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ketonrhyme 2007/10/23 (Tue.) 19:10:34
i confess to repeating
and wondering
to spread the



Ruby_T [Home Page] 2007/10/10 (Wed.) 19:50:36
i remember when i was a little preschooler, i bit my best friends foot...


purplemartin 2007/7/19 (Thurs.) 19:04:56
ok. my bro is 5 years older than me and used to play "spy vs. spy" with me and prop crap over my door & i'd go in and it would fall on my head. One day I decided to do this while bro was in the shower and didn't get out in time. It was funny until the towel dropped.


seeka 2006/6/18 (Sun.) 15:33:00
...yesterday...brilliant to feel like a little piggy and eat all the unhealthy stuff at once watching some stupid movie on TV :D

yanbu 2006/6/23 (Fri.) 20:47:08
ha! thats awesome


Stev 2005/11/8 (Tue.) 20:28:05
I broke my friends arm, by mistake once on an athletik leasson... It wasnt as bad as my image, but it wasnt really funny! :(

moheevi 2005/11/8 (Tue.) 21:38:42
Yeah, reminds me of the time I broke this kid's arm my sister was babysitting...it was going completely in the wrong direction...it was an accident and I still feel horrible about it to this day. I was young at the time 2.

Stev 2005/11/8 (Tue.) 23:21:38
I was also young, or at least younger, i was 14..hehe...nah, i know it dosent feel verry well :(

davve 2005/11/9 (Wed.) 01:14:30
and Im his friend.. that realy hurts..

\< 2005/11/9 (Wed.) 12:37:33

Stev 2005/11/9 (Wed.) 19:17:35
Yea, acctually, his the friend i talked about :p

\< 2005/11/9 (Wed.) 20:33:52
when i was lil my even liler lil brother always tried to mess with me, and of course he always got his ass kicked. one day, he wouldnt stop gettin on my nerves so i threw him headfirst into a radiator. i dunno if you have them but it was an old german one, with pointy edges and shit. he bled like a pig but somehow my dad didnt feel like takin him to the hospital and just stuck this bandaid on his forehead...well the cut was so deep it wouldnt heal completely so my bro had this big ass scar on his fuckin forehead for years. now i dont know whos the bigger sinner me or my dad you go figure.

Stev 2005/11/9 (Wed.) 23:58:07

purplemartin 2007/7/20 (Fri.) 05:02:01
I used to ice skate at the local rink when I was 10. Kids (who were my age) were much shorter, and one day one of them challenged me to a speed skating "duel." I hadn't yet learned to stop...well, sadly The wall came in first, she came in second and I came in third and the 40 stitches to her face came in fourth.


Mister S 2005/11/7 (Mon.) 11:10:48
I have never seen Schindlers List but I have lied about seeing it

\< 2005/11/7 (Mon.) 12:22:43
i like war of the worlds better.
and i didnt think having a red girl in a black and white movie makes it worth watching.

Stev 2005/11/8 (Tue.) 23:24:08
I like schindlers list, but its horrible to see, and thefeeling dosent get better if you visit Auschwotz a week later :( I know how that feels. Its verry sadly :(


mez 2005/11/7 (Mon.) 03:05:03
i was the one who ate the steak nachos bellgrande, the double decker taco, the taco supreme, the jalapenos, and drank the giant sprite all at once before anyone got back.


\< 2005/11/5 (Sat.) 17:39:57
when i was like 12 or 13 me and a couple of friends broke into a factory on a sunday afternoon. we then started some fork lift trucks and had a couple of races. one of my idiot friends misjudged the narrowness of our makeshift racing track and steered his truck directly into a ditch and it tipped over. we then thought it was time to leave, but not without emptying all the fire extuinguishers in the factory's main production hall first.

\< 2005/11/5 (Sat.) 17:40:31
man must i have been an idiot kid.

tee hee 2007/7/19 (Thurs.) 18:35:50
"he tried to kill him with a forklift" from mst3k


Sarah 2005/10/30 (Sun.) 06:36:24
I used to work for a humane society. I sometimes would take animals home in my purse or lunch bag instead of putting them to sleep.

loopdogg 2005/10/30 (Sun.) 23:02:11
AWESOME! I couldn't do it, I would have a house full of animals.

sheep 2005/10/30 (Sun.) 23:31:07
You're my hero!

Sarah 2005/10/31 (Mon.) 02:37:28
I didn't keep them all. It was kind of an underground railroad of sorts.

mrae 2005/10/31 (Mon.) 23:47:07
You're my hero!!!

Gerold Blankface 2005/11/2 (Wed.) 07:05:24
indeed noble !
thank you !!

purplemartin 2007/7/20 (Fri.) 05:03:57
you and my friend Nessa should talk-you are both angels.


poopmustache 2005/10/27 (Thurs.) 05:55:51
When I was in the third grade, I waited behind a tree, and stuck a wire coat hanger in the spokes of a 6th grade girl's bike...yup, she flew over her handlebars...then she beat me up and rubbed my face in the snow. I pulled my stocking cap over my face so my best friend wouldn't see me crying...

\< 2005/10/27 (Thurs.) 14:53:56
hm yeah i guess crying because a girl beat you up does constitute a sin.

seeka 2005/10/27 (Thurs.) 15:48:23


mrae 2005/10/23 (Sun.) 09:49:31
when i was about 12 i convinced my friend Stevie* to pee on the electric fence which not only gave him the shock of his life but sparked a small brush fire in the dry weeds along the fence (* names have been changed to protect the gullible)

\< 2005/10/23 (Sun.) 13:29:00

yanbu 2005/10/23 (Sun.) 16:42:23
i can't imagine what that would have felt like - i grabbed one of those fences with one hand when i was a kid, it shot my arm back and almost out of my socket! thru the business would be much worse i imagine

mrae 2005/10/23 (Sun.) 20:40:33
i feel bad about it to this day.....boy was i relieved when he and his wife had their first kid....

fc 2005/10/24 (Mon.) 00:37:06
does the child have any mutant powers?

mrae 2005/10/24 (Mon.) 03:19:58
no mutant powers have manifested as of yet, but i'm still conducting the clinical study :)


\< 2005/10/23 (Sun.) 05:26:05
when i was like 10 (?) i stuck a copper pipe on a toygun and fired a firework rocket right over a fully-loaded-with-whatever ship just to see what it would look like. :O

\< 2005/10/23 (Sun.) 05:26:33
inspired by #14 ;)

mf 2005/10/23 (Sun.) 05:44:37
nice. did it fire back?

\< 2005/10/23 (Sun.) 13:27:19
no, but right after the rocket exploded the dude steering it switched on a big ass follow spotlights and searched the banks but we had already hidden pretty well. ;)

seeka 2005/10/23 (Sun.) 19:55:53
pretty inventive

\< 2005/10/25 (Tue.) 18:48:32
pretty stoopid. for all i know there couldve been nothing but flammable liquids on that ship and then what :P

loopdogg 2005/11/3 (Thurs.) 01:06:19
this drawing kicks ass...

\< 2005/11/3 (Thurs.) 01:27:37
are you serious? i think this drawring blows harder than a overbooked crackwhore with a deep-throat discount.

loopdogg 2005/11/3 (Thurs.) 09:44:08
i really like it, it reminds me of an impressionist fireworks painting i saw one... if only i could remeber what it was.

loopdogg 2005/11/3 (Thurs.) 09:44:44
and if i could spell/type when drunk that would be nice too...

\< 2005/11/3 (Thurs.) 12:18:17
well if you do remember let me know! and yeah i cant spell/type either when im drunk, they should really make bigger keyboards for drunk people ;)

Raphaelle 2005/11/4 (Fri.) 17:27:37
So nice, but...les feux d'artifices me rendent triste!

\< 2005/11/5 (Sat.) 21:19:23

Raphaelle 2005/11/5 (Sat.) 22:54:08
when i was 7months old i've been very very ill and i was "nearly" dead...it was a 14th July...(the national day in France and a lot of fire)...Peut Itre que c'est à cause de cela..i don't know...

\< 2005/11/7 (Mon.) 12:50:03
hm is november the national month in france? there seems to be a lot of fire and shit goin on right now

Raphaelle 2005/11/8 (Tue.) 17:13:35
...no...just a new challenge "how many car are you able to burn?"...

\< 2005/11/9 (Wed.) 14:50:20
oh cool. i love that they have it on tv, that way the winner is prolly gonna get all famous and record cds and shit. cool. can i join in? or is it only for foreigners? ;)


mf 2005/10/23 (Sun.) 05:00:52
when i was a freshman in high school, i worked at a McDonalds. they had these rules, right,
1: a customer shouldnt wait longer than 60 seconds
2: all food an hour old (i think) must be thrown out.

so there i was, in the middle of a dinner rush. i just got in like 5 or 6 orders in for some chicken mcnuggets. all i had left were enough for two. now, just below the holder for the huggets was the waste basket for that days old nuggets. (hours old) it took about 5 minutes to make a fesh batch. too long i decided. so i scooped up a bunch of trash nuggets, threw 'em in the deep fryer for about a minute, boxed 'em and sent them on there way to be ingested. yum yum

\< 2005/10/23 (Sun.) 05:27:30
:O haha :D at least you fried em ;)

you just stoppin by?

\< 2005/10/23 (Sun.) 05:30:02
is it true that chicken mc nuggets are like totally clear inside before theyre fried?!

mf 2005/10/23 (Sun.) 05:43:33
no, not for good yet. soon i hope.

hmmm, never did cut one open and gander inside.

mf 2005/10/23 (Sun.) 05:43:57
er, yeah. just stoppin by.

\< 2005/10/23 (Sun.) 13:30:11
take care dude


sheep 2005/10/23 (Sun.) 04:35:48
I once threw a snowball at a schoolbus that had a rock in the middle. Yes it did break the windshield and I did get caught.

\< 2005/10/23 (Sun.) 05:28:56
when i was 12 me and a friend spent an entire afternoon throwin rocks at cars goin by. :O from the security of a trench, us being the cowards we were :O

guilty as charged 2005/11/2 (Wed.) 05:31:16
when I was a little kid, i tossed a handful of rocks at the back of a parked trailer. I was observered doing so by the owners who knew my parents. They came over and we all sat down and I said I was really sorry even though I didn't mean it. Now I am sorry.


anonymous 2005/10/22 (Sat.) 12:35:17
had to go + drunk

Anubix 2005/10/24 (Mon.) 08:42:55
this has moheevi written all over it, correct me if im wrong

moheevi [Home Page] 2005/10/24 (Mon.) 10:14:55
Since when did i start to draw that good.


kat 2005/10/19 (Wed.) 22:30:50
At around 7 yrs old, my sis & I were walking to my grandma's senior apt complex & for no reason I kicked over someone's snowman in the courtyard. Out of nowhere a handful of little old ladies were waiting at the door yelling at us. We ran back home.

\< 2005/10/20 (Thurs.) 00:35:27
i did this when i was 28 and shouldve known better :D


seeka 2005/10/19 (Wed.) 11:03:18
We were 9. We told the guy that we will show him ours when I shows us his. He did.

ef-C 2005/10/20 (Thurs.) 08:12:35

seeka 2005/10/20 (Thurs.) 16:28:34

moheevi [Home Page] 2005/10/24 (Mon.) 10:15:47
quoting Club Dread..."that boy was me!"

loopdogg 2005/10/30 (Sun.) 23:12:50
this drawing is the tops!

anon. 2007/7/20 (Fri.) 05:11:40
when I was 10, me and a few girfriends would gather at the local high school in the secrecy of this hidden playground. A hidden playgground surrounded by windows. We must have thought that noone worked there in the summer. WE would tell stories and do show and tell. If there were any pedophiles working in the summer, they were happy ones.


\< 2005/10/17 (Mon.) 17:37:39
just to offset that cruelty to animals shit:

i once engaged in sexual acts with my 2 best friends' mother, while her husband was sleepin next door with 2 loaded shotguns stashed under the bed.

yanbu 2005/10/17 (Mon.) 21:51:15

\< 2005/10/17 (Mon.) 22:08:00
did i say "next door" ? i meant...in the next room :)

purplemartin 2007/7/20 (Fri.) 05:13:20
...how OLD were you?


anonmus 2005/10/17 (Mon.) 10:43:33
I saw paradise by the dashboard light, though it was fleeting.

moheevi [Home Page] 2005/11/2 (Wed.) 09:24:46
This was me, I just drew it really quick. Had sex while driving once...ok several times but on backroads going to high school. Not very intelligent but hey...wha happenned?

purplemartin 2007/7/20 (Fri.) 05:15:27
i used to have sex with my first boyfriend two doors down from my house in the front seat of his reliant automobile. No paradise, and thankfully, no get caught. I kept hitting the freaking horn with my foot. Dumb, dumb, dumb.


The angry flagman 2005/10/17 (Mon.) 06:23:03
I once cut my hair with a Flowbee.

Sarah 2005/10/18 (Tue.) 04:56:03
Oooooo! That is a good one!

The angry flagman 2005/10/18 (Tue.) 06:53:55
The worst part about it was I fucked up my hair and had to go to the local hack to have it fixed. lol...

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