against your face, yet smells of grease or oil. The smell reminds you of the times you've wondered through the local junkyard looking at the rusted out cars of days gone by. You try again to move the object with your hands but it's just too heavy. There seems to be enough room for you to stick the handle of the axe in the opening to use it as a lever. Returning to the bottom of the ladder, you remove your shirt from the axe and put it back on. You explain to the prisoners that you're going to need to use the axe handle as a lever to move the blockage. One of the prisoners grabs the axe and heads up the ladder to try. Will he succeed? Let's find out.


sheep 2007/1/11 (Thurs.) 14:59:01
You rush down the dark damp tunnel hoping to catch up with the doctor before he gets a chance to get away. Within minutes, you reach the end of the tunnel and discover a wooden ladder that goes up into a dark hole in the roof. There's no other place the doctor could have gone. The question is, who will go up the ladder first? Will it be you or one of the prisoners?

yanbu 2007/1/11 (Thurs.) 16:49:44
i'd peek up there myself, maybe wihtout the flashlight? if there is any available light up there it might be better not to call attention with the flashlight

mf 2007/1/11 (Thurs.) 19:14:01
maybe the old "fake head routine". wrap some shirt-cloth around the head of the axe and stick it up first to see what happens.

ether'timetime'monkey 2007/1/11 (Thurs.) 20:20:50
have a clone pull the mf routine, if all goes well then do a yanbu lightless jobbie!

yanbu 2007/1/11 (Thurs.) 20:30:36
ha! nice combo


sheep 2006/5/4 (Thurs.) 16:39:09
The two firemen reach the door that blocks the way to the doctor. The prisoners and the boy are so busy trying to make the hole big enough for them to fit through that they don't even notice them. It's not until their shadows cast upon the door from the firefighter's light that they turn around to see who's there. At first they are startled to see these men with one armed with an axe but relieved once they relize that they are not here to cause harm. "We need your help" The boy calls out. The firemen respond by telling them to follow them back to the basement so they can get out of this dangerous situation they're in. "No, No" We can't go now. We almost have the hole big enough to fit through" say's one of the prisoners. "We're here to get you out safely. You must follow us out" The firefighter demands. "Look, we've gone this far to capture the man responsible for all of our suffering. Either help us out or you will regret your decision" the other prisoner says. The fireman radios back to the sergeant and informs him that they've located the remaining prisoners and the boy but they refuse to leave. He describes to the sergeant the door in the cave and the reason for their refusal. The sergeant radios back to firemen that they are to return back to the surface with the prisoners and the boy immediatly. The firemen repeat their demands to the prisoners and the boy that they are under orders to remove them from the cave now. What are you going to do? Are you going to let the doctor get away? With their help you could bust through this door in no time but they don't seem to want to help. The longer you wait the further away you are from capturing the doctor. Do you give up? I didn't think you would. Now what?

kix 2006/5/14 (Sun.) 12:10:40
borrow an axe!
dont let this fucker go away

ad 2006/5/14 (Sun.) 14:15:17
tell them your little sister is trapped behind the door to get them to bust dat ish down!

sheep 2006/5/17 (Wed.) 16:08:29
After trying to give them a line of bull about your sister being on the other side of the door, you plead with the firemen that if they let you use their axe, you and one of the prisoners will follow them back to the surface. "Look we'd like to help you out but we must obey the sergeant and bring all of you back up to the surface" the firemen reply. Looks like you need to go with them or think of another way to handle the situation. It seems like the time is over for you to be nice to the firemen if you want to catch the doctor. Or maybe you could trick them into thinking you are ready to follow them, then take control of the axe somehow. Looks like you have more thinking to do. One thing is for sure. Their not going to help you catch the doctor on their own free will. What is your plan now?

time time 2006/5/27 (Sat.) 15:20:42
would our ether stash be any match against those fancy looking o2 supply masks? 'praps we could tell them we'll follow and lift up their helmets from behind with ether vials at the ready to pour inside? i dunno...

tete 2006/5/28 (Sun.) 15:11:18
if there are enough of us..bum rush them...don't kill them just subdue them and ether them into a nice dreamy sleep

sheep 2006/5/28 (Sun.) 16:09:59
Great idea! You tell them that you will follow them out since they won't help you anyway. They radio back upstairs that they're on their back up with the boy and the prisoners in tow. As they turn to walk back out, you hand each prisoner an ether tube and notion for them to yank their mask up from behind and pour the ether inside their helmets. The prisoners remove the cloth plugs from the tubes and hold their thumbs over the openings. You then give the signal for them to go for it and they lift the firemen's masks and pour the ether inside then they slam the masks closed. One of them tries to use his radio to call for help but the ether hits them fast and they both stumble to the ground. You grab their axe and flashlight and go back to the door. It only takes a dozen swings of the axe before you have a hole big enough for all of you to fit through. Will you be able to catch up to the doctor? Let's see what's ahead.

2006/6/26 (Mon.) 13:56:13
oooook! is this resuming someday?

tete 2006/7/21 (Fri.) 12:02:32
i don't believe it is


sheep 2006/4/22 (Sat.) 13:33:18
Back in the lobby, the prisoners that survived reach the bottom of the stairs. They see the firemen standing by the door and call out for help. The firemen rush over to their aid as they call out over the radio that there's people entering the lobby from upstairs. Several more firemen enter the lobby and assist the prisoners outside to the front of the building. Once out in the open, they notice the people they just removed are dirty and unkept. They bring them over to the waiting ambulences where they are joined by several police officers. The police start to ask them questions like who are they and what were they doing inside. Expecting to hear they are just squatters, they wait for them to reply. At first they are reluctant to speak and only give each other nervous glances. Then one of them speaks out. "We are prisoners. All of us have been held captive by the evil doctor for many years. Most of us were born here, never seeing the outside world." At this time the sergeant of the police force chimes in saying "you expect us to believe that." "Now tell us the truth and explain why there was dead bodies all over the place." Several more prisoners start to speak at once begging them to believe what they are saying. "Ok then" the sergeant say's. "Lets separate these people and question them one at a time to see if what they are saying is true." "No!" "There isn't any time for that!" One of the prisoners shouts out. "There's more people still inside including the boy who saved us!" "The boy?" The sergeant asked. "Who is this boy?" "We don't know who he is" "He unlocked us from our cells and helped us escape." To which the sergeant replyed "A unknown boy helped you escape from your cells?" "This story that you're giving me doesn't make any sense. Get these people out of here. Take them over to the hospital and look them over. Then when you are done I want them all locked up until I get some real answers out of them." Just then they get a call over the radio from one of the firemen that's in the basement. "You wouldn't believe what we just found down here. There's two hallways lined on both sides with prison cells. There doesn't seem to be any more people down here but a couple of us are still investigating the cave we found." "The cave!" One of the prisoners shouts out. "That's the last direction the doctor headed. It was used to transport food and supplys without having to enter the hospital and risk being noticed." Then one of the other prisoners adds "That's where the boy went too. He was chasing the doctor and Ed with two of the other prisoners." Now it's the police that start to glance at one another wondering if maybe these squatters might be telling the truth. "Hold on" The sergeant say's. "Keep these people here for a few more minutes." He looks the more vocal prisoner directly in his eyes and says to him "Answer every question I have as short and as fast as you can. Is this understood?" The prisoner nods his head yes. The first question he asked was "Who is this doctor and why keep you captive?" To which the prisoner replys "Dr. Thomas, to experiment on us." It's then the sergeant remembers the day of the riot and the missing doctor. "You mean to tell me that you were all held captive by Dr. Thomas. The same Dr. Thomas who disappeared during the riots?" The sergeant asked. "I don't know." The prisoner says. "Where does this cave lead too." The sergeant asks. "I don't know. Us prisoners never got to use it. Only the workers were allowed to use the cave" "Workers?" The sergeant asked. "Who were they?" The prisoner explained as best he could that they were loyal servents that he created using his experiments with cloning humans. The prisoner now begs the sergeant to save the boy who entered the cave and to stop wasting time with all these questions. Reluctantly, the sergeant picks up the radio and contacts the firemen that entered the cave. "This is sergeant Cross do you read me?" "Yes the firemen reply." "The cave you guys are in. Do you see anybody in there?" "We see something laying in the floor up ahead. It's another body. His head is all smashed in. The glow at the end of the cave is getting brighter and there seems to be traces of smoke coming from that direction." The firemen replys. "We have some information that there's a boy inside the tunnel." The sergeant says back. "This is no boy we found on the floor of the cave. He's an older man with graying hair." The prisoner overhears this and asks the sergeant to ask the fireman if it is a tall man or a short man. The sergeant relays the question and the fireman answers "A short man." "That must be Ed." The prisoner says. Before he can say more, over the radio the fireman says he can hear banging coming from the direction they are going. "Are the firemen in any danger?" The sergeant asks the prisoner. "I can't say for sure but with Ed dead they'll be safer than if he was still alive." The sergeant radios back to the firemen to proceed with extreme caution. Then he instruct the prisoners to be taken away now. "No! We are not leaving until you find the boy." One of them yells out. The other prisoners also start to protest saying they all want to stay. They state they have done nothing wrong and owe the boy their life. They are not going to leave peacefully and will cause no trouble if allowed to stay. The sergeant thinks about it for a second and reasons that he's got enough trouble on his hands as it is. He grants them their wish but only if they agree that they will stay out of the way and seek medical attention from the medics as they wait. They all accept this deal and are all gathered in an open area nearby guarded by several police officers. Will the boy be found? Will the doctor be captured? The answer will soon be known!


sheep 2006/4/21 (Fri.) 15:48:21
You light one of your firebombs and toss it at the base of the cave door. It explodes as it makes contact and engulfs the door in fire. It should only take a couple a minutes for the door to weaken enough for you to use the crowbar to smash through it. Meanwhile back at the basement, one of the firemen reaches the caves opening and notices a glow coming from deep inside the cave. He calls out on his radio that he's found some type of cave and asks for another fireman to come and take a look. Soon he is joined by another fireman and they radio back to the chief that they're going in to investigate.


sheep 2006/2/11 (Sat.) 12:47:06
Meanwhile, the last of the women are safely removed from the basement and are gathered in the doctors old office. There's a fine cloud of smoke filling the upper floors of the hospital so they need to find their way downstairs. The men lead them out into the hall to the stairway that leads to the lobby. The stairs look safe so they begin their escape from the hosipital.

McRiblets 2006/2/20 (Mon.) 17:57:01
can they see any wall-planted laser-trip-wire mines from where they are situated?

yanbu 2006/3/6 (Mon.) 19:50:17
is it possible to burn the door through? i'm not sure what to do next, possibly pry at the center with the crowbar

sheep 2006/3/7 (Tue.) 14:08:00
Hmmm, burn the door down. The torch alone won't do it but if we add a little something to the mix that might work.

ethermonkey 2006/3/11 (Sat.) 19:19:11
books as kindling and smashed bookcase as fuel!

yanbu 2006/3/12 (Sun.) 12:24:43
did we use the fire bomb yet? if not i think that's somethin to try at the door

sheep 2006/3/13 (Mon.) 13:04:36
Yes, we have a fire bomb. Let's try and burn that sucker down!

moheevi 2006/3/15 (Wed.) 13:41:10
just remember whose idea it was to burn the door down....the more you know (duh nah nuh nuhhhh)


sheep 2006/2/2 (Thurs.) 15:28:40
It appears to be a heavy steel reinforced wood door that was released from the ceiling, blocking your way. Your torch was damaged when one of the prisoners hit Ed in the skull and is starting to go out. Is this the end of the journey for you or do you have a plan?

yanbu 2006/2/2 (Thurs.) 16:35:11
try the lever?

sheep 2006/2/6 (Mon.) 14:09:24
You try the lever but it does nothing. Any other ideas?

moheevi [Home Page] 2006/2/6 (Mon.) 16:46:59
burn the door down...safety is not guranteed.


boo! 2006/2/9 (Thurs.) 17:06:03
could we go back to the pannels in pic 201 and crawl to the other side of the wall?


sheep 2006/2/1 (Wed.) 17:03:01
You quickly load your slingshot and fire off a round. The shot hits Ed in the upper chest area causing him to let out a grunt. He looks surprised to see that he's been shot and for a brief moment lets down his guard. You load another shot into the slingshot and take steady aim for his throat. You release your fingers from the grip on the pouch that holds your next shot. The nut makes a buzzing noise as it flies through the air and impacts the left side of his throat penetrating his flesh with a splatter of blood. He lets out a reflective cough, then blood spills from his mouth. His eyes go blank as his body starts to lean forward. He impacts the dirt floor of the tunnel face first, never trying to break his fall. The prisoners turn around and face you with a look of amazement on their faces but you look past them down into tunnel and see that the doctor has turned around to see what had happened. He starts to run away as the light from his flashlight grows more distant. One of the prisoners pokes Ed with the crowbar to see if he moves but he doesn't. Then without hesitation, lifts the crowbar above his head and brings it down with all his might against Ed's skull. He picks up the knife that Ed dropped and yells out "let's go get that scumbag doctor and give him some of the same". The three of you start to run in the doctors direction, closing in on him in no time. You're about 50 feet behind him when he suddenly stops. You see him reach for something sticking out from the side of the tunnel. Then without warning, a loud crash is heard and the tunnel where the doctor just stood goes black. "What was that" you say to the others. "Where did he go"? You reach the point where the doctor disappeared and can't believe your eyes. Let's take a look at what they see.


sheep 2005/12/19 (Mon.) 19:20:47
The firefighters have now breached the wall and have entered the burned out lab. They see that the fire is coming from the hallway just outside the door so they start blasting it with their hoses. Several of them work together to push back the flames as they near the hall. They radio back to the captain that the fire is raging and they'll need all the men they can get down in the basement immediatly. They manage to push the fire back enough to make out some figures laying on the floor in the smoke filled hall. A shout comes over the radio that there are more people down here and blood splattered everywhere. Outside, the police and other firefighters wonder what the hell is going on. Why are there so many people inside this hospital when it's been closed for years. They hear another call over the radio saying that all of the people down here seem to be dead. They push the fire back more and more and discover the same thing, more dead bodies.

boo! 2005/12/20 (Tue.) 15:05:06
light "the blade" up with the slingshot, yo! just keep firing and firing...

boo! 2005/12/20 (Tue.) 15:05:38
or even hit the doctor a couple of times...

yanbu 2005/12/26 (Mon.) 23:00:33
how about setting one of our thugs to slingshot ed the blade from a safe distance (and to hopefully blind him or take him out) another to create a short diversion to one side of the tunnel for our main man to run past with a bomb and crowbar after the doctor?

boo! 2005/12/27 (Tue.) 16:52:41
we could even put them to sleep!!!

boo! 2006/1/7 (Sat.) 13:18:33
well, we do need to do something

kix 2006/1/27 (Fri.) 15:36:04
the doctor may not escape!!!!
endboss :)

pleeeeeease! 2006/1/31 (Tue.) 18:32:41
i check this every day! EVERY DAY!


sheep 2005/12/18 (Sun.) 19:37:50
You run up to the two men in the tunnel with your weapons at the ready. They both turn and face you as you now stand just a few feet away. One of them is carring a knife and he raises it up to defend themselves. One of the prisoners yells out "It's the doctor and his sidekick Ed! Be careful, he's a master with a knife." You take a step back and the two prisoners step in front of you to protect you from any harm. Ed goes into a verbal rampage saying that we're all going to pay for what we've done. There's no fear in his eyes as he starts to wave the knife in front of him in a metalic blur. "Come on" Ed says "See if hit me before I slash your throat." Ed hands the flashlight to the doctor and tells him to go to the ladder and wait for him. Are you going to let the doctor get away? Do you think that the three of you can take down Ed "The Blade"? What are you going to do?


sheep 2005/12/3 (Sat.) 04:06:34
In another part of the basement, the fireman set up some portable spotlights and begin their work to cut a hole in the wall. First, they disconnect the wire going through the wall then cut the conduit below the junction box. Then with their portable diamond bladded saw, they start to cut a hole in the wall to get to where the fire is. Several other firemen run water hoses down to the basement where they work on the wall. It won't be long before they break through but, will it be soon enough?

yanbu 2005/12/3 (Sat.) 21:07:13
i love this one sheep

sheep 2005/12/7 (Wed.) 04:02:17
Thanks yanbu

more! more! 2005/12/13 (Tue.) 04:25:24

boo! 2005/12/17 (Sat.) 16:39:37
i'm with more more


sheep 2005/12/2 (Fri.) 21:00:36
Back at the prison cells, the last cell door is opened and an elderly woman is inside. She stares at the wall as the male prisoner enters, never turning to see who it is. He says to her "come on, we're here to save you" but she doesn't move. He approaches her and takes her hand and repeats his words and she still doesn't move. It's then that he remembers who she is. It's the doctors assistant Glenda. All those years locked up in the basement working for the evil doctor has taken a toll on her mind. He pleads for her to come with him but it's no use. He calls down the hall for another prisoner to come and assist him to carry her out. As they try and lift her she starts to kick and scream breaking the grip they have on her. She falls back, striking her head on the concrete floor knocking her out. The one prisoner gets an idea and goes and retrieves the gurney. They load her onto the gurney and roll her to the end of the hall where all the other females are waiting. The smoke in the main hallway is now thicker than ever. Crouching as low as they can, they make their way to the door that leads to where the doctors office is and bunk room. They open the door and see the hallway is completely engulfed in flames. There's no way out for them this way. Quickly, they all return to where the elevator is and load the gurney and two other females inside. Before pushing the button, they give them instructions to wait in the office upstairs until everyone has left the basement. It will take several trips to get everybody out of the basement. Just hope the fire doesn't consume them before then.


sheep 2005/12/1 (Thurs.) 04:52:38
You fabricate a torch and light it with your lighter. It gives off pleanty of light to see your way as you enter the tunnel. At first the floor of the tunnel is flat but then you come to an area that starts to rise upwards. Then in the distance, two figures appear about 100 feet in front of you. They are carrying a flashlight and walking away from you. Could this be the doctor? Who is that with him? Do you want to yell out for them to stop, have one of the prisoners yell out "help" to try and trick them, or just start running after them?

yanbu 2005/12/1 (Thurs.) 07:29:08
oh shit, i'm all for running towards them with caution and weapon in hand (and possible questions if they appear friendly/afraid)

moheevi [Home Page] 2005/12/1 (Thurs.) 11:24:36
i concur

boo! 2005/12/1 (Thurs.) 20:37:56
if we run toward them..we do have a weapon in hand...our torch is the crowbar....i'm with you guy, though..just wanted to state the known


sheep 2005/11/26 (Sat.) 05:00:14
You decide to check out the door before you see if there are any footprints leading into the tunnel. As you grab the handle you can feel it's warm to the touch. As the door swings open, you are blasted with heat and smoke from the burning hallway. You gag on the smoke and stench of the burning bodies and basement structures. Quickly, you slam the door shut and call out to the other prisoners that are still on the other side of the wall in the burned out lab. "Hurry, climb over the wall. Your only way out is through the ceiling. There's too much fire and smoke to go back to the hallway." The prisoners hear you and scramble over the wall to where you are. There are now three prisoners with you trapped in this small hallway. The only direction you can go now is through the dark tunnel. Unfortunately, you don't have your sack with you anymore with all the items you gathered in your travels. That means you no longer have your flashlight. How are you going to get through the tunnel?

moheevi [Home Page] 2005/11/26 (Sat.) 09:43:02
try ripping off the door handle so the fire will light your way...or just leave the door open. imho

boo! 2005/11/26 (Sat.) 22:56:06
what happened to our bag?..hmm..maybe we could just take one of those burning bodies with us? sorry...i'm all out of ideas

sheep 2005/11/28 (Mon.) 01:51:19
The doorway is facing the wrong way to allow light to enter the tunnel. You had to leave you sack behind in the prison cell hallway so you could carry your weapons and fight any battles you faced. You could try to run back and retrive the flashlight but you will probably be overcome by the smoke. There must be another way.

yanbu 2005/11/28 (Mon.) 02:10:35
it looks like the only way is through the tunnel, light or no light, and hope the other side opens to some sort of light source . . ?? unless someone else has a better idea

sheep 2005/11/28 (Mon.) 04:36:51

yanbu 2005/11/28 (Mon.) 05:45:07
sheeeeit, what do we have on us? can we take an inventory?

moheevi [Home Page] 2005/11/28 (Mon.) 07:41:22
use one of the prisoner's shirt to cover up your face and crawl to get your bag (or maybe just have one of the prisoners do it).

sheep 2005/11/29 (Tue.) 01:41:40
You have the slingshot, crowbar, and both kinds of bombs (panel 188).

yanbu 2005/11/29 (Tue.) 08:24:15
can we use some of the fuel from a bomb to make a makeshift torch? like t-shirt wrapped around crowbar style or something?

sheep 2005/11/30 (Wed.) 03:44:24
Using the fluid from the bombs you have and a tee shirt to make a torch would work. You are now ready to enter the tunnel.


sheep 2005/11/25 (Fri.) 04:43:03
At the same time that you discover the tunnel, the other prisoners have reached the female prisoners and start releasing them out of their cells. They tell them to gather near exit and wait for them to guide them out safely. It will take another minute for all the female prisoners to be released. Have you decided what to do next? Will it be the tunnel, the door, or something else?

boo! 2005/11/25 (Fri.) 23:51:39
could we tell the others to come through the hole...look out the door..and look in the dirt for tracks?

ashe 2007/6/25 (Mon.) 16:04:36
bravo block


sheep 2005/11/25 (Fri.) 02:50:36
Meanwhile in the basement, one of the firemen finds the hole in the wall that leads to the burned out lab. He notices smoke coming from the hole but doesn't see any flames. He radios back to his captain what he's found and directions to the area he's in. The other firemen that are searching the hospital are instructed to focus their search to the basement area you're in and to bring tools and equipment to breach the wall.


sheep 2005/11/25 (Fri.) 01:19:35
You decide to climb over the wall to the other side with one of the prisoners following you. What you find on the other side is a short hallway with a hole broken through the one end. On the other side of the hole is a dark tunnel dug into the earth leading away from the basement. The other end of the hall leads to an empty wall and there's a door to your left. There's no sign of the doctor or anyone else in the hall. What are you going to do now?

'jefe 2005/12/26 (Mon.) 21:20:27
sounds like a haruki murakami book


sheep 2005/11/22 (Tue.) 03:40:12
You climb up onto the table and look inside the ceiling. On the other side of the wall you see another tile missing above what looks like another hallway. Could this be the way the doctor went? If it is, he must have had help getting up into the ceiling and down the other side. Do you want to climb over yourself, have one of the prisoners climb over, or try another way over there?

boo! 2005/11/22 (Tue.) 21:26:37
would any other way be quick enough?

moheevi [Home Page] 2005/11/24 (Thurs.) 04:05:46
sorry about the drunk post the other night...i'd probably send in a prisoner. that crazy doc will probably kill him or something.

yanbu 2005/11/24 (Thurs.) 08:07:57
i think our hero is the man for the job, and could use possibly another to follow him


sheep 2005/11/19 (Sat.) 02:30:50
While you go to investigate the missing tile, upstairs the fire department breaks down the door to the reception area and enters the hospital. Dozens of firefighters enter the building and start to look for the source of the fire. Some search the ground floor while others take the stairs to the basement and the upper floors. Then a call comes over the radio from one of them that is searching the basement. " Captin! I've found a body in the basement! He appears to be beaten to death! There also seems to be traces of smoke drifting in the air. Send more men down to the basement." The captin redirects several more men to the basement just as another call comes over the radio. " Captin! There's more bodies down here and they also look beaten to death! I don't see the source of the fire yet. Tell those other guys to hurry!" While all this is happening upstairs, you direct one of the prisoners to look up inside the ceiling. Let's see what's up there.


sheep 2005/11/18 (Fri.) 03:35:19
The door to your left is locked from the inside. One of the prisoners uses the crowbar to pry on it as one of the others beats it with his club. If finally comes unhinged and falls to the floor as all of you rush in. As soon as you see what's inside, you immediatly remember seeing this room before. There doesn't seem to be anyone inside the room. Did one of the prisoners give you bad information? What is going on here? The smoke from the hall starts to drift onto the room now that the door has been knocked down. What are you going to do now?

yanbu 2005/11/18 (Fri.) 04:33:53
the table in the corner? looks like he prolly went up through one of the open tiles in the celing

moheevi [Home Page] 2005/11/18 (Fri.) 19:44:44
Dude let's see what theheck that green box is on the floor...I know it's probably not important but hey, i'm a gangsta.

boo! 2005/11/19 (Sat.) 06:02:26
we may also want to grab that fire putter-outter...if that is what's under the table


sheep 2005/11/14 (Mon.) 04:58:44
You take aim with your slingshot at the man standing nearest you with the club. You release the pouch and the nut strikes the man in the corner of his eye. As he falls to the ground, one of the prisoners rushes him and finishes him off with several blows to the head with his club. Another prisoner rushes the second man and scalps him with the crowbar sending flesh and blood splattering in all directions. The man with the knife lets out a yell and raises the knife overhead as he charges you. Just then, a flaming test tube flies by you and impacts his head, engulfing him in fire. The remaining man with the knife starts to retreat down the hall to the door at the far end. Two more flaming test tubes fly past you and burst upon the floor nearly missing the escaping man. As several of the prisoners give pursuit, one of them stops suddenly. He hears one of the downed prisoners trying to say something. He kneels over the dying prisoner and hears him whispering "the doctor, the doctor went in there" pointing to the closed door on the left. The smoke is getting dangerously thick and you don't have much more time. Do you want to look in the door, go and save the females, go back to the elevator or see what's at the far end of the hall behind the door?

boo! 2005/11/14 (Mon.) 19:41:51
send someone to save the women..one or two guys,depending on how many we have with us...but...get the doctor!

moheevi [Home Page] 2005/11/15 (Tue.) 04:13:28
everyone needs to cooooooool out! the women needs some saving fellas, have we ever seen the doc before...I don't recall anything. Probably safe to see the doc first since we want to know what's going on.

yanbu 2005/11/16 (Wed.) 02:42:43
yes i think we, i or you (our hero) should go check where the doctor is, and the others to tend to the ladies

sheep 2005/11/17 (Thurs.) 03:55:29
With the basement quickly filling with smoke, you start to worry about the females that are locked up. You tell a couple of the prisoners to go back and save them before it's too late. You keep a couple more with you in case you run into any trouble searching for the doctor behind the door to your left. Let's see if we can find the doctor behind the door.


sheep 2005/11/13 (Sun.) 00:38:17
Meanwhile outside the hospital, smoke starts to rise up into the sky from the vents on top of the roof. An occupant from a nearby building sees the smoke and calls the fire department. The city streets are filled with the sounds of the fire sirens as the police start to rush to the scene. Word quickly spreads throughout the neighborhood that there's a fire at the old abandoned hospital. From deep in the basement you are unaware that help might be on its way. The prisoners rush by you with their weapons ready as you prepare to shoot the workers with your slingshot. The battle has now begun.(more drawings to follow)

mf 2005/11/13 (Sun.) 03:09:08
oh god yes!!! the turning point!!! remarkable. has this been a year yet?

sheep 2005/11/13 (Sun.) 03:20:16
The first drawing was made on 6-8-2004. It's getting close to the end my friends.

boo! 2005/11/13 (Sun.) 23:00:58
i'll be rather sad when it does end :(
but end it must..i guess


sheep 2005/11/9 (Wed.) 03:25:24
You open the door to the hallway that leads to the doctors office and sleeping quarters and are greeted by several of the doctors workers. It seems as though they have slain most of the prisoners but not before setting several of them and the sleeping quarters on fire. You see one of the remaining prisoners stabbed in the back as he tries to open the door to the doctors office. Three of the workers start to rush you with weapons in hand and the doctor is nowhere in sight. Flames and smoke from the breeding room and sleeping quarters start to fill the room. You're going to need to act fast if you want to survive. Are you going to run back the way you came, battle the workers to the death, or put your weapons down and surrender?

moheevi 2005/11/9 (Wed.) 20:27:16
Surrender doesn't seem like an option since they're just stabbing the bejuzus out of that guy while he's running away. I think fighting or running is the best option...anyone remember what weapons we got???

boo! 2005/11/9 (Wed.) 23:48:15
crowbar and slingshot...We should fight!!!

sheep 2005/11/10 (Thurs.) 02:59:06
Looks like it's time to get our hands dirty. Attack!

moheevi [Home Page] 2005/11/10 (Thurs.) 06:42:51
Moheevi Theory: Just speculation...but is Ray crazy???

moheevi [Home Page] 2005/11/10 (Thurs.) 06:43:17
Moheevi Theory: Just speculation...but is Ray crazy???


sheep 2005/10/22 (Sat.) 03:22:34
Before you leave, you check out the opened cage to see if anything has escaped. There's still an infant inside so there's nothing running around from the cage killing people. The smoke is getting thicker and you start to cough. The others in your group quickly check the men laying on the ground to see if anyone is alive. It's no surprise that every one of them is dead. Do you want to go to the doctors office or where the sleeping quarters are for the doctors workers?

boo! 2005/10/27 (Thurs.) 02:51:05

sheep 2005/10/27 (Thurs.) 04:03:46
Ok, on to the sleeping quarters.

boo! 2005/11/3 (Thurs.) 21:34:44

boo! 2005/11/7 (Mon.) 00:17:16
i'm the only one left, woo!

yanbu 2005/11/7 (Mon.) 04:21:58
nuh-uh! boo

boo! 2005/11/7 (Mon.) 04:57:27
yay for yanbu!!

sheep 2005/11/8 (Tue.) 03:48:31
I'll add to the story on Wed. Been busy elsewares.


sheep 2005/10/10 (Mon.) 03:37:32
What's left of your group runs down the hall to the next room. Inside the breeding room there are more men that appear to be dead including one who is on fire. To your right are cages that contain a few infants and at the back of the room are incubators which you can't see inside from where you stand. On your left there are a few machines on fire that are making the room fill with smoke. Do you want to have a couple of the prisoners try and save the infants while you check the incubators, see if any of the men are alive, or run away and go to the hallway door that leads to the doctors office and sleeping quarters?

boo! 2005/10/10 (Mon.) 21:07:24
i say to hell with the babies...see if there is someone alive..find out..hm.info? keep going though...always keep going..we don't want that machine to explode on us.

kix 2005/10/11 (Tue.) 05:34:52
wait! theres one open door!!
did "something" escape from one of those cages and kill all those poor bastards?

boo! 2005/10/11 (Tue.) 21:32:12
it looks like it's still in the cage.

moheevi [Home Page] 2005/10/13 (Thurs.) 11:43:59
we should sit in the corner and hope that everything goes away.

boo! 2005/10/18 (Tue.) 21:26:45
how about we just go...
or look...or something!!!


sheep 2005/10/6 (Thurs.) 04:50:29
As you peer into the fridge, you see several more deformed fetuses sealed in jars of fluid. Your curosity gets the best of you and you want to take a closer look. As you reach for the jar with the three-legged fetus, an explosion eminates from the corner of the room where the fire was, knocking you to the floor. Your ears ring as you lift yourself from the ground, turning around to see what happened. Four of the prisoners that where in your group are laying on the ground lifeless. The fire has now intensified and spread out further into the room. The other prisoners try to remove their fallen brothers from the spreading fire, but are pushed back from the heat. Their must have been something flammable stored in the burning boxes that exploded. Thick smoke starts filling the room and you must retreat immediatly. What are you going to do now?

boo! 2005/10/6 (Thurs.) 22:31:53
i'm all up for running

yanbu 2005/10/8 (Sat.) 06:27:18
yeah let's get out and go the other direction (before choosing this route)


sheep 2005/10/4 (Tue.) 01:19:25
You leave the electrical room and head down the hall to the specimen room. As you approach the door you can smell smoke and hear no noise. When you enter you are greeted by the sight of blood splattered everywhere and several people that appear dead laying on the floor. There's broken pieces of glass and other debris scattered among the bodies. On closer inspection, you see several small fetuses also strewn about including one resting on a table with two heads. A fire burns in the corner where a few boxes are stacked that is starting to spread to the shelf nearby. The others in your group check out the bodies and tell you that the dead ones are all workers except one who was a prisoner. There is no sign of the doctor here so you need to decide what to do next. Do yo want to put out the fire, search for something useful or go down the hall to the next door?

boo! 2005/10/4 (Tue.) 19:59:31
Nicely done, sir....very well.
someone else lead..please..

kix 2005/10/5 (Wed.) 21:51:58
lets pt down the fire and look for someting useful.
i like he two-headed fetus on the table

sheep 2005/10/6 (Thurs.) 02:06:56
You decide to put the fire out then take a quick look around to see if you can find something useful. Looking around for a fire extinguisher, you see none available in this room. You then instruct a few of the prisoners to try and beat down the fire with their clubs as you take a look inside the refrigerator. Let's see what's inside.


sheep 2005/9/26 (Mon.) 04:31:01
There's not much in here except several electrical breaker panels. Do you want to do anything to the electrical panels or turn around and see what's going on in the other rooms where the rest of the prisoners went?

boo! 2005/9/29 (Thurs.) 20:29:52
we could turn everything off...
but that could give us more trouble that it's worth...i suppose we could take a look...

sheep 2005/10/1 (Sat.) 03:31:36
Take a look at the panels or what the others are doing?

boo! 2005/10/1 (Sat.) 03:43:21
what are the others doing?

The angry flagman 2005/10/1 (Sat.) 19:36:32
The guy with the knife could use some Rogain.

sheep 2005/10/3 (Mon.) 02:14:47
Ok, let's go see what the others are doing. Or we could go back up the elevator and see if we can find that Rogain that's needed for the man with the knife.

kix 2005/10/3 (Mon.) 05:51:46
lol. lets go on


sheep 2005/9/20 (Tue.) 02:40:50
Using one of the ladder rungs, you wrap a pillowcase around it to see if that would work for a torch so the other groups can light the fire bombs. At first it looks like that will work but then the fire burned too fast and consumes the pillowcase down to a smoldering pile of ash. If only you had something to slow the burn down so that the pillowcase won't burn away so fast. Do you have such an item? If so, what is it?

boo! 2005/9/21 (Wed.) 17:39:45

sheep 2005/9/23 (Fri.) 01:41:14
Yes, the sternos! You are now ready to begin the battles. The two prisoners you released first will be in charge of two of the groups, and you will be in charge of the other. In what direction do you want your group to go?

moheevi 2005/9/25 (Sun.) 03:44:07
left, definitely wapner

sheep 2005/9/26 (Mon.) 02:35:19
Your group decides to go left twords the electrical room while the other groups head down the hall to the right. Before you go, you light their sterno torches and instruct them to try and capture Dr. Thomas alive. One of the prisoners in the other groups protest your plan to take the Dr. alive and grows agitated with you. The two prisoners you released first pull him aside and try to calm him down. They assure him that this will all be over soon and that the Dr. will be more valuble alive then dead. He reluctantly agrees and returns to his group to start the attack. You have a bad feeling that this might not work as planned but you have no choice but to separate into groups to get the job done. On the count of three, all three groups enter the hall with two going right and your group left. As you are entering the electrical room you take a quick glance back and see one group enter the door just down the hall and the others charging the door at the end. The sound of muffled voices echos out from the first door to the right as you start to scan the electrical room. Let's see whats inside this room.


sheep 2005/9/2 (Fri.) 04:09:44
You gather all the prisoners around the table and give each one a weapon and a hand out the rest of the bombs. You then ask them if they know the layout of the basement so you can figure out a plan of attack. Several of them speak out and explain to you what they know. It sounds as if they know the basement well enough to draw out a map for you to follow. Digging in your sack, you take out the pen and the note from George and turn it over on the table. You scribble a crude map out with the information they give you and study it to see where you should begin. You need to figure out your attack plan now. Are you going to split up, stay together, go all at once or a few at a time? Where are you going to attack first? How are the prisoners going to use the fire bombs with only one lighter? You have a lot to figure out before you proceed. Let's get this attack underway.

boo! 2005/9/6 (Tue.) 02:25:05
once again, i say we just go from room to room smashing and killing whatever stands in our way

sheep 2005/9/6 (Tue.) 03:28:32
With everyone on one big group?

kix 2005/9/7 (Wed.) 15:20:09
lets split up in 3 groups. one for every direction

The angry flagman 2005/9/10 (Sat.) 05:49:21
Split the group up into small teams, that way you dont fall into a Custers last stand if this all back fires.

boo! 2005/9/11 (Sun.) 17:20:08
i do like last stands...but i'm up for the smaller groups..

sheep 2005/9/12 (Mon.) 01:28:13
Ok, you decided to split up into three different groups. Each group will be carrying a few fire bombs. How will the other groups light the fire bombs if you have the only lighter?

boo! 2005/9/12 (Mon.) 05:55:10
make a torch?

sheep 2005/9/13 (Tue.) 01:24:26
Yes, making a torch or two would solve the problem. How are you going to make the torch(s)?

boo! 2005/9/13 (Tue.) 06:12:47
if we could spare one of those stick thingys...
but we could use pillow cases...or bed sheets..or hell, even the pillows

boo! 2005/9/18 (Sun.) 22:00:43
hello? anyone?

sheep 2005/9/19 (Mon.) 03:29:26
Sorry, been busy elsewares. Will continue Tuesday.

boo! 2005/9/19 (Mon.) 17:45:42
tis okay..i just thought that i was alone here


sheep 2005/8/27 (Sat.) 19:52:08
The three of you go back upstairs and retrieve all the weapons that you gathered in the doctors office. When you return downstairs, you lay everything you have to battle with onto the food cart. You now have over 21 weapons to use and 21 people to arm. Taking inventory, you see that you have 2 knives, a slingshot with a bag of nuts, a hammer, crowbar, stabber, 2 sternos, tape, bow and 2 arrows, 4 table legs, 5 ladder rungs, a chair base, 4 pieces of the ladders sides and a box with 7 ether bombs, 11 fire bombs, two test tubes with ether soaked gauze and a lighter. You now need to release the other prisoners, arm them, then make a plan of attack. You will also need to decide what weapon(s) you'd like to keep for yourself. What weapon(s) do you want to keep for yourself and what is your plan of attack?

??/ 2005/8/27 (Sat.) 20:33:52
i'm up for keeping the slingshot...it has never failed us...or maybe the crow-bar...hmmm...

yanbu 2005/8/28 (Sun.) 08:37:29
i think the two test tubes and a few ether/fire bombs should go with our guy, and maybe a close range wepaon like the crowbar. long range stuff should be in his posession i would think, and arm the dudes set free with the rest. plan of attack . . . ?

??/ 2005/8/29 (Mon.) 17:21:42
hmm..plan of attack..would anyone else like to march with an fury of 200 shrews?

sheep 2005/8/30 (Tue.) 01:34:26
You decide to keep the slingshot, crowbar and a few of both kinds of bombs. You now need a plan of attack. Would you like to ask any of the prisoners if they know some of the layout of the basement?

kjix 2005/8/30 (Tue.) 02:37:43
jep , sounds good


sheep 2005/8/19 (Fri.) 02:08:29
It's been 24 hours since your mother has seen you so she calls the police again to file a missing person's report. The police pull up in front of your house within the hour and she greets them at the door. Once inside, they begin their official investigation by asking her several questions while writing her answers down in a notebook. She then brings them to your room so they can look for any clues to what has happened to you. They write a few more things down and ask several more questions. Your mother assures them that you're not the type to dissappear like this and that you must be in some type of trouble. She also tells them that you dream of being a police officer some day and that you liked to poke around in abandoned buildings pretending you're investigating a crime. Before they leave they gather a list of names of your friends and relatives. They assure you that they will put every effort into finding you as they exit the front door and head back to their car. Your mother stands in the doorway as the car pulls away. Looking up, she sees the neighbors peeking out their doors and windows but none of them approach her to see what happened. She closes the door and stairs at your picture on the living room wall, then closes her eyes to pray.
Players, you need to decide your next move. Are you going to open the door at the end of the cell room or go get the other weapons now?

??/ 2005/8/20 (Sat.) 22:44:16
i'm up for unlocking the caged folk and arming them...we should have a bloody battle for freedom~!!!

??/ 2005/8/20 (Sat.) 22:45:32
oh..they are already loose...hmm..arm them..then battle...

sheep 2005/8/22 (Mon.) 00:59:31
Ok, let's go get the rest of the weapons upstairs.


sheep 2005/7/30 (Sat.) 04:29:00
With the two prisoners on either side of the door, you position yourself directly in front. As the doors slide open, you throw the sleep bomb onto the floor shattering the glass tube. They look at each other as they start to raise their knives, then look back in your direction. One of the men in the elevator says to you "you're dead" as his eyes start to droop. The one drops his knife followed by the other as they fall back onto the ground. They are both out cold so you instruct the prisoners to hold their breath and drag them into the unlocked cell. You tape them up then position each captive onto a bed to make them look like the prisoners, then roll the food cart inside. You remove the shirt from the dead man and hide him behind the far end of one of the beds. You tell one of the prisoners to go out into the hall and clean up the mess as best as he can with the shirt. It might take some time for the ether fumes to dissapate from the elevator so you have a few minutes to kill. Do you want to eat something now, use the food to feed the other prisoners, use the elevator now and just hold your breath, or figure out a way to get rid of the ether fumes now?

Tobes 2005/8/10 (Wed.) 11:28:34
Seems to be a lot of food there on the cart, not enough for everyone? See if any of the prisnors could give you some... then take a look around to see if we can figure out this fume problem.

??/ 2005/8/11 (Thurs.) 02:40:47
what happened to everyone?

mez 2005/8/11 (Thurs.) 21:15:48
i have no idea how to get rid of the ether fumes. i say get the food to the prisoners and take some time to eat yourself. if the elevator doors stay open, then the ether will dissipate, and the three of you can ride the elevator to get more weapons.

sheep 2005/8/12 (Fri.) 04:12:46
Getting something to eat for yourself and the other prisoners is a good idea. You remove a little food out of each tray for yourself and have the released prisoners help you distribute the rest to the others. When you get to the end of the cellroom hall, you notice another key hanging on the wall. It must be the key for the door that leads to the cells that they keep the females in. Do you want to enter the door to see what's on the other side or just go back upstairs since the ether has probably disapated by now?


sheep 2005/7/11 (Mon.) 03:04:15
He makes it only a few steps out the door before you whale him upside his head with one of the table legs. As he falls to the ground he knocks one of the food trays off the cart and its contents spreads across the floor. He's out cold and bleeding from his head so you grab his legs and drag him back onto the cell room. The prisoners eyes light up with glee when they see what you've done. "Hurry, get us out of here" the one prisoner says to you. You insert the key into the lock but before you turn it, you ask them why were they kept locked up like this and not killed off. The one prisoner answers that they are the lucky ones you could say. The experiments that were conducted on us didn't kill us like some of the others. The doctor is a mad man. Soon you will see for yourself once we take over this house of horror. Now free us so we can end all of this forever. You tell them that you're only going to release the two that are in this cell for now. You tell them you have gathered enough weapons for most of the men that are locked up but need help in bringing the weapons downstairs. You unlock the door and hand each one a club and show them the tape and bombs. They help you drag the food server inside the cell and tape his hands and mouth. You lock the door to the cell and the three of you head over to the elevator when the doors close in front of you. Looks like someone else is using the elevator from upstairs. Do you want to wait for them to come down and take action when the doors open, try and clean up the hall to make it look like everything is normal, or let all the prisoners out now and go down the hall mostly unarmed?

loren 2005/7/13 (Wed.) 00:59:43
i'd say since the two cellmates haven't tried attacking us yet, we know they're legit, so we should let all the guys out and arm them to fuck shit up.

mf 2005/7/13 (Wed.) 01:38:19
and how long has it been since we've eaten? seems like our hero could use some health packs

kix 2005/7/14 (Thurs.) 02:55:13
haha thats what i thought mf!
i say lets get armed and dangerous!

sheep 2005/7/14 (Thurs.) 03:25:52
You decide it would be a good idea to attack whoever is coming down the elevator, then afterwards, grab a quick bite to eat. You instruct the one prisoner to stand on the right side of the elevator doors and the other to the left with their clubs ready. Since you also have a sleep and fire bomb, you need to decide if you want to use one of them now. Remember, you only carried two clubs with you to the basement and who knows how many armed men are coming down the elevator. It's too late to release anymore prisoners to help you so it's up to the three of you. Do you want to use one or both of the bombs, or take your chances and hope the two prisoners with the clubs can get the job done?

mez 2005/7/18 (Mon.) 22:38:55
howsabout: use a sleep bomb, and club whoever doesnt go down fast enough. then drag them back into the cells and lock them in there, that way if anyone else comes down to check while the three of you gather weapons, it'll just look like two prisoners are sleeping.

sheep 2005/7/19 (Tue.) 03:18:47
That sounds like a good plan. Let's see what happens when the doors open.


sheep 2005/7/6 (Wed.) 03:27:15
You gather two clubs and two bombs along with the tape and enter the elevator. Reaching the basement, you grab the key and open the door to the room where all the prisoners are held. As you approach the first door on your left again, one of the prisoners rushes up to the window. He tells you that their food hasn't come yet and that they must of been a little off on the time since they have no clock. It's then that you hear some footsteps coming from the hall outside. You try to unlock their door but it's too late. A man appears in the doorway and yells out to you "hey, what the hell are you doing in here!". You raise one of the clubs to defend yourself and he turns to run away. Do you want to try and stop him, unlock the cell door, or go back upstairs?

mf 2005/7/7 (Thurs.) 03:15:57
arg, this is a toughy....

hmmmmmmm...im thinkin, jump at him real quick, bash him in the head then drag his sorry ass back into the cell room, then quickly open the doors.

kix 2005/7/7 (Thurs.) 15:47:57
yeah! the fast and rough way!!


sheep 2005/6/23 (Thurs.) 12:04:14
You light one of your alcohol bombs and throw it at the attackers. The one nearest you see you throw it and yells "duck". It impacts the floor and sprays fire behind the cabinet they were pushing. The three attackers decide to run out of the door to safety but you're one step ahead of them and toss a lit ether bomb in their path. It explodes with a loud bang and engulfs all three of them in fire. They fall to the ground and try to roll the flames out but it's no use. One by one they become motionless as the ether burns itself out. From where you stand it's hard to tell if they are alive but you can be certain they are no longer a threat. The room fills with smoke and the stench of their burnt bodies as the last trickle of fire from the alcohol subsides. It's now time to go back to the hidden basement. You have too much to carry so you must leave most of it behind. Once you free the captives from their cells you can return to the office to retrieve the rest. You can bring five items with you now. What five items are you going to bring with you to assure your success in releasing the captives?

kix 2005/6/28 (Tue.) 20:37:25
i think we should bring a club and a bomb for both of the prisoners. maybe we could take some tape with us too


sheep 2005/6/22 (Wed.) 10:57:59
Just as you finish taking apart the ladder, the door to the office swings open and three men step inside. They yell up for you to stop right there and that you're trapped. You say back to them that they are the ones that are trapped and not to move any closer. As the one man pushes the gurney out of the way, he barks out orders for the others to grab the cabinet and slid it over to the ledge. You think about jumping into the elevator before they can reach you but that won't stop them from catching up later. What are you going to do to stop them?

The angry flagman 2005/6/22 (Wed.) 11:17:57
This has Bar B Que written all over it. Drop one of those Ether fire bombs on them and toast their unshaven heads all to hell.

sheep 2005/6/22 (Wed.) 12:22:48
You want to use both kinds of bombs? One alcohol fire bomb and one ether sleep bomb?

yanbu 2005/6/22 (Wed.) 14:07:19
i would think just the fire bomb

The angry flagman 2005/6/22 (Wed.) 14:46:19
Either one, Both liquids are flammable, Alcohol would burn a little slower and it might not ignite. Ether it explosive but might flame out to quick, Hell with it, throw the alcohol first then the ether. Should be a nice blast pattern

Twitch 2005/6/22 (Wed.) 15:21:14
I agree, I like using ether as a bomb better than to put people out with it. Seems like we could put our own NPCs to sleep by accident, and getting bad guys tied up before they come-to seems like a lot of work.


sheep 2005/6/18 (Sat.) 13:33:29
Meanwhile back home, your mother is wondering why you haven't come down for breakfast yet. She goes up to your room and discovers that you're not there and the window is wide open. She calls out your name but there's no answer, so she runs over to the window and peers out into the street. Again she calls out your name as she pans the area outside your window. You're nowhere in sight so she rushes to the phone and calls the police. The police ask her how long you've been missing to which she replys that the last time she saw you was around 6:30 last night. The police ask for a discription then tell her they will keep their eyes out for anyone matching that description but she'll have to wait until 6:30 tonight to file a missing persons report. She thanks them and hangs up the phone then dials your best friend. His father answers and she explains the situation, so he puts his son on the line. After hearing her pleas for help, he tells her that he hasn't seen or talked to you since two days ago and has no idea where you are. As she hangs up the phone, she can't help but fear the worst. The streets are not a place for a young man to be. She thinks about the rampant crime that chokes the life from the city. The gangs that have taken charge of entire city blocks. She sinks down in a chair and cries hoping to see you alive again.

sheep 2005/6/20 (Mon.) 10:07:45
Hint for missing item(s); You don't know how long the sleep bombs will work for. Do you want them to be able to chase you again?

kix 2005/6/21 (Tue.) 00:09:50
what about the tape and the phone cable?
we could bound(?) their hands and feet togehter when they sleep!!

sheep 2005/6/21 (Tue.) 01:52:05
Yes, the tape! You can use it to tie up the sleeping attackers. Might as well take the phone cord too. You are now ready to take apart the ladder then go back downstairs.


sheep 2005/6/16 (Thurs.) 10:55:03
You grab the box and open it up. At first it looks like it contains just a green rag of no value. When you go to pick the rag up, you hear the sound of glass. Wrapped up in the rag are a couple dozen test tubes. Is there any kind of weapon you could make with the test tubes and rag? It's been about a half hour since you spoke to the captives and only have a few weapons. There are more weapons to find or make before you go back and you need to find a use for the ether. Remember, there are still people looking for you in the hospital so I wouldn't search for more than an hour. I have a feeling someone might show up soon.

Twitch 2005/6/16 (Thurs.) 15:12:42
Doesn't Ether explode in fire? Could we make little firebombs out of this stuff?

kix 2005/6/17 (Fri.) 08:33:11
... or simply fill the ether into the glasses?
we would get something like sleep-gas-bombs, wouldnt we?

sheep 2005/6/17 (Fri.) 10:13:48
Yes you have enough ether to fill half the test tubes to use as sleeping bombs. You can use some of the rag to stop the tops up so it won't leak out. This would work in a confined area but might not be useful in a larger area. Plus, you would have to stay out of that area or be overcome by the ether yourself. Do you want to make a dozen sleep bombs using all of the ether or make a few less so you have some ether left over to apply to a few gauze pads that you can store in one of the tubes? You also have enough alcohol to fill all of the test tubes if you want to make mini fire bombs. Do you want to make some fire bombs too? Once you figure out what you want to do with the tubes, you need to find a few more striking weapons for the captives. You also might want to start gathering your items and placing them upstairs near the bookcases and pull the ladder up or destroy it so nobody can reach you. Start planning what you are gong to move upstairs from the office. There's a hint in this comment of where you will find several more striking weapons.

yanbu 2005/6/18 (Sat.) 11:03:14
make a few less than a dozen bombs to leave a little ether, i say. make some fire bombs too! also, would destroying the ladder create a bunch of sub-weapons?

sheep 2005/6/18 (Sat.) 11:54:20
Yes, dimantling the ladder will give you several more striking weapons if you utilize the rungs and side pieces. It would be a good idea to make just 10 ether bombs and 12 fire bombs saving some ether for the gauze pads located in the cabinet. You now have gathered one chair base, four table legs, five ladder rungs, two ladder sides that you can break in half by wedging them in the safty rail located next to the book cases, one stabbing weapon, ten ether bombs, twelve fire bombs, and two test tubes with gauze pads soaked in ether. You already had a crowbar, bow with two arrows, sterno, and your trusty slingshot. Before you break up the ladder you need to bring another item(s) that will help you defeat the doctor and his sidekicks. Once you have that item(s) you can return to the basement. What is that item(s)?


sheep 2005/6/15 (Wed.) 08:50:38
Looks like you found yourself some ether. Do you still want to empty the bottle? There are still items you can use besides the 4 table legs, chair base, and the reflex tester stabbing weapon. Keep looking around the office to see what else you can use.

mez 2005/6/15 (Wed.) 10:10:49
can we look inside that box that's on top of the shelf on the left wall?

also, i vote to keep the either. i don't think that bottle would make a great weapon but ether could be good for anyone we might encounter.

mez 2005/6/15 (Wed.) 10:13:03
i also say that when this adventure is done, we go back and take that purply 10eastern book.

sheep 2005/6/15 (Wed.) 10:32:16
Ahh, you noticed the book. Keeping the ether in the bottle will come in handy soon if you know what to do with it and use it with another item. Let's take a look in the box now.

The angry flagman 2005/6/15 (Wed.) 11:53:06
Is that the same bottle of ether that AD used on that bear?

sheep 2005/6/15 (Wed.) 13:01:03
How did he use it on the bear?

The angry flagman 2005/6/17 (Fri.) 10:35:01
Those pictures he did back in the winter, The stick man wearing a bear head, He used ether to knock out the bear. I dont remember the picture number.


sheep 2005/6/12 (Sun.) 09:46:52
You try the key in the lock of the barred door and it opens so you step inside, closing the door behind you. The air smells stale and musty inside the hallway as you make your way over to one of the doors that line the walls. You take a look inside from the corner of the window and see two people inside laying on dirty beds. There's also a toilet, sink, and a small cabinet at the far end. This definatly looks like a prison cell yet the two people inside look like some of the people that were chasing you. Do you want to get their attention and ask them questions, go to another barred door along the wall, go directly to the end of the hall to the door without bars, or leave this area and go someplace else?

loren 2005/6/12 (Sun.) 20:03:19
we should ask them what's going on. can't hurt.

kix 2005/6/13 (Mon.) 05:22:32
yeah! they must be captured for a reason...
maybe we found allies!

sheep 2005/6/13 (Mon.) 09:51:52
You want to find out why these people are locked up so you put your face up to the bars and call out in a whisper. Both men looked surprised as they stare back at you, then at each other. They both get up and approach the door looking eager to talk to somebody. Then the following conversation takes place;
The men - Who are you?
You - I'm not going to tell you unless you give me some answers first.
The men - Do you work for the doctor?
You - No, who is the doctor?
The men - You don't know who the doctor is? Is this some type of trick?
You - This is not a trick now give me some answers.
The men - We don't believe that you're not working for the doctor. How did you get down here if you don't know the doctor?
You think back to the man you found laying in the sewers that warned you to get away. Thinking he might be someone they know, you bring him up in your conversation.
You - Ok look. This is all I can tell you right now and maybe you'll trust me and give me some information. I ran into someone you might know while exploring the sewers around the hospital. He was severly injured and warned me to get out because he was being chased by someone who was going to kill him. That's when they started chasing me and I ended up here. Now do you trust me?
The men - You saw Mitch? He escaped from here yesterday and we haven't heard from him since. Do you know where he is now?
You - Your friend was captured and killed. I managed to escape when one of the attackers fell into a deep sewer juction full of water. Now give me some answers.
The two men back away from the door and talk between themselves. You try to hear what they are saying but can't quite make it out. They approach the door once again and say they are ready to talk.
The men - Ok, we think we can trust you now so we'll give you the information you need. The doctor we are talking about is named Dr. Thomas. He's been conducting experiments down here making clones using a nurse he kidnapped during the riots of 1974. We are all offsprings from that nurse along with some of her female offspring. We are locked up because we refuse to help him with his experiments, or with the crimes involved to keep the operation running.
You - You mean there are females just like you working for him also?
The men - No, he doesn't let them work with him directly. They work with the children before they are old enough to be trained for their duties. They are all locked up in the next room at the end of this hall. We never see them now but we hear them sometimes so we know they are there.
You - How many people work for him and how many are locked up?
The men - It's hard to tell how many work for him but there are 19 men locked up in here. We would have to guess that there are at least that many working for him.
You - Are there any other places he keeps people locked up?
The men - He keeps the children locked up in another area but not any adults.
You - Is there another way out of the basement besides the one elevator across the hall?
The men - There is another way out that they use to go out to gather supplys but we don't know where that is. We heard it's an underground tunnel that leads to another building nearby.
You - Is there someone locked up here that would know where the tunnel is.
The men - No, none of us ever got to see where it was because we refused to work for the doctor.
You - Is there anyone you could trust that works for the doctor?
The men - No, they think we are all traiters for the cause. You can't trust anybody that's not locked up behind these doors.
You - If I was to say to you that I will help you escape if you help me , will you fight the others?
The men - Yes! We will help you in every way we can. The only problem is they have weapons and we have nothing.
You - I can probably find enough weapons with some help. I have some with me now but we will need more. If I let you out of the cell, we can go back up the elevator and gather enough for everyone. Does that sound like a plan?
The men - That sounds good but we need to make some attack plans first once we get the weapons. We don't have time right now because someone will be here soon with our food for the day. If we all leave now they will catch us before we are ready to fight. You need to leave this area a hide somewhere. Maybe you can go back up the elevator and see what you can find for weapons then come back for us.
You - When will it be safe to come back?
The men - They only feed us once a day, so I would give it an hour before you return. While you are gone we'll spread the word around to the others that we are all planning to escape.
You - Ok, I'll leave and see what I can find. If there's anything you could use for weapons inside your cells get them ready for when I come back. I'll be back in about an hour.
The men - We'll do everyting we can down here to prepare. Now go before someone comes.
Before you go you check the key you have on their door to see if it opens and it does.
You then go back to the door you came in and lock it. Hanging the key back up, you enter the elevator and hit the up button. You're back upstairs in the doctors office. What can you find that can be used as a weapon? Oh yea, and remember the alcohol this time.

kix 2005/6/13 (Mon.) 10:44:59
omg... this is becoming such an awesome story!!!
sheep youre a genuis! but now lets get that alcohol bottle...

btw... why shouldn't the doctor have killed those buddies instead of capturing them into cells? ask them quickly

sheep 2005/6/14 (Tue.) 11:43:37
To find items that you can use for weapons look in drawings 173, 172, and 171. You might have to disassemble a few things or even break things apart with your crowbar. There are also some items that will come in handy that might not be considered weapons. There are even items in the holding cells that can be used as weapons if taken apart. Let's see how well you do in figuring out what they are.

We can also ask the captives any questions once we return to their cells.

mez 2005/6/14 (Tue.) 11:51:16
howsabout dismantling that chair? the metal bar in the middle, or the legs, with or without the wheels attached, are good for bludgeoning.

mez 2005/6/14 (Tue.) 11:52:37
or breaking that table against the wall? the legs could provide you with four weapons right there.

sheep 2005/6/14 (Tue.) 12:11:17
Yes, you can use the base of the chair for one weapon and the four legs of the table. You now have 5 new weapons.

loren 2005/6/14 (Tue.) 16:02:59
of course we can use the knee-reflex-testy-thingy, and we can break the other glass bottle that isn't the alcohol, making it a sharp glass weapon! HOORAY

sheep 2005/6/15 (Wed.) 00:40:09
The reflex hammer? Maybe if you broke the end off as used it as a stabbing device. Before you break the other bottle, you might want to see what's in it. Do you want to look?

yanbu 2005/6/15 (Wed.) 00:53:26


sheep 2005/6/11 (Sat.) 10:39:19
You exit the elevator and grab the key hanging on the wall and then take a look inside the door with the bars. You can see two rows of doors with more bars on the windows and a door all the way at the end of a long hallway. It looks like some type of prison ward deep down in the hidden basement. Do you want to try the key you found in the door, yell softly through the bars to see if someone answers, or go somewhere else down in the basement?

Twitch 2005/6/11 (Sat.) 15:17:34
Lets try the key.

the boy 2005/6/11 (Sat.) 20:10:24
this is so exciting.


sheep 2005/6/10 (Fri.) 11:19:44
As you pull the door open, you can hear some type of motor running and see an empty elevator shaft with heavy steel cables moving. It startles you as an elevator without doors starts to appear. You jump back not knowing if someone's inside and feel relieved when it's empty. Stepping inside, you can see evidence on the floor from the burned man and a set of buttons on the wall. You've come this far to give up now so you hit the down button and stand in the back of the elevator. It's then that you realize that you forgot to bring the alcohol so you grab your crowbar and stand ready to battle. As the elevator comes to a stop, you wait in silence for someone to approach you but nobody does. You feel that luck was on your side and you could have easily been killed once the elevator stopped. You notice a door across the hall with a steel bars on the front and wonder what could be inside. Streaching your neck out as far as it will go, you take a look down both sides of the hall to see if anyone's around. All seems quite for now. Do you want to investigate the door with the bars, go back up, go down the hallway to your right, or down the hall left?

Twitchy 2005/6/10 (Fri.) 19:40:22
Lets grab that key. Always good to have a key. Then look through the bars.


sheep 2005/6/5 (Sun.) 13:47:29
With weapon ready, you hit the button and the bookcase swings open. Behind the bookcase is a steel door with a combination lock on the front. The tag above the dial says an alarm will sound if you enter the wrong combination three times. What combination do you want to try? Please only give one guess per person.

the boy 2005/6/5 (Sun.) 19:22:16
ok- the only numbers we have are 13695546....

sheep 2005/6/6 (Mon.) 01:16:24
The dial goes from 0 to 99. You need to breakdown the numbers you found into one or two digit numbers to form the correct combination. There are at least two other hints to numbers used in the combination contained in my comments in earlier drawing panels. Good luck!

Twitchy 2005/6/6 (Mon.) 09:36:29
Well I'm almost always wrong, but I found the numbers 69 55 & 46 in other old frames where sheep didn't appear to be talking about anything related to the story at that time. So that's my guess. I'm not sure what the 13 is for...

sheep 2005/6/6 (Mon.) 12:22:53
Very good Twitchy! You found all the hints I was able to insert into my comments. Let's give your guess a try. Right 69, left 55, right 46, pull the lever....damn, didn't work that time. You have two more tries before the alarm sounds. Hint; Read the second sentence carefully.

kix 2005/6/6 (Mon.) 12:30:38
ha! i downloaded the walkthrough to this. im out...

sheep 2005/6/6 (Mon.) 12:41:35
Walkthrough! Where! Who! How! That's something new to me.

kix 2005/6/7 (Tue.) 01:22:36
haha. just kidding. this riddle is just too hard for me:)

Twitchy 2005/6/7 (Tue.) 15:08:39
This reminds me of trying to hack the Sith ID cards on Manaan in Knight of the Old Republic...

sheep 2005/6/8 (Wed.) 10:33:20
Hmmm, nobody wants to take the chance and guess this wrong. I guess another hint is in order. Remember Twitchy found the number 69 in panel 69, number 55 in panel 55, number 46 in panel 46 but didn't know what the 13 was for. Well, there's no panel 13 in the story so I couln't leave you a clue there. Remember the first hint said to read the second sentence carefully. It says he found all the hints I was "able" to give you. I'll leave it at that.

Twitchy 2005/6/8 (Wed.) 15:01:40
Well based on that I guess we could try putting a 13 at the start, though I've never heard of 4 number combination lock. That's not our final answer though sheep, because I don't want to hog the guesses. You know me, I'd probably just be looking for explosives by now...

sheep 2005/6/9 (Thurs.) 10:07:45
If you agree with twitchy and want to try the combination 13 right, 69 left, 55 right, and 46 left, just say so and we'll give it a try.

loren 2005/6/9 (Thurs.) 20:21:33
go for it, yo! i just wish i could figure this out...

sheep 2005/6/10 (Fri.) 09:49:01
On your second try, you turn the dial right 13, left 69, right 55, then left 46. Crossing your fingers, you pull the lever and the door starts to swing out. You figured out the correct combination on your second try and are now ready to see what's inside.


sheep 2005/6/5 (Sun.) 11:48:32
You come out of the cabinet and look upstairs to where the bookshelves are. Everything looks the same up there as it did when you entered the room. There must be another way out, so you climb the ladder to take a closer look. In front of the one bookcase is another piece of burnt cloth and more tiny bits of ash. They must of went behind it somehow but you don't know how. You grab the one end and pull and it doesn't budge. You then try the other side with the same results. What gives?

mf 2005/6/5 (Sun.) 12:39:32
move the big fat oxblood colored book. i can see me a switch next to it

mf 2005/6/5 (Sun.) 12:40:19
oh, and either have arrow with sterno and lighter ready, or ol' trusty sling shot and some ammo

sheep 2005/6/5 (Sun.) 13:06:41
You move the large book over that's on the left side of the top shelf and find a button. This must be the button that the two pieces of paper you found before is refering to. It must of said "There is a secret button upstairs in Dr. Thomas's office". Let's see what happens.


sheep 2005/6/4 (Sat.) 12:13:18
You lay in the darkness for a minute but it seems like hours. You haven't heard any sound in the room since that strange noise so you decide it's time to take a peek. Slowly, you take your sweaty hands and push the door open far enough to see out. The stench of burning flesh enters the cabinet as light filters through the opening. You see that the ladder has been moved and a gurney is parked in front of it. On the ground by the gurney are pieces of burnt blue cloth and bits if ash. It seems like the room is empty but you don't know where they went. You feel it's safe to exit the cabinet now but you don't know what to do next. Do you want to leave this room, investigate the other items in the cabinet that are with the alcohol, climb the ladder to see where they went, or take a ride on the gurney?

kix 2005/6/4 (Sat.) 12:14:21
the gurneyride sounds good but we need to know who they pulled up there.

yanbu 2005/6/5 (Sun.) 03:25:24
i'm afraid we'll have to investigate the upper part, it looks important


sheep 2005/6/3 (Fri.) 11:54:28
Figuring that it would be best to hide, you open the cabinet on your right to seek cover. There's plenty of room on the bottom shelf where the reflex hammer is to be hidden once you close the doors. You climb in and grab the bottoms of the doors and pull them shut just as the door to the office opens. It sounds like two or more people walk in pushing something heavy on wheels. You hold your breath as the beads of sweat roll from your face praying they don't open the cabinet. One of them says to another to move the ladder over and to pull him up while I push from the bottom. Pull, pull, you hear him shout before you hear him say to open it. It's then that you hear a strange noise coming from outside the cabinet. Get him in, you hear him say, then the noise is heard again. You now lay in complete silence wondering what the hell just happened. It sounds as if there's nobody in the room anymore. Do you want to take a peek to see if you can figure out what just happened?

kix 2005/6/3 (Fri.) 13:42:22
i say wait one more minute take a peek. dont forget to take the alcohol. it might be useful cause its inflammable!


sheep 2005/6/2 (Thurs.) 13:18:47
You find room 6-9 and turn the knob when you hear the elevator doors around the corner open. You feel panicked as you enter the room hoping there's someplace to hide in case they come your way. Do you want to find a place to hide, stay out in the open and hope they pass by, or get ready for the fight of your life?

The angry flagman 2005/6/2 (Thurs.) 14:29:49
Whats up with that book shelf on the upper floor? Ill bet its one of those false shelves that hide a secret room.

mf 2005/6/2 (Thurs.) 15:44:41
hows aboot sliding into that big ass cabinet on the right


sheep 2005/5/31 (Tue.) 13:21:03
You run up the stairs and find a door at the first landing that says second floor. You need to find the sixth floor so you continue your climb up until you reach the landing at the sixth floor. From the stairway below you hear a door shut as footsteps start to echo through the stairwell. You can't tell how far or if they are coming closer so you duck inside the door to the sixth floor. In front of you are several doors that are numbered and two hallways. You probably don't have much time to search every door for Dr. Thomas's office, so your first choice better be correct. What is the number of the room that you want to enter?

the boy 2005/5/31 (Tue.) 15:00:59
room 6-9!!!!

Twitchy 2005/5/31 (Tue.) 18:40:02
Oh yeah I forgot the paperwork we found! Man how could I ever forget the quest we're on. That's what happens when you panic.

kix 2005/5/31 (Tue.) 22:43:45
oh yeah ! picture #141!!! sheep you are unbelievable

sheep 2005/6/1 (Wed.) 09:38:38
Yes! Room 6-9 was listed on the papers you found in the records room as the office for Dr. Thomas. The two doors that are directly to your left are numbers 1 and 2. As you start down the hall, you hear a noise coming from your right. It's the elevator on its way up from the first floor so you need to find room number 9 immediatly. Looking closely at this drawing, you can determine what direction would most likely be the correct one to find room number 9. Is the room strait, right, or left? Hurry, the elevator is at the third floor already!

kix 2005/6/1 (Wed.) 11:32:52
hide in room 6-2 for now! the cobwebs show us that nobody used the door for a long time...

kix 2005/6/1 (Wed.) 11:34:46
er... i mean 6-1 !!!

sheep 2005/6/1 (Wed.) 12:54:14
But then you'll knock the webs off the handle and someone might notice. Can you say "trapped"? The elevator is now at the forth floor. Hint; door 6-2 also has a web across it along with a few more items.

Twitchy 2005/6/1 (Wed.) 17:42:10
If there's 2 doors on each wall, and the numbers are going up, then 6-9 would likely be just around the right corner. Unless I'm getting too excited and losing my head again. Which happens... sometimes I get a little, well, you know.

Twitchy 2005/6/1 (Wed.) 17:43:51
oh crap wait, I forgot there are doors on each side of the walls without an elevator. Okay, 6-9 must be the one furthest away staight down and on the right.

Twitchy 2005/6/1 (Wed.) 17:44:30

the boy 2005/6/1 (Wed.) 18:18:00
broken web and worn path to the left!!! go left!

sheep 2005/6/2 (Thurs.) 01:12:48
The boy is correct! If you look at the floor going to the left, it has a well worn path and a broken web. The right hall has an intact web and the doors down the hall have webs across also. The elevator is now at the fifth floor so let's run to room 6-9 and see what's inside. Good job boy!

kix 2005/6/2 (Thurs.) 03:46:58
good job on the path! i didnt see it...


sheep 2005/5/30 (Mon.) 11:17:22
It appears that the sign above the bench is a directory for the hospital. After reading it, you look over to your right and see that the windows look very dark and appear to be covered with something. You run over to the door and give it a push but it doesn't budge. The handles move so it must be blocked off from the outside. Taking a closer look at the windows, you see that they are boarded up from the outside with plywood. Looks like there's no way out of this room except for the elevator and stairs....or the door you came in. Do you want to go up the stairs now?

kix 2005/5/30 (Mon.) 12:45:37
yes! i love that you missed some letters...but now its floor 6 we got to reach


sheep 2005/5/28 (Sat.) 11:36:26
You figure your best option would be to try the door at the end of the hallway. The sounds inside the duct now feel right on top of you. You can see a faint light flashing in the opening from their flashlight so they are close by. You grab the grate figuring you might be able to stop them from getting out but the opening is too high for you reach. It's then that you hear someone inside the vent yell out that they can see an opening up ahead. Hugging the wall, you run to the door and open it quietly and slip inside. It's then that you relize that the lights have been turned on in this area of the hospital. You see before you what looks like a main reception area. There's a receptionist desk in the middle and benches on either side. On your right is an elevator and to your left is another set of stairs. At the far end is a set of windows and a door with an exit sign above it. Do you want to set the door you came in on fire, check the phone on the desk, try the elevator, go upstairs, try the exit door, or do something else?

Twitchy 2005/5/28 (Sat.) 16:22:17
Honestly guys I think we ought to try the exit and beat a retreat. I really wanted to find out what these guys were up to, but right now I think we'd get killed if we spent much more time in this hospital.

kix 2005/5/29 (Sun.) 01:27:36
i say up but read the sign above the bench on the left

kix 2005/5/29 (Sun.) 01:28:54

Twitchy 2005/5/29 (Sun.) 10:46:21
well okay but I'd feel a lot better about this if we only had a grenade...

sheep 2005/5/29 (Sun.) 10:58:04
You're unsure if you want to go up the stairs or just go out the exit door, so you go over to read the sign above the bench before you decide. Let's go see what it says before you run out of time.

kix 2005/5/29 (Sun.) 17:22:51
ok but time is running! theres only one place where we could have been runned to.
even those clones cah think so far...


sheep 2005/5/26 (Thurs.) 12:48:39
You decide that getting out of the ventilation system as soon as possible will reduce your chance of getting trapped. Grabbing hold of the grate, you try and pop it off without making any noise but it won't budge. Suddenly you hear footsteps coming down the stairs so you back away from grate so you won't be seen. You see someone come down the stairs just as the elevator doors open with two people inside, then two more go walking by coming from your right. After they pass, you wait to see if anyone else comes by but nobody does. Noise starts to echo through the ducts behind you. It sounds like they've entered the ventilation ducts and are headed your way at a rapid pace. You must get out now so you turn your body around and with your feet, you kick the grate as hard as you can and it falls to the floor with a crash. You hear someone in the distance behind you yell out that he must be over this way. You leap out into the hallway and glance at the sign by the elevator. It says that you are still on the first floor in the administration section. You look to your left to see if anyone is backtracking, then to your right. You see a door at the end of the hall just as the sound increases in the duct behind you. You have about 20 seconds to make a decision about which direction you want to go. Do you want to go up the stairs next to the elevator, to the left and sneek up behind them, take the elevator, or go to the door down the hall to your right?

yanbu 2005/5/27 (Fri.) 05:20:26
i say the door to the right they'd know if we took the elevator, and we were already up there anyways right? or am i going to get us killed?

the boy 2005/5/27 (Fri.) 15:49:29
do what yanbu says- if we go up the stairs, and the guys in the vents follow, we will be trapped between people upstairs and people downstairs...

Twitchy 2005/5/27 (Fri.) 16:24:05
Did we destroy the vent or could we put it back in place?


sheep 2005/5/25 (Wed.) 11:37:33
You decide to try the vent going to the left. Trying your best not to make too much noise, you make your way to another opening. As you look between the slats, you can see a set of stairs going up and another set of elevator doors. Suddenly someone appears before you and runs half way up the stairs and stops. He yells out for someone to come quick and that the intruder has struck again. You hide in silence as someone meets him on the stairs. You listen closely as he explains to his partner that the intruder has entered the ventilation system from one of the offices on this floor and that he's badly burned one of them. His partner ask which office it is and tells him to go back there and wait for him so he can round up more people. They split up with one going back up the stairs while the other heads down the hall to your left. If you wait here too long you might be trapped. Do you want to kick out this vent, hurry back to the junction and head another way, go back to the junction and set another fire trap, or just wait here to see if more people go by?

Twitchy 2005/5/25 (Wed.) 18:55:59
I think we better get out of this vent. These guys have numbers and they know this area. They could trap us in here and we'd never be able to fight our way out.

the boy 2005/5/25 (Wed.) 20:05:20
get out of the vent as quietly as possible. people in the movies always pop these vents quietly out with their hands. and i want to see what it says on that floor sign(administration, etc...). Must find the doctor's office!!!!!


sheep 2005/5/24 (Tue.) 13:36:40
You yell to him your coming out and not to hurt you. Reaching into your sack, you remove your lighter and sterno. Reaching as far ahead as you can, you spread some sterno on the floor of the vent and ready your lighter. The man at the door approaches the desk and climbs up to the vent to look inside. He tells you to come out now but you now tell him to come and get you. He climbs inside waving a knife in front of him. He notices something slippery spread on the floor but it's too late. You light the lighter and place it to the sterno. The flames race to the man who's now covered in sterno and he goes up in flames. He screams out in pain as the fire consumes his face and body. Backing up, he falls to the floor and goes silent. The fire now blocks your way out so you have no choice but to go deeper into the vents. What way do you want to go. Strait, left, or right?

Twitchy 2005/5/24 (Tue.) 16:45:49
I think straight would take us back the way we came. Lets go left.

kix 2005/5/25 (Wed.) 00:32:23
yeah right and straight are the way back. so its left


sheep 2005/5/21 (Sat.) 11:27:15
Sliding the desk over to the wall, you climb up and remove the screws from the vent. With your light you can see that there's a junction not far from where you're at. You push your belongings inside and climb in head first. As you make your way to the junction, your movements cause noise that echo down the vent. You reach the junction and wonder which way you should go when you hear a noise behind you. When you look back you see someone standing in the doorway of the office. He shouts out "Hey, you in the vent, get your ass out here right now or I'll come in there and cut you to pieces!". Now what are you going to do?

Twitchy 2005/5/21 (Sat.) 19:10:20
Is there room to fire an arrow in the vent?

yanbu 2005/5/23 (Mon.) 09:18:22
if we can't fire an arrow i think we better get moving through the vent to find a way out

kix 2005/5/23 (Mon.) 12:18:37
i dont know how much smoke will develope if we light up sterno.but if its not too much we could smear aline of sterno behind us in the vent so nobody can follow!


sheep 2005/5/18 (Wed.) 11:55:20
Giving the room a quick once over, you don't find anything that seems important. From the papers that you do find, it's certain that this is not a doctors office. You try the phone on the desk but there's no dial tone. The bulletin board behind the desk would make a good target to take a practice shot, so you prop your flashlight up on the phone to light it up. You want to see if the sterno arrow will work, so you fire one up and shoot it at one of the papers on the board. Hitting the paper dead on from across the room, you see flaming sterno splatter, catching everything it touches on fire. You run over and grab your arrow and blow it out, then try to put out the board and floor. You grab the desk pad and hold it over the the burning area of the bulletin board, snuffing out the flames. With your feet, you manage to put out the small fires on the floor from the splattered sterno. The room now smells like fire and is sure to attract attention but you know that the arrows will work. Do you want to try and get the vent open before someone comes, go into another room and hope it also has a vent, or do something else?

kix 2005/5/19 (Thurs.) 02:20:02
try the vent


sheep 2005/5/17 (Tue.) 10:43:26
As you enter the office, you see there's not much inside except a desk and chair, some old papers on the ground and on the bulletin board, and an old phone. Do you want to take a look at the papers, take a practice shot with your bow, or do something else?

yanbu 2005/5/17 (Tue.) 11:24:08
hey is that an air duct up there on the wall? looks to me like we might be able to climb all up on that desk and get all up in there!??

kix 2005/5/17 (Tue.) 12:59:42
yes good idea. but we should check everything first, then do a practice shoot.
what about trying to call someone?

Twitchy 2005/5/17 (Tue.) 15:33:41
yeah let's poke around here. maybe this is the doc's office! It wouldn't need to be fancy you know; he's got that lab.


sheep 2005/5/11 (Wed.) 11:05:22
You need to find a place to hide so you can ambush the people that are bound to come search for you soon. The desks that are out in the open don't offer much protection or a way to escape if cornered. You move forward so you can see what's around the corner and into the rooms on your left. At the end of the hall is another door with a sign on it that says stairway. The two offices with the open doors have two ways in or out and could give you a chance to escape if need be. Would you like to enter one of the offices and flip the desk over for cover, or try your luck with the stairs?

kix 2005/5/11 (Wed.) 13:19:00
we should escape if we got the opportunity to. but if there are any enemies, they wont appear where all the cobwebs are , so its left where we find trouble!!!
it seems as if the cleaner areas are permanently used.... btw great colour shading on the floor!

yanbu 2005/5/12 (Thurs.) 16:00:05
love this drawring too - i agree with kix

sheep 2005/5/13 (Fri.) 12:01:45
Hmmm, you might want to assume that all the areas of the hospital will be searched, even if they aren't used. The doctor is probably pissed off at the little fire you lit so that might make sense. It's unknown at this time how many people are looking for you but this is a big hospital so they are probably spread out. If someone does enter this area, it might take some time for someone else to come to their aid. By that time, if you defeat them, you will be gone. So do you still want to try and escape this area or enter one of the rooms and wait in hiding?

Twitchy 2005/5/13 (Fri.) 19:44:40
If we can't avoid a fight then why hide? Shouldn't we just continue with our search and deal with whoever crosses our path? If they're already looking for us what good is trying to suprise them?

tree 2005/5/15 (Sun.) 12:15:01
how about the room with the clock over top?...just go in to look at those papers that are on the floor?...we shouldn't be scared of a fight...but we also should find info

kix 2005/5/15 (Sun.) 12:51:55
is this a trapdoor on the ceiling?

yanbu 2005/5/15 (Sun.) 12:55:09
i think that might just be a light up there

Twitchy 2005/5/16 (Mon.) 04:52:12
Hey and I've been thinking about this dream I had where I had a crowbar and a wrist-rocket and suprise on my side and still got myself killed...Maybe we should test fire our new bow and arrow once to see how well it works...?

sheep 2005/5/16 (Mon.) 10:15:10
It will only take a second to peek around the room with the clock over the door. Who knows, you might find something usefull. Afterwards, you can take a practice shot with one of your arrows. Let's take a quick look.

tree 2005/5/16 (Mon.) 12:32:56
YES! i helped!!


sheep 2005/5/8 (Sun.) 10:18:06
You figure going to the right would be your best bet for now. Just as you exit the stairway, you hear the elevetor doors open below. You pause to see if you can hear anyone but all you hear are the doors close again. Near the door at the end of the hallway, you pass by another set of elevator doors and see the lights above it indicate that it's going back up. When you open the door in front of you, you see it's a large office. As you step inside you look back and see the elevator has stopped on floor number six. You feel that they will come looking for you soon so you prepare another weapon with the bow and arrows you found. Opening the sterno can, you apply a thick coating to each of the arrows cups and then plan your next move. Do you want to stay out in the open and wait, go into one of the rooms nearby, hide behind a desk, or see what's around the corner in front of you?

kix 2005/5/8 (Sun.) 14:17:22
i think in reality the first thing i would do is run around the corner! but thats probably what my enemies think when they storm into the room to find us....
so ithink the best would be to choose a place to hide where nobody would think someone would hide!
under the desk with the finger on the trigger‘®!!!!!lol

Twitchy 2005/5/9 (Mon.) 13:55:03
Just don't back yourself into a corner. A spot with a clean shot and plenty of places to run is best.


sheep 2005/5/6 (Fri.) 12:55:33
Meanwhile back at the lab, the fire has been put out but not before several pieces of equipment are damaged and several experiments destroyed. The evil doctor is livid as he inspects the damage. He gathers all his workers and tells half of them to search the entire hospital for the person responsible for this and bring them back alive. He tells them to gather any weapons they can find to succeed in their quest. He also tells them not to return until they find the perpetrator of this act. His men gather anything they can find including knives and pipes, then they head out to search the building. The other half he instructs to help him move what's salvagable over to the other rooms so he can carry on with his work. It looks like you might have some conflicts ahead so be prepared!

mf 2005/5/6 (Fri.) 13:34:58
what the hell is that in the cage on the right? is that Mean Jean!?!?!

kix 2005/5/6 (Fri.) 13:59:17
omg what has this doctor done???
i say building weapons is the most important thing we need to do

mf 2005/5/6 (Fri.) 14:46:37
i meant my other right.

tut tut

Twitchy 2005/5/6 (Fri.) 18:29:05
wow now Green Door Alley has cut-scenes. This rules. Do we still have any sterno? Can we use that to make flaming suction-cup arrows?

emma [Home Page] 2005/5/7 (Sat.) 02:58:13
i say pick up the fire thing on the floor below so u can hit ppl over the head with it! and check out whats in the cupboard ahead of us!

mf 2005/5/7 (Sat.) 03:40:16
we arent in this room. just showing whats going on and what he have to prepare for....

sheep 2005/5/7 (Sat.) 10:02:36
The cage on the other right looks like it contains a small infant.


sheep 2005/5/5 (Thurs.) 12:18:00
You decide that your best bet would be to use the stairs and not the elevator so you won't get trapped. Before you do, you figure that the elevator might give you a diversion to buy you more time. Pressing the up button first, you get no response but when you press the down button the elevator comes alive. Glancing up, you see the number six light up and then the five. You run up the stairs and when you reach the top there's another sign that says you're on floor number one. Peeking out into the hallway, you see that you can go left or right. At each end, there's a set of doors with no markings. do you want to go left or right?

Twitchy 2005/5/5 (Thurs.) 15:13:01
Evil scientists are usually republicans. I bet the doc is on the right.


sheep 2005/5/2 (Mon.) 10:52:35
Darkness surrounds you once again as you head in the direction of the adults ward. Using your light once again, you come to the end of the hallway where you discover an elevator next to a set of steps going up. It's been a while now since you started the fire in the lab. At any time they will come searching for you again. Would you like to try the elevator buttons, or just take the stairs?

blebszo 2005/5/2 (Mon.) 12:05:01
stairs would make less commotion i would think, eh?

kix 2005/5/3 (Tue.) 07:13:25
this surely is a trap but stairs!

mf 2005/5/3 (Tue.) 16:42:26
this might be a bad idea, but maybe set a diversion with the elevator? hit the button then go up the stairs. maybe take a look up the stairs to make sure the coast is clear first. i feel like this is a bad idea though....hmmmmmmm.......

the boy 2005/5/3 (Tue.) 17:19:52
haven't we skipped the 'authorized personnell only' door? that sounds interesting to me....

sheep 2005/5/4 (Wed.) 11:20:02
It's hard to see but the authorized personel door was the back of the nurses station.

Twitchy 2005/5/4 (Wed.) 15:55:03
I'll throw in my vote for backtracking and investigating the authorized personel door

sheep 2005/5/5 (Thurs.) 09:59:35
There seems to be a bit of confusion concerning the authorized personel door. In panel 155, on the way to the window you decided to look behind the nurses station. That panel is the view of behind the nurses station if you were to open the authorized personel door. If you look to your the left you can see a small part of the counter in the opening of the wall. I hope that clears up any confusion you may have.


sheep 2005/5/1 (Sun.) 11:02:19
Looking out the window, you seem to be close to ground level. In the distance, you can see the city and the capital dome bathing in sunlight behind the massive wall. Would you like to go outside to get some freash air and look around, or go back and explore the adult ward to see if you can find the doctors office?

kix 2005/5/1 (Sun.) 14:18:31
yeah baby! work it

yanbu 2005/5/1 (Sun.) 14:36:59
i'm all for business here, the doctors office


sheep 2005/5/1 (Sun.) 09:48:52
On your way over to the window, you decide to take a look into the back of the nurses station. There doesn't look like there's anything of value to you, so you turn around and head to the window. Let's see what it looks like outside.


sheep 2005/4/22 (Fri.) 12:02:11
You open the storage room hoping to find something you could use. Enough light enters the room for you to see that it's full of old toys and books. There's boxes full of Hotwheels cars, Tonka trucks and dolls. To your right is a book shelf with assorted books and in the back of the room, another shelf with board games and such. To your left, there must be 50 old Schwinn Stingrays and Krate bikes of every color. There's even a couple Hula Hoops laying on the floor. Do you want to look around, sit down a play with the toys you see, see if you can ride a wheelie on one of the bikes, have a tea party, or go to back to the windows before you go out into the courtyard.

yanbu 2005/4/22 (Fri.) 13:13:45
yeaH! love this drawing - and i'd love to pop wheelies but i'm sure there are more pressing matters. i'll take the last option

tree 2005/4/25 (Mon.) 08:43:06
there's always time for tea!!

tree 2005/4/25 (Mon.) 09:05:16
there's always time for tea!!

the boy 2005/4/26 (Tue.) 18:01:27
with all the cobwebs around, i think we are still in areas where no one goes. i think we should try to figure out where people are working and investigate there, before the fire distraction is over. and we have to find the doctor's office!!! all the clues point there!(oh, and pick up the bow and arrows in the corner, in case we need another weapon....)

the boy 2005/4/26 (Tue.) 18:03:47
ok- lets go where the people are (we are probably in unused areas, hence all the cobwebs). lets take advantage of our fire-distraction while it lasts. find the doctor's office!!! that is where the clues point! (and pick up the bow and arrow in the far right corner if we need future weapons).

yanbu 2005/4/27 (Wed.) 13:01:20
hello boy!

sheep 2005/4/28 (Thurs.) 10:02:13
Ahhhh, so you noticed the bow and arrows on the floor in the back of the room. You might need them later in your travels. Now let's get out of here and check out a couple more places before you run out of time.

mf 2005/4/28 (Thurs.) 13:57:04
are they real arrows or the suction cup kind

sheep 2005/4/29 (Fri.) 11:57:37
Suction cups....but does it matter?


sheep 2005/4/21 (Thurs.) 13:03:19
You're interested in finding out where all the doors lead to. Walking in a clockwise direction, you check the signs that hang on each door. Now all you have to do is pick which door you'd like to open first.

mf 2005/4/21 (Thurs.) 13:06:41
hmmm, courtyard might be kinda neat. first real outside adventure since the begining.

Twitchy 2005/4/21 (Thurs.) 16:28:03
Wow has this story progressed since I last saw it! I'm so sorry I missed the blowtorch part. Finally we're getting some real weapons! I vote for checking the storage room. Might be an archery set! Flaming Arrows! Wooo! Green Door Rocks!

tree 2005/4/22 (Fri.) 04:27:48
storage should be first i believe...might be able to pick up something nifty

kix 2005/4/22 (Fri.) 05:55:36
yeah i think starage room sounds great. and after that courtyard! but i think we also have to take a look outa the windows to get an idea on which floor/how high we are!
we are still looking for the doctor do we?
i bet he is on the highest floor...

kix 2005/4/22 (Fri.) 05:58:09
btw... the nurse station may hide something useful too


sheep 2005/4/20 (Wed.) 10:55:41
Firmly gripping the crowbar, you get down on your knees and peek around the nurses station to see what's on the other side of the wall. You see that the room is empty, so you walk to the center to get a better look. From where you stand now, you can see two more doors on your left and another set of double doors at the end of the room. What would you like to do next?

yanbu 2005/4/20 (Wed.) 13:29:03
can we see what the doors are labelled ahead of us? can we also take a peek behind us to see what that door is labelled too so we know what's around us?


sheep 2005/4/18 (Mon.) 13:00:18
Not far down the hall you come to a set of double doors. You push them open and find yourself in a large room. Light fills the room from windows located across from where you stand. To your near left stands a nurse station and to your far right is another set of double doors with a sign on it. There's a wall behind the nurses station that blocks your view from the rest of the room. What would you like to do next? Take a peek around the wall, look out the windows, or go to the other double doors?

yanbu 2005/4/18 (Mon.) 15:26:43
there could be people behind the wall that blocks us on the left, i think creeping and peeking behind that wall would be in our best interests.

kix 2005/4/19 (Tue.) 07:28:50
yeah do it.
is there anythink we carry we could use to protect us?( just in case there are those disgusting clones behind the wall!)


sheep 2005/4/14 (Thurs.) 10:44:02
You're not quite sure of what direction you'd like to go. You need to make a decision, so you reach into your pocket and pull out one of the coins you found. You decide that heads would equil the childrens ward and tails you would head into the adult ward. Flipping the coin in the air, you catch it, then open your hand and see that it's heads. Looks like you'll be heading into the childrens ward for now. Let's see what's down there.

kix 2005/4/14 (Thurs.) 10:45:20

mf 2005/4/14 (Thurs.) 16:25:22
i really hope you flipped a for-real penny for this, sheep



sheep 2005/4/13 (Wed.) 11:12:21
You decide to get out of the basement area while the others are busy with the fire burning in the lab. Running up the stairs at the end of the hall, you come to a sign at the top. You must now decide which way you want to go. Do you want to head in the direction of the childrens ward, or go in the direction of the adult ward?

kix 2005/4/13 (Wed.) 12:31:47
we hope to find the mad professor right?
so its left

mf 2005/4/13 (Wed.) 13:25:56
but maybe the mad professor is one of those prodigy children gone wacko. i say go left. :)

mf 2005/4/13 (Wed.) 13:26:27
err, right.


sheep 2005/4/4 (Mon.) 08:22:10
Igniting the wick with your lighter, you shove the end of the pipe into tne hole in the wall. Firmly gripping the pipe, you push up on the piston expelling the lighted fuel into the lab. Screams fill the room as the fire rises from the floor. You back away from the hole so you cannot be seen and listen to their calls for help. Someone cries out to round up everyone to help put out the fire that now consumes the nearby experiments. Within minutes, you hear yelling at the top of the stairs of the room you're in. From what you can tell, it sounds like at least two people run past the door, then back again. Shortly afterwards, you hear a voice shout out that the others are dead. A large voice coming from the lab instructs the others to kill the fire, then find the person responsible for their brothers death. All seems quite in the halls outside the room you're in. Do you want to take a chance now and leave the basement, or wait and see if they come looking for you?

mf 2005/4/6 (Wed.) 14:48:04
maybe make a mad dash for the boiler room across the hall..

sheep 2005/4/7 (Thurs.) 09:50:35
You are in the boiler room at this time. You need to make another decision.

yanbu 2005/4/7 (Thurs.) 13:14:34
there are stairs that go up just outside this door right? we've already been in the storage room and the records room, before that was a stairway i think. there were three doors on the right, 1st was records, 2nd i'm not sure, 3rd was storage. whats in that 2nd room? did we go there?

mf 2005/4/8 (Fri.) 04:07:09
o man, duhhhhhh!!!! i knew that.
dont point. i said dont point! it was a mistake!! ok. fine, laugh if you must. i was gonna say the stairs anyway. yeah, huh!

sheep 2005/4/11 (Mon.) 11:27:28
You decide to go back up the stairs and leave the boiler room. Before doing so, you take a quick peek through hole in the wall. The fire is consuming the nearby table and is spreading over to the table with the three jars. You hear someone say that they've found some fire extinguishers, so you decide to leave now before they have time to search for you. Reaching the top of the stairs, you unlock the door and listen for any sounds coming from the other side. There's silence as you open the door and step out into the hall. You aim your light over to the second door across the hall to see what the sign says. It's another storage room for records. Do you want to investigate that room also or get out of the basement area using the stairs at the end of the hall?

mf 2005/4/11 (Mon.) 12:42:33
hmm.. i think any time wasted down in the basement is just going to make it easier to fine us (him, and his many voices in his head telling him where to go), so lets head up, at least that is this voices vote....

yanbu 2005/4/11 (Mon.) 13:42:07
aye, and mine . . .


sheep 2005/3/28 (Mon.) 07:53:48
Looking around the room, there's not much else in here except an old rusted piece of threaded rod, a dirty blue rag and some bits of thin steel wire. You could fabricate something with the items down here to start a small fire but something seems to be missing. Have you overlooked something important? Look at the other drawings to see if you can find it. Once you do, you start to assemble your flame thrower.

blebszo 2005/3/30 (Wed.) 12:15:41
do we use items from the room we peered into as well? or just from this room?

sheep 2005/3/31 (Thurs.) 01:14:17
Everything you would need is in this room. You will need to use the can, rod, wire, rag and one other item. You will also use two items you have found before and have in your pockets or sack that were mentioned recently.

yanbu 2005/4/3 (Sun.) 18:34:51
i'm not sure how to do this. . from the hint, it looks like the rag is tied around the threaded pole, and then possibly stuffed into the pipe? but then what? someone help!

sheep 2005/4/4 (Mon.) 04:05:01
Yes, you need to cut a piece of the rag and wrap it tightly around the threaded rod on one end. Then, take the wire and secure the rag piece to the rod so you have a nice tight fit when you slide them into the pipe piece that you found next to the fuel tank. This will now act as a piston like you would find in a bike air pump. To finish the flamethrower, you need to add fuel to the open end of the pipe, then make an ignition wick using another piece fuel soaked rag stuffed into the opening of the pipe. You now have yourself a crude flamethrower that will fit into the hole in the wall leading to the lab. Let's go try it out.


sheep 2005/3/21 (Mon.) 10:32:47
As soon as the hatch opens, you get a face full of fumes from the fuel stored below. Shining your light down inside, you could see the fuel but it's a long ways down. There's a ladder going down but, the fumes are too strong to risk going down inside the tank. You could use the fuel to start a small fire but you need to find a way to get it up. Do you have any ideas?

. . . 2005/3/21 (Mon.) 12:46:25
is that a can to the right in the last panel? if we have some string of something to lower it down, we can scoop some up . . . i vaguely remember grabbing a lighter a number of panels back. if we could find some papers or cardboard to light up we might not need the fuel?

yanbu 2005/3/21 (Mon.) 12:46:56
what else is in the room around us?

sheep 2005/3/21 (Mon.) 13:21:04
Yes that was a can to the right of the hatch, and you do have some string remaining. There are a couple of things remaining in this room you could use, so lets look around further before we get the fuel from the tank.

yeah! 2005/3/22 (Tue.) 16:25:31
glad the story is back


sheep 2005/3/20 (Sun.) 11:01:22
You need to find a way to start a small fire in the lab on the other side of the wall, so you search around the room you are in. In the one corner there's a hatch with a sign above it stating that there's a fuel tank below. Do you want to open it to see what's inside?

kix 2005/3/20 (Sun.) 15:09:42
sure. but be careful

sheep 2005/3/21 (Mon.) 06:24:03
You use your crowbar to lift the hatch. Lets see what's down there.


sheep 2005/1/16 (Sun.) 04:43:13
You walk over to the hole and take a peek inside. Holy sheep shit! There's some type of lab over there! It looks like there's fetuses in jars on the one table with tubes coming out the top. You start to freak out and don't know if you should just go back to the sewers and leave, or try to get inside the room. You lean up against the wall to think for a minute. What are you going to do?

yanbu 2005/1/16 (Sun.) 07:05:08
all of the people here look identical, so this must be a cloning lab! the main doctor must be in there, if not he must be coming back to that room at some point. what's above us? is there a drop ceiling or some way to climb over this wall and through the ceiling into the room? i don't think we're ready to go in there yet but just to know.

Twitchy 2005/1/16 (Sun.) 18:27:53
If we started a fire in there it would probably draw everyone’s attention and we might stand a better chance of getting around unnoticed. Also, isn’t it sort of our duty to stop evil cloning experiements n stuff? I mean, c’mon, when do they EVER leave an evil doctor’s lab un-destroyed? It’s just plain bad form.

sheep 2005/1/17 (Mon.) 11:27:12
You check out the ceiling to see if you can get to the other room but it's solid concrete. There's no vents to crawl in, so you're not going to get in there from here. You think about starting a fire in there somehow but the hole is awfully small. If only you had something that would propel some sterno or other flammable in there. Would you like to look around the boiler room to see if there is something you could use?

kix 2005/1/17 (Mon.) 14:03:59
yes good plan.and if we dont find anything the storage room on the other side could hide something to use too

sheep 2005/1/18 (Tue.) 03:20:54
Since nobody can get to you down here, you have plenty of time to look around. Let's start with the other side of this room and see what we can find.


sheep 2005/1/15 (Sat.) 11:33:31
Your curious to what could be making the humming noise, so you turn around and shine your light twords it. It seems to be coming from the room at the bottom of the stairs. Walking as soft as possible, you reach the room below and notice the noise is coming from the wall to your right. It's then that you notice a small beam of light coming from a small hole in the wall. What could be on the other side? It doesn't look like there's any doors that lead to the other side but something is over there. Do you have ideas of how to find out?

belzor 2005/1/15 (Sat.) 13:20:04
can we peek through the hole? it is a hole right?

twitchy 2005/1/15 (Sat.) 22:00:25
hold one of the pieces of paper we took into the lightbeam.

Al 2005/1/20 (Thurs.) 08:24:20
I have an idea... why doesnt somebody just kick the lights back on in this building and call in a janior crew to clean up?


sheep 2005/1/13 (Thurs.) 10:59:38
You go back into the hallway and head twords the far end. Just as you near the stairway, you hear footprints, then see light coming down the stairs. There are two doors nearby that might offer you a hiding place. Do you want to go into the storage room or the boiler room? Of course you could always just stand there and see who it is or turn around.

kix 2005/1/13 (Thurs.) 14:15:36
turn off the light!!!boiler room!

yanbu 2005/1/13 (Thurs.) 16:36:38
i agree, get in there quickly and quietly

sheep 2005/1/14 (Fri.) 11:12:57
You decide to enter the boiler room hoping that it might offer a better place to hide. Holding your fingers over the flashlights lens, you allow just enough light to escape to reach the doorknob without drawing attention to you. Turning your light off, you open the door as quite as possible and slip inside the darkness. As you slowly pull the door shut, you feel a lock on the back of the knob and turn it. You hear the person reach the bottom of the stairs and approach the door. Light appears at the bottom of the door, then the handle jiggles. He shouts out to the others but there's no reply. It sounds like he enters the room across the hall and his footsteps fade. Standing in the blackness, you hear a hum coming from behind you. It sounds like an electrical current draw, like some type of large electrical equipment is being powered. Do you want to turn on your light and see what it is, or open the door and run up the stairs?

belzor 2005/1/14 (Fri.) 12:28:54
yeah let's look!

twitch 2005/1/14 (Fri.) 19:50:55
i can't believe we're on a quest for 69

kix 2005/1/15 (Sat.) 01:21:32
this is a thriller!!


sheep 2005/1/11 (Tue.) 12:25:09
You check the file cabinet closest to you and see that there are Dr. files inside but they go from the letters "A"-"G". Approaching the one near the left side of the room, you see that the top drawer contains the Dr. files "R"-"T". It's unlocked, so you peer inside and see a couple of forms in the bottom. Grabbing one of the forms, you think you hit paydirt when you see Dr. Thomas's name on the top. Hmm, looks like there's a room number. Do you want to keep this paper and look somewhere else or move on to explore this room further?

kix 2005/1/11 (Tue.) 13:42:10
i say grab as much as we can... this is evidence!
even if we cant read it yet...

twitchy 2005/1/11 (Tue.) 14:02:32
are there any dates on these? This could just be useless old stuff...

sheep 2005/1/12 (Wed.) 10:18:17
You search the few remaining papers in the drawer and notice that they all give the doctors room number as being 6-9. You've passed by the outside of the hospital many times and know that there are several floors. Could this indicate that the doctors office is on the 6th floor room number 9? This might come in handy later, so you fold it up, then stuff it into your pocket. Time could be running short and there might be other people searching the building. Would you like to leave this room and search for the 6th floor room number 9?

belzor 2005/1/12 (Wed.) 16:53:51
yes! let's make our way there

kix 2005/1/13 (Thurs.) 03:10:45
i agree

le tristes 2005/1/13 (Thurs.) 07:18:28
(like this pic)


sheep 2005/1/9 (Sun.) 04:18:51
You pannick knowing that they will stop at nothing to obey their master. Using the pot, you manage to strike his hands causing him to drop the crowbar. Without thinking, you lower the crowbar with all your might across his forehead. Blood splatters the walls as his yells stop. You don't know if anyone has heard his cry for help but feel that there's information in the files in this room that might help. Do you want to hide somewhere nearby and wait to see if someone comes, search the room anyway or just run away?

kix 2005/1/9 (Sun.) 06:13:19
omg what have we done?we are murderers!

conscious 2005/1/9 (Sun.) 12:18:50
mf is the murderer! let's crowbar him! or i mean, looks like it's all spilled milk now . . . what next?

mf 2005/1/9 (Sun.) 16:58:21
im sorry, full of rage am i. i should be punished

twitchy 2005/1/10 (Mon.) 12:01:03
clearly *twitch* our many personalities are *twitch* getting the better of us. We should *twitch* seek professional help immediately.

twitchy 2005/1/10 (Mon.) 12:02:42
I still don't think we should stay around here much longer. How bout we just grab some promising looking files and find some other quiet place to read them?

kix 2005/1/10 (Mon.) 12:13:21
great idea twitch

sheep 2005/1/10 (Mon.) 13:05:01
Using the dead guys shirt, you wipe the blood from the crowbar and your hands. You don't hear anyone coming yet so you decide to give the files a once over. Being careful not to slip on the bloody floor, you make your way over to the file cabinets. Let's see what we can find.


sheep 2005/1/6 (Thurs.) 13:13:58
Slowly, you pour the water into his eyes until he opens them. He looks relieved that he can see once again. His partner tries to kick you as you get ready to ask him a question. You tell his buddy to be quite and that he had his chance to talk. What would you like to ask the man with the flushed out eyes?

kix 2005/1/7 (Fri.) 01:15:03
ask him if there are more of them

sheep 2005/1/7 (Fri.) 07:52:32
The first question you ask him is how many more of them are in this building. You tell him you're going to remove the gag and if he tries anything funny, you'll wack him up side his head with the crowbar. He nods his head in agreement and you remove the gag. He replies that there are about 20 of them that are allowed to go out on their own to serve their master. You've already disposed of a couple, but the rest might not be so easy. Is there another question you'd like to ask?

kix 2005/1/7 (Fri.) 08:56:18
who is his master?why master? where? way out?

sheep 2005/1/7 (Fri.) 11:50:45
You then ask him who is his master and why do you call him such. He replies that he is their creator, the one who gave him life. The one who they must protect at all cost, if they are to continue with their plan.

yanbu 2005/1/7 (Fri.) 13:55:53
what plan?

andy b 2005/1/7 (Fri.) 18:34:06
killer drawing!

sheep 2005/1/8 (Sat.) 05:04:25
You're wondering what kind of plan he could be talking about so you ask him. Just as he's ready to tell you what the deal is, his buddy breaks his hands loose from the ropes, feels the crowbar at your side, then hits his partner across his forehead to silence him. Blood pores from his open skull as the life fades from his body.....he is dead. His buddy blindly swings the crowbar as he lies on the floor, trying to take you out also. He pulls the shirt from his mouth and yells out for assistance. What now?

mf 2005/1/8 (Sat.) 15:09:42
grab that crobar from him and beat him senseless! BASH! GLITCH! BLOOD! OVER AND OVER! SHUT UP YOU! NO MERCY! DO IT!!!

Twitchy 2005/1/8 (Sat.) 20:08:58
nah just run. he's already sounded the alarm, why waste time killing him? I told you we should have just left these guys tied up.

mf 2005/1/9 (Sun.) 02:51:38
bah, bashing skulls is fun, no?


sheep 2004/12/28 (Tue.) 11:55:20
You decide to trick them into giving you some information. You tell them that the substance you threw into their eyes will blind them if they don't talk. If they talk, you will flush their eyes out with water. The one with the darker hair mumbles as he shakes his head up and down. He might want to talk, so you need to make good on your promise. You shine your light into the room hoping to find a container for the water but see none. Is there another place you want to look, even if it means backtracking to a place you were before?

twitch 2004/12/29 (Wed.) 10:33:40
Well we COULD run all the way back to those drums of water and soak a rag or something, but I was counting on getting answers first, then telling them the stuff is harmless. IS it harmless? I've never heard of the old salt in the eyes trick.

sheep 2004/12/29 (Wed.) 12:22:08
The salt is harmless but very painful. Even after flushing his eyes out he will still be in some discomfort but, more willing to answer your questions. Using a water soaked rag might take more than one trip to work effectively. There are two ways to solve your water transportation problem. Can you figure it out, or do you have another plan? Hint; one way involves an object and the other a small area that was overlooked in the bomb shelter.

twitch 2004/12/29 (Wed.) 19:49:32
I think I'd like to use one of my lifelines...

Regis Philbin 2004/12/30 (Thurs.) 10:18:28
You still have your three life lines left. Which one do you want to use? Phone a friend, 50/50 or ask the audience?

sheep 2005/1/4 (Tue.) 05:24:54
There's a hint on the anything board.....did you see it.....anyone?

belzor 2005/1/4 (Tue.) 12:34:14
i think the hint is the water containers from drawing #117 if i'm not mistaken. from the tag on the water it says it expired long ago but can be treated with iodine. does this sound right?

Twitchy 2005/1/4 (Tue.) 18:27:46
well i guess we're supposed to run all the way back and fill the pan with water from the drums. Sounds like a good way to get killed to me but no one else has any good ideas I guess. stupid audience...

sheep 2005/1/5 (Wed.) 01:31:52
Yea, someone's still here. You need to return to the basement and fill the pot with water to flush the guys eyes out. It's not that far away, so it won't take that long. PWFNP


sheep 2004/12/21 (Tue.) 12:30:41
With your head turned twards the door, the voices sound right outside. You hear the handle of the door start to turn, then light enters the room. The unknown searchers enter the room with their light pointed forward. As soon as they are both in the room, you jump out from your hiding spot and surprise them. As they turn in your direction, you toss both containers of salt into their eyes. They fall to their knees screaming in agony as you remove the tape from your pocket. You grab the ones legs and he kicks like the devil as you wrap them with tape. The other tries to stand, so you give him a wack across the ribs with the crowbar, sending him back to the ground. He puts up no fight as you wrap his legs, then his hands. Finishing the job, you wrap the first ones hands just as the tape runs out. What is your next move?

mf 2004/12/21 (Tue.) 18:19:29
HA! that drawing is absolutely fantastic!!

i say close the door to contain any sounds they will make. turn on the light. do we have enough tape to make gags? if they are quite, lets start asking some questions.

twitchy 2004/12/21 (Tue.) 21:44:15
Bah these guys look just like the other two we've already met. I can't imagine they'll be any more informative. What can we gag them with? We need to keep things quiet.

mf 2004/12/22 (Wed.) 03:34:38
maybe tear off pieces of their shirts to stick in their mouthseses. hope is enough tape. if not, just bash in head till quiet.

kix 2004/12/22 (Wed.) 04:29:30
we need information! it would be wrong, not to ask them questions. what were they talking about some pics earier? we heard them, didnt we?

twitchy 2004/12/22 (Wed.) 06:33:21
Don't you remember how our last interview with one of these guys went? We've been passing up whole rooms with possible info to try to get to the doctor's office. I really don't think we should spend any time with these guys.

mf 2004/12/22 (Wed.) 09:48:44
couldnt hurt to try to pry some quick answers outta them. give them a minute or so, then shut them up. after that lets go and investigate the rest of this hallway. (or should we back-track and go back to the previous hallway? should we go down the stairs or or keep heading forward in the previous hall?? beer or rum?

sheep 2004/12/22 (Wed.) 10:48:50
Quickly shutting the door, you now need to keep them quite until you get their undivided attention. You need to act fast, so you pull their shirts up and shove them into their mouths. The tape roll is empty, so you go and retrive the string from your sack and secure the gags. It's then that you notice that they resemble the first few people you've incountered, only younger. It might be worth it to try and get something out of them using some type of persuasion. Would you like to tell them you killed both of their friends and they're next, smear a little dab of sterno on their shoes and light it (showing you mean business), or give them both a wedgie?

mf 2004/12/22 (Wed.) 15:04:30
HAHA! give em a wedgie!!!

twitchy 2004/12/24 (Fri.) 20:34:14
Why don't we lie and tell them we poured some chemical in their eyes that will permanently blind them unless we wash it out right away. But first we want some answers. I despise torture, i'd rather lie to them.


sheep 2004/12/12 (Sun.) 07:40:57
You need to prepare the salt before you use it. Removing the salt tablets from the jar, you smash each one into small pieces using the hammer. Then you need to empty your film containers and fill each one with half of the crushed salt. Once you're finished, you need to find a good place to stand before they arrive. Would you like to stand on the side of the door, or behind it?

yanbu 2004/12/12 (Sun.) 09:12:55
behind it sounds right to me - and nice job on this drawing, i was super suprised to see this here and compare it to the one in the anything board, and you wrote bbbblack on the other one! ha

kix 2004/12/13 (Mon.) 04:55:26
behind the door would be hard because it opens to the other side, to the long floor

kix 2004/12/13 (Mon.) 04:56:42
sorry foro my bad english btw...

twitchy 2004/12/13 (Mon.) 07:17:56
do we have time for a quick glace around this room? It might help if there were something to hide behind.

twitchy 2004/12/13 (Mon.) 07:18:27
a quick glance I mean

sheep 2004/12/14 (Tue.) 10:24:59
Well, since you can't stand behind the door, a quick gander around the room might be in order but, if they split up after they enter, you might not blind both of them within a few seconds of one another. You could also stand with your back to the wall near the door so when they open it, you'll have a good shot at their eyes. Your choice.

yanbu 2004/12/15 (Wed.) 14:28:22
i like the back to the wall method myself - i was trying to picture what i's do in real life and i'd probably just run and hide, but in this case i think i'd put my back to the wall . . . anyone else?

the boy 2004/12/16 (Thurs.) 00:18:37
yes yes- definately back to the wall. its dark, they won't see you right away. and you'll have a straight shot for the eyes. just have the tape or something ready to tie them up.

a-xir [Home Page] 2004/12/16 (Thurs.) 09:51:41
Hi everyone! i'm reading this story for a couple of hours now (i just started) and i must say i'm amazed! Its just kinda Holmes :)) And yo! I would also like to ask sheep if i could make an Flash game out of his drawings - it's really worth it! I might take the artwork part as my duty as well, but i think original artwork is still best :) And if sheep is ok with painting the story from the start (i noticed he became much better since start) to provide best textures :) but its still not neccessary. If you're interested - mail me! (of course, its all free man :D). thanks for your time. i'm looking forward for further plot! (excuse me for my terrible english)

sheep 2004/12/16 (Thurs.) 12:55:23
You decide that the best place to stand would be just inside the door with your back to the wall. This would give you the cover you'd need for the first few seconds. Placing the tape half way in your back pocket (with the end started and folded over), you then prop the crowbar against the wall. Running the plan through your head, you fear that something might go wrong. One things for certain, you need to strike quickly, without delay. Then you hear them. The voices have returned and are getting stronger. Will they open this door, or walk on by? Let's find out.

twitchy 2004/12/17 (Fri.) 20:45:30
i still think we should have just lit em on fire, or brained em with the crowbar...


sheep 2004/12/6 (Mon.) 13:13:36
The sign on the door next to you reads records. You try the doorknob and it's unlocked. Do you want to go inside, or do something else?

yanbu 2004/12/6 (Mon.) 14:24:13
i want to see the records, i bet there are some clues in here

Loren 2004/12/6 (Mon.) 19:08:14
why not check it out, it seems safe enough, and it could be a place to be out of the hallway if those guys come back.

Twitch 2004/12/6 (Mon.) 19:19:03
yeah go in there. and what exactly is wrong with talking to yourself anyway...?

sheep 2004/12/7 (Tue.) 10:47:31
You open the door and step inside. As you're closing the door, you hear the voices returning in the distance. Just as the door closes, the voices grow stronger. Standing in the darkness, their footprints grow stronger, then the sound of another door opening. They must be in the next room over. The room you're in will probably be the next one to be searched. You can stay and fight, or run away. If you want to fight, you'll need an excellent plan of attack. Two people are going to be much more difficult to disable. You'll have about ten minutes to think of something before they get to your room. You have the means to take on both of them, but do you have the answers?

Twitch 2004/12/7 (Tue.) 21:16:00
well...first-aid type iodine is supposed to be flammable and we have a lighter and rags...but do we want to make a firebomb in a room full of paper? Anyone got a better plan? this one would be risky.

Loren 2004/12/7 (Tue.) 21:54:32
Whoa whoa whoa. We don't even know if these guys are bad guys yet. We should prepare ourselves for a fight, but not leave it to only that option. I'm really out of problem-solving tactics here, I'm all rationale.

the boy 2004/12/8 (Wed.) 02:27:26
i don't think iodine is flammable- but do we have the sterno? or we can play dead- like one of the other crazies killed us. iodine might look like blood in the dim light (am i remembering a McGuyver episode?) and then hear what they have to say. or be ready to attack with burning stuff when the least expect it.

kix 2004/12/8 (Wed.) 02:58:06
i like the boys idea...could at least bring a little thrill in here

mf 2004/12/8 (Wed.) 10:49:57
yeah, burning flesh sounds good. can we turn on our light and have a look around? if there is some styrofoam and sterno mixed with styrofoam can make a jello-y substance, maybe we could do some crude napalm up in dis bitch.

sheep 2004/12/8 (Wed.) 12:54:11
You think about playing dead to listen to what they are saying, or lighting them on fire somehow. This could be very risky if they are hostile. There is another way to disable the searchers without using fire, giving you time to tie them up. You still have time to figure out what to do, and prepare your disabler for use. That in itself will take a couple minutes, so you should'nt wait too long. If you run out of time you'll just have to use the fire somehow and risk another disaster. Hint; Use the hammer, not as a weapon, and another item (s)to create somthing to stop them in their tracks. Times a ticking.

kix 2004/12/8 (Wed.) 13:22:16
i got an idea to frighten them before the even get the idea to attack or see me.use the iodine to pore it on the hammer so that it looks like anyone split someones head up!
They will wonder what goes on and only have eyes for this!
If that happens our hiding place doesnt have to be that good...they probably run away or someting

Jehova's Witness 2004/12/10 (Fri.) 09:46:07
Dude, that idea sucks.

yanbu 2004/12/10 (Fri.) 15:25:28
i had a dream about crushing up some nugs with a hammer, and something else about iodine, i think -- what does it mean?

billy d 2004/12/10 (Fri.) 16:15:08
how bout you throw the salt or iodine in their eyes and run,or smash them in the head with the hammer

yanbu 2004/12/10 (Fri.) 17:50:39
crushing up the salt tablets? hmm. . . salt inside of a liquid thrown into someones face or eyes could be pretty effective - we have the iodine still?

yanbu 2004/12/10 (Fri.) 17:53:55
i vote for that - a nasty crushed salt to the face / eyes - and a whap to the head(s) - to hopefully knock out and not kill. if there is ample rope we can tie tie them up to keep them from coming after, and to possibly interrogate.

yanbu 2004/12/10 (Fri.) 17:57:08
ok tell me if this sounds right . . iodine / salt mixture in two empty film vials, one to throw at each person? or do we have a better way?

Jehova's Witness 2004/12/10 (Fri.) 18:28:43
we should find out if they're a threat first, with of course eye-burning salt ready!

yanbu 2004/12/11 (Sat.) 01:02:46
yah that's a good idea

sheep 2004/12/11 (Sat.) 01:52:52
Ahh, the old salt in the eyes trick! That should bring them to their knees. Of course have the crowbar at your side just in case you miss. PWFNP


sheep 2004/12/5 (Sun.) 13:09:17
Aiming your light down the hall, you see several doors. The third one on your right is unlocked and opened. Do you want to look inside, or do something else?

Twitch 2004/12/5 (Sun.) 18:03:45
What do the tags on the doors say? I don't think we should just go in the door that's open, that would be the most likely place for the voices we heard. Can we still hear them?

Loren 2004/12/5 (Sun.) 18:16:57
I don't think we should try to take on two guys at the same time. See if you can go in the other doors and check it out.

sheep 2004/12/6 (Mon.) 12:35:10
The open door could be mean danger, so you decide to check the other doors first. Let's get a better look at the first one to your right.

trent 2004/12/6 (Mon.) 14:34:01
it could have been some freak talking to himself better watch out!


sheep 2004/12/2 (Thurs.) 12:56:36
As you reach the top of the stairs, you hear an echo of a door opening. Quickly you shut off your light and listen. You can hear two different voices getting stronger in the distance. What are you going to do now?

Twitch 2004/12/2 (Thurs.) 22:31:51
Look for a place to hide. Are we out in the open? If someone comes this way will we be caught? How much noise have our footfalls been making?

sheep 2004/12/3 (Fri.) 12:03:46
Looking for a place to hide would be a good idea since you're out in the open at the top of the stairs. As you think about where to go, you hear another door open and the voices fade out. You have sneakers on, so making your way back down the stairs would be relitively silent. You might have to take on at least two people if they locate you, so you might want to go and prepare yourself at a familiar place.

Loren 2004/12/4 (Sat.) 06:16:52
I think that since the voices faded out after another door opened that it is safe to say that they were headed somewhere else. Could we decipher anything they were saying? I think we should peer out into the hallway, slingshot ready, and begin walking down it to check it out. Going back won't achieve anything but having a place to hide from people that seem to have already left.

sheep 2004/12/5 (Sun.) 12:20:41
You decide that the danger has passed and you want to move on. With your senses tuned in, you turn your light back on and enter the hallway armed and ready. PWFNP


sheep 2004/11/29 (Mon.) 12:59:29
You don't see any light or hear any sounds, so you step out into the hallway and take a better look. You're in a long hallway with no end in sight. The only thing you can see from where you stand are a couple stairways leading down again. What do you want to do now?

mf 2004/11/30 (Tue.) 04:27:11
should we go down, or just check both stairwells and see what that blue thing down the hall aways? hmmmm

Twitchy 2004/11/30 (Tue.) 08:06:05
Yeah I agree. I feel like I'm missing something, but I don't see anything else to do here. Try to be quiet I guess...

kix 2004/11/30 (Tue.) 11:35:51
the blue thing in the back must surely be the new server yanbu has been moved to....

sheep 2004/12/1 (Wed.) 12:47:49
Proceeding as quite as possible, you reach the first stairway leading down and shine your light below. It leads to another landing, stopping you from seeing what's below. You then walk to the next downward stairway and see the same type of landing below. You're now closer to the blue object and see it's a wide stairway leading up. Do you want to keep going strait, or go up the stairs?

the boy 2004/12/2 (Thurs.) 01:36:21
go up! go up! blue! i want to find the doctor's office- doctor's don't have offices in basements and sewers and fallout shelters!

sheep 2004/12/2 (Thurs.) 10:00:14
Ok, up it is.


sheep 2004/11/24 (Wed.) 18:37:04
You shine your light up the stairs and make your way to the landing. It looks like there was a door attached to the framing at one time because the hinges are still there. You shine your light up the second half of the stairway and see a darkened hallway. Do you want to proceed?

yanbu 2004/11/24 (Wed.) 21:33:57
yes please! and carefully, with an ear to the door before opening?

twitchy 2004/11/25 (Thurs.) 02:10:01
IS there a door? I say keep going up but slowly and quietly. This is a dangerous spot. What's the sign say? Will we ever be able to have kids after this?

minty fresh yo! 2004/11/25 (Thurs.) 08:12:13
looks like one of those fallout shelter signs. do we have our sling-shot and mulitple nuts ready for peek around corner?

yanbu 2004/11/25 (Thurs.) 09:35:02
yeah listen to those guys, i didn't read hard enough - it looked like a door! but is indeed a hallway? advancing carefully with slingshot yes

sheep 2004/11/28 (Sun.) 04:53:07
You want to proceed carefully, keeping your slingshot ready. Reaching the top of the stairs, you peek around the corner.......

mf 2004/11/28 (Sun.) 06:20:25
crud, didnt we have a mirror at one point? did we ever take it with us? that would be so awsome to have right now


sheep 2004/11/20 (Sat.) 12:26:40
You grab the first bottle on the bottom shelf and see that it contains salt tablets. On the label it says they are for dehydration but you never heard of such a thing. The second bottle on the top shelf is half full with iodine. The lable says it's poison so you don't understand how you could use this for water. There are no other labels on the bottle or first aid manual to give you instructions. Do you want to keep any of these items?

Twitchy 2004/11/21 (Sun.) 03:44:31
If we grab this stuff we should grab a handbook too, it would probably explain how to use them. I say we keep the iodine and leave the salt.

Twitchy 2004/11/21 (Sun.) 03:50:11
Sheep do we need to play in character and pretend not to know how to use this stuff?

sheep 2004/11/21 (Sun.) 08:42:46
If a player knows how to use an item that's found, or knows what a sign or symbol means, they may share their knowledge at any time.

Tobey 2004/11/21 (Sun.) 14:40:27
Take a look at the handbook real quick, see if we can find anything about these things, I have a few ideas but not sure if they would work. Be quick about it though, dont spend more then 5 or so minutes trying to find info.

twitchy 2004/11/22 (Mon.) 13:51:14
Well a few drops of iodine can be used to purify water but I don't know how many since this is not the kind backpackers use. This is antiseptic stuff we could use to clean wounds. The salt stuff is probably not table salt. They make some special stuff that helps your body absorb the maximum amount of water when you drink. It's for people who have severe dehydration like from an illness. I don't think we'll need that. The problem is we still don't have anything resembling a canteen that I can think of. We'd need to be able to measure the water to know how much iodine to use. I think we better just split.

Tobey 2004/11/22 (Mon.) 15:44:25
Sounds good, put everything back and lets get moving

sheep 2004/11/22 (Mon.) 18:08:21
Sensing that your time in this closet is running low you decide to leave. You have room in your hobo sack for most of the items in the first aid kit but you're not sure if you should take them. They could have a use down the road so this could be a mistake but it's your choice. If you still want to leave, where do you want to go?

twitchy 2004/11/23 (Tue.) 00:10:08
lets bag the iodine in case we get cut and take a look (and listen) up the stairs

Tobey 2004/11/23 (Tue.) 13:33:40
Take the salt tablets too, and the band aids, if we have the room lets use it.

sheep 2004/11/23 (Tue.) 16:01:48
You decide you might need the salt, iodine and bandaids, so you pack them into your hobo sack and head over to the stairs.

justin 2004/11/23 (Tue.) 18:19:20
uhhhhhhhhhhh eat the salt and throw the iodine away


sheep 2004/11/19 (Fri.) 19:00:03
Looks like there's a few things in here. Do you want to check anything out?

kix 2004/11/19 (Fri.) 19:18:35
sure. everything

yanbu 2004/11/19 (Fri.) 21:50:19
especially the bottle on the bottom right, and the one on the top shelf - we should definately take the tape and sutures, and some band aids

sheep 2004/11/20 (Sat.) 11:04:30
You want to examine everything, so you start with the two bottles.


sheep 2004/11/14 (Sun.) 17:15:12
You find a lighter on the ground and give it a shake. It sounds like there's fluid inside so you give it a strike. It lights! Do you want to keep it and go the the next item?

Tobey 2004/11/14 (Sun.) 17:43:43
keep it

kix 2004/11/14 (Sun.) 18:01:21
next item

kix 2004/11/14 (Sun.) 18:06:00
wait! what kind of handbook is it? an dwhat does "cd" mean?or: what kind of company is it?

twitchy 2004/11/15 (Mon.) 11:52:42
CD stands for Civil Defense. This is like an old disaster shelter. The handbooks are probably government BS about what to do in case of a nuke attack. A smart kid like us won't need it. I say skip it, time is limited here.

twitchy 2004/11/15 (Mon.) 11:56:34
Especially if that number in the corner means it was written in March of 1952...

twitchy 2004/11/15 (Mon.) 11:58:14
or April rather. Anyway I doubt it has anything about psycho zombie attacks.

Tobey 2004/11/15 (Mon.) 13:48:43
The books are for emergancys, I dont think it has to do with attack of clones or anything, skip the books move on to the next thing.

minty fresh yo! 2004/11/15 (Mon.) 16:06:36
medicine cabinet. iodine yo! needle and thread for ramboing later. tut tut

trent 2004/11/17 (Wed.) 10:48:25
ya keep it

sheep 2004/11/18 (Thurs.) 16:27:54
You put the lighter into your pocket and decide your best bet is to look in the first aid box. Good choice, let's go see.


sheep 2004/11/14 (Sun.) 11:59:16
Using your screwdriver, you pry the lid off the Sterno can. Inside is some type of smelly pink gel. It doesn't smell edible, so who knows what it's for. Do you want to taste it anyway, or move on to the next item?

kix 2004/11/14 (Sun.) 13:50:49
dont taste it! maybe we could take this with us. its probably useful in a later moment

ian 2004/11/14 (Sun.) 15:16:53
empty it onto the floor, there could be something in it

ian 2004/11/14 (Sun.) 15:17:45
wait a sec... that's really stupid. next item (sorry)

twitchy 2004/11/14 (Sun.) 16:34:26
sterno is a flamable jelly used for cooking fuel, like for backpackers. (or civil defense emergency rations) I think we should grab at least one. It seems like something McGyver would keep.

twitchy 2004/11/14 (Sun.) 16:36:13
hey maybe that means that reddish thing is a cigarette lighter...?

sheep 2004/11/14 (Sun.) 16:50:11
Yes, Sterno is used for heating or cooking. It might pay to grab a couple cans before you leave. You shine your light down near the sterno box again and see a small orange object. Let's see what that is.


sheep 2004/11/13 (Sat.) 18:16:18
Hmm, the papers on the ground are actually some type of handbook and the round green tin cans say Sterno on the top. There's even a few more cans left in that closed box. Would you like to leave these items and move on?

kix 2004/11/14 (Sun.) 09:16:17
what the hell is sterno? i wanna know before we go on... lets open one

sheep 2004/11/14 (Sun.) 11:14:49
Ok, let's open one up.


sheep 2004/11/12 (Fri.) 18:56:42
You move all your items over to the closet and hide them behind the door. With the flashlight in one hand and the crowbar in the other, you investigate the contents strewn about the floor. What do you want to look at first? Remember, other people may be coming, so some things might have to be left alone.

kix 2004/11/12 (Fri.) 19:36:13
first pick up the pan so we can defend us from an attack.then straight to the health-bunus(!)after that we can look at the rest ...

Tobey 2004/11/12 (Fri.) 20:05:39
I think grabing the pan is a good idea, but dont tough the first aid kit, we dont need it now, and for now I dont think we will be going far away from it, we could always come back... maybe. Well after you grab the pan, go for the papers! try to keep them where they are though, read read read, WHAT IS GOING ON?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Oh yeah, then see if there is anything in that closed box and that yellow safe?

minty fresh yo! 2004/11/13 (Sat.) 08:28:27
i think the crowbar is more sufficient than the pot for self defense. i think the medicine cabinet is a must. we may not be injured now, but we may very well be later. i'd also bet that there is some iodine in there to boot.

twitchy 2004/11/13 (Sat.) 13:21:37
I'm with Minty, and I also want to look at the little items that are harder to identify. Next to the two stretchers is some round object and next to the little boxes on the left is a little reddish thing that could be an inhaler(?) Just a quick glance so we know what they are. Is that more paper in the far right corner under the first aid kit? *sigh* I guess it's too small to be a slug-thrower huh?

sheep 2004/11/13 (Sat.) 17:09:23
You want to explore everything but you might not have the time. You see the water pot and figure that can wait, so you move forward to the closed box, letter and round thingy. Let's see what you have found.


sheep 2004/11/7 (Sun.) 16:21:09
You tell him you're going to remove the gag, and if he yells, you'll hit him again. You then ask him if he understands, and he shakes his head yes. Grabbing him by the shoulders, you prop him up to a drum and remove the gag. You want to know who he is, so you ask him his name to which he replies " You want to know who I am? Who the hell are you! You just got lucky with me punk, there's an army of us and no one's escaped yet!" Sounds like he needs a little help to get him to talk so you poke him in his ribs with the crowbar. He winches in pain as you demand to know what's going on. With eyes of the devil, he looks at you and says, " You'll find out soon enough, and you wish you never had! Soon, they will be here!". He starts to yell out and you must gag him again. Now what?

kix 2004/11/7 (Sun.) 17:58:06
more questions

Tobey 2004/11/7 (Sun.) 18:27:03
Well I think he was getting at the point, that they are clearly clones... but something doesnt fit... Ask him why there was one that was running from the rest, why do they want to kill everyone, what is going on, ask him if he is really a clone, things to that extent..

twitchy 2004/11/8 (Mon.) 13:10:29
Guys I think we need to move! I still wanted to look in that tool shed and I believe this dude when he says more will come. Since we can't kill him could we stuff him in a drum? Or would he be able to kick it over?

sheep 2004/11/8 (Mon.) 18:22:16
You want to ask more questions, so you ask him to calm down. He twist and pulls at the ropes while trying to yell through the gag. It doesn't look like he's going to give you any information, so you need to dispose of him. Looking around the room, you see the empty drum on its side and bring it over to the gagged man. You give him one more chance to talk before you place the drum over his head, then down to his waist. He struggles to break free with all his might as you tip the drum to its side. The drum rings out against the floor as you shove his legs inside. Tilting it upright, You peer inside with your light. Hmmm, doesn't look too comfortable in there. You remember the lid you removed from the drum full of water and retrive it. Sliding the drum as close to the wall as possible, you place the lid on top. That should take care of him for a long time. You remove the extra shirt you had stored in you hobo sack and put it on. Standing there, you wonder what lies ahead. Why do these weirdos all seem to look alike? Is this too much for you to handle alone? Or have you already gone too far? As you look around, you can feel the closet calling you.....the stairs.....the mystery! You turn and spot the sewer pipe.....then back to the stairs.....it's too much, you must explore more. It's in your blood.....let's just hope it stays inside you. Do you want to go to the closet, go up the stairs, or hide and wait? Or something completely different of course.

minty fresh yo! 2004/11/8 (Mon.) 19:05:36
i say take stairs. and of course use the utmost caution. be ready muuhhuhuhuhuhahahahaha

twitchy 2004/11/8 (Mon.) 23:34:34
I STILL wanna see what's in that closet! *crosses fingers for a minigun*

minty fresh yo! 2004/11/9 (Tue.) 08:35:51
oh yeah! the closet. better ideeer.

Tobey 2004/11/9 (Tue.) 14:01:10
Definatly closet

sheep 2004/11/9 (Tue.) 16:09:23
You want to go check out the closet and figure you should be armed. You only have two hands and now possess 4 things to carry. You could leave the hobo sack and slingshot, the sack and crowbar, make two trips bringing all your items into the closet or something completely different. Remember you could be pressed for time, so don't waste it. What choice are you going to make?

Tobey 2004/11/10 (Wed.) 12:13:22
Make two trips, we can hide the items now, if anyone does come, they shouldnt know we were here.

sheep 2004/11/10 (Wed.) 16:18:11
Good thinking, you don't want to leave anything laying around that would give you away. Now, off to the closet.


sheep 2004/11/3 (Wed.) 18:49:09
The stranger approaches you, shielding his eyes from your light. When he's within striking distance, you swing the crowbar with both your hands. You hear the thud as it contacts his rib cage.....he falls to the ground. Quickly, you grab the rope and tie him up. He screams out, hoping someone will hear him. You need to keep him quite to see if he'll calm down. Hopefully nobody heard his call and you have some time. What do you want to do next?

Tobey 2004/11/3 (Wed.) 19:00:58
Use your shirt and tie it around his head so he cant shout or talk...

Twitchy 2004/11/4 (Thurs.) 03:21:29
I agree that we need to gag him for the moment. Lets play this like we're bank robbers; Tell him "follow my instructions and don't try to resist and you'll make it out of this alive" or something like that. We'll never gain his trust at this point, lets just go for control.

kix 2004/11/4 (Thurs.) 07:24:00
tobeys got a good idea ithink

sheep 2004/11/4 (Thurs.) 16:27:34
PLAYERS.....Please note that a couple of comments were removed from this pannel. They were a little too extreem and not in the direction I'd like the story to continue in. Let's try and keep the comments in line with what the main character would do. Remember, he's a young kid that wants to be a detective someday. He has every right to defend himself, but using third world prison tactics should be excluded. Thank you, now let's continue.

sheep 2004/11/4 (Thurs.) 16:45:15
To silence him, you tear off your shirt and form a gag with it. Once he's gaged, you threaten him with harm if he doesn't calm down and listen. You grab your light off the drum and look him over. Hmmm, he does look a little like the madman.....or was it the dead man? He looks trapped and helpless, maybe even ready to talk. Would you like to ask him a question?

nf 2004/11/5 (Fri.) 09:41:39
yes. ask him who he is, whats is going on down here. are there more mad scientists down here or more patients. does he have a reese's peanut butter cup. is there any food down here or drinking water. ummm, anyone else have some questions

kix 2004/11/5 (Fri.) 11:54:36
he wasn't surprised when he saw me, right?
so he must have looked for me or someone else...ask him for his name. hes probably a clone made by this weired doctor guy

Tobey 2004/11/5 (Fri.) 14:12:13
No, ask him yes or no questions, I dont think it would be smart to take off the shirt yet...

Tobey 2004/11/5 (Fri.) 14:13:08
Wait im sorry, this is definatly not the mad man, the mad man did not have a beard... take off the shirt and question away!

twitchy 2004/11/6 (Sat.) 01:29:49
Sheep already said he wasn't the madman but right before we shot him it sounded like he was looking for the guy we found dead. He looks sad in this pic but I don't think he's harmless. I'd like to ask him who he is but be ready to shove the shirt back in his mouth.

sheep 2004/11/6 (Sat.) 10:22:21
Let's start the interrogation.


mf 2004/10/26 (Tue.) 17:55:51
oh shit, that cant be good

sheep 2004/10/26 (Tue.) 17:57:35
You steady your arm and fire! You see the nut rip into his arm, then nick his stomach. As the room goes dark, you relize you knocked the flashlight out of his hand and into the sewer below. He yells out "You son of a bitch!" then stumbles in the darkness. You take another shot in the dark, but all you hear is the nut hitting the wall. You need to decide what to do and fast. He probably knows the room better than you, so eventually he'll find you. What do you want to do?

sheep 2004/10/30 (Sat.) 09:36:23
WOW! I just had the strangest dream. I signed into the Green Door Alley and you were dead! Good thing it was just a dream. Ok, let's move on.

the boy 2004/10/30 (Sat.) 13:49:07
turn on the flashlight on your arm and fire again!

mf 2004/10/30 (Sat.) 13:52:02
plan C! plan C! break arm, fracture ribs, make him talk!

mf 2004/10/30 (Sat.) 13:53:21
oh, but first do that well devised plan of throwing bolts, placing light, trickery, from behind with attack...

sheep 2004/10/30 (Sat.) 14:16:10
Plan "C" it is!

the boy 2004/11/3 (Wed.) 17:08:34
is this rising tension leading to yet another climax in the story? or has sheep left us? i am worried.

2004/11/3 (Wed.) 17:20:52
there was actually an infringement on the patriotic act with plan "c". sheep has been detained for questioning. his whereabouts are unkown at the time, but it is belived that he is in great danger of being stripped of his freedoms and forced to stop any further posts on this board.


Sheep 2004/10/23 (Sat.) 15:18:14
You see his light scanning the room, then focus on the drum you just opened. His footsteps grow nearer as you crouch even further. He scans the room in front of him as he passes you by. He walks over to the drum and starts to investigate it. You have your slingshot pulled back and ready. He doesn't seem to be armed but resembles the other mad man in appearence. Do you want to shoot now and ask questions later, or see if he leaves?

Tobey 2004/10/23 (Sat.) 21:44:32
Well it is the guy from before, the blood in his hair must be from where we hit him... shoot now, shoot again later!

twitchphysto 2004/10/24 (Sun.) 01:34:18
IS he bleeding? Or wet?

sheep 2004/10/24 (Sun.) 11:48:35
It's a little too dark to see if it's blood, or just dirt. It can't be the other mad man, he's floating face down in the Delaware somewhere. Just then, he lifts his light from the drum over to the sewer opening, then walks to it. He peers down below, seeing the blood on the floor near the glass. The bastard got into the sewers, you hear him say. You have to reposition slightly to get a shot, this will expose your position more. If he swings his light around you could be seen. If you stay where you are, he can't see you with his light and he might just enter the sewer. Do you still want to shoot?

kix 2004/10/24 (Sun.) 15:53:25
theres an uncomfortable feeling in me, thinking about shooting someone from behind...

twitchphysto 2004/10/24 (Sun.) 23:14:20
No me! I say blast away. He's gonna figure out someone's down here and he might just run back up the stairs and call others. Besides I wanna examine him if we're going to be running into lots of these guys. Shoot early and often I say.

twitchphysto 2004/10/24 (Sun.) 23:15:49
with any luck he'll fall down the hole and bust his skull.

sheep 2004/10/25 (Mon.) 16:21:38
Alright then, shoot it is.

Tobey 2004/10/26 (Tue.) 19:31:29
Try to grab an empty barrel and run for the stairs, then throw the barrel at him when he comes after you.

Tobey 2004/10/26 (Tue.) 19:31:38
Try to grab an empty barrel and run for the stairs, then throw the barrel at him when he comes after you.


sheep 2004/10/21 (Thurs.) 17:23:22
As you reach the door, you can see that it was kicked in at one time. You start to turn your light to the inside when you hear a sound behind you. Someone is walking down the staircase behind you. You must find a hiding spot quickly. Where are you going to go?

kix 2004/10/21 (Thurs.) 20:03:17
enter the room behind the broken door and try to watch whos coming

twitchphysto 2004/10/22 (Fri.) 03:25:46
No! The door might make noise and if there's not much space inside we might not be able to use our weapon. I say hide with the shed between us and the stairs. There's an even chance the person would walk right past if you held still and turned off the flashlight. That'd be a much bigger advantage.

mf 2004/10/22 (Fri.) 08:20:19
maybe hide behind some barrels? have sling shot ready with plenty of extra ammo in case some shit goes down, yo.

kix 2004/10/22 (Fri.) 11:11:31
ok . better

twitchphysto 2004/10/22 (Fri.) 13:00:32
yeah that's prolly better; looking at 114 again, I'm not sure you could get out of sight of the stairs behind the shed like I thought.

sheep 2004/10/22 (Fri.) 16:14:26
At first you think about entering the room in front of you, but the door might make some noise. You move to your left, scope out the corner behind the room, then decide there's not enough cover. Taking a quick look back, you can see the glow of a flashlight nearing the bottom of the stairs. You need to hide now, so you duck behind the first set of drums that will give you cover. As your hands shake, you quietly remove several nuts from your pockets, lay them in front of you, then turn off your light. Now armed, you see the dim glow of light enter the room. Every sound of your breath seems amplified.....your heart drums in your ears again. Will he see you, or are you safe? Is he here to harm you, or help? Let's see what happens.


sheep 2004/10/20 (Wed.) 17:50:27
The tag list the contents of the drum and it is indeed water. You notice the date and wonder how long this water must have been down here. If you don't find a way out, you might have to drink some if something else doesn't happen to you. What's your next move?

twitchphysto 2004/10/21 (Thurs.) 01:38:10
Okay NOW back to that shed. Maybe we can find something to keep some water in. I don't think we have anything right now that would work.

kix 2004/10/21 (Thurs.) 05:33:54
yo back to the slad

twitchphysto 2004/10/21 (Thurs.) 13:43:20
kix have you been smoking those funny cigarettes again?

sheep 2004/10/21 (Thurs.) 16:18:49
Let's go check out the room in the corner now.

kix 2004/10/21 (Thurs.) 20:00:35
: )


sheep 2004/10/19 (Tue.) 17:27:14
You take a box of food over to the drum and lift the lid. Inside is a heavy plastic bag that appears to contain crystal clear water. The inside of the drum looks like it's coated with a heavy varnish and shows no signs of rust. There's a slight coating of dust on top but the bag looks intact. You must be inside of some type of shelter? What do you want to do now?

twitchphysto 2004/10/20 (Wed.) 01:33:49
right now I guess we're still pretty much exploring, so on to the little shed thing.
Unless someone else had a better idea. Am I the only one playing now?

ervader 2004/10/20 (Wed.) 10:04:25
Does it read anything in that little label in shutter? It "appears" to be crystal clear water...

sheep 2004/10/20 (Wed.) 16:09:32
Before you approach the room to the left, you notice a small tag on the bag. Let's see what it says.

Tobey 2004/10/20 (Wed.) 16:19:11
Im still here, always looking for new pictures :D


sheep 2004/10/17 (Sun.) 11:02:39
You check a couple of boxes on the floor that were empty, then check the one on the shelf. Looks like some type of food. Do you want to try some, or go back to the drums?

Tobey 2004/10/17 (Sun.) 12:53:15
Im not hungry, but check one out anways, maybe take one with you, im sure if we run into a dog or something, a little food couldnt hurt.

twitchphysto 2004/10/17 (Sun.) 18:08:03
think those are barrels of water then?

twitchphysto 2004/10/17 (Sun.) 18:08:42
I say check the drums.

sheep 2004/10/17 (Sun.) 18:57:27
Hmmm, the drums could be filled with water. Let's go take a look.

Spanish petardo 2004/10/19 (Tue.) 05:53:51
mmmm... me gustan tus dibujos...

sheep 2004/10/19 (Tue.) 08:22:33
Thanks spanish petardo, glad you like the drawings.


sheep 2004/10/15 (Fri.) 17:15:59
Hmmm, there seems to be some type of symbol on the side. The latch on top is opened but the top is still on. It could be filled with a harmful substance, so do you want to open it up, or go check the boxes now?

Tobey 2004/10/15 (Fri.) 21:26:35
I see no danger symbols, open this sucker up!

twitchphysto 2004/10/16 (Sat.) 02:45:14
skip the barrels for now and look in the boxes. maybe their contents could give a hint about what's in the barrels

sheep 2004/10/17 (Sun.) 09:30:58
You want to open the barrel but are a little comprehensive. It would'nt cause any harm to check the boxes first, to see if any light could be shed on the contents or the drums. Let's go check out a few boxes.


sheep 2004/10/7 (Thurs.) 18:42:20
At the top of the ladder there's a dark damp room. There are several large drums and boxes thrown about. Is there anything of interest you want to check out?

twitchphysto 2004/10/8 (Fri.) 03:40:00
Well we can peek into most of the boxes that are open. I'm curios about the 2 closed ones and the open one on the shelf. Is there some kind of symbol on the drums?

mf 2004/10/8 (Fri.) 08:10:33
also after the box search, check what looks like a broom closet in the far left corner..

Tobey 2004/10/8 (Fri.) 13:16:11
After the closet, check out the service elevator? or door to the right back corner

kix 2004/10/8 (Fri.) 17:23:18
go down again

yanbu 2004/10/14 (Thurs.) 15:16:13
more! more!

mf 2004/10/14 (Thurs.) 17:27:18
yeah, what gives!

twitchphysto 2004/10/15 (Fri.) 03:05:43
Yeah Yeah!

sheep 2004/10/15 (Fri.) 10:55:23
Was working on the band drawings.....will continue soon.

sheep 2004/10/15 (Fri.) 16:32:32
You scan the room and decide to check out the drums and boxes first, then the small room at the far end. Let's start with the drums.


sheep 2004/10/6 (Wed.) 16:54:35
You enter another junction and notice a ladder coming down from an open pipe. Shining your light at the bottom, you notice some broken glass and a small amount of blood. Could this be the ladder that leads to the mental hospital? Is this where the dead man first cut his feet? He did say he was lost, so that might explain why he might have been here twice. Do you want to go up the ladder?

Tobey 2004/10/6 (Wed.) 17:25:20
Yeah up the ladder we go.

yanbu 2004/10/6 (Wed.) 23:06:45
i'd like to go up the ladder too

twitchphysto 2004/10/7 (Thurs.) 01:28:01
anything's better than wandering around in circles down here.

sheep 2004/10/7 (Thurs.) 07:14:40
Going up!


sheep 2004/10/2 (Sat.) 14:16:10
Below is the 100th drawing that was created for the story Green Door Alley. Again, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the story. I'm also curious as to what drawings you liked the best. Use this panel to vote for your favorite drawings from the first 100. I narrowed my favorites down to these three drawings: Numbers 1, 71, and 16. Lets hear your favorites.....vote today!

nibble 2004/10/2 (Sat.) 15:23:23
100, 76, 93

Tobey 2004/10/2 (Sat.) 23:15:13
102, 100, 3

twitchphysto 2004/10/3 (Sun.) 03:21:23
34 61 76

nsp 2004/10/3 (Sun.) 10:24:23
94 & 88. yummmm.

kix 2004/10/8 (Fri.) 17:21:42
for me they are 68 and 54 because they look that goddamn real

kix 2004/10/8 (Fri.) 17:22:32
oops not 54 . i mean 56


sheep 2004/10/2 (Sat.) 13:51:45
Returning to the last junction you enter the pipe that headed east. At the end of the pipe is another junction that has a pipe going east, south, and up. Carefully examining the footprints, you now know your way to the hospital.....or do you?

sheep 2004/10/4 (Mon.) 16:35:27
You've had time to think, and it's time to make a choice. Which pipe do you think leads to the basement?

mf 2004/10/4 (Mon.) 18:48:46
bah, go right....

sheep 2004/10/5 (Tue.) 18:44:58
Right it is.


sheep 2004/10/1 (Fri.) 18:09:17
With your slingshot ready, you enter the pipe and feel a slight breeze of fresh air. Reaching the end, you find yourself back at the Delaware river. You think this might be another way out until you shine the light below. Hmm, you're at least 25 feet above the rocky shore. You can't jump from this distance, but you do have enough rope, just nothing to tie it to. Do you want to jump anyway, or go back to the junction and try the other pipe?

Tobey 2004/10/1 (Fri.) 20:39:52
Ill be honest, I want to see the picture your going to draw if we chose to jump, but I would rather find out whats going on, so head back for the other pipe.

mf 2004/10/1 (Fri.) 21:52:50
go back, but not before you fantasize about jumping first, while whistling a happy tune.

mf 2004/10/1 (Fri.) 23:08:19
go back, but not before you fantasize about jumping first, while whistling a happy tune.

twitchphysto 2004/10/2 (Sat.) 02:31:41
first we couldn't find a way out, now we can't find anything BUT ways out.


sheep 2004/9/30 (Thurs.) 17:54:51
Returning to the last junction, you enter the northern pipe. Following the bloody trail of footprints, you come to yet another junction. Looks like the dead man had entered both pipes at one time or another. With the amount of blood the dead man was loosing, you would think the entrance of the hospital basement would be nearby. What direction would you like to go?

mf 2004/9/30 (Thurs.) 18:38:24
i vote straight. the blue at the end is curious

sheep 2004/9/30 (Thurs.) 18:58:50
Ahh, you see the blue and want to investigate. Let's go strait.

twitchphysto 2004/10/1 (Fri.) 04:38:02
have that slingshot ready, smurfs are really hard to hit!

mf 2004/10/1 (Fri.) 09:04:16


sheep 2004/9/28 (Tue.) 16:37:14
Entering the junction, you can see the struggle the dead man put up trying to reach the ladder. Do you want to climb the ladder? If so how?

mf 2004/9/28 (Tue.) 19:00:11
im a bit confused as to where we are in relation to the map a couple panels back. maybe go down the other pipe to see if there is something we could use to stand on. if we find something, go back and find out it is an exit to the outside, i say remember the location and explore some more.

twitchphysto 2004/9/29 (Wed.) 15:53:41
i'll second that

sheep 2004/9/29 (Wed.) 16:17:26
The map doesn't show the end of the pipe (this junction) you're in now, only the beginning of the pipe. If you look at panel 105, you will see a green rectangle on the bottom/left (south/west)corner. There's a small red X in the rectangle, that's where you started and your items were. You then entered the first pipe to the east, then strait through another junction to where you are now. The second pipe to the east contained the dead man. Hope that helps. Do you still want to turn around and go back to the junction?

mf 2004/9/29 (Wed.) 18:39:57
OH, ok. duh. makey sensey now. yes, head for the other tunnel


sheep 2004/9/27 (Mon.) 17:16:05
You follow the bloody footprints to another junction that has a pipe going north (left) and one strait ahead. There are bloody footprints in both pipes from the dead man (?) so you need to decide what to do. You don't want to get lost now, so keep track of where you go.

twitchphysto 2004/9/27 (Mon.) 17:58:20
i'm terrible with directions so i'll let someone else choose the way

Tobey 2004/9/28 (Tue.) 14:38:47
Go strait, Im guessing thats where he was last.

sheep 2004/9/28 (Tue.) 15:44:40
You decide to enter the pipe directly across from where you stand, keeping your ears open for any odd sounds.


sheep 2004/9/25 (Sat.) 18:27:43
Thank you for all the compliments! I'm having a great time creating the different drawings and text for the players. Although there is a basic plan, nothing's really planned too far in advance, and sometimes players give me ideas for creating different situations. Things could change in an instant my friends, so proceed carefully.....or escape! Yes, you have the ability to escape! Pannel 93 has the answer and you now have enough light. Are you going to be a girlie man and go home or see where the dead man came from?

twitchphysto 2004/9/26 (Sun.) 01:53:02
well I agree that Sheep rocks, and I vote that we don't try to escape (float our way out?) just yet; I wanna see more!

mf 2004/9/26 (Sun.) 11:39:00
yes. follow the bloody trail. wooooooooohhhhhhhohohohohoh (scary ghost sounds)

sheep 2004/9/26 (Sun.) 16:19:36
With your flashlight, you know your way out but decide to investigate further. Before you enter the bloody pipe, you gather all your items except the lantern. You need to have the slingshot in one hand and the hobo stick in the other. How are you going to hold the flashlight? Remember, to shoot the slingshot, you need both hands and light.

twitchphysto 2004/9/26 (Sun.) 18:20:35
could we use the electrical tape to strap the flashlight to our forearm? If you put it on the underside of your shooting arm, it could help with aiming the wrist-rocket too.

twitchphysto 2004/9/26 (Sun.) 18:23:25
I have one of those slingshots right here and I think it would work unless the flashlight is really big and bulky.

sheep 2004/9/26 (Sun.) 18:49:49
Excellent! You needed to attach the flashlight to yourself or the slingshot with the tape. Now if you need to shoot, you can throw your items down and have a hand free. You place 20 nuts in your front pocket before you enter the bloody pipe. Let's see where it leads.


sheep 2004/9/23 (Thurs.) 17:26:10
Re-entering the southern pipe, you get a whiff of kerosene. As you work your way back to your items, you shuffle your feet back and forth searching for anything the madman might have dropped. The smell of kerosene get stronger as your foot bumps something on the ground. You reach down and discover you are back at your items. From where you stand you can see that the dead mans flashlight is almost out. You need light to see again so what are you going to do?

EmuTheGreat 2004/9/23 (Thurs.) 18:37:04
Follow the smell of kerosene to maybe find something that will shed light unto our surroundings. And since we are most evidently not supposed to be able to escape without having explored the upper regions of the asylum, I would vote to return to the beginning and explore the purple spaces a bit more ...

mf 2004/9/24 (Fri.) 07:57:07
could we take the bulb from the dead mans flashlight, go back to the madmans flashlight and change the bulbs?

sheep 2004/9/24 (Fri.) 15:34:36
Yes! You can change the bulb over to the other flashlight. You now have a flashlight that should last several hours. Using the new flashlight, you go back to where your items were and discover the reason for the kerosene smell. It looks as though when the madman tripped, he knocked out the pencil plugs in the lantern and all the kerosene leaked out. Now that you have the flashlight, you no longer need the lantern anyway so it's no great loss. You can back-track to any place you want to go, but remember that if you make your way back to the beginning, you will get wet again. Do you still want to go back to the first basement and look around or do something else?

mf 2004/9/24 (Fri.) 16:54:01
i vote move on.

mf 2004/9/24 (Fri.) 16:57:43
btw, i think we all should give sheep a laural and a hearty handshake for spending so much time on this board. he obviously plans this all out way in advance. KUDOS SHEEP!!!

yanbu 2004/9/24 (Fri.) 19:46:16
yes yes, giant standing ovation is in order

Tobey 2004/9/25 (Sat.) 14:25:50
Yeah thanks sheep, and great job.

I think we should go back to the tan basement. Maybe try and figure a way to pry those window bars off.


sheep 2004/9/22 (Wed.) 18:24:53
As you retreat, you hear the madman trip over your items, giving you the time needed to safely find the pipes edge. Once you are at the edge, you reach up grabbing the large brown pipe and shimmy half way across the junction. Behind you, the pipe echos with the madmans struggle to regain his senses, then the footsteps start. As he nears the edge you can hear his heavy breathing amplified by the hollow pipe. You hope he does'nt know about the overhead pipe since it's your only hope at this point. He sounds as if he's right on top of you when there's a frightened scream.....then a splash! The madman has fallen 9 feet into the water below. He cries for help.....then the sound of splashing.....another cry.....splashing.....cry.....then silence. There is no need to worry about that madman again. Good job! What is your next move.

twitchphysto 2004/9/23 (Thurs.) 03:01:41
Well first we should go get our items back right? I hope he didn't break anything important. Hey and look around here to see if the madman dropped anything before he fell over. Slim chance but luck seems to be with us!


sheep 2004/9/19 (Sun.) 18:55:38
The room goes dark, except for the glow of the dead mans light. The madman lets out a mighty roar and charges the pipe you're in. In the darkness you fumble with the slingshot. You might not get a shot off in time. Do you have a back-up plan, or will this be the end?

well now.... 2004/9/19 (Sun.) 19:16:36
what do we have in our pockets? is there a wrench there still? if so maybe use to beat him relentlessly. if not, i say get that fist ready and charge him to get advantage the advantage

well now.... 2004/9/19 (Sun.) 19:17:25
*advantage over him*

twitchphysto 2004/9/20 (Mon.) 01:36:38
what if you threw your stuff down in front of you, in the dark would a charging madman with a head injury trip over it?

Tobey 2004/9/20 (Mon.) 14:23:44
Run back the way you came, away from the mad man, keep going and dont stop til you find the end, then get to either side and stick your foot out... nothing a good ol' trip wont solve.

sheep 2004/9/20 (Mon.) 16:48:54
In the darkness, his footsteps grow nearer. You know you can't fight him by hand since he's armed with a knife. If you throw your items down in front of you to trip him, you might still have to wrestle for the knife. You need to take him out or trick him. The wrenches are in the hobo sack along with the door knob and there's no time to remove them. You think about feeling your way back to the large junction (92) but relize once you reach the end, there's no room in the pipe for you to step aside and trip him. Are you still going to trip him with your items and fight him risking injury, try some other way to slow him down to buy more time, jump in the water at the end of the pipe you're in, try something different or die? You can use your items and trip him to slow him down but you need to do more.

twitchphysto 2004/9/21 (Tue.) 00:20:59
On second thought I agree with running away. Man I wish I'd come in a couple of panels earlier; we should never have stopped shooting this guy. What a mess we're in!

sheep 2004/9/21 (Tue.) 16:15:20
You decide to feel your way back to the large junction. You really don't have a complete plan worked out, so you throw your items down to trip him. This will give you several more seconds to work out your next move. Remember, he can't see where he's going and you've been at the end of this pipe before. Are you going to jump and get trapped or do something to save you?

Tobey 2004/9/21 (Tue.) 21:27:35
Ok is the end of this pipe panel 94?
If so could we swing up onto the bars and maybe wait for him, and leap down ontop of him?

Tobey 2004/9/21 (Tue.) 21:31:48
Oh!!!!! I know what one it is now, since you have no items go back to the juction, and shimmy to the northen pipe, to come after you he has to drop both items, and he might not know where you went, if you have any items THROW them into the water to make him think you jumped down, its a last chance kind of thing.


sheep 2004/9/17 (Fri.) 18:25:02
The madman appears in the junction armed with a bloody knife. He follows the footprints over to the second pipe and sees the flashlight on the ground. He stops to investigate it, then shines his light down the pipe. Now is the perfect time to take a shot if you plan on causing some damage. You pull the slingshot back and aim for the middle if his head. Releasing, you hear the snap on the tubing, Then see the snap of his neck. You nailed him in the temple and he falls to the ground. He's still moving but is facing away from you. How do you want to proceed?

Tobey 2004/9/17 (Fri.) 21:10:10
Yell something to him, see if he is awake, if so then ask him who he is, and tell him if he moves you will shoot again.

sheep 2004/9/19 (Sun.) 17:48:26
You yell over to him not to move or you'll shoot again. He starts to rise and looks your way, you see the gash, blood pooring down his face. As he reaches for his flashlight and knife, you take another shot but miss. You yell another warning but it doesn't work. He's now to his feet and shines his light your way. You shoot again.....snap.....crack! PWFNP


sheep 2004/9/14 (Tue.) 19:04:50
Once he's on his back you check the front pockets but they are empty. You see a flashlight covered with blood on the ground that was under his body. It would be too much trouble to drag the dead man anywhere, especially since you don't know how long this pipe is. Do you want to explore this pipe or do something else?

Tobey 2004/9/14 (Tue.) 19:43:23
Well damn, I think about this too much >.<

I say continue on in this pipe, try to avoid where the docter is more likly to be for as long as possible.

mf 2004/9/14 (Tue.) 20:44:23
pick up the flashlight and try to clean it with an unbloodied part of his clothing. (if we are worried about touching the blood, use the plyers to pick it up) then continue down the pipe he was going.

mf 2004/9/14 (Tue.) 20:44:50
we should check to see if it works as well

sheep 2004/9/15 (Wed.) 16:26:12
You push the flashlight over to the dead guy with your foot and use a clean part of his shirt to wipe the blood off. Pushing the on button, you see that there's a little juice left in the batteries. It's then that you realize you've created a problem. Once you remove his flashlight, the person following will know that someone else is there. Suddenly, you hear a voice echo out from the distance! It's impossible to tell exactly where it's coming from and for the first time you fear for your life. If you were to run down the pipe you're in, you might get trapped. Plus you have all your other items back at the junction entrance. Sounds like a life or death situation to me. Will you end up like your new friend? What's your next move going to be? You might need a group effort for this one.

Tobey 2004/9/15 (Wed.) 20:09:30
Well in my opinion there is two things to do, We have our sling and a soruce of light, so we can continue on and ditch the items. We could go back for the items, and Im guessing we would have to fight. I say we continue on into the tunnel, IF we have the ammo sack, if not, then we go for the items and fight this doc if we have to.

mf 2004/9/15 (Wed.) 20:19:58
so suggestions say to hide in the corner on opposite side of the tunnel we are in and use the flashlight as a diversion. once the doctor is in sight, nail him with a bolt or 10. i say this is a good idea, but be ready to do some fist throwing. id assume this guy is crazy strong.

Tobey 2004/9/16 (Thurs.) 15:57:50
Aim for the head, the only problem would be... what if it isnt the docter? We have found a few people down here already, who is to say there arnt more?

sheep 2004/9/16 (Thurs.) 18:45:03
You want to run down the pipe you're in away from the voice, but you only have a handful of nuts in your pocket. You need to go back to the north pipe prepared for battle. Dimming your lantern, you peek out from the second pipe into the junction. There's no sign of light, so you exit and place the flashlight at the entrance to use as a diversion. This will almost assure you that the person following will stop and investigate making an easier target. Sliding along the wall, you make your way to the first pipe. Gazing down the darkened pipe you're startled by that same voice echoing from its depth. You see a flash of light and bolt to the northern pipe. Dragging your items inside, you prepare for your possible battle. As you wait, the voice sounds again, but this time you think you know what he's saying.....no.....it can't be.....there's no escape? Yes, that's what he's saying. The pipe starts to glow, you shut off the lantern. He's almost here.....you pull back.....is it the doctor.....or someone else.....ed maybe.....let's hope not. The light beam exits the first tunnel.....it's do or die my friend! PWFNP


sheep 2004/9/11 (Sat.) 17:57:34
You poke him with the slingshot and his eyes open. His lips start to move.....Go.....save yourself. You need to find your way out so you ask him the way. He looks up to you and says; No.....escaped evil doctor.....found hospital basement.....lost in sewer.....light going dim. As his eyes close you ask him how to find the doctor. The button.....the button up.....up.....ssss. His lips go still. You poke him again but there's no response. Now what?

Tobey 2004/9/11 (Sat.) 18:53:29
Find the docters office, in the letter it talks about it, this guy has been there or knows about it, so I say we follow his footprtins from where he came from down the first the tunnel.

sheep 2004/9/12 (Sun.) 18:03:08
You must do something before you leave this person. Even though he's dead, he can still help you. Remember what he said earlier and think of how he got to this pipe. You mustn't waste time.....he did say he was being followed by a madman.

dead man 2004/9/12 (Sun.) 19:02:22
check him over! maybe he's got something we can use

Tobey 2004/9/12 (Sun.) 21:09:52
Well, if he is being followed, the guy that is doing it would be following the blood, lets bring him to where ever this pipe goes, I thinking we can ambush the docter, or sneak past him when he goes past following the blood. As for thinking of how he got here, we have seen blood through out a number of pictures, but they dont connect because there are no footprints or blood leading to the first tunnel from the way that we came. So there must be a 2nd person bleeding, could be from the skeleton in the closet a while back, but there was some recent blood on a the bars, dont think that man made it this far.

sheep 2004/9/14 (Tue.) 18:26:07
Before you leave, you decide to check him over to see if he's holding anything we could use. His back pockets look empty, so you need to turn him over. Let's see if he can help.


sheep 2004/9/9 (Thurs.) 18:07:45
You peer into the second pipe and see someone laying on the bottom. The moans have stopped but they might still be alive. Do you want to investigate the injured person or go back to the first pipe?

Tobes 2004/9/10 (Fri.) 17:37:12
We gone this far to check the footprints I thing we should continue but with a lot of caution, try to cover any cuts or vunerable areas incase this person trys to scrape or cut you, I wouldnt want any of his blood on me.

sheep 2004/9/10 (Fri.) 19:15:06
You approach the body, being careful to avoid the blood. You see his hand move, then his head. This person is still alive! Startled by your light, he tries to stand but is too weak. He looks back at you with eyes of fear, knowing his death is soon. You tell him it's allright and not to worry, you won't hurt him. As you look at his appearence, you can't help but imagine this person just came off a deserted island. His hair was unkept, had a full face of hair and his fingernails were long. He starts to whisper something to you but you can't hear him. It doesn't appear as if he's a threat, so you bend over to hear what he has to say. Through the silence of the pipe you hear say; You must go.....being followed by mad man.....he will kill both of us.....go to police.....they must stop the doctor. His head drops and is near death. You might be able to ask him one question. What will it be? Give me several to choose from because this is very important. He might hold the key to your success.

Tobes 2004/9/10 (Fri.) 21:20:36
A simple and important question, where is an exit?

Tobes 2004/9/10 (Fri.) 21:49:49
Ask him what happened?
Ask him where is the docter and what is wrong?

I cant think of any more decent questions.

christopher guest 2004/9/11 (Sat.) 09:38:27
ask him how to get out of here

ervader 2004/9/11 (Sat.) 09:58:17
Ask him about the Doctors office and the secret button. ref. picture [74]. ...i'm also wondering if this guy is one those two mad men... ref. [73].


sheep 2004/9/8 (Wed.) 17:10:12
Looks like the person was coming out of this pipe, and barefoot at that! Who would be running around down here covered in blood and barefoot? Maybe this person needs help? Should you seek out this person, or enter this pipe?

yanbu 2004/9/8 (Wed.) 18:43:08
this first pipe can't be a good idea to go into - between the two pipes is a pipe above us, should we be worried about that as well? i say bypass the first pipe and walk cautiously towards the second pipe while keeping your eyes and ears open for trouble above in front or behind, and check it out

Tobey 2004/9/8 (Wed.) 21:29:14
Well, lets follow the footprints, mayb we can help them or maybe they can help us... always have slingshot locked and loaded!

sheep 2004/9/9 (Thurs.) 16:36:34
Using a small piece of string, you tie the lantern to your left wrist so you can walk with the slingshot armed. You place your other items near the north entrance and make your way to the second tunnel. Looking into the pipe in the ceiling, you see there is no ladder. Suddenly, you hear a soft moan coming from the second pipe. You pull the slingshot back as hard as you can, and prepare for the worst. Your heart plays a rythem in your ears, you feel the sweat build on your forehead as the moans continue. It sounds like someone needs help.....you must go see!


sheep 2004/9/7 (Tue.) 19:08:39
This doesn't look good! Those bloody footprints seem to be fresh. You need to get your minds made up fast on what your next move will be. The lantern is almost out of fuel and you'll need a place to rest soon. Any ideas?

Tobey 2004/9/8 (Wed.) 13:20:46
Well it seems like the foot prints have gone to the pipe further away, so I say we go into the first pipe, and have the sling shot ready at all times.

yanbu 2004/9/8 (Wed.) 15:04:28
i'm not sure, if the bloody foosteps were coming from that pipe, then maybe it's not a good idea going in there yet - maybe the person was fleeing that area?

sheep 2004/9/8 (Wed.) 16:15:24
It's a wise thing to be cautious at this point but a decision needs to be made. You get your slingshot ready and slowly approach the first pipe to investigate the footprints.


sheep 2004/9/6 (Mon.) 16:19:02
As you round a curve in the pipe, you hear the sound of water running. The end of the pipe reaches the bank of the Delaware river and is also blocked with a grate. You can see it's a rocky area of the river so not many boats will pass by here. Do you want to take your chance and wait it out, or go back to the large junction and head south?

Tobey 2004/9/7 (Tue.) 13:20:26
Well, if it were as simple as waiting it out... this would be no fun... so back to the junction and go south!

sheep 2004/9/7 (Tue.) 16:58:08
Returning to the junction, you gather your items and make your way down the South pipe. PWFNP


sheep 2004/9/4 (Sat.) 18:34:52
You see light coming from the end of the pipe and rush down it to check it out. So close, yet so far. You can see freedom just beyond the bars, but they hold you fast. Looking to your left, you see that you're in a pipe located just outside the canal tunnel. You hear another woosh, only louder, and discover it's caused by the cars traveling down Rt.1 located 50 yards behind you. Would you like to wait for the sun to come out and yell for help from the pipe or go another way?

Tobey 2004/9/5 (Sun.) 02:11:23
It looks pretty far, and since its a highway, I dont think anyone will be walking by. Lets go back and go the other way.

treestump 2004/9/5 (Sun.) 21:02:16
you could always risk the trouble and shoot at cars with the slingshot...sooner or later someone will have to pay notice...but that would be boring

sheep 2004/9/6 (Mon.) 15:11:48
Drawing attention to yourself might be very difficult, so you turn around and enter the pipe on the east side of the last junction. Let's see where that pipe leads.

krypt0 2004/9/9 (Thurs.) 15:59:28
very tight!


sheep 2004/9/4 (Sat.) 16:27:59
At the end of the North pipe is a smaller junction with one pipe going West and one East. You feel a cool breeze coming from the Western pipe and head twords it.....wait, you here something.....there it goes again.....it's like a wooshing noise. Do you want to investigate the noise of go the other way?

Tobey 2004/9/4 (Sat.) 16:55:30
Definatly investigate the noise, but get your slingshot ready.

sheep 2004/9/4 (Sat.) 17:30:29
You remove your slingshot and your clothes from the sack and get dressed. Filling your front pocket with nuts you enter the West pipe with the slingshot and the lantern, leaving your other items behind for now. Woooooosh, what the hell is that? The air smells fresher with each step you take.....is this the way out? PWFNP


sheep 2004/9/1 (Wed.) 17:26:14
You manage to get you and your items over to the other side of the junction and follow the western pipe. You come to an underground waterway.....hmmm, must be part of the Delaware Raritan canal? It would be too far to swim out but if you had something to float on you could reach the opening. What would you like to do now?

yanbu 2004/9/3 (Fri.) 00:00:50
we can't possibly have anything in our possession to float on . . we can't swim it? hmmm . .

maybe 2004/9/3 (Fri.) 08:24:48

sheep 2004/9/3 (Fri.) 17:19:40
Sorry, the tire will sink once weight is applyed. There were items you could use for floating out of the tunnel but they are long left behind. To go back and get them at this point, risking your lantern going black, could spell doom. It's up to you. Do you want to go way back and retrive these items, or go back to the last junction and take a different route?

mf 2004/9/3 (Fri.) 19:21:13
different route

Tobey 2004/9/3 (Fri.) 19:28:20
I want to take the risk...

sheep 2004/9/4 (Sat.) 08:42:34
Hmmm, gonna need another opinion for this one. One wants to go back and another says go a different route. If you do go back, you need to know what to go back for. If you decide to go a different way you need to figure out how to get all your items over to the North or South pipe in the last junction. Who wants to step up to the plate and make the final (or fatal) call?

yanbu 2004/9/4 (Sat.) 09:10:52
i say go back to the junction room and try to get to either the north or south tunnel. it looks like if we stand at the edge looking at the east tunnel entrance, right above are two pipes - seems like they'd be within arms reach, or at least a jump to reach. can we shimmy along the pipes to reach the north entrance?

sheep 2004/9/4 (Sat.) 10:39:17
Entering the Northern sewer pipe using the smaller pipes above might be your wisest move. If you decided to go back, you would've had to go back to the first basement to retrive the kerosene can and paint can, plug the kerosene can, open the paint can and empty it, remembered to bring the screwdriver, string and hammer, retrive the board from the sewer that the kerosene was sitting on, then attach the two cans to the bottom of the board with the string. Let's see what's down the Northern pipe.


sheep 2004/8/29 (Sun.) 17:31:51
You can't quite reach the brown pipe with your hands from this side. You'll need to use a few of your items to get you and your items across. You will also need to go back and get another item from the last warehouse. Any ideas?

Tobey 2004/8/30 (Mon.) 13:21:41
Im stumped.

sheep 2004/8/30 (Mon.) 17:22:39
You'll need the string and door knob to get your items across to the western pipe and the rope and some type of hook to get you there.

satyr 2004/8/30 (Mon.) 18:05:14
jesus christ

yanbu 2004/8/31 (Tue.) 11:45:16
i'm thinking we'll need to get the bars off of that window in the warehouse? can the rope fit through one of the bolt holes in one of the bars? if so then maybe we can bend the top of one of the bars into a hook. i don't know if this is on the right track

sheep 2004/8/31 (Tue.) 16:18:33
WOW! What a freaking mess this is! There's another mistake in the comment left by me concerning what warehouse you had to go back to. It was supposed to say the "FIRST" warehouse and not the "LAST" one. What a maroon! OK, what I was trying to get you to do, was go back and get one of the steel rods from the box you built the slingshot from. Then using the vise and water pipe (for leverage) bend one end into a hook and the other into an eyelet. Once the hook is tied to the rope, throw the hook onto the brown pipe and swing across to the western pipe. You'll need both hands to hold onto the rope so how are you going to get your items over? Sorry for the screw up.

Tobey 2004/9/1 (Wed.) 15:36:27
Tie the stuff to the end of the rope, or use the nylon string, and run it through the hook part, and tie that to your items or w/e. Then use the slack yu left on you other side and tie it to your hand for when you swing, then you can puull the string and the hook should be high enough so that the items just swing down too not hitting the water.


sheep 2004/8/27 (Fri.) 18:49:10
Not long after entering the pipe you notice it seems to be angled slightly uphill. You travel some distance passing a few smaller pipes on your left and right until you come to a large junction. You're about 9 feet above the water level and there are no ladders to climb up or down. Below you are 3 large pipes almost filled with water and 3 large pipes at the same level you are standing. What are you going to do now?

yanbu 2004/8/27 (Fri.) 22:53:52
it doesn't look too possible to get over there, should we backtrack to those smaller pipes we passed and check those out first?

yanbu 2004/8/28 (Sat.) 11:27:51
swing?? how bout we trow da rope to the pipes over yonder and swing and smash ourselves into the wall? are there pipes possilby in the middle or closer? i can't tell just how far away the west wall is . . the timing and length of rope, and amount of feet down from the tie point to swing at the right height would have to be taken into consideration, unless i'm missing something here .. . someone else has the answer i'm sure

sheep 2004/8/28 (Sat.) 12:42:31
OOPS! Thought there was enough information to proceed. You need to know that the junction room is rectangular in shape and that the North and South pipes are centered on the North and South walls of the junction. The single large brown pipe is centered above the North/South pipes. The two smaller gray pipes are almost touching the western wall. That should help. Also remember you're above the water level and can unpack items you might need without them getting wet.

Tobey 2004/8/28 (Sat.) 17:26:52
Well first find out how deep the water is with the rope and mop stick.

sheep 2004/8/28 (Sat.) 17:55:39
You no longer have the mop. It was left behind in panel 53 and never retrived. It would probably be a good idea to stay out of the water because there are no ladders and the pipes are around 9 feet above the water level.

Tobey 2004/8/29 (Sun.) 13:21:59
Can we grab the pipes and climb into one of the pipe on the side walls? Leaving behind the items unless we think of a way to take them along.

Tobey 2004/8/29 (Sun.) 13:22:47
Let me rephrase that, Can we grab the pipes near the ceiling and climb into one of the tunnels on the side walls?


sheep 2004/8/26 (Thurs.) 18:37:45
Looks like it's your lucky day. One of the wrenches fit the bolts and the grate is removed. The tunnel going West is now open. What is your next move? Note; All maps are arranged so that North is the top of the map, South is the bottom, West is the left, and East is to the right.

yanbu 2004/8/26 (Thurs.) 19:22:37
lets grab our stuff from the warehouse, and explore the west tunnel

mf 2004/8/26 (Thurs.) 20:05:07
here, here!!!

sheep 2004/8/27 (Fri.) 16:26:39
You want to explore the western pipe, so you gather your belongings and decend back into the sewer. Once at the bottom, you wrap the crowbar back onto the stick and enter the pipe.


sheep 2004/8/24 (Tue.) 17:53:30
It's empty, but you try the light switch just inside the door.....just your luck.....no lights. You open the fuse box in front of you and see that the service line has been removed. This building has no electricity. You know your time is running short and the lantern won't last forever so you go to the door at the far end. Damn!! The door handle is missing and it's heavy steel.....no prying this one open. Now what?

mf 2004/8/24 (Tue.) 18:13:48
i say head back into sewer and head south if the bars on the drain are removable. probably gonna need the wrenchs for that huh? i guess if all else fails, head north

Tobey 2004/8/24 (Tue.) 18:30:09
Hey would the door knob we brought with us work? some how rig it on... if not lets head back to the sewers.

sheep 2004/8/25 (Wed.) 15:31:05
You go over to the front door to see if you can attach the knob you found earlier. No, not going work. There's nothing sticking out of the door to attach it to. Turning back you pass the windows wishing you had a way to open them. Hmmm, can't seem to think of anything.....oh well. Time to try the grate now with the wrenches.

Tobey 2004/8/26 (Thurs.) 01:24:00
Well if the bag of bolts is heavy enough you can tie the rope to it, and the nylon string, then try and throw the bag through the gates on the window, and then try to tug the bag under the bars thus wraping the rope around the window bars.

Tobey 2004/8/26 (Thurs.) 01:24:38
hmm my idea does not work now that I think about it...

sheep 2004/8/26 (Thurs.) 15:31:31
There is a way to get up to the window using a couple items you have in your possession. You can also backtrack at any time to pick up an item you could not carry before. Just remember the lantern won't last forever, so don't spend alot of time backtracing. While you're giving that some thought you return to the grate to try the wrenches.


sheep 2004/8/23 (Mon.) 16:47:49
Looks like there's a couple of small windows guarded with heavy bars. You glance to your right and see two doors. What would you like to do?

Tobey 2004/8/23 (Mon.) 21:25:09
Well I like how the bolts are rusty, maybe we can some how pry the bars or use a the wrenches, then maybe kick out that outer bars, but lets look for a light first, check over near the doors see whats beind them, and see if there is a light switch. Check the blue door first.

sheep 2004/8/24 (Tue.) 15:27:01
Seeing the rusted bolts, you wonder if you can pry the bars off the window and escape. If only you could reach them and give your idea a try. Hmmm, maybe there's something behind the blue door that would help? Let's go look.


sheep 2004/8/20 (Fri.) 18:52:12
Looks like you're in another warehouse? There seems to be nothing inside. What now?

sheep 2004/8/20 (Fri.) 18:55:43
NOTE: There is a misake in map drawing #83. The manhole nearest the green area is supposed to be in the green area as shown in map #50.

zorkiii 2004/8/20 (Fri.) 19:35:33
it would be safe to open the sack here and bring down the wrenches to try on the bars. we can come back to get this stuff if it works

sheep 2004/8/21 (Sat.) 15:06:10
You remove the wrenches from the sack to try on the grate below. It would be risky to try and carry the wrenches and lantern in one hand as you climb down the ladder. You need to find a way to get the wrenches and the light down to the grate. How are you going to do this? Remember to take the rope with you too or you'll be stuck.

Tobey 2004/8/22 (Sun.) 15:53:06
You can tie the rope around the last ladder rung, thing... and tie the lantern to the excess liek you did to get up the ladder, then go back up and get the wrenches, or just tie the lantern and wrenches to the rope in the first place, then climb down and tie it to the ladder so you can climb back up and you have light. Alao what are the grey and blue objects in the back left of the room, doors? And what are the things in the top of the left wall, mind taking a look real quick?

sheep 2004/8/22 (Sun.) 17:45:44
You've figured out a way to get the lantern and wrenches down the sewer but you are curious about a few things you see in the shadows. There's something high on the wall to your left and two objects down at the far end. Let's look at the items on our left first.


sheep 2004/8/19 (Thurs.) 18:02:56
Lighting the lantern with one of your last matches you re-enter the sewer and travel West. You've come to another junction that has a pipe to the West that is blocked, an open pipe South and one leading up. You'd like to go up but the ladder is cut. Do you want to figure a way to climb the ladder or go South? NOTE: You have the bank bag and nuts.....my bad.

Tobey 2004/8/19 (Thurs.) 18:45:52
throw teh rope of one of the steps on the laddder and tie it so there is extra where you can hang the stick and lantern, then climb the other side of the rope.

mf 2004/8/19 (Thurs.) 20:56:10
dont forget to kill mr. spider first.

erVader 2004/8/20 (Fri.) 14:41:26
If the climbing doesn't work, is it possible to open those bolts of that grate to left with one of the wrenches?

sheep 2004/8/20 (Fri.) 16:06:54
You try to smash the spider but it drops into the water and gets washed into the pipe behind you. You need the rope so you unwrap it from the stick and hook the crowbar to the grate. Seeing the bolts you wonder if the wrenches you have will fit. It's too risky to open the sack over the water to get the wrenches now but you make a mental note of it. Looping the rope a few times you heave it over the ladders bottom rung letting the excess hang down. The end you still have in your hand then needs to be tied to the grate. You're going to need to take your items with you so you tie the stick, crowbar and lantern to the end that was thrown over the ladder. Now let's climb the steps and see what's up there.


sheep 2004/8/13 (Fri.) 18:54:15
In your possession are the following items; Lantern, Crowbar, 2 Matches, Wood stick, Tee shirt, Ink pen, Paper clip, Small razor, Screwdriver, Hammer, Rope, Film cotainers W/Notes, Slingshot, and a mop and stick in the nearby sewer. In this building you have taken the 26 Cents, 2 Wrenches, Plyers, and Bank bag almost full of nuts. The items available are the Metal rods, Tire, Several boxes, Water pipe, 2 Light bulbs, Glasses, Mirror, String, Boots, Door knob, Ashtray, Pencil, Hammer, Electrical wire, Electrical tape, Small wood piece, 2 Boxes of shirts, and Small nails. You can only pick three of the remaining items before you continue. What three items do you want?

Tobey 2004/8/14 (Sat.) 01:45:21
Ok well since were going naked, I would assume that means were taking off our shoes too, so can we wear the boots so we dont cut are feet in sewers, as for items to take, I say the nylon string is a must have, the electrical tape maybe, and maybe a box of shirts? the shirts can be used for a few things, to dry off, to make a "rope", start a fire, wear... the string has endless uses and tape, just seems useful. Dont pick the items on just my comment see what others think :D

treestump 2004/8/14 (Sat.) 16:53:14
the door-knob seems like it could be handy Lol

sheep 2004/8/16 (Mon.) 18:14:22
The string and tape might come in handy and wearing the boots is an excellent idea. If you decide to take the boots they would not count as an item since you don't have to carry them. The box of shirts would be too large to fit down the sewer but, you could use two of them for hobo sacks. Just tie one to each end of the stick to ballance the weight out. If everyone else agrees with taking the string and tape then one more item can be taken. You could take the door knob to use for ammo......could you imagine the force behind that after it's shot out of the slingshot. Does everyone want the tape and string? What other item do you want to take?

Tobey 2004/8/18 (Wed.) 01:46:51
Heh takeing the doorknob is fine with me, it would hurt a lot...

zorkiii 2004/8/18 (Wed.) 15:49:57
i agree, this is enough to go further - more! more!

sheep 2004/8/18 (Wed.) 17:24:54
Looks like you are going to take the string, tape, boots and door knob. You make two piles of items for each end of the hobo stick. Everything looks like will fit in each sack except that the crowbar is too long, and the rope is bulky. You easily solve that problem by placing the crowbar against the stick and then wrapping the rope around them. Now you can carry everything on one shoulder and the lantern in the other. It's now time to go back into the sewer. Do you want to go West or East?

Tobey 2004/8/19 (Thurs.) 00:36:03

o 2004/8/19 (Thurs.) 08:30:02
what about the bag full of nuts as ammo???


sheep 2004/8/12 (Thurs.) 18:00:14
You can now leave the warehouse and return to the sewers. But, before you enter the sewers again, you need to devise a way to keep your clothes dry along with some of the items you will carry. You will also need to figure out what you will take from the warehouse. What's your next move?

Tobes 2004/8/12 (Thurs.) 19:40:07
Well I have a few ideas, that I know wont work but Ill throw them up in the air anyways... you could make a boat out of the locker and some wood, make a paddle with the pipe and something else... but thats just stupid its a sewer pipe, not a river. you could get wet then change into a dry set of cloths, a shirt from the box, shoes from the locker and pants off the dead dude... or you can go for style and change before you go in, then change again once you need to. I was thinking you could find some kind of plastic bag and put that over your shoes and pants up to your waste, but I looked over the pics and didnt see and plastic bags :(

mf 2004/8/13 (Fri.) 11:39:30
maybe. i doubt it will fit, but the tire as a floataion device.

sheep 2004/8/13 (Fri.) 15:46:14
Hint; sup knows the answer to keeping your clothes dry.

sup 2004/8/13 (Fri.) 17:23:05
hobo style, find some sort of sheet or something, put everything you want to keep dry inside, tie it up to the stick next to the dead guy. I don't know where to get a sheet. Maybe if one of the shirts is big enough you can cut it up and use it. Thanks bye

sheep 2004/8/13 (Fri.) 18:11:16
Correct! Use the stick and a shirt to carry your belongings. Now you need to decide what to carry along. Let's make another inventory list to see what you've found so far.

Tobes 2004/8/13 (Fri.) 18:26:57
but wait, your suggesting go naked through the sewer pipes? What about the cloths your wearing?

sheep 2004/8/13 (Fri.) 19:00:33
Sure, who's gonna see ya? Put the clothes you have on in the hobo sack.


sheep 2004/8/10 (Tue.) 18:03:00
( For some reason the paint program malfuntioned during this drawing so it looks very bland without any shading.:( )You have the frame bent and are ready to pad it. You also need to secure the tubing to the frame and ammo pouch. What items do you want to use? On another note, an experiment was conducted today to see nails can be driven through steel water pipe. The answer is no, you cannot drive a nail through water pipe. Not only does the nail bend (several were tried) but it stings your fingers. Thin electrical conduit was another story. After 5 hits there was a nice hole in the pipe. Too bad the pipe in the basement is water pipe and you only have 2 matches or the shotgun might have worked.

slam63 2004/8/11 (Wed.) 15:20:19
You could've gone back to the fire and heated the pipe before punching. A T-shirt, rolled tightly and wrapped with cord or wire will serve an an slow burning match, think indian fire pouch. I like loud noises, so I would go out of my way to make something that went boom.

Tobes 2004/8/12 (Thurs.) 14:43:53
As for cushion for the arm part, just wrap a shirt or part of a shirt around it and, seal it with electrical tape or nylon string(I think the string would hold better)

Tobes 2004/8/12 (Thurs.) 14:47:21
As for the sling part, I used to have a wrist rocket, and I swear it had two things of surgical tubing going through the leather straps, but I can see how that would work on this, so you can slide the tubing through the two slits on the leather holder and over the ends of the frame til its tanut in the middle.

sheep 2004/8/12 (Thurs.) 17:23:26
Tobes is on the money! Using two pieces of a tee shirt, you wrap one around the grip and one around the forearm rest. Then using the electrical tape ( the string might not be as comfortable ),you wrap each piece firmly to the frame. Then you push one end of each piece of surgical tube ( remember you found two ) over the rod ends as far as you can. You then take the ammo pouch and thread each tube through a slot. Once you determine the proper lenght of the tubes you fold the tube in half right at the slot in the leather. Now you wrap the string around both sides of the fold so it stays folded and trim the excess tubing off. The only thing remaining to do is wrap more string around the tubeing where it goes over the frame. Congratulations! You are now armed! PWFNP


sheep 2004/8/8 (Sun.) 19:33:01
Looks like an old pair of leather boots are laying at the bottom of the locker. Could this be something you could use? Your search of the warehouse is complete. It's now time to build your weapon. You will need to do several things to construct your slingshot. First you need a frame, then find a way to attach the surgical tubing to the frame, and fabricate an amunition holder. How are you going to do this?

Tobes 2004/8/8 (Sun.) 23:16:47
You can go back to where there was the 1/4-1 inch poles. You could grab two, and bend one into a V with the vice and hammer, maybe even double up the V if its too large. Then you could use another and make it a tight U and put the V in betweent he top and tie it in tight with the string thats on the top shelf of the locker... I think that would work... i think...

treestump 2004/8/9 (Mon.) 12:21:36
the bank bag can be what the ammo can is held in?

treestump 2004/8/9 (Mon.) 12:22:52
okay sorry that im a bit slow...this has already been done :/

Tobes 2004/8/9 (Mon.) 14:26:48
As for the sling part, I think you could use the surgical tubing and tie it to the V shaped part, then use the electrical tape to make the "ammo holder"

treestump 2004/8/9 (Mon.) 16:31:25
where do the boots fit in?

sheep 2004/8/9 (Mon.) 17:13:30
Since you know the steel rods can be used for the frame, and the tubing for the "spring", I'm going to help you on the design. Were're going to use a wrist-rocket type design utilizing one of the 1/4" steel rods. The surgical tubing will slide over the ends of the rod after it's bent, so finding a way to hold the tube on will be your job. You will also need to figure out a better ammo holder. The tape might last a short time but something more durable is needed. Since a lot of people don't know what a wrist-rocket is, you need to know that there are two areas along the frame that will need to be padded. Figuring out what to use for the padding, and what to hold it down with, will be your job. Figure those three items out and we can start target practice.

sheep 2004/8/9 (Mon.) 17:14:33
The boots? You'll figure it out.

mf 2004/8/9 (Mon.) 17:30:52
i had the idea of the tounge of the boots for the ammo holder, but i could not figure out any way to cut it.

slam63 2004/8/9 (Mon.) 17:41:43
Wear the boots, or use some leather to make your slingshot. Presonally I'd use some kerosene vapor, piece of T-shirt for wadding, small nuts (the metal kind), 1/2" pipe with one end bent closed by the vise, then pierced with large nail, then nailed to random board as an improvised firearm (think about an potatoe gun that can maim.

sheep 2004/8/9 (Mon.) 18:25:26
Yes, you need to remove a piece of leather from the boot. You have a razor from the pencil sharpener but not enough leverage to cut the leather. How are you going hold the razor and get more leverage? You also think about making a make-shift shotgun but the nails won't pierce the pipe.

slam63 2004/8/9 (Mon.) 18:51:03
Having some experience with wall locker, some metal edges can be sharp rub the boot tounge along this. Or, put the razor in the vice. On pierceing the metal pipe, you'll have to take turns with several nails to make an hole in it.

sheep 2004/8/9 (Mon.) 19:28:28
Yes, you clamp the razor in the vise for leverage. You could also split the small piece of wood from the closet and wrap the razor between them with the string. Let's see how we do building the slingshot.PWFNP

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