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Rawr 2007/8/20 (Mon.) 16:32:19
hello just lookin at the oekaki


fgg 2007/8/1 (Wed.) 11:14:22


loopdogg 2006/1/6 (Fri.) 01:29:53
I think poop will get this one...

poopmustache 2006/1/8 (Sun.) 12:17:30
Wasn't he on Picture Pages?

kat 2006/1/8 (Sun.) 22:59:34
Loop, if you're on tonight (Sunday), email me

loopdogg 2006/1/9 (Mon.) 11:15:23
Mortimer Ichabod Marker, I knew you would know it Poop!


naranjon 2005/12/23 (Fri.) 15:47:45

yanbu 2005/12/23 (Fri.) 16:44:21
isn't that the thing on urinals? something about the measure of water? i think i'm wrong

naranjon 2005/12/24 (Sat.) 12:10:09
right on...its a unit of measure used on urinals/toilets

loopdogg 2006/1/4 (Wed.) 19:46:48
Gallons per flush? Nice type work. Oh and about 60 for some logs I drop.


Elf 2005/12/21 (Wed.) 22:18:49
This is too easy.


grebo 2005/12/8 (Thurs.) 00:05:03

Rene Gonzalez 2005/12/10 (Sat.) 03:59:46

Rene Gonzalez 2005/12/11 (Sun.) 00:07:41

naranjon 2005/12/11 (Sun.) 19:02:10
psychedelic fingernail!

Rene Gonzalez 2005/12/12 (Mon.) 08:27:21
Candy Corn?

eeker 2005/12/12 (Mon.) 22:48:07
Fingernail of a Maori

Elf 2005/12/21 (Wed.) 22:19:38
the inside of someones butthole?


period 2005/11/22 (Tue.) 09:57:57

loopdogg 2005/12/2 (Fri.) 02:30:37
the jackson 5 - when michael was being molested not molesting.

period 2005/12/2 (Fri.) 07:24:11
can u dig it? yes u can.

Rene Gonzalez 2005/12/6 (Tue.) 05:34:46
Can We Build It, YES WE CAN!

purplemartin 2007/7/24 (Tue.) 17:38:58
They Might Be Giants, Here Come the ABCs!?


period 2005/11/17 (Thurs.) 09:48:08
Fictional place

period 2005/11/20 (Sun.) 14:19:16
dude it's pirate heaven..thanks for caring


moheevi 2005/11/6 (Sun.) 09:44:22

mrae 2005/11/7 (Mon.) 03:41:22
need to check my constitution....

moheevi 2005/11/7 (Mon.) 07:14:49
Getting warmer...what clause/amendment.

[Home Page] 2005/11/7 (Mon.) 23:28:26

moheevi 2005/11/8 (Tue.) 00:39:59

mrae 2005/11/8 (Tue.) 04:34:55
freedom of religion?

moheevi 2005/11/8 (Tue.) 07:10:08
alright I'll give it to ya, it's the first amendment :D


. 2005/10/31 (Mon.) 11:41:35
song lyrics...no order just name the song.

moheevi 2005/11/4 (Fri.) 00:54:21
closer by nin?

Rene Gonzalez 2005/11/5 (Sat.) 10:38:14
Have You Heard The Maroon5 Cover Of Closer?

moheevi 2005/11/5 (Sat.) 11:05:01
oh god, that can't be good

Rene Gonzalez 2005/11/5 (Sat.) 21:31:42
It's Actually Pretty Good, They Don't Censor It At All And It Has A Great Acoustic Sound With Eerie Piano At The End.

moheevi 2005/11/7 (Mon.) 10:28:54
so it's like the nin version except it sounds like a female vocalist?


sheep 2005/10/30 (Sun.) 02:55:08
Late 60s

The angry flagman 2005/10/30 (Sun.) 05:01:33
Is that a Hot Wheels toy?

poopmustache 2005/10/30 (Sun.) 16:03:09

sheep 2005/10/30 (Sun.) 17:15:49
Yes, a red line Hotwheels car to be exact. Still have a few from my younger days.

The angry flagman 2005/10/31 (Mon.) 03:57:51
Dude! I had hundereds of these things, I ended up giving them all away when I was 16. The little punk i gave them to blew them up with M80,s.

sheep 2005/10/31 (Mon.) 17:04:36
Too bad you gave them away. They're quite collectable today. If anyone has any sitting around collecting dust, fell free to send them my way.

KcMsterpce [Home Page] 2005/11/21 (Mon.) 09:52:38
I have about 250+ Hot Wheels. :)

sheep 2005/11/22 (Tue.) 04:30:49
250+ Redlines?


sheep 2005/10/30 (Sun.) 02:34:20

loopdogg 2005/10/31 (Mon.) 02:46:01
a level?

The angry flagman 2005/10/31 (Mon.) 03:59:41
The top of an anolog thumb stick?

Jamester 2005/10/31 (Mon.) 05:35:33

sheep 2005/10/31 (Mon.) 17:02:23
It has no "day", "black", "moon", "flash" or "head" but it does have an "er".

kat 2005/10/31 (Mon.) 19:38:40
car lighter?

sheep 2005/11/1 (Tue.) 03:06:20
Yup, car lighter it be.


sheep 2005/10/27 (Thurs.) 04:47:14
This has two answers.

jeremy 2005/10/27 (Thurs.) 06:10:13
stairs with red carpet?

moheevi 2005/10/27 (Thurs.) 12:19:44
first one i think is a tampon...2nd one is your sick

eeker 2005/10/27 (Thurs.) 15:50:53
looks like some wrapping.....for biscuits maybe

sheep 2005/10/27 (Thurs.) 17:33:53
No, no, yes, no. This is a side view of a round object(s).

moheevi 2005/10/27 (Thurs.) 19:32:38
sorry, I have a filthy mind sheep

little_bunny 2005/10/29 (Sat.) 01:11:28
it's one of those things in a car, those cylinder round, short things.

sheep 2005/10/29 (Sat.) 19:04:01
Nothing to do with a car. You might find one or two in the seat of the car.

Jamester 2005/10/30 (Sun.) 01:08:47
A Quarter Or A Dime?

sheep 2005/10/30 (Sun.) 02:20:21
You got both answers. Good job!


sheep 2005/10/27 (Thurs.) 04:32:39
Keep a cool head and you will figure this one out.

Jamester 2005/10/27 (Thurs.) 06:09:51
Bee Stuck On The Radiator?

sheep 2005/10/27 (Thurs.) 17:34:42
Yes, got that one right.


. 2005/10/24 (Mon.) 12:08:08
song lyric

Jamester 2005/10/25 (Tue.) 03:33:23
You Droped The Bomb On Me Baby?

. 2005/10/25 (Tue.) 03:52:27

kat 2005/10/26 (Wed.) 20:07:16
come on baby light my fire?

. 2005/10/27 (Thurs.) 00:46:01
si, si soy taco y burritos

Jamester 2005/10/30 (Sun.) 01:10:08
The Doors

. 2005/10/31 (Mon.) 11:43:37
indeed neighdsfkbjbor, it is the doors come on baby light my fire...try to set the night on fireeeee!


kjix 2005/10/23 (Sun.) 02:30:10

moheevi [Home Page] 2005/10/23 (Sun.) 03:00:04
homer simpson's hair


moheevi [Home Page] 2005/10/13 (Thurs.) 11:55:52
pretty easy i hope

loopdogg 2005/10/13 (Thurs.) 20:47:09

moheevi [Home Page] 2005/10/14 (Fri.) 02:52:20
no its not poo...that's a picture of an animal but it's on something

Jamester 2005/10/14 (Fri.) 08:04:02
Rat Stuck On A Sticky Trap?

moheevi [Home Page] 2005/10/14 (Fri.) 21:15:34
it's a picture of a drawing on something. No rat

moheevi [Home Page] 2005/10/15 (Sat.) 09:17:02
it's a bad habit

The angry flagman 2005/10/15 (Sat.) 22:55:46
Is it a camel cigarette?

moheevi [Home Page] 2005/10/16 (Sun.) 00:22:36
close enought, pack of camel cigs it is (not that it is empty, gotta get some more).


moheevi [Home Page] 2005/10/13 (Thurs.) 03:10:14
smiley face :D and a sharpie, or maybe an allegory of contemporary society where happiness is always a little bent on ramming you w/ a pen.

moheevi [Home Page] 2005/10/13 (Thurs.) 03:10:24
it's not my drawing


The angry flagman 2005/10/8 (Sat.) 16:33:46
This thing has been magnified. All I can say is these are good for you.

Jamester 2005/10/8 (Sat.) 22:16:22
A Generic Viagra Pill?

moheevi 2005/10/8 (Sat.) 22:44:53
jackal, jackal. it's a jackal! jackal! a human eye? green eggs and ham? man i have no idea

The angry flagman 2005/10/8 (Sat.) 23:04:46
(Making buzzer noise) No. This is a food item.

shakes 2005/10/8 (Sat.) 23:38:28
lima bean

The angry flagman 2005/10/9 (Sun.) 00:20:51
Yes! Lima bean it is.

shakes 2005/10/9 (Sun.) 06:21:57

The angry flagman 2005/10/9 (Sun.) 16:59:25
Snap beans are a whole different type of bean.


loopdogg 2005/9/25 (Sun.) 08:26:23
Under 25 cents...

The angry flagman 2005/9/25 (Sun.) 21:43:07
Maruchan noodles ..... ummmmmmm Noooodles gurgle, drool.

The angry flagman 2005/9/25 (Sun.) 21:48:54
They are more like .59 cents around these parts.

loopdogg 2005/9/25 (Sun.) 23:42:27
You got it! Wow, they are expensive there. TRY THE CHILI LIME SHRIMP FLAVOR!

The angry flagman 2005/9/26 (Mon.) 03:18:54
When I was going to the American Motorcycle Institute down in Daytona I lived on these things and peanut butter. Noodles rock!

The angry flagman 2005/9/26 (Mon.) 03:27:45
I almost forgot, Do you like them withe the seasoning in the water or do you drain the water then ad the seasoning? I drain the water first. They also taste good dry, makes a neat cruchy snack.

little_bunny 2005/9/26 (Mon.) 05:08:37
somehow the maruchan guy always makes me think of this

loopdogg 2005/9/26 (Mon.) 06:50:03
yeah - i drain all the water - i like em' sticky. you are right, they are good before you do anything to them. Dry they remind me of a communion wafer.


moheevi 2005/9/25 (Sun.) 02:04:09
only hint-specific type and somewhat related to current news

yanbu 2005/9/25 (Sun.) 04:37:16
is it a shield of cupcakes n sprinkles?

moheevi 2005/9/25 (Sun.) 05:41:43
lol (i actually laughed out loud) ummm and no. all the stuff in the middle is reflection if that helps

loopdogg 2005/9/25 (Sun.) 07:26:27
the eye of a stuffed animal?

moheevi 2005/9/25 (Sun.) 09:22:43
getting warmer (though it has nothing to do w/ stuffed animals it's the same consistancy)

The angry flagman 2005/9/25 (Sun.) 21:47:49
The was something in the news today about Bill Clinton seeing lights back when he was having open heart surgery. Its the black spot on Clintons Political career hahaha!

yanbu 2005/9/26 (Mon.) 09:17:02
damnit! i can't figure it out!@

moheevi 2005/9/26 (Mon.) 09:52:43
more hints-not related to the disaster but often associated w/ new orleans, singular, ummm...think about the black things coming out of it. can't say much else or i'd just give it away

moheevi 2005/9/26 (Mon.) 10:21:30
singular as in it is usually associated w/ many

loopdogg 2005/9/28 (Wed.) 00:45:55
Security camera!!!

moheevi 2005/9/28 (Wed.) 05:54:08
no, think of it as an attachment of the body

Jamester 2005/9/28 (Wed.) 06:36:37
Cuban Cigar Label?

moheevi 2005/9/28 (Wed.) 09:46:27
alright so here are the facts-has to do w/ new orleans, looks like a teddy-bears eyeball, singular representation, attached to the human body, look at the strings surrounding it...man i'm thinking this is a s***ty drawing but maybe i just did it 2 close.

tim 2005/9/29 (Thurs.) 10:44:25
Kanye West?

shakes 2005/10/1 (Sat.) 06:16:20
mardi gras bead

moheevi 2005/10/1 (Sat.) 08:05:28
are you serious-someone yes got it right f'n a baby! sweetness

loopdogg 2005/10/1 (Sat.) 09:00:42
good one, hard as hell!


sheep 2005/9/23 (Fri.) 01:58:25

eeker 2005/9/23 (Fri.) 02:23:11
snowman on summervacation?

sheep 2005/9/23 (Fri.) 03:18:08
Ha, you got it.


The angry flagman 2005/9/20 (Tue.) 02:42:29
Whats this thing called?

sheep 2005/9/20 (Tue.) 02:44:38
Widows watch

The angry flagman 2005/9/20 (Tue.) 02:53:03
Far out man!!!!!! I was thinking of the other name but Widows watch is correct. Sheep you must be a New Englander.

sheep 2005/9/20 (Tue.) 03:42:04
From Jersey. My aunt owned an old house near the shore that at one time had a widows watch. There were other houses around that still had them.

The angry flagman 2005/9/20 (Tue.) 04:31:30
Im up in the Saratoga area and alot of the old houses still have "cupolas". I guess they were to monitor troop movements. Whats funny is when I ride up into the Adirondack mountains I see houses with them. There is nothing to see but trees and mountains. What were these people watching for? There was also platforms on the roof that had railings around them called "widows walks".


mic 2005/9/9 (Fri.) 19:44:10

kix 2005/9/9 (Fri.) 19:48:46
looks like a big hall with 4 doors and 2 windows in the ceiling which throw 4 lightbeams?

Leah 2005/9/9 (Fri.) 21:02:02
It is the veiw of someone lying down under a parked car near a cross walk...ready to POUNCE!

jamester 2005/9/12 (Mon.) 06:08:20
Storm Drain?

loopdogg 2005/9/12 (Mon.) 10:34:03
inside of a USB connector?

Anubix 2005/9/14 (Wed.) 00:12:27
wow, i think it really is the inside of a usb connecter, awesome

mic 2005/9/19 (Mon.) 15:10:50
sorrY.. i forgot i posted this. and the winner is.... [drumroll] LOOPDOG! you just won a brand new set of kitchen knives from horst fuchs! congrats!

loopdogg 2005/9/19 (Mon.) 20:25:48

kirstin 2006/2/9 (Thurs.) 14:02:43
birds-eye view of two buildings really close together.


bum cum 2005/9/7 (Wed.) 07:50:04

mic 2005/9/9 (Fri.) 19:44:50
beginning of an mexico-usa u-groung tunnel?

loopdogg 2005/9/13 (Tue.) 02:50:38
The best bathroom in all of old El Mexico?

CharmingCharles 2005/10/26 (Wed.) 22:29:24
I know what this is dute

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