10 Eastern Collective Journal Project


A journal has been started by members of the drawrings boards to be passed among the willing and able here at 10eastern to add drawings /collages /writing /anything to! 

Inspired by the "1000 Journals" project,  the book itself will be mailed directly from one drawrer to the next, until it makes it's way through the list and eventually back to 10eastern HQ for scanning and web posting.


The book will take a little time to make it's rounds but please sign up and you'll be contacted when it's going to be shipped to you. 


The book is currently fully booked.  No more new signups are available. 


Maps of Journal Destinations and Progress


The current US and Germany destinations (so far)

(updated 10-29-05)


(Click images for larger view)

Journal Page Scans:


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